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Where Can I Rent College Books For Cheap

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Save Money While In School

Finding Cheap Textbooks!

The cost of paying for college continues to rise, so you have to save money where you can. Although textbooks can be a major financial burden, deciding to rent college textbooks rather than buying may save you a substantial amount of cash. You also might enjoy the flexibility and ease of renting rather than buying.

If youre looking for other ways to save money while in school, heres how you can create a college budget.

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Sell Your College Textbooks For Cash

Do you have some college textbooks laying around that you dont need? Are you short on cash? Maybe you just need some extra money for food or beer. You are in luck! We can help you sell your textbooks and help you get some extra cash. It doesnt matter if you used our service to buy your textbooks or not. Well search the internet for the store that wants to offer you the most money. Some students have even found using our service is a good way to make some extra money on the side! Weve be told by many students how theyve used our free service to locate cheap textbooks and then turn around and sell them with our free sell back comparison at a profit!

Why Should I Rent Textbooks

According to the College Board, the cost of college is continuing to rise. In fact, the average cost of going to a public college is nearing $40,000 a year, while the average cost of going to a private college is nearing $50,000 a year. Although there isn’t much you can do about the cost of tuition or room and board, there is something you can do about the cost of the textbooks you use. If you rent textbooks instead of buying them, you can save a significant amount of money. Now take that a step further and use our textbook rental price comparison to comparison shop many textbook rental sites in one place. Helping you find the cheapest textbook rentals is what we do!

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Advantages Of Renting Textbooks In E

As a college student, you shouldn’t have to worry about carrying all your textbooks with you at all times, or forgetting your books during a study session. At TextbookRush, we have simplified the process by allowing you to rent your textbooks any time you want. This way you can download them onto your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Some of the advantages of using an e-book rental site include:

  • Thousands of e-books available to download
  • Able to rent e-books online on any computing device
  • Can read the e-books offline anywhere
  • Instantly start studying your chosen subjects once the e-books are downloaded

Consider the great conveniences that renting a digital textbook has to offer: Read the e-book on your laptop in the library, on your smartphone while taking the bus to your part-time job, or on your tablet while relaxing on the grass at the local park. Whats more, you can manage your time more effectively when you have the digital textbook available since you can access the device anytime, anywhere.

How We Make Money

Cheap Textbooks: 5 Best Places to Buy &  Rent School Books for Cheap

The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the listing categories. But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you.

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Why Textbookrush Is Your Ideal Online Campus To Rent E

Our vast catalog of available textbook titles will allow you to select the right digital reading materials required for your college classes and we are continually adding more titles to the list. Also, our low prices will help you save money during each semester. Another reason to shop at our online campus bookstore is that you can later decide to purchase the e-book rentals. You can save up to 60 percent when purchasing an e-book.

Ready to take the next step? Start renting your textbooks in digital format today. Contact TextbookRush to learn about our e-book rental service agreements or browse our online catalog.


ISBN is a unique number specific to a particular title and edition of a book and the best way to identify your book. You can find the ISBN on the back cover of your book.

College Textbook Rental: How And Where To Rent And Save

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Do You Price Compare Etextbooks

Yes, we price compare eTextbooks also. Maybe you waited too long to order your textbooks or maybe you just didn’t have the money to get them earlier. That’s alright, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you see that it’s going to take too long to get your textbooks, then eTextbooks are a great alternative. Sure, they tend to cost a little more than renting, but they have some big positives too. Mainly that you get eTextbooks as soon as you pay for them. In most cases, eTextbooks are very similar to rental textbooks. Just like rental textbooks, they also tend to expire. If you want to keep an eTextbook forever, they usually have an option to do so. Keep in mind that a forever eTextbook does tend to be a lot more expensive than an eTextbook that expires.

Look Into Interlibrary Loans

Where To Get Cheap Nursing Books – Chegg.Com

If your own university library does not have a copy of the textbook you need, another university might. Check with your library thousands of colleges across the country are a part of an interlibrary loan arrangement. You can search for and request to borrow items from other libraries where they have what you need in stock.

While this is generally a free service, some lending libraries may charge a small fee for delivery.

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Enjoy Renting Textbook E

Why rent textbooks? A lot of college students won’t need to use the textbook again after the semester ends. Instead of having a room cluttered with books, they simply rent the e-books for a certain length of time. We offer multiple rental periods to choose from. Simply pay for your selected rental period at our online checkout. Once you are finished with the e-book it will expire from your device. You don’t have to do anything else with the e-book. If you need to have the e-book rentals for longer than the original rental agreement, feel free to rent the book again through TextbookRush this way you can continue to study for those hard exams.

Buy Them Used For A Big Discount

You can also find used college textbooks for sale on the internet for a steep discount. Here are some of the best sites to buy cheap college textbooks. Many of these sites also let you rent and sell your texbooks:

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Free Shipping And Coupons

We know that college is expensive and we know you need to be able to save as much money as you can when youre buying your college textbooks. Thats why we work really hard to help you save as much as you can. We are constantly on the lookout for FREE shipping offers and coupons. Our staff scours the internet in order to find the best FREE shipping offers and coupons. We look at blogs, forums and contact stores on a continual basis to help make sure you can get your college textbook at the cheapest price possible. If there is a free shipping offer or coupon out there, rest assured we will find it.

How To Get College Textbooks Online

How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

Before we list the top 50+ cheap college textbook websites, let us discuss on how you can get cheap college textbooks online.

You are probably wondering how you can have access to cheap college textbooks online. Dont worry, we have already done the research for you.

College students can get cheap college textbooks online through the following ways.

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Jump Into The R/scholar Subreddit

Did you know theres an entire community of netizens dedicated to helping you find the textbooks you need? Ther/scholar subreddit is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and request books and journal articles. This community is run and maintained by volunteers who have made it their mission to make academic material more accessible.

Things To Consider When You Rent A Textbook

While renting textbooks can be a great way to save some cash, there are a few things that you will need to consider before you make any agreement.

First, you need to think about your style of learning. If youre the type of student who likes to refer back to textbooks to confirm a theory a few semesters after you took the initial class, you are likely to be better suited to buying your book. Additionally, if you find that information sinks in a little easier if you can highlight passages in your books, then renting might not be for you.

You will also need to consider your long term requirements. While many courses only require a textbook for just one semester, there are some courses that need the same book for multiple semesters. If youre unsure, it is worth speaking to your professor to determine if it is better to buy or rent.

If youve decided that renting is the best option, you will also need to consider the fine print of any purchase. You should check for the shipping fees and any other costs associated with the specific book youre looking at. Add up the costs of any late fees, damage fees, or any other costs that may be applied, so you have a realistic price of your textbook.

Finally, consider the rental site youre using. It is a good idea to choose a site that provides some kind of assurance of textbook quality. For example, ideally, the site should provide an option of a replacement if the book is delivered in poor condition or missing some pages.

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Use Chegg To Find Digital And Physical Copies

Chegg is a massive e-learning platform that has mostly been marketed as a place for tutoring however, it also has a subsidiary where you can buy or rent cheap college textbooks. One handy feature of renting from Chegg is that returning your rental is free all you need to do is send back the books with the companys prepaid shipping label.

You can even highlight the books, as long as you dont write in them. If you need the books longer than expected, the company allows you to extend your rental. Have you fallen in love with a particular textbook and want to keep it forever? In that case, convert your rental into a purchase!

Buy Or Rent College Textbooks Online From Valorebooks At The Lowest Prices On The Web

Cheapest Textbooks Online – Rent or Buy

At ValoreBooks, we understand how expensive college can be. That’s why we give students the option to buy or rent cheap textbooks from over 18,000 verified sellers and rental providers who compete to provide the absolute lowest prices. The average student saves about $500 per year when buying or renting all of their required books from our marketplace. ValoreBooks also lets you sell text books directly to us at the highest buy back prices online. ValoreBooks is and always will be dedicated to making your college experience better.

With our dedicated customer support team, you can rest easy knowing that we’re doing everything we can to save you time, money, and stress. to learn more!

With our dedicated customer support team, you can rest easy knowing that we’re doing everything we can to save you time, money and stress.

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Changing Your Rental Order

You will need an account to extend or purchase your rental.

Extending, purchasing your rental

  • Visit, and sign in.
  • Go to My Account for your Order History. Click the title you want and then the Select box.
  • Check the Extend or Purchase box, and review the Quantity Open box.
  • If buying the title: Enter the amount of books you want to buy in the Quantity to Buy box, and then proceed to the next step.
  • If extending your rental: Select the term you want to the extend the book until, and enter the amount in the Quantity to Extend box.
  • Those who purchase their rentals will& receive a refund of the rental fee and then will be charged the regular retail price based on whether the book was new or used when it was purchased.

    When you drop a class

    You can return the book and receive a refund of the rental cost during the normal refund period. The bookstore’s refund policy will apply. The book will need to be in the same condition as it was when it was rented, and you’ll need a copy of your receipt or the packing slip.

    What Are The Pros Of College Textbook Rental

    • Renting textbooks can save you money: Renting your textbooks can be a money-saver compared to buying them. It can also be tough to get back what you paid for your textbook when you try to sell it back to your campus bookstore or elsewhere, and renting eliminates that concern.
    • There is a clear time limit: Some students love seeing their stack of textbooks grow year after year. However, those books often go completely unused after the class is over, gathering dust over time. When you rent your books, youll know there is a time limit on keeping them, and the dust-gathering will never be an issue.
    • The options are flexible: The flexibility offered by many textbook rental companies can also be a benefit, as you can often rent for a short time, for cheaper, rather than for an entire semester.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Finding Cheap College Textbooks

    Textbooks are expensive because beyond the costs of manufacturing , students are also paying for all the research, edits, production, and distribution costs that went into creating the book. Textbooks are also a big business, and a lack of competition means publishing companies can charge what often seem like extortionate prices.

    Yes, digital textbooks are usually more affordable they can be up to 60 percent cheaper than their hard copy equivalents. However, most physical textbooks come with additional content, such as access codes for their websites that you may not be able to get with an e-copy.

    Renting is definitely more affordable however, you generally wont be able to annotate, highlight, and underline in the textbook. You may also run into issues if a textbook comes with a single-use digital code and your professor wants you to complete online textbook activities. If you dont take notes in your book and if you dont need to complete online exercises, renting can be a great option.

    You can definitely resell your college textbooks. Some of the online platforms in this article, like Amazon Rentals, give this option. You can also tell a friend or check your campus to see if there are any opportunities to resell your books.

    Try Searching On Craigslist

    Top 5 Websites to Find Textbooks for Less

    Craigslist is a great place for any of your secondhand shopping needs, so try hopping on to find your college textbooks for cheap. You may just find a past student wanting to offload their copies.

    Take note! Craigslist does not offer purchase protection services, so youll need to be vigilant when approaching a seller. Make sure you do your research and verify you are buying from a reputable source.

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    Save Up To 90% With Chegg Textbooks And Rentals

    With many schools heading back to the classroom, textbook rental services are now more important than ever. When you rent textbooks from Chegg, theyll be available to you for a fraction of the campus bookstores cost. As a leader in the textbook rental industry, we offer a wealth of other benefits when you rent college books from Chegg.

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