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When Are Community College Applications Due

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What Can Community Colleges Offer To Students

HCC Scholarship Applications Are Due April 16!

Most community colleges offer two-year Associate’s degree programs in a wide variety of academic and pre-professional fields. A growing number also offer Bachelor’s degrees, though most of these programs are relatively new and limited in options.

People who run community colleges know that not every student wants to stop at their Associate’s degree in fact, many students attend community college to earn credits and transfer to a four-year college. To ease this transition, lots of community colleges have “articulation agreements” with their local state school system.

These agreements allow a student to transfer credits smoothly from community college and enter as a junior in a 4-year program. Students can also apply to schools outside of this agreement, but they may need to put a bit more individual effort into making sure their credits will transfer.

This plan, often referred to as a “2 + 2” plan, can have serious financial benefits. Community colleges tend to be more affordable than 4-year institutions, and their flexible class times make it easier for students to work part-time or even full-time jobs.

Most community colleges are open access, meaning that all students can enroll . Many students appreciate the typically small class sizes and attentive professors, who tend to spend most of their time teaching rather than doing research, as with many of their counterparts at research universities.

It’s always good to clarify your reasons before taking a big leap.

Attend A New Student Orientation

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to attend a campus tour and an information session before you apply to learn more about your prospective school. Many community colleges also hold orientations for new students. These usually span a day or two and give you information about financial aid, placement testing, student and campus resources and policies, and academic guidance.

They may also have you set up a school account and email address. If your school offers its own online portal, then you’ll probably do your class registration and other communication through that.

Current Hcc Students Applying To Nursing And Allied Health

Once you’re a student at HCC, find out the distinct admissions requirements of your particular field of interest. Admission to the clinical component of allied health programs requires the successful completion of certain prerequisite courses. Always check first with an allied health advisor before taking a course elsewhere because it may not transfer to HCC.

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Provide Your High School Diploma Ged Or Transcript

Community colleges want to see proof of past or upcoming high school graduation. If you don’t have your diploma from graduation yet or a GED, you should send a copy of your transcript. This will show your expected date of graduation and provide evidence that you’re working toward fulfilling your high school requirements.

You can get your transcript from your guidance counseling department. Then you can upload it to your online application, mail, or deliver it to the college in person. If you do have your diploma or GED, you usually don’t need to send your transcript, except for the select programs with their own requirements. You can just send one of those documents.

If your school needs your ID, make sure yours has a first name.

Important Info Before You Apply

Knox community college application form
  • The application processing fee is $95.00 .
  • An application allows you up to 5 program choices .
  • All program choices must start within the same academic year .
  • There may be additional fees to request transcripts.
  • Your username is permanent.
  • Your password must be between 8 and 14 characters in length.
  • Use a valid email address.
  • DO NOT create more than one account.
  • The application works best in certain web browsers.

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Enrollment Steps For Credit Programs

Your application to HCC is just the first step. Follow this guide to the enrollment process and get there from here!

  • Step 1: Apply

    If you are not yet an HCC student, your first step is to apply. The link below will take you to our online application, where the first step is to create an account. Once you create an account, you can start the application.

Complete Your Fafsa And Include The Community College On Your School List Asap

Completing the FAFSA these days is easier than ever. Many families forget about the FAFSA during the college application process, but for us here at North Shore Community College, it is a must! Once a student is accepted to the college, we alert the financial aid office for FAFSA processing. If the student’s FAFSA is not on file, the application file remains stagnant and could potentially result in a smaller financial aid package depending on the time of FAFSA submission.

Just remember, the more that the student and family completes earlier on the front end, the more likely that they will be much better informed of their options as spring commitment and deposit deadlines approach. If you have questions about the community college application process, reach out to the admissions office at the school. They can provide all the help you need!

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What Do I Need To Have Prepared To Apply

CFNCs Application Hub will track your progress as you complete applications for individual schools and keep you informed of approaching deadlines and needed materials like letters of recommendation.

Count on CFNC to help you figure out how to apply to college and meet every deadline, from submitting the FAFSA and establishing North Carolina residency to completing college applications.

There Is No Better Time Than Now

How to Apply to Community College

Get the training and education you need to compete for today’s high-demand careers. Oakland Community College provides you with the resources you need to be successful and offers one of the state’s most affordable tuition rates.

We also offer a range of 100% online program options in a variety of fields, including the arts, business, sciences, criminal justice and more. This unique style of learning offers more flexibility in scheduling, and allows you to obtain your degree or certificate from anywhere.

We are here to personally guide you through the admissions process. Check out our calendar of live admissions events.

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How To Apply To An Ontario College

  • Home
  • Applying
  • The first step in applying to college is to research the programs and colleges available to you. If you have not already decided what programs you are applying to, you can:

    The next step is to create an account with and begin your college application.

    Ready to start your application?

    to your account to complete your application, make changes or confirm offers of admission.

    How Else Can You Prepare For Community College

    While you can technically apply to community college at the last minute, you’d be much better off planning early, like in the winter or spring of senior year. Spend some time researching local community colleges or out of state schools and their programs. Attend information sessions, go on a tour, and try to speak to current and former students about their experiences.

    You should clarify your reasons for attending and overall goals to make sure you’re choosing the best classes and earning the credits you need. Part of this research may also involve learning about the community college’s articulation agreements with state schools and other 4-year schools to which you might ultimately apply. While you may not be sure exactly what 4-year college you’ll eventually transfer to, you can still work closely with your advisor to learn about credit requirements and how and when to apply to Bachelor’s programs as a transfer student.

    As you attend info sessions and meet with your advisor, make sure to prepare some questions about application requirements, class registration, and/or transfer agreements. By gathering all the information you need, you can make the most of your time at community college to learn, earn credits, and work toward your long-term academic and professional goals.

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    Meet Our Students And Alumni

    Student Carousel

  • Anoka-Ramsey was convenient and affordable all in one!

  • Meet Cyril Dela Cruz

    Arts & CommunicationAFA Music

    There are crazy awesome connections and great resources here at Anoka-Ramsey. You also develop character learning about the world and your major.

  • Meet Brittany Ybarra

    Allied Health & NursingNursing

    One of my favorite aspects of Anoka Ramsey is how flexible the campus is. All of my instructors and professors are so inclusive and understanding of students with children, students working, and just students of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Carousel Pagination

    Special Message To The Procrastinators

    Browns Town Community College Application Form 2020

    The college application timeline Ive given you is ideal for maximizing the quality of your application and minimizing stress. Admittedly, many students dont begin thinking about the college application process until the fall of their senior year. Some of these students are still able to successfully complete all of their applications and attend the college of their dreams.

    However, I think every student benefits from sticking to the college application timeline I laid out. I know students who were unable to submit applications on time because they waited too long to start writing their essays. I know students who severely limited their college options because they didnt do enough college research. Also, the majority of students Ive worked with could have done better on their standardized tests if they had given themselves more time to study.

    Furthermore, youll be busy with school and extracurricular activities during your senior year. If you dont start contemplating the application process until the fall of your senior year, youre likely to feel overwhelmed given all of your other responsibilities. If you devote more time to this process earlier, it will be easier and you’ll be more likely to accomplish your goals.

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    High School Student Thinking About Pseo

    There are opportunities for high school students to take college classes, through PSEO and concurrent enrollment classes offered within high schools.

    Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

    Secure email or e-delivery

    How to submit unofficial high school transcripts

    Please submit an unofficial high school transcript or self-report your cumulative high school GPA. Unofficial high school transcripts are helpful for placement assessment and financial aid.

    • or upload transcripts at the button below.

    Ready To Start Your Journey

    • Most applications opened on August 1 for students applying for fall 2022 enrollment.
    • College deadlines most often fall between November and February.
    • Early admission means preparing your application sooner in your senior year.
    • Regular decision gives you more time to work on college essays and take exams.

    Most college applications including the Common Application and the Coalition for College opened on August 1, 2021, for students who plan to start school in fall 2022. That said, students could have completed the general application components at any time before this date.

    Colleges that maintain proprietary applications, such as Brigham Young University and Georgetown University, can vary in their open dates but generally become available by late August or early September.

    While most schools require similar application components, different admission options allow you to submit your application by different deadlines. The four basic options are early action, early decision, regular decision, and rolling admission.

    Regardless of when you apply, you’ll need to submit a college essay , recommendation letters, official high school transcripts, and, if required, standardized test scores.

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    Freshman And Sophomore Years

    While you dont have to seriously think about what colleges you want to apply to before your junior year, your first two years of high school will influence the quality of your college application. Even though there are a few colleges including University of California schools that wont consider your freshman grades, your sophomore grades will definitely factor into your high school GPA and help determine whether youre accepted to the college of your choice.

    Pay attention to what classes you take. Selective colleges want to see that youve excelled in rigorous classes throughout your high school years. Some high schools are hesitant to allow students to take honors or AP classes in their junior years if they havent taken advanced classes in their first two years of high school.

    Furthermore, colleges are concerned with how many years youve taken core subjects . If you dont take a foreign language or history class in your freshman or sophomore year, youll be a less competitive applicant.

    Also, make sure youre involved in extracurricular activities. Colleges like to see that you’ve committed yourself to your extracurriculars. The student who has excelled in the same extracurricular activity throughout high school is a more impressive applicant than the student who first starts doing an extracurricular in his junior year.

    For Current Tcc Students That Have Completed Program Pre

    How to Apply to a CT Community College

    * – Applicants who do not meet program pre-requisites will be placed in the Associate of Arts degree program which will allow them to complete the necessary requirements. Once all program pre-requisites have been completed, the student will need to reapply for admission into their chosen HCP program.

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    How To Apply For Community College: 9

    Did you know that almost half of all undergrads in the U.S. go to community college? In fact, there are 1,100 community colleges nationwide, and they enroll 13 million students!

    If you’re looking to make that 13 million and one, read on to learn how to apply for community college: from deciding where to apply to enrolling in classes. Before getting the ball rolling, let’s review what community colleges offer their students and some good reasons to apply.

    Take Placement Tests In Math And English

    One unique requirement of community colleges is their placement tests. After the college processes your application, you’ll be invited to take placement tests to determine your level for math and English classes.

    While you don’t have to take the SAT or ACT to enroll, you may find yourself exempt from these placement tests if you have a minimum SAT or ACT score. These vary from school to school, but tend to be around a 450 on SAT Reading or a 47 on ACT English and Reading combined. For math, schools usually want to see around a 450 on SAT math or a 22 on ACT math.

    Placement tests don’t affect whether or not you get into community college. Instead, they help to determine what courses you should take in your first semester. It still may be useful to review math and English material before taking them to make sure you don’t end up in a class repeating much of what you already learned in high school.

    Your advisor’s there to help!

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    How Do I Find Open Enrollment And Adult

    Youre in luck, we can help.

    I created to help make college more affordable and accessiblefor Free.

    That means helping people identify the right schools to fit their situation and schedule, AND to find ways to save time and money.

    Get started for free in 60 seconds by clicking here to get your own SmartPlan. Well help you figure out which schools are the best fit, and ways to potentially save.

    In addition, we have many FREE online courses you could take to count towards your degree from the comfort of your own home.

    To Minimize The Financial Burden

    Community college application

    I’ve mentioned a few times that community colleges tend to be less expensive than 4-year colleges. Exactly how much less expensive are they?

    According to the National Center for Education, the average community college cost for a year was $9,574 in 2013. While this is a significant sum, it’s less than half of the average for 4-year schools of $23,872.

    In addition to saving money on tuition, community college students are eligible for financial aid, including federal grants, federal loans, state aid, and institutional aid. Plus they may be able to choose evening, weekend, or online classes that allow for a part-time or full-time job.

    Students considered “in-state residents” get in-state tuition, which is why most community college students choose schools close to home . If they transfer to a state school through an articulation agreement, then they further save money with in-state tuition. Ultimately, their diploma comes from the institution from which they graduated, same as any student who attended for four straight years.

    Now that we’ve gone over the main reasons that students attend community college, let’s go over how you can apply!

    Do as the Atlantic puffins do. Take things one step at a time.

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    Register For Noncredit Classes

    If youre interested in enhancing job skills or exploring a personal interest, sign up instead for one of our noncredit courses. Theres no need to apply for noncredit classes. Continuing Education classes are offered throughout the county on days, evenings, and weekends. There are no grades or exams just learning and enjoyment.

    When To Apply For College In The Fall

    Applying to college entails a considerable amount of planning. While you can start some parts at the beginning of your senior year of high school, it’s recommended that you request recommendation letters and take the SAT or ACT your junior year. This tip is especially important for those planning to apply for an early admission decision.

    Early action and early decision are ideal options for students who are prepared to apply early their senior year. Often resulting in an admission decision by mid-December, these options give students plenty of time to relax and enjoy their final semester of high school. Additionally, students who apply early to college may enjoy higher acceptance rates than regular decision applicants.

    To meet an early deadline, you should begin the application process the summer before your senior year, focusing your efforts on writing your essay, gathering letters of recommendation, and taking the SAT/ACT.

    Though early admission is growing in popularity, most students opt for the regular decision window. For students who need additional time to compare schools, perfect their essays, or retake the SAT/ACT, regular decision may be your best option. Be sure to request letters of recommendation by September of your senior year, as teachers tend to get extremely busy in late fall due to midterms and other recommendation requests.

    Whichever deadline you decide works best for you, just make sure you feel confident when you submit your application.

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