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Is College Right For Me

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Academic Degrees And Certificate Programs

Is College Right For Me? (Nope)

Depending on your career choice, you may only require a certificate program which can be completed in 12 months studying full time. Terminal Technical degrees are programs that concentrate on a specific field such as nursing or computer networking. These programs consist primarily of the core subject classes with only a few general classes like math and some social sciences. For some careers, the Associate’s Degree program is all that is needed. Students who graduate from a two-year college can leave with an associate’s degree in liberal arts, business, computers, firefighting, culinary arts, nursing, and more.

Some students don’t know what they want to study in college. At a four-year-school, they are considered “undeclared” majors. By the end of their sophomore year, they will need to declare a major. Unfortunately, during those two years of figuring out their path, they might have missed taking prerequisite courses they need to graduate and would have to add on an unanticipated extra semester or two. In this situation, many “undeclared” students decide to study for one or two years at a local community college.

Tip: While attending the two-year college, a student takes care of many of the courses required for any four-year program and can earn an Associate’s Degree as well.

The Prestige Of The College Attracted You

People often have the wrong misconception that you need to attend an Ivy to be successful. Going to an Ivy or any other top tier school can help give you a headstart, but it isnt the deciding factor in career success.

Going to a top tier school helps you form connections which definitely help when advancing in your career.

However, dont attend a big name if it doesnt meet other criteria. Top schools like Georgetown and Yale do indeed have some of the top programs, but how many people can consider those schools financial match schools?

Often, parents will pressure kids to attend these big name schools because they want to have the right to brag to other parents. By doing this, debt accumulates, and you may find yourself financially supporting your parents because they didnt save for their own retirement.

Remember, your hard work and strive will ultimately determine how far you get. A big name school can only do so much for you.

Asking Yourself Should I Go To College Feels Like A Life Or Death Decision Heres Some Helpful Facts To Make The Choice Thats Right For You

Its time to consider whether or not going to college is right for you. You may be asking yourself, Is a college degree necessary?, should I go to college? or is college worth it? and even if you think the answer is yes, you may be wondering how to be a successful student.

Lets take a quick look at the numbers:

In fall 2018, about 19.9 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities, which is the highest for 3 years and only slightly lower than the peak of 21 million in fall 2010.

The numbers alone and the various benefits of having a college degree makes it seem like college is a good decision. But, before deciding, here are things to know before college.

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The College Is Affordable For You And Your Family

Most students take on some debt in college, but there comes a point where excess borrowing doesnt make sense. Excessive loans can effect your financial health down the road. Try to cover as much of your college costs as possible with grants.

The less you have to pay for college, the better return you will get on your investment. Cost shouldnt be the only thing you consider when choosing a college, but it should cross your mind.

Its important to note that you should always compare colleges based on net price rather than the published cost of attendance.

The net price is what your family will actually paybased on your financial circumstances and academic meritand might be dramatically lower than the full cost.

Many times, academically qualified students are scared away from expensive colleges that have a price tag of $50,000, when in reality, their costs may have been less than attending an in-state public. If you want to see what your net price might be at a 4-year college in the U.S., use the College Raptor match search to compare costs.

Is College Right For Me The Pros And Cons Of College

How I Chose the Right College For Me

Let us help you take a leap towards new opportunities. to get started.

Today in the United States, there is a major push to get students to attend college after high school graduation. Whether a teacher is talking to the parents of second graders about saving money for college, or a high school guidance counselor is assuming that a sophomore already knows which school they want to go to once they graduate, it is clear that the majority of educators assume that college is necessary for all students who want to be successful. In spite of all of this pressure to attend a university, many people still wonder if post-secondary education is actually worth it. Are there disadvantages of not going to college?

As an individual trying to plan out their future, you may be evaluating whether or not college is the right choice for you. To help you determine whether post-secondary education is the best fit for your plans, we have organized some information that may be helpful.

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College Pros And Cons

Whether youre a recent high school graduate or you are considering going back to school as an adult, you might be wondering Is college right for me? Although college has many advantages, its not for everyone, and there are many factors that should be evaluated before making a decision. There are many pros and cons of going to college and we would like to help you make the right decision before deciding to go back to school. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of going to college and determine if college is right for you.

How Do I Know Whether Online College Is Right For Me

Whether you’re working a full-time job, unemployed, a high school graduate or a stay-at-home parent, online college can fit your lifestyle. Distance education has changed the face of learning over the last few years as people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds find themselves taking courses online. The enrollment numbers demonstrate the increasing popularity of online education. It has reached thousands of people around the world because of its accessibility, convenience and improving quality. The accommodations and flexibility it offers are helping to meet the needs of many people looking to further their education and career.

If you’re not sure whether online college is for you, ask yourself these questions:

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If You Answered Mostly With The Second Column

You should go to a local school! Let’s face it, you’re really not that into the whole college life thing. Sure, you want a great education, but the thought of living with people you don’t know really freaks you out! You should look into commuting to a local college. You’ll be able to live at home, save money, and spend time with family and friends without missing out on challenging classes and meeting new people. Commuting is a total win-win: When you’re tired of home, you get to leave and hang out at school and vice versa. Just be aware of how you’ll commute and how long it will take you to get there, since it will become a huge part of your daily life.

The College Will Help You Get Where You Want To Go

Is College Worth It? How Do I Know It’s Right For Me?

Presumably, youre going to college to help you reach your goals. A college thats a good fit will live up to this description.

First, make sure a college offers your major .

Second, research the program at the college. Does the program incorporate research with a professor? Are there internship opportunities through the program? Do the courses look interesting to you? Make sure youre getting into a program that is exciting, challenging, and will help you grow as a studentand as a person!

If it dont know exactly what you want to study, then consider the general field or area you might be interested in and look for colleges that have strengths in those areas. For instance, if you know that you are generally interested in science, you might want to look for research universities, even if you dont know exactly what kind of science you want to study.

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The College Matches You Academically

You want to be challenged in college, but being in over your head is stressful. Likewise, if your academic ability is much higher than other students, you may feel bored or our of place.

Its important to look for colleges where your academic profile is similar to other students.

If you are interested in honors coursework, make sure the college has a strong honors program. You can contact an honors program directly for more information.

Too Suburban Or Too City Central

Both options provide different benefits for students. For example, Emory University has two campuses one in the city of Atlanta and one about 35 miles from Atlanta.

The campus located in the city is called Emory College, and the other campus is Oxford College. As you probably thought, Emory College is going to have the feel of a city and come with the city benefits.

Emory University itself describes Emory College as a fit for a student who values academic independence and intellectual engagement. Emory students benefit from having the resources of a dynamic research institution.

Being near the city allows you to take advantage of the resources that a city has. Besides that, some people prefer the fast pace and constant activity of a city while others prefer a calmer, closer-knit community.

Thats what the Oxford College campus is for. The Oxford campus is a good distance away from Atlanta and gives a liberal arts school feel. It is much less crowded and busy, so Oxford students benefit from smaller classes, personal interaction between students and professors.

Most colleges dont have one campus in the city and the other in a more green area. However, some colleges do allow you to go back in forth a little bit.

For example, UChicago isnt located in the center of Chicago, but its not too far from the city. In fact, I remember there being a UChicago building located directly in the city.

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Do What’s Best For You

1.Rushing the process.

2.Being a follower.

3.The legacy lure.


5.Youre a die-hard fan.

6.The temptation to party.

7.How a student body looks.

8.Assuming the worst.

9.Location, location, location.

10.Cost obsessions or carelessness.

11.Not visiting.

12.Relying on reputation.

13.Pushy parents.

14.Having a one-track mind.

15.The college specializes in your current major.

Do You Like School Enough To Go Through Four More Years Of It

What College is Right For Me?

Four years is a long time.

Especially if academics arent really your thing.

Not everyone is put together to sit in lectures, write papers, and become a lawyer, computer scientist, or marine biologist. And thats okay. It doesnt make you less intelligent or useful. It just means youre put together differently.

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What’s Standing In My Way

If youve considered college, but youre worried about how to fit a degree into your life, you arent alone. When I spoke with our Admissions Counselors, Madison Baldridge and Irene Carlson, they mentioned that they talk to hundreds of students thinking about returning to college. They know a few things about the common fears that students have around going back to school. Prospective students often wonder:

  • “Can I afford college? I don’t want to drop out again because of lack of funds.”

  • “Will I have the time to study? I already have a full schedule of responsibilities at work and home.”

  • “How will I be able to study and take care of my kids.”

  • “Will I have to start over?”

Have any of these thoughts crossed your mind? College is definitely hard work, so its good that youve been seriously considering how obstacles might impact your decision. However, in my conversation with Madison and Irene, they also shared how students are overcoming these fears and making college fit into their lives. Which brings me to the final question you should ask yourself…

Meeting The Diverse Needs Of Students

In order to succeed in college, you need a solid foundation in reading, writing, and math skills. Unless you build them in high school, you may have to take remedial, or catch-up, courses when you arrive at a community college. These courses don’t count toward your degree, so graduating will take you longer and cost you more if you’re not prepared.

You’ll probably take placement tests when you start college. The results will show whether you need to take any catch-up courses before beginning college-level study.

Community colleges provide diverse and non-traditional students with multiple opportunities in which to receive support. These typically include a Writing Center, Peer and Professional tutoring, Academic Support Services, and English language immersion programs. Workshops and programs are usually available during both the summer and the academic year.

Tip: If you know you may need extra support in areas such as reading, math, or English as a Second Language, find out as soon as possible which services are offered at the school where you applying to learn more about your options.

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Your Desired Job Requires A Degree

Many career choices require a degree. If you already know what you want to pursue and a degree is necessary, then you have your answer. And, even if your desired career doesnt require a degree, you may want to change your job down the line into something that does. So, by getting a degree, youre opening up the door to more possibilities .

Is College Right For Me

College Application Video Tip #4: What Size College is Right for Me?

Hello and welcome!

I am the lead singer of indie/alternative rock band Shoulda Been Blonde. In addition to playing/writing/performing music, I also am an author. I currently haven’t officially published any books, but my first manuscripts are on Wattpad while my second edits are on Inkitt.

Growing up, I wrote short stories regularly along with songs. I was always singing or humming and always had a running storyline in my head. My imagination was wild. But unfortunately, it seems that the older I get, the more I lose my active imagination. Perhaps it’s just a creative slump, or a side effect of my busy schedule, but it seems that now, I have to work harder for inspiration to hit where it used to come naturally. Until this past year, I got many of my story ideas from my dreams. If I went to sleep thinking of my story, my mind would conjure up my next scene while I slept, then I had plenty of writing inspiration the next day and I could easily write four to eight thousand words in a sitting.

As the semester went on, depression crept back in. I had dealt with depression before, but this was different. Where my previous bout’s of depression revolved around my struggle with social anxiety, this stemmed from a hopelessness deep within. I began thinking far into the future, trying to picture me as a forensic psychologist psychoanalyzing criminals and diagnosing patients, but I couldn’t. The person I was trying to imagine wasn’t me and this created a bit of panic in my life.

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Describe My Career And Life Goals

Describe your educational career and life goals. Explain your plan for achieving these goals. Include your degree/major, why you selected it, and how this degree/major will help you achieve your goals. Dear Abbott & Fenner Scholarship committee, Be yourself everyone else is already taken-Oscar Wilde. As I started my junior year in high school, I heard my peers discuss their future goals. One wanted to be a physician, another wanted to be an aerospace engineer, and another wanted to work

Do Your College Research

Once youve worked through the list above and made decisions about whats important to you in a college, begin your preliminary research. Look up college lists, books, and college websites to find out admissions requirements, major and course offerings, tuition, housing options, class size, ranking, student demographics, study abroad opportunities, and where students end up post-graduation.

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The Alternative: Take A Gap Year

For many students, a gap year is about crystallising their decision-making developing self-directed and self-regulation skills, broadening their competencies and self-organisation and perhaps their confidence.

Andrew J. Martin, published in the Journal of Higher Education

If youre not sure what you want to do or what you want to study, it might be good to take a gap year. It never hurts to wait a little. You can use your time to do all kinds of exciting things like:

  • Travel to another country.
  • Work a few interesting jobs.
  • Take up a new hobby.
  • Start your own business.

You dont need a college degree to be an extra in a short film, start a YouTube channel, or do seasonal work at a local farm. These are experiences you wont regret. They might even help you figure out what you like to do so you can be more informed about your future major.

Data taken from students who took a gap year found the following encouraging information:

  • 90% of students returned to college after their break.
  • 96% said that the experiences they had during their gap year increased their self-confidence and maturity.
  • 84% said that they gained skills that would be useful in their future career.
  • 77% said that their gap year influenced their career decision in a major way.

Another study revealed that students who took a gap year are more successful than mature students who went back to school, or their peers who went into university straight from high school.

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