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What College Accepts The Most Military Credits

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What Are Some Additional Benefits To Military Members Attending Online College

Turning soldiers into scholars by turning military experience into college credit

To be successful at online learning, students need skills like focus, time management, and discipline. Most personnel have an advantage in this department as they have already acquired many of these traits while carrying out their service duties. This makes them particularly well-suited to online learning.

Restationing and deployments can make attending traditional classes rather challenging for many service members. Remote learning allows these students to access their lectures and courses at a time that is convenient for them, no matter what time of the day or night. Online classes are flexible enough so that soldiers can work them around already hectic schedules and responsibilities.

Prospective students who have recently returned from highly stressful deployments or combat situations may be at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder. Since most on-campus courses would expose these individuals to crowds, sounds, and high levels of activity, some military students may be more comfortable in a remote setting where they can control the level of stress they are exposed to.

The best online colleges for members of the military will provide personalized resources, programs, and assistance to help students transition into civilian life with all the social and academic support they need.

Do Ds Transfer From Community College

Many schools ask for a C grade or better in order to transfer credits. But, there are ways you may still be able to transfer without losing credit for those courses where you earned a D. First, check the transfer policy of the school you want to go to. They may have a flexible policy on accepting credits for Ds. If not, you may want to meet with the college to see what options are available to you.

Second, consider staying at your community college long enough to earn your Associates degree. After you earn that degree, you can apply to a four year school knowing that your credits may transfer in a block. When you transfer credits as a block, individual grades may not be evaluated.

Top Schools Transfer Acceptance Rates

Acceptance rates that define relatively easy transfer colleges vary like crazy. Harvard University it probably the toughest, accepting just 1% of transfer applicants. Online schools are generally more accepting of transfer students. But it can be very tough to research good transfer schools in the non-campus world because many of the colleges and universities there simply dont publish their rates. Some examples of transfer student acceptance rates:Ashford University: 96% University of Georgia: 75%Pennsylvania State University World Campus: 88.2%Post University: 69%Southern New Hampshire University: 60%Arizona State University: 88%

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Does The Covid 19 Epidemic Change Anything About The Admissions Process

The uncertain nature of the Coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to alter their admissions processes. The changes primarily affect on-campus activities as opposed to online signups. In fact, because of many of these changes, more online portals and resources have been developed that may even make the process easier for those students who are pursuing their education remotely.

Because each college is adapting to the crisis differently, it is recommended that prospective students reach out to their own admissions office to determine the best course of action. However, the admissions process itself remains largely the same. Students in the military should focus on highlighting the transferrable skills and knowledge they have gained through their experiences in the armed forces, elaborating on the places they have been, and any opportunities and challenges they have overcome.

Maximize Your Military Education At Snhu

What Online College Accepts The Most Military Credits

Southern New Hampshire University has a proud history of supporting military service members, veterans and their families. From helping veterans transition into civilian life post World War II to the launch of our online programs in 1995, we have remained committed to the needs of military students.

Today, we see the need for innovative paths that bridge the gap between military education and college credits efficiently. Through partnerships, specialized pathways and dedicated support, we help you transfer military education to college credit. By leveraging the knowledge and skills gained during your service, you may be able to save time and money on the path to your degree.

Here are a few of the benefits of continuing your education at SNHU:

When it comes to colleges that accept military credits, SNHU goes the extra mile. From admission to accessibility services, counseling, academic advising and career development, we have dedicated resources to help you successfully transition to college, complete your degree, and move to the next stage in your life – whether that’s with the military, in the private sector, or in higher education.

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Pennsylvania State University In State College Pennsylvania

Starting this spring, honorably discharged student veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserve and Guard will have the benefit of priority registration, thanks to recent approval from the PSU Faculty Senate.

Veterans and their families also have access to free counseling and psychological services, a Veterans Outpatient Clinic and an Office of Veterans Programs at the University Park campus.

On the social side of campus life, the Penn State Veterans Organization offers any and all assistance when it comes to transitioning into Penn State, as well as a community of like-minded student and alumni veterans and social members concerned with veterans issues.

What Online Colleges And Degrees Will The Military Pay For

Under the GI Bills and other programs, active duty and veteran service members can receive financial assistance for getting an education, whether through traditional means or through online schools. However, not all schools accept veterans’ benefits, so prospective military students will want to focus on military-friendly colleges that do. The Veterans’ Administration provides a search tool that will tell you which schools accept veterans’ benefits.

These benefit programs allow current and former military service members to pursue accredited associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in all subjects, as well as certificates and vocational training, on a full-time or part-time basis. Funding may also be used for continuing education courses needed to maintain professional certification or licensure.

Not only does the government offer assistance with tuition costs, it may also provide funding for books and other expenses, including exam fees for national exams, such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, or LSAT, and certification exams. Many service members are eligible for housing stipendsâknown as the Basic Allowance for Housing âas well, although these stipends are reduced by half if the student is pursuing an online degree.

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What Types Of Financial Assistance Are Available To Help Those In The Military Pay For College

There are a variety of financial aid packages available to service members wishing to pursue higher education. The most popular options are administered through the V.A. and include:

For service members who choose to attend private, foreign, or out of state colleges, the standard benefits may not cover the entire cost of tuition. For those students, the Post-9/11 bill also has a provision in place called the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Each branch of the military also administers its own tuition assistance programs that may help defray the cost of college courses. To determine your eligibility, you should check with your individual branch.

Additionally, service members and their families may be eligible for dozens of grants and scholarships to help them defray the cost of higher education.

S To Transferring Your College Credits


Every schools college transfer requirements may be different. That being said, there are some general steps you could follow to transfer your credits.

  • Meet with your academic adviser: Discuss your transfer goals and how to transfer schools. Make sure it makes academic and financial sense.
  • Fill out a transfer application: It may not be the same kind of application that other first year students use. If you have trouble finding the right application, email or call the schools admissions office. Thats what theyre there for.
  • Get good grades: College credit transfers will vary depending on the school youre applying to, but most schools expect you to have earned a certain amount of credits in order to transfer. Some schools may also have a minimum GPA. Low GPA? No problem! Check out our list of colleges that accept low GPA transfer students!
  • Contact the right department: For example, the science department if youre looking to major in Biology. Find out if you are able to send your transcript for review to determine how many and which credits will transfer to your new program.
  • Obtain letters of recommendation: Ask your professors about this early so they have enough time to complete and submit them on your behalf. You may be able to submit high school letters, but the school youre applying to will want to hear from teachers youve most recently studied in at the college level.
  • Be on Time: Being late with deadlines is not a great first impression in the transfer process.
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    Miami University In Oxford Ohio

    Miami is another university that made it among Victory Medias top 15 percent of schools in the country that are doing the most to embrace military students.

    The regional campuses of Miami UniversityHamilton, Middletown and West Chesteremploy student veteran peer counselors to assist other veteran students with all forms and applications. They each also have their own student organizations for veterans. The Hamilton and Middletown campuses are currently building the new Center for Veterans Services to provide support for all student veterans.

    The university also offers the Miami Veterans Legacy Scholarship to veterans and lineal descendants of Miami Alumni who have served in the military, which can cover undergraduate tuition expenses.

    Pick A Degree That Is Closely Aligned With Your Military Occupation Code

    Choosing a college major can be a stressful endeavor, requiring you to consider your personal interests and passions, career goals, and salary requirements. For active-duty military and veterans, your declared major is important for another reason: It may influence how many credits can be used toward your degree.

    While there are no guarantees,selecting a degree or major that is closely aligned with your military occupation code may help you maximize the number of credits that you receive for your military training and experience.

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    Put Your Training And Experience To Work

    Earning a college degree is a more attainable goal than you might think. In addition to the education benefits that help veterans pay for college, taking advantage of your military training and experience can give you a head start on your education while lessening your financial and time commitments.

    Enrolling in a military-friendly program is the first step toward making a smooth transition from a military to a civilian career. Northeastern University is committed to helping veterans on this journey.

    Northeasterns bachelors degree completion programs allow servicemembers to put their prior military training to work so that they can complete their degrees, build impressive resumés, and kickstart their careers.

    To learn more, explore Northeasterns military-friendly programs or , military admissions officer at Northeastern, for personalized enrollment advice.

    How To Transfer All Your College Credits

    USASMA ACEs evaluation: Courses receive additional college ...

    Online colleges and universities have, for many years, been the most friendly to adult students and worked hard to help students transfer into them. But traditional brick and mortar schools have gradually become more helpful to transfer students too. To find out which are your best choices in new schools, youll need to visit the transfer policy pages of your target schools.Its a valuable but time-consuming process. As an example, heres Stanford Universitys complete policy on accepting transfer students

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    About The American Council On Education

    The American Council on Education is a non-profit U.S. Higher Education association. ACE has contracted with the DOD to evaluate the courses and occupations that satisfy or closely match college courses.

    ACEs members include representatives from approximately 1,700 accredited colleges, universities, higher-education-related associations, and organizations around the country.

    ACE recommendations for coursework are validated by the faculty members who teach in the areas they review. By providing an ACE recommendation, they certify that a military course or training has provided the necessary information and knowledge that would have been acquired in a particular college course.

    CollegeRecon is a military education and transition resource. We provide online tools and actionable info to better understand your Post-9/11 GI Bill and military and veteran education benefits programs.

    Find info on top online degree programs for military using their Post-9/11 GI Bill, as well as ways to pay for school such as scholarships for military and veterans. We can also assist you through your transition with certificate, training, and career options after you leave the military.

    CollegeRecon is built exclusively for veterans, active military, the National Guard, Reserves, military spouses and dependents of the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and DoD to assist in their education journey.


    Auburn University In Auburn Alabama

    In their third year of operation, AUs Veterans and Transfer Students Resource Center helped place Auburn University within G.I. Jobs magazines list of the top 15 percent of the countrys schools that deliver the best experience for military students in 2013. From helping with deployment-related registration issues to certifying students for educational benefitsand much morethe Center makes college life much easier for all current and veteran military personnel.

    In 2013, the Veterans Resource Center also began participating in the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education mentor program, which connects incoming student veterans with student veterans already on campus to ease the transition into college life.

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    The Joint Services Transcript

    The JST is a document that no service member or veteran should be without. The unified transcript resolved several redundancies and allows all stakeholders to concentrate on one transcript that have the same look and feel for the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.

    Similar to standard college transcripts, the document lists all courses and occupations completed by the military student. Many of the occupations and training courses have been evaluated by the ACE to include descriptions, academic subjects and the corresponding number of recommended college credits in semester hours. The JST is owned and managed by the respective Service. ACE provides quality assurance audits and provides the evaluation data to the services, but does not own student records and cannot make changes. ACE credit recommendations are recognized and considered by many regionally accredited colleges and universities throughout the United States.

    More than 2000 colleges and universities are part of ACE’s College and University Partnership, and have agreed to review JST transcripts that are submitted for potential college credit. To ensure their JST is up to date and if necessary, fix any errors, military affiliated students should go to the Joint Services Transcript website and follow the procedures for obtaining a military transcript.

    The benefits of JST include an increased return on investment, uniformity and centralization and the alignment of service-specific information.

    University Of Maryland University College In Adelphi Maryland

    How Online College Worked For This Military Family

    UMUC is one of several schools that allow veterans and active-duty military personnel turn their military training into college credits. This college partners with several military colleges to transfer credits toward certificates, as well as associates, bachelors and masters degrees.

    For example, Marines who worked within Supply Administration and Operation, Financial Management and Military Police and Corrections can receive anywhere from 26 to 58 credits toward marketing, accounting and criminal justice bachelors degrees, respectively.

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    Jst And Ccaf Transcript Credits For Military Service

    Did you know that with your JST or CCAF transcript that you may be eligible to receive credits for college?

    As a service member or veteran going to college, you will want to make the most of your time there. Even if you have never been to college before, you could start school with some credits under your belt.

    Through the military service and training you have had which is documented in your Joint Service Transcript or Community College of the Air Force Transcript.

    Gaining Credits For Military Experience

    In many cases, the training and education you have received as a military service member can be converted into college credits. This can save you both time and money by giving you a head start on fulfilling some of the requirements for earning your online degree.

    There are several ways schools go about evaluating your previous life experiences to see if you might qualify for any credits:

    • Conducting a prior learning assessment to determine how many credits your experience is worth. The PLA process varies from school to school, but it usually begins when you request a transcript of your military experience. A college faculty member and/or a representative of the American Council on Education will then review your transcript and assess the learning outcomes related to your service and training.
    • Asking you to take one of several standardized examinations.
    • Inviting you to present a portfolio of work for review, facilitated by a faculty member or trained evaluator.

    The school will then inform you as to which, if any, required courses are considered complete and how many college credits you are receiving for your military experience.

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    How Do The Recommendations Translate To Actual College Credits

    Your college or university will evaluate the college credit recommendations on your transcript to determine the amount of transfer credit you have earned. This credit can be used for requirements for a specific major, general education or electives.

    This type of credit will give you a head start on your education, it will mean having to take fewer classes, and will save you money as you wont have to spend as much on tuition, fees, and books. You can also use the credit for certain prerequisites so that you can move on to the main classes you want to take.

    The Military Guide is the official source of information for all military courses and occupations that are evaluated by the American Council on Education . However, our School Finder tool can assist with your search to find which colleges accept ACE credits.

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