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Can You Graduate College Early

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Major Problem: Dont Veer Off Course


Picking courses can make students feel like kids in a candy store there are so many possibilities. The process is overwhelming, with thousands of classes. Archaeology of Human Origins may sound interesting, but if you wait too long to focus on your economics major, you may not get in all the requirements you need. The problem is magnified if a prerequisite is offered only in the fall. Missing one means waiting a full year. And what if its full? Expect even more delays if you change majors.

We think what they want is flexibility, but actually what they need is structure, said Tom Sugar, president of Complete College America. We think were doing them a favor by letting them explore without guidance, but were really steering them away from success.

Colleges have begun to address the problem by pushing students to declare majors earlier, or at least narrow their areas of interest, so that they can chart out a path to a four-year finish. Toward that end, digital advising tools have become increasingly common.

Check Out Your Prospective Curriculum

Get the curriculum of your college path.

You can check this out on your prospective schools website or their information office.

Study the available course mapping.

You need to check this out as it will determine how you can shorten your stay in college.

You would be able to identify which course credits you can earn earlier.

You would also be able to pick out the critical courses, which you cant afford to fail.

These might delay your plans to graduate from college early.

If you can talk to current students of your chosen course, ask whats challenging them.

Try to get some pointers so you would know how to manage the difficult subjects and activities in advance.

If you can enroll in the summer before your first semester in college, do that.

Make sure though that high school classes are credited toward your college degree.

If youre going to study abroad, check out your options thoroughly as well.

Your advance credits may not apply in a different country.

Make sure that all your efforts are credited toward your college requirements and elective courses.

So, always doublecheck the options available to you.

Its better to know these things in advance.

Otherwise, your time, effort, and money will just go to waste.

During your stay in college, take summer classes.

Maximize the time available to you.

Summer classes are a good tip for those who have realized a little bit too late that they want to fast track their schooling.

They can effectively shorten your time in school.

Help Is Always Needed

Be careful, we dont advise you to cheat on the exams. But if somehow you can use some help, go for it. There are many services online that are ready to write you an essay or paper you need, while you are learning something else. Choose trusted services, like, so you can be 100% sure that you get a unique and plagiarism free paper. Also, you can arrange private classes with a tutor who will help you learn things quickly and to be ready for the exams just in time.

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Is It Smart To Graduate Early

Like every other decision, this also has some pros and cons. The good thing is that you save money and dont waste your time on courses you already know. College studies can be expensive for you and your familys budget, including tuition costs, buying the necessary books and paying for dorms. Also, one of the advantages is that you can start working like a younger person and until you get 30, you will have a lot more working experience than the people your age. Or, you can use the time you saved to travel more and to give yourself a break until you start being a responsible adult.

But, also, this decision has negative aspects. You can forget about being with your friends very often, you will lose a few precious moments with your family and you will miss some of the life chapters people your age is passing. After you get a job, you will spend a lot of money to pay back the student loans and that can be difficult because you will meet adulthood earlier than you planned.

What Does It Mean To Graduate High School Early

Can You Graduate High School Early With Enough Credits ...

In the US, the typical high school education lasts four years. Students who want to graduate early aim to complete their high school in less than four years, usually in three or three and a half years.

Unless you’re homeschooled or attend a non-traditional school, it’s often difficult or impossible to graduate high school if you have completed less than three years. This is because students normally can’t complete all their graduation requirements in this tight of a time frame.

If you graduate early, you will receive the same diploma as any other graduate from your high school. Your transcript won’t have any special indication that you graduated early, other than the fact that it’ll contain fewer semesters than a typical high school transcript does.

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Pros And Cons Of Graduating College Early

Below are the pros and cons of graduating college early:


  • Youll take on less debt
  • You can show employers your work ethic
  • You can get a jumpstart in your career
  • Youll have more time to dedicate to personal obligations.


  • Youll miss out on the typical college experience
  • You may miss out on internships or research opportunities
  • You may not be able to study abroad
  • Your GPA could suffer if you take on too much at once
  • You could be losing free money.

Now that youve considered the pros and cons, the rest of this article will discuss how to graduate early.

The Downside Of Graduating Early

Realize there are some disadvantages to graduating early, and you’ll have to weigh these factors against the financial perks:

  • You’ll have less time to build relationships with your professors. As a result, you’ll have less opportunity to conduct meaningful research projects with the faculty, and your professors won’t know you as well when you need letters of recommendation.
  • You’ll be graduating with a different class than the one you entered with. This isn’t necessarily a big deal, but you may find that you end up without a solid sense of class affinity.
  • You’ll simply have less time to grow and mature. Many college students really blossom during senior year as their experience and confidence grow.
  • For many students, college is a wonderful time for making new friends, growing intellectually, and discovering one’s self. Students are often in tears at graduation because they are sad to have college come to an end. Make sure you really want to rush this time of your life.
  • This is related to many of the above points, but with less time to gain research and internship experiences, and with less time to foster meaningful relationships with the faculty, you’ll be in a weaker position when applying to jobs or graduate school. It’s possible the money you save from graduating early will be lost with lower lifetime earnings.

These issues, of course, aren’t a big deal for some students, and it’s quite possible that the financial benefits outweigh all other factors.

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Take Classes During Summer And Winter

Many universities offer seasonal courses between the semesters, that can also bring more credits to you and help you graduate early. Sometimes, these courses are free, or you need to pay a symbolic amount of money, but the knowledge you get there is valuable and useful.

Also, online courses can help you a lot. You can choose between the options your college offers, but many schools allow the students to take some of the classes at home and then to show up on an exam.

Younger When Joining The Workforce


It can be hard enough joining the workforce as a four-year graduate and possibly being the youngest one at the office, so graduating a year or a semester early could potentially be even more difficult. That is not to say that your age should affect your perception of yourself and your potential, but starting your first job always has a learning curve. Additionally, if you havent allotted yourself enough time to gain experience during college you may have a steeper learning curve than someone who has taken more time to graduate and develop their skills.

Use College Raptors free match tool to discover personalized college matches, cost estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid from schools around the country!

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Eligibility For Early Graduation

If you plan to graduate in fewer than four full years, you still need to complete all Weinberg College degree requirements and the University’s Undergraduate Registration Requirement. The degree auditors in the Registrar’s Office are the final authority in determining your eligibility for early graduation, although College Advisers at the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising can usually give you a good idea of your status.

Is Graduating From College In 3 Years A Good Thing To Do

Whether you actually graduate from college early or not, getting a head start and earning at least some college credits in high school makes sense for many students.

Even with no plan to graduate early, transferring credits in as a freshman may provide options if theres ever a need to drop a class or change your program of study.

It takes strict focus to finish early at most colleges unless enrolling in a specific three-year degree program and following the plan exactly.

To be proactive, look at different college websites to see what AP, IB , CLEP, and community college credits they allow for transfer.

Here is an example of how you can check transfer credits from one institution to another. And this page shows where you can find information about what exam credits are allowed at this particular state college.

Most colleges have this information readily available to you when you know to look for it!

Finally, remember, even with a strong desire to graduate early or after starting a three-year degree program finishing college in three years isnt mandatory.

Changing minds about majors or encountering other difficulties and reverting to a normal fourth year may be all thats needed to graduate on time with peers.

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You’ll Have Time To Take A Break If Needed

College can be exhausting, and you might want time to decompress and recharge after graduation. In fact, many students opt to take a semester break following commencement, even if they didn’t finish school ahead of schedule. But by graduating early, you have the advantage of being able to take some time off without actually “losing time.” However, if you decide to use that time off to go on a lavish adventure through Europe, you can probably kiss that saving money perk goodbye.

Start As Soon As Possible


Its great if you have established your goal as early as high school.

When you are off to an early start, you increase your chances of getting your degree early.

There are several ways to get ahead in high school.

If you have access to an International Baccalaureate program, try to get in.

If you get into this program and you do well in your exams, you would be able to get college credits ahead.

If you have access to advanced placement exams, make sure you prepare for it.

Getting a high score in these exams would earn you credits even before entering college.

There are placement exams in subjects like language and math, so try to do well in these areas.

Doing well in the advanced placement exams shortens your time in college.

When you have earned the credits in advance, go back to your course curriculum.

See what other classes you can take in advance during your first semester in college.

Another way to get ahead of the game is through advanced courses to help you with your college subjects later on.

You can breeze through your college subjects if you are already familiar with some of the topics.

Another advantage of taking advanced courses in high school?

These classes will help you prepare for the placement exams.

Dont worry, though, if you started a bit late.

You may have realized only after high school that you want to graduate from college early.

Dont fret, there are still ways to get ahead, which brings us to the next point.

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List Of The Pros Of Graduating Early From High School

1. You can get an early start on your career. The most significant advantage you receive when graduating from high school early is the opportunity to get started on your career. Even if you only get an extra year available from this process, that gives you an opportunity to pursue an internship doing something you love. You also have the option to apply to colleges to get a head start on the undergraduate degree that you want. That means you can start earning a livable wage sooner than your peers, which gives you the opportunity to become independent.

2. There may be more opportunities to earn scholarships. Graduating early from high school will definitely turn the heads of some admissions personnel when you start looking for a college. You may find that there are some academic scholarships that are available to you because of your ability to learn and apply information in educational settings. Although this advantage is not a guarantee since many scholarships like these are competitive, it is possible that you can earn a full ride to study something that you love especially if your grades are exceptionally high.

In high school, your classmates often care about the music you listen to each day, the clothes you wear, and sometimes even the way you comb your hair. These trivial issues dont always disappear as you grow into your career, but they do certainly become less relevant.

Admission Requirements For Early Graduates

  • You must have a date of graduation prior to the start of your intended term of entry. If your high school transcript does not include an expected graduation date, we may need additional time to follow up with your high school.
  • When you apply, your transcript must reflect that you have completed at least 75% of our recommended high school course work before we can make decision. For most early graduates, we expect to see at least six semester of high school work completed, though we may review transcripts with just five semesters completed for applicants graduating a full year early.
  • You are encouraged to use your personal essay, in part, to address why you have chosen to graduate early and how you demonstrate college readiness.
  • If you are younger than 17 years of age when you apply for admission, we may ask for additional information about your circumstances to help you evaluate your readiness for the full student experience at CSU.
  • Admission is provisional until a final, official high school transcript has been received. Admitted students are not able to register for the second semester of enrollment until a final, official transcript has been received.

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Im Ready To Start My Career

Sometimes high school students already have a plan for their career and are anxious to get started. Some people know their career path could take many years of study and training . Others might already have an internship or job opportunity lined up.

Through Idahos Fast Forward program, Idaho students can work at the pace that makes the most sense for their life and career goals. Advanced Opportunities are also perfect for these types of students.

Earn College Credit During High School

How to Graduate EARLY from College

One of the easiest ways to graduate college early is to start early. Coming into college with credits allows you to start off at higher course levels and stay a step ahead. High school students can knock out a full semester’s worth of required courses well before college even starts.

Many high schools offer Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes and exams, for which some colleges award credit. Other schools allow students to dual-enroll at nearby community colleges.

You can earn college credit at certain schools for passing AP and IB exams.

Another great option is to take summer courses at a community college. High schoolers can rack up professional certificates this way. Earning practical skills in fields like medical administration or real estate may count toward a college’s elective requirements.

Just make sure to check with the community college and ideally the four-year college or university you know you want to attend to ensure the credits will transfer.

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Why You Should Graduate From College Early How Its Done

by Neal Frankle, CFP ®, The article represents the authors opinion. This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

If you are wondering if you should graduate from college early, I have to start off by congratulating you for even considering the question. Just thinking about this issue proves that you are a forward-thinking person. Believe me, for most of your friends, long-term thinking doesnt extend beyond the weekend and deciding which party to attend this Saturday night. OK. Enough pats on the back. Lets get down to business.

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You’ll Probably Save Some Money

College is expensive â ridiculously expensive. Even though graduating ahead of time likely still means you’re paying for the same number of credits, you are able to save yourself some cash in other areas. Whether getting out of school early means you’re cutting out your room and board expenses, meal plans, or that regular Wednesday night beer at the local college bar, you’re bound to save some money somewhere. I still came out ahead financially, even though my winter and summer courses cost a little more.

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