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Do College Students Get Adobe For Free

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Adobe Discount For Individuals

How to get Photoshop for FREE as a Student or Educator!!

If you dont qualify as a student, dont worry! You can still get a discount of up to 35%. Heres how:

Adobes student deal is the best deal however for individuals you can still save some money including 35% off their regular plan.

How to get an Adobe discount for individuals? As an individual, you can pre-pay for the full year and save 35% which nets out to a savings of a few hundred dollars. Plus you can get an Adobe stock discount this way.

If you pay for the full year up front, you also get a month free on Adobe Stock which includes 10 free premium photos.

Exclusive Just Creative Adobe Creative Cloud Discount:35% Off Adobe Creative Cloud

Get all of Adobes apps for 35% off with our exclusive partner deal suitable for UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Mexico.

Best Freebies & Discounts For College Students

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated May 19, 2021

College is expensive, and students deserve some perks.

Thankfully, there are many ways to score free stuff for college students like software, online resources and more.

This is a list of the best exclusive college freebies, as well as advice on how to find much-needed food.

After all, you cant live on Ramon noodles alone

  • All You Need is Your Student ID or .edu Email Address
  • Get It All For A Lot Less

    Its time to get ahead. As a student, you can get full access to Creative Cloud All Apps, featuring 20+ creative apps and Acrobat Pro, for 60% off.

    As a student, you can save over 60% on Creative Cloud All Apps, which includes 20+ creative apps like Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Plus get one month free when you buy an annual prepaid plan by Aug 27.


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    Signing In To Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Visit and click “Sign In”

  • Enter in your Username in the “Username” field. Adobe will redirect you to our mySMCCD Portal Login page, shown in the following image.

  • After you have entered in your Username, click “continue” to proceed to the following page.
  • Enter in your mySMCCD Portalpassword. Note: If you have forgotten your “Password” or “Username“, visit Forgot Username Tutorial page.

  • If you receive the error “You do not have access to this service. Contact your IT administrator to gain access, or sign in with an Adobe ID“, you will need to contact IT Support at your campus to assist you with setting up Adobe.

  • Free Money And Gift Cards

    Students: How to login and use an Adobe Spark classroom ...

    Whats better than free stuff?

    Free money and gift cards!

    The website and apps below will give you free money and gift cards to places like Amazon just for doing really easy tasks that you probably already do anyway!

    If youre a student you can use this money and gift cards to get anything from clothes to video games for free!

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    Make Your Life Easier And More Awesome

    From the classroom to the dorm room and everywhere in between. See whats possible with powerful, time-saving digital tools you can use anywhere you go.

    From the classroom to the dorm room and everywhere in between. See whats

    possible with powerful, time-saving digital tools you can use anywhere you go.

    From the classroom to the dorm room and everywhere in between. See whats possible with

    powerful, time-saving digital tools you can use anywhere you go.

    Study smarter with files that work harder.

    Create and edit PDFs on any device and even export them to other file types. You can also easily organize, combine, and extract pages from PDFs to build your own files and study guides.

    Be the one everyone wants to team up with.

    Now group projects are so much better. You and your classmates can annotate, review, and comment on documents to breeze through research papers and assignments with peers.

    Turn your notes and scribbles into PDFs.

    Use the Adobe Scan app to turn pretty much anything handwritten notes, documents, textbook pages, and whiteboard scribbles into searchable PDFs for better study and reference. Upload it all to Document Cloud for safe storage and easy management.

    Do it all with top-notch security.

    Make sure your work stays your work by password protecting your documents and storing everything securely on Document Cloud. You can also safely and quickly e-sign documents and applications for study abroad and internships.

    Creative Software For Penn State

    Make the most of the free Adobe Creative Cloud account Penn State offers every student.

    Access industry-leading creative software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Spark, and many more. Get everything you need to do great digital storytelling and data visualization with videos, interactive PDFs, games, web content, images, digital drawings, mobile app designs, and more.

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    How Much Does Adobe Creative Cloud Cost For Students

    What is the Adobe Creative Cloud Student Price? As a student, you can purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud as part of a discounted All Apps promotional plan for US$19.99 per month for the first year.

    After the 12-month promotional period, Adobe CCs price increases to US$29.99 per month, provided you are on an annual pre-paid plan. However, this is almost half the standard price.

    Creative Cloud Pricing Plans for Students

    The educational versions of Adobe CC work the same as the regular versions, and you can continue to use the same products after completion of your graduation or whenever you leave your current school/college.

    Moreover, you can also use the Adobe CC for paid purposes or commercial projects if you need it. However, there are some variations between them with limitations of the academic versions to know and understand.

    For more information see our article on how much does adobe CC cost?

    Get Free Money For College

    Adobe Creative Cloud for Students – Download

    College isnt cheap. So imagine getting free money to pay for it? Well, with the Federal Pell Grant program, you can.

    This program offers eligible college students a grant to help pay for their tuition.

    You dont have to pay grants back, unlike a loan, meaning you get free money for college.

    The grant is only available to students with exceptional financial need, and those who have not earned a bachelors, graduate, or professional degree.

    However, a student enrolled in a postbaccalaureate teacher certification program might receive a Federal Pell Grant in some cases.

    • Visit this page to learn more and to see if youre eligible for the grant.

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    Adobe Cc For Students In Participating Programs

    Sheridan students in participating programs will enjoy the widest selection of industry leading software and services including exclusive access to online services, storage, mobile apps and enhanced collaboration tools. With Adobe CC, you can:

    • Access industry-leading creative desktop and mobile apps like Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Premiere Pro CC, and many more.
    • Create, collaborate on, and distribute engaging digital class projects, research, proposals, and theses in print, on the web, as apps, and in video.
    • Use simple Adobe Spark digital storytelling apps to create social posts, web stories, and videos.
    • Build a website or post an ePortfolio on Behance to showcase your creative work to professors, peers, and potential employers.
    • Get started quickly with professionally designed templates and helpful tutorials.

    What Is The Best Alternative For Adobe Creative Cloud

    One of the top alternatives for Adobe Creative Cloud is CorelDRAW.

    Please see our CorelDRAW discounts page to get 10-96% off all of Corels best creative software including CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, CorelDRAW Standard, CorelDRAW Essentials, CorelDRAW Technical Suite, CorelDRAW App Store Edition, and more.

    You may also want to check out the Adobe Illustrator alternatives feature and our best graphic design software feature.

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    How Do I Purchase Adobe Creative Cloud

    The best way to buy Adobe Creative Cloud is directly from the website of Adobe or by calling 800-585-0774. Please note it is a subscription and you can not buy Adobe products outright anymore.

    Moreover, you can also find Adobe Student discounts through many campus bookstores and other online retailers. At the time of checkout, you have to provide the name of your school or course and prove that you are a student.

    Is Adobe Creative Cloud Free For Students

    Adobe Creative Cloud Sign in for all University Users on ...

    While Adobe CC isn’t free for students, it does come with a massive 65% discount in the UK and 60% off in the US.

    Until 2 September, however, students and teachers in the UK can get a month for free if you opt to pay the full annual subscription upfront . US students don’t get a free month, but do get an increased discount of 70% until 3 September.

    Alternatively, students can download the 7-day free trial from Adobe which includes the full version of all the apps software. You’ll only have to pay if you decide to continue after the 7 days. Adobe also offers a full refund on most plans if you decide to cancel within 14 days of purchase.

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    Clear Your Student Loan Debt With Student Loan Forgiveness

    If you have a student loan already, you may still be able to get free money to pay it with student loan forgiveness.

    Student loan forgiveness allows you to have your student loan debt partially canceled.

    There are a few eligibility criteria though. You need to have a loan thats backed by the federal government and be employed by a government or not-for-profit organization.

    You must also make 120 qualifying monthly payments under a repayment plan. Then the program will forgive the remaining balance on your loan.

    Getting a student loan forgiven takes about ten years.

    • Learn more about student loan forgiveness here.

    Go From Blank Page To Brilliant

    Creative Cloud gives you the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps, from essentials like Photoshop to innovative new tools like Experience Design. You also get built-in templates to jump start your designs and step-by-step tutorials to help you get up to speed quickly and sharpen your skills. Itâ²s your entire creative world, all in one place.

    An Adobe Creative Cloud membership gives students access to the latest and greatest industry standard Adobe creative software and other new applications as they are released. Students now get the freedom to create virtually anything they can imagine and are encouraged to think and act creatively with these amazing tools.

    With the Adobe Creative Cloud, students have the power to :

    • Design posters, logos and edit photos and videos like a professional
    • Build websites without writing code and create web, mobile, and tablet apps with HTML5
    • Create a polished portfolio and make sensational presentations and reports
    • Become more interested in discovering things for themselves and be better equipped to work well with others
    • Be more open to new ideas and challenges and have the ability to solve problems
    • Become more efficient learners and show greater ownership of their learning

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    How Adobe Checks Your Student Status

    The main way Adobe checks your student status is through your student email address. You’ll need one if you want to get Adobe CC with student pricing.

    Educational email addresses often end with in the UK. In the US it may end with .edu or .k12. As long as it’s an official institutional address, you should qualify for the discount.

    If you don’t have a student email address, Adobe might ask you for further proof in the form of a document issued by the institution you’re studying in. The document must include:

    • Your name

    Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription For Students: 6 Or 12 Months

    Adobe Creative Cloud: Now Free for All Students | The University of Alabama

    The Adobe CC Discounted for Students provides special subscription pricing for the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. The subscription can be purchased in 6-month or 12-month increments, and can be renewed as long as you are a student. Follow this link for detailed explanations and instructions.

    Anyone with questions about accessing, downloading, or using the Adobe Creative Cloud should contact:

    • their campus IT support staff,

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    Azure Dev Tools For Teaching

    Azure Dev Tools for Teaching is a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning and teaching purposes including the most current Microsoft operating systems, server products , development software , applications , and training tools .

    To download Azure Dev Tools for Teaching products: Go to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching and sign in using your URI Email and password.

    Adobe Creative Cloud At Gw

    All GW students, faculty, and staff have free access to Adobe Creative Cloud on their university-owned or personal device. Adobe CC includes 20 desktop and mobile applications for design, photography, video and web, including such powerful creative tools as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premier Pro, and more. You can also access Adobe Creative Cloud Applications on CREATE digital studio and library computers.

    The CREATE digital studio is staffed by experts who will help you bring your ideas to life with one-on-one consultations and a wide variety of Adobe CC workshops.

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    Adobe Portfolio Is Now Free For 1 Year For 2020 College Grads

    Adobe Portfolio is committed to supporting this years college graduates as they take their next step and plan for their careers in 2020. We understand the significant impact the pandemic is having on this years graduating class. To empower you to create a personal website and showcase your work online, we are announcing an update to give our community the support they need.

    All 2020 College Graduates Get 1 Year of Adobe Portfolio For Free.

    Our goal is to provide graduates with their own portfolio website to share their personal brand and showcase their creative work online to land their next opportunity.

    If you graduated in 2020, you are now eligible for one free year of Adobe Portfolio! Use Adobe Portfolio to build your website, stand out online, and show the world who you are beyond your resume with beautiful, customizable layouts. Get started here.

    Not a 2020 graduate? Until December 31, Adobe Portfolio publishing is free to everyone for 60 days . And as always, if you are a paid Creative Cloud Subscriber, Adobe Portfolio is included in your subscription.

    Start building your Portfolio today, with free hosting and unlimited pages.

    Terms and conditions apply.

    We also know many people are still impacted by the current COVID-19 crisis and our thoughts are with you. The entire Adobe team wants to thank you, our customers, and all creators around the world for the work you do to keep us inspired during this difficult time.

    Creative Cloud Asset Migration

    Double Adobe Elementary School (District 45)

    If you are graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, you may wish to migrate your CPP Adobe account assets to a stand-alone Adobe account. You have the ability to migrate your CPP Adobe Creative Cloud assets to a new or existing Adobe Creative Cloud free membership account. The Creative Cloud free membership includes trial versions of most of Adobes creative apps, and you can easily upgrade to get full versions of all the apps and services that were included in your school account.

    This will help ensure that you have ongoing access to your creative work and web portfolios and that you can showcase your work to future employers once you leave Cal Poly Pomona.

    Please visit the following URL to start migrating your assets:

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    What Do We Get In Our Free Adobe Cc Deal

    If you are a student of the NSW Department of Education you can install the whole of the Creative Cloud for free. This includes:

    • All desktop apps – Yep, all the Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects that you could possibly want
    • All mobile apps – you can start creating on your phone, then finish on your laptop or desktop. Turn your phone into a multimedia studio

    Best Alternative To Adobe Acrobat Student Software

    Looking for the best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Student Discount? Don’t worry, Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor has got your back. It is the most powerful tool for PDFs to create, edit, convert, annotate, sign, protect, and OCR PDF files. The best part of PDFelement is that you don’t need to purchase any other software in the pack.

    Fortunately, PDFelement is available for students and teachers for a 50% discount. Let’s find more about the discount.

    You can edit your PDF files as easy as a DOC or TXT file.
    It enables you to create PDFs by scanning or converting documents.
    Its powerful OCR tool enables you to extract data from scanned documents and convert them to editable files or export them.
    Being a student, you can create your assignments, style them, and add comments, annotations, headers, footers, and much more.
    It enables you to deal with PDF forms, including XFA forms.
    It provides free 1GB cloud storage to save documents to cloud.

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    How Much Is Adobe Creative Cloud For Students

    Adobe Creative Cloud costs £16.24/US$19.99 per month for students though until 3 September, US students can benefit from an even cheaper rate of $15.99. This is an added saving of $48 over a year, or nearly 70%.

    You can opt to pay for a year of service in a lump sum too, in which case it costs £196.30/US$191.88 for the first year.

    Adobe’s student pricing saves UK students 65% and US students 60% on the normal rate, which is £49.94/$52.99 per month or £596.33/$599.88 for a full year upfront.

    Head to Adobe to see its student pricing.

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