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What Every College Freshman Needs

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Things College Freshmen Dont Need And 10 They Do

Empower Students: What Every School Needs to Do

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Those ubiquitous checklists of dorm room essentials for college freshmen are filled with items that will be ditched by the end of first semester.

Some parents go to the store and grab a list like they did when their kids were in elementary and high school and just go straight down the list, says Lisa Heffernan, mother of three sons and a college-shopping veteran. Or they buy things they only wish their students will use .

You can safely skip about 70% of things on those lists, estimates Asha Dornfest, the author of Parent Hacks and mother of a rising college sophomore whos home for the summer.

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What Not To Buy Or Bring

Freshmen really need just two things, says Heffernan, co-founder of the blog Grown and Flown: a good mattress topper and a laptop.

Here are seven items you can skip:

  • Printer. Dont waste desk space or, worse, store it under the bed printers are plentiful on campus.

  • TV. Students may watch on laptops or on TVs in common areas or in someone elses room. Bonus: Your teen gets out and meets others.

  • Speakers. Small spaces dont require powerful speakers earphones may be a good idea and respectful of roommates.

  • Car. Some colleges bar freshmen from having cars on campus or limit their parking. You also may save on insurance by keeping the car at home.

  • Luggage. If you bring it, you must store it. Heffernan suggests collapsible blue Ikea storage bags with zippers.

  • Toiletries to last until May. Bulk buying may save money, but you need storage space.

  • Duplicates of anything provided by the college, such as a lamp, wastebasket, desk chair or dresser.

  • Items left behind when students pack for the summer are telling. Luke Jones, director of housing and residence life at Boise State University, sees unopened food a lot of ramen and candy and stuffed animals and mirrors.

    Jones says many students regret bringing high school T-shirts and memorabilia and some of their clothes .

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    Volunteer Get An Internship Find An On Campus Job

    No one desires to do things for free, but the experience is great for your mind to grow and for your resume to expand. This is the perfect time for you to explore occupations to see if what you want to do is actually want you want to do. Or, if you are not sure what you would like to do in the future, this will either help you figure it out or show you what you definitely do not want to do.

    Final Thoughts On Things Every College Student Needs

    1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know by Harry H. Harrison ...

    So, that covers it! My list of unexpected things to bring to college with 22 college necessities ends here. I hope its helped you feel more prepared and confident about tackling your first year of college.

    When youre ready to start packing for college, be sure to use my complete college packing list .

    Seasoned college students what are some necessities for college that you cant live without?

    Id love to know what things youre more than happy to keep around! If you think I missed any big college necessities leave a comment below.

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    Students Need These Essential Perspectives To Thrive In College

    The college years are often idealized as being about a great social scene, some interesting classes, and preparation for a career. But, this image belies the reality that collegeand the transition to adulthood that accompanies itis often a rocky path. There are personal, social, and academic challenges that even the most “college ready” student will face, because this period of life is about change.

    For many students, these changes include moving away from family , developing an adult identity, questioning the beliefs they were raised with, and choosing a career path. None of those are easy tasks, and the alarming statistics of depression, substance abuse, and misconduct on campuses are all signs that students are struggling with these changes.

    In our work with students transitioning to college, we have found these five messages to be crucial to personal, social, and academic success on campus. While it’s important for students to hear them before they arrive at their dorms, they’ll likely need to continue to hear them as they move through their college years, too.

    Sharing these perspectives as students head off to freshman year, then returning to them throughout their college years, is a powerful way to support students in taking control of their college experience.

    What Are Some Dorm Room Essentials

    This is a great list for college students, but especially a college freshman dorm room essentials list!

    Think of it as a basic college dorm supply list and help to create some of the coolest college dorm rooms!

    So, what to bring to college dorms and what are college apartment essentials for freshman?

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    Laptop Notebook Or Tablet Computer

    Whether you’re taking notes in class, doing research or writing papers, a portable computer is helpful. Choose a computer that is easy to use when typing. If you decide on a tablet, it may be worth the extra expense to purchase a portable keyboard to take notes and complete assignments.

    Additionally, thanks to cloud sharing systems, it’s often possible to connect your device to the school’s wireless network for cheaper access. You might even be able to use that wireless connection to print assignments from the university computer lab — although an increasing number of professors expect you to upload your documents to a university content management system.

    Your computer can also double as an entertainment device. You may not need a TV and a cable/satellite plan.

    You can save money by purchasing a refurbished computer or last season’s model, heavily discounted to make shelf space for the latest version.

    I Dont Know How It Works For Everyone But

    Every CA CS students need to listen this #CA #CS De mauka Zindagi Intehano se ham na dare

    When I was a freshman, my classes were automatically chosen for me. I showed up, they gave me a schedule, and this was my life for the next few months. Sure, I could have changed and swapped classes. But I didnt really know or understand what Id even change them to, and I assumed my college was looking out for me.

    Maybe they were. Or maybe they just drew them out of a hat at random.

    Either way, I was a freshman who had no idea what I wanted to major in but was confident I wasnt going to be graduating from my current college, and yet, I was taking some pretty specific classes chosen by someone who wasnt me.

    Because of that, I ended up with

    • Classes that didnt transfer properly.
    • Requirements that had to be retaken
    • Poorly chosen electives
    • Wasted money

    A few years down the road, I would realize I could have saved myself $5000+ by simply choosing better classes my freshmen year. I probably would have taken some cooler electives too. But I didnt know any better. A lot of freshmen dont.

    So, Im going to give you some advice that no one ever passed my way.

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    Life Skills Every College Student Needs To Know

    Written by: Emily Young // Jul 8, 2019

    You versus Life.

    Sometimes it feels like an epic video game. You conquer everyday tasks only to face down even bigger obstacles . As with most video games, the challenges get harder the further you advance. To conquer college, youll need a powerful skill set. We can help you level-up your abilities and master the 10 life skills every college student needs to know.

    Lets start playing.

    Manage Your Time Well

    There is a whole lot more to college than attending classes and taking exams. Successful students make time for extracurricular activities, internships, part-time jobs, and a healthy social & personal life outside of school. Its essential to manage your time well between all of these important life aspects. Setting a schedule can be really helpful for time management. You can make the schedule as rigid or loose as you wish, however you think itll serve you best. Some like to block out each hour of the day so they ensure that they stay on track with each activity or task, while others have a schedule thats more like a to-do list. Dont forget to include me time in your schedule to give your mind and body the chance to unwind. Without it, the pressure and stress of school eventually gets to you!

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    Work Out In The Campus Fitness Center

    Many students dont take advantage of all of the facilities college campuses have to offer. Check out the fitness center for a workout most will have a pool too! There are often free workout classes offered through the fitness center and some can even be taken for course credit.

    You are only a freshman once make the most of your time on campus and living in the dorms. College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so enjoy it. Go to events, socialize, and have fun!

    More Great Reading:

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    Make An Appointment With Your Advisor

    You should do this at least once or twice every semester to make sure you are on track to graduate. Always check to see if you are taking the right classes needed to get your degree. There might be classes that you are not aware about that you need to take, which all college freshmen need to know ASAP instead of last semester, senior year, right before graduation. Take classes that are required instead of just randomly choosing classes, but also take classes that peak certain interests because you might discover your future career goal.

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    Dorm Room Essentials In : The Ultimate College Dorm Checklist

    Stationary items every student need @ Style Craze Of Art

    All products featured on Teen Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    After a year of studying virtually remembering all the dorm room essentials you need to cross off the list can be quite overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible shopping task. Whether you’re moving back to your dorms or you’re still studying from home, over at Teen Vogue we’ve broken out the list of essentials into different categories, making your back-to-school shopping even easier.

    However, its extremely important to note that different colleges have specific rules on what you can and cannot have in your room especially when it comes to kitchen supplies, extra furniture, and so definitely make sure to check your schools website before your RA confiscates that mini-fridge or that coffee maker during your first week of college.

    Now, without further ado, scroll down to find the ultimate college checklist. From bed sets and desk lamps to face masks and backpacks, we’ve got you covered:

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    Sign up at Plated starting at $9.95/serving.

    Tips Every College Freshman Should Know

    A mixture of online resources and tips learned through experience

    Freshman year of college can be super fulfilling, fun, and even mind expanding. But it can also be a time of realizing you dont really know how to operate in the real world. While the new level of freedom college students obtain can be great, there are certainly times when you just really dont know what to do. Luckily tons of people have made it through to tell the tale. Heres a list of 51 tips college graduates wish they had known when they first showed up on campus. Good luck, and have fun!



  • Find a hidden study nook. Many colleges have scores of buildings that are largely uninhabited after class hours. Youre paying for the ability to use the schools resources. Scope out a nook with your own coffee machine, a nice view, or thats nice and quiet.
  • Whether or not your friends or classmates choose to use the library, they are often filled with untapped resources. Need a book? Most libraries will order books or other academic materials for you free of charge. Most libraries also host a wide variety of journals, periodicals, and events that can be great ways to impress a professor or go above and beyond in school work.
  • Always go to class. Particularly in smaller classes, simply showing up and participating can substantially help your grade.
  • Learn how to study effectively. Check out these ten study techniques from Psych Central for some noteworthy tactics.
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    Challenge Two: Be Professional

    College job opportunities will happen sooner than youd think. To prep for this round, role-play the experience of job interviewing. Figure out how to tie a tie, if you ever plan on wearing one. Get comfortable with video conferencing tools, which will be used for virtual interviews during COVID-19. Refine the art of the professional email.

    For additional training:

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    Items Every College Student Needs

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