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How To Find Equivalent College Courses

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Evaluate My Transfer Credit

Relations and Functions: Equivalence Classes (Example 1) – Part 1

This can be a useful tool when you are planning to transfer to a different CUNY college. You are able to see how the college you are interested in transferring to might evaluate your credit after you have been admitted. It is important to note that the evaluation you will see is considered unofficial and preliminary. After applying and being admitted, an official evaluation will be done.

Evaluate My Transfer Credit is accessible by:

Logging into CUNYfirst and navigate to your Student Center. Click the drop down menu in the center of your screen and choose Evaluate My Transfer Credit. Follow the prompts to complete an unofficial evaluation of your credits. For a more detailed explanation, click our Student Guide.


Earning And Evaluating Transfer Credit

  • Credit-by-exam options are a great way to earn additional college level credit. A total of 45 hours toward a bachelors degree program and 30 hours toward an associate degree program combined in all credit-by-exam credit may be awarded. A student who has earned a grade other than a W in a course may not earn CLEP, DSST, or other exam credit for the same course. Learn more about credit-by-exam credit.

  • DANTES Subject Standardized Test

Interested in Earning Modern Language Credits?

Students wishing to earn credit in a modern language may test with the Foreign Language Achievement Testing Service offered by Brigham Young University. Depending upon test scores, students may be awarded credit for a modern language at the 1001, 1002, & 2001 level/s.

  • All official international transcripts must have a course-by-course credential translation by an independent evaluation service that is a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. or Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. .

  • The evaluation must be sent directly from the agency to UNG.
  • International coursework is dependent upon UNG department approval.
  • Learn more on the Veteran & Adult Learner Programs website.

    How to Review Currently Approved Transfer Course Equivalencies for Military Credit

  • Select “Georgia” from the drop-down
  • Select “Credit for Military Experience”
Technical College System of Georgia
All Other Institutions or Test Credits

Learn More About These Requirements

Where Will I Find My Final Grades

Final grades will not be located in the LMS, you will only find your final grades on your ACSIS account. These can be viewed in the Transcripts screen, and in the Academic Planner for part-time course registrants declared into a program of study.

Note that final grades will appear on ACSIS as a letter grade only, usually in the format A+ through F or P/F in the case of Pass/Fail courses.

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What If I Need My Final Grade Early

Our grading policy requires final grades to be submitted for approval within three weeks of the course end date. If you require your final grade early, you should:

  • Contact your facilitator directly, preferably before the course end date. Explain the reason for your request, and ask if they could consider expediting the grade.
  • Contact if the course has ended. You will need to indicate your full name, student number, course code, semester you are enrolled in, and a detailed explanation for why you require an expedited grade.
  • Please note that only concerns of a serious nature will be considered for expedited final grades, these may include admissions to another program or institution, grade entry required early to attend graduation , or confirmation required for employment or sponsorship purposes.

    Note that expediting grades does not expedite graduation status. Full-time graduation review is completed after the grading period is over for all students in a program, individual review is not available. While part-time students can complete their graduation request in ACSIS once all grades are available, graduation requests cannot be expedited and will be reviewed in the order of submission.

    Can Online Classes Start Anytime

    How To Find Equivalent College Courses

    There are plenty of online colleges you can start anytime. These come in a few varieties, which can meet the needs of even the most demanding schedules: … Multiple Start Dates: Other online colleges offer programs with up to six start dates annually, or around every two months, with accelerated seven or eight week terms.

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    Welcome To The Uc Transfer Equivalency Database

    This tool is intended to provide a preview of how courses from other institutions may transfer to UC.

    Course evaluation reports are provided once an application for admissions is completed and all required official transcripts for prior coursework are submitted. For more information, see our overview of the credit evaluation process.

    The Transfer Equivalency Database is updated frequently with the intention of being as accurate as possible. Please note that information available here is subject to change at any time and is not a guarantee of transfer.

    Ace Academic Upgrading Program

    Tuition-free programs that provide participants with the opportunity to upgrade their academic skills to reach their personal goals of further education, employment or training.

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    How Can I Find Out What Courses Or Credits Will Transfer To Ucf

    College-level coursework from other accredited institutions of higher education, meeting university transfer eligibility requirements will transfer to UCF. However, all your credits may not meet the specific requirements of your degree program. The department of your major will determine how these credits will be used and applied toward your degree.

    UCF currently uses a plus/minus system in calculating a grade point average for transferred coursework. In addition, grade forgiveness is only honored if it has been awarded in conjunction with an A.A. or statewide articulated A.S. degree from a Florida public community college, state college or university.

    All incoming courses will be reviewed for UCF equivalency once you are admitted. The Transfer Credit Evaluation, located in your myUCF portal will list all courses received at the time of admission as well as any associated UCF equivalencies. For courses without a UCF equivalent, you will have the opportunity to upload a syllabus and the course will be evaluated. You will have limited time to submit syllabi if needed, so you should review the Transfer Credit Evaluation in myUCF at your earliest convenience.

    UCF has created a convenient transfer equivalency portal to access a database of established course equivalencies from other institutions. While actual awarding of transfer credit occurs after official transcripts are received from the sending institution, the portal can provide guidance as you plan your transition to UCF.

    Transfer The Course Work:

    Equivalent Weight || How to Calculate Equivalent Weight? || Tips & Tricks || Sri Sanjeevni
  • Arrange to have your official transcripts sent from the institution you attended to the UC San Diego Admissions Office.
  • Send transcripts by mail: You must order an official transcript from your academic institution which must be sent to us directly in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:
  • University of California, San DiegoOffice of Admissions

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    Transfer Credit For Upper

    • 1000-2000 level courses completed at technical institutions or community colleges will not be reviewed for 3000-4000 level courses at UNG. A transferring institution must offer bachelor’s level courses for upper-level review.
    • Upper-level equivalents are determined by the appropriate academic department with receipt of a course syllabus, if it has not been approved prior to acceptance.

    Get Ready For College

    Your success at Mohawk is our priority. In order to ensure that you are able to manage the reading, writing and communications requirements for your courses, all full-time certificate and diploma programs require Grade 12 English as an entry requirement. Most Technology, Business and Health Science programs also require appropriate math and/or science courses.

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    How Can I Confirm My Exam Mark And/or Full Grade Breakdown

    If your course is offered through our AC Brightspace, you can view your grades breakdown in the LMS. While the course will indicate CLOSED, you will be able to click in and will have view only access to see your grade breakdown and feedback after the course has ended.

    If your course is offered through OntarioLearn, please email to request a copy of your grade breakdown for review. You will not have access to view grades through your OntarioLearn LMS account after the course has ended.

    For Assessment Of Other Courses

    How To Find Equivalent College Courses

    Most other courses are evaluated for exemption and/or credit by your Faculty Student Affairs Office or your department . The following information is required:

    • Student copy of transcript confirming completion of the course
    • The course outline and course syllabus
    • Faculty course approval form

    Submitting Documentation

    Ensure the documentation indicated is completed and saved in single PDF file format.

    In order to submit a new course equivalency request, you must ensure that the course does not exist in the database and that you have the course syllabus ready in PDF format. See the FAQ section below for details on how to convert an online course syllabus to PDF.

    Now that you are ready to submit a request:

    1. Go to 2. Click on Login and sign in with your McGill Username and Password3. Once signed in, click on Menu4. Click on Submit a New Request5. Follow the onscreen instructions

    Once your request is submitted, you will be issued a request number, sent an email with your request details, and your request will be automatically sent to the appropriate reviewer.

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    Don’t See An Equivalent On File

    If a course is not viewable in this table, it simply means that no student has ever transferred that course to Rowan University. As long as the transferring course is not a basic skills, intermediate algebra, or a computer literacy course, students will receive a minimum of Free Elective credit. Courses will be evaluated further once a student has been accepted to the University.

    For current Rowan University students, if you are looking to take a course at another institution to satisfy major or degree requirements and do not see an equivalent on file, click here for the Course Equivalent Request Form to have the course evaluated prior to taking the course.

    How Do I Search The Database

    You can search the database using one or more parameters. At a minimum, you must search by country or course information.For optimal results, we recommend that you enter as many parameters as you can to narrow your search. If there are no results found, you can broaden your search by reducing or changing your search criteria.

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    Will It Transfer

    Courses that have an OU equivalent course number of 1999 or 3999 will transfer to the University and often can be applied toward a degree. In some cases, they may substitute for required courses in others, they may transfer as elective credit. In some instances, these courses have been approved for general education credit, which is indicated in the Gen. Ed. column in search results. Many majors require specific courses in the general education core areas. Please refer to the OU Course Catalog for major-specific requirements. How each course will apply toward an OU degree will be determined by the degree-recommending college within the University. Additionally, courses that carry fewer semester hours than their OU counterpart will generally substitute for the indicated OU courses, but students must make up the difference in credit hours before graduation.

    If a lower-division course is equivalent to an upper-division OU course, it will substitute for the specified course. However, additional upper-division hours may be required for graduation.

    Transfer courses with letters after the course number have multiple titles with varying equivalencies. To ensure the correct equivalent, check for corresponding course titles.

    How To Use It

    Remainder Theorem | SAT Mathematics | Essential SAT Concept | Chloe | Prestige Institute

    Apart from that first digit, course numbers honestly arent very helpful for transferring credit. They vary widely between colleges and would take immense study just to learn how one specific college uses them. Even once you do understand your colleges system, these numbers wont provide much assistance in understanding if your courses will transfer.

    The one thing to remember about course numbers is that the first digit indicates what level of study your course is. That is likely the only uniform piece of information these numbers will provide for you.

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    How To Navigate This Website

    Use Find your College if you would like to see approved and rejected courses by college. Check here first to see if the course you would like to substitute has already been reviewed.

    Use Browse Requirements if you would like to browse approved and rejected courses by requirement.

    Use Course Inquiry to place a course equivalency request, if you have taken a course or are thinking about taking a course that has not yet been reviewed for equivalency.

    We utilize a color-coded system:

    • GREEN indicates courses have been reviewed and deemed equivalent in content to our requirements.
    • YELLOW indicates a review is in process. You should be able to check back within a week for the determination.
    • ORANGE indicates either 1) the course was previously deemed equivalent but too much time has elapsed since we evaluated the course, or 2) some sections of the class cover the required content while others don’t. In all cases, we need a current syllabus to evaluate whether the course still meets the required content.
    • RED indicates courses have been reviewed and are NOT equivalent to our requirement.

    Eq Search: Searching By Title Keywords

    • To begin, select the EQ SEARCH button to the right of the course description:
    • The Equivalency Search page will appear.
    • EQ SEARCH will have already taken the keywords from the transfer course title and looked to see whether any courses at your institution had ALL these keywords in their title. If courses are identified, they’d appear under SEARCH RESULTS:

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    Ontario College Graduate Certificate

    An Ontario College Graduate Certificate will be given to graduates who complete a Ministry-approved Ontario College Graduate Certificate program.

    Duration: Programs are typically one to two years, or two to three semesters in length, consisting of no less than 600 hours of course instruction.

    Admission Requirements: Students must have previous post-secondary experience.

    Credential: The Ontario College Graduate Certificate is issued under the authority of Ministry of Colleges and Universities, the College Board of Governors and is signed by the President, the Registrar and the Chair of the Board.

    Program Outcomes: Students are prepared for employment in a specialized role and for further post-secondary studies. Students will gain a deeper understanding of skills and knowledge already achieved through previous education.

    Depth and breadth of knowledge includes a level of understanding that enhances the students ability to perform a range of specialized and non-routine activities and disciplines within the field of study. Students will be required to evaluate and analyze current practices, develop new criteria, and may provide leadership and guidance to others in the application and planning of skills.

    Who Should I Contact About Grade Concerns During My Course

    Using a Table of Equivalent Ratios to Find a Missing Quantity

    Always contact your facilitator first regarding grade concerns, this includes missing or incomplete grades, questions regarding your feedback and/or issues viewing grades in the LMS.

    If you do not hear back from your facilitator within 2-3 business days, please contact us at , indicating your full name, student number, course code and semester you are enrolled in.

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    General Education Development Certificate

    The GED is a high school equivalent certificate, relative to:


    • Even with a GED, it may still be necessary to complete additional math or science courses to be eligible for specific programs at Mohawk.
    • This option is NOT sufficient as a prerequisite for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Medical Radiation Sciences degree programs, or Mohawk Applied degrees.

    How To Use The Transfer Articulation Guide

  • Find and Select the institution where you took courses to view all equivalencies for that institution. The General Education Guides link will only show you the list of transfer courses with equivalencies that fulfill General Education requirements .
  • View all equivalencies OR Click Search and enter the Course/Subject Code for the transfer institution or the Course/Subject Code for the UNO course and click Search.
  • Find your transfer course in the left-hand column. The right-hand column will tell you the UNO equivalent.
  • Select the “Triangle” button next to the course for additional notes about the transfer course.
  • Courses can be added to a list by selecting the course and clicking the “Add My List” button in the top right. You can view all courses added to your list by clicking the “Add My List” button in the top right corner. This list can be printed or emailed.
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    Undergraduate Transfer Credit Equivalent Database

  • Select the name of the institution that you would like to transfer credits from. You may type the school name or scroll to find the school.
  • Select the course that you would like equivalency information for. You may select multiple courses. Please click anywhere outside the drop down menu to view the course equivalencies.
  • If no equivalent is viewable, we do not have a current equivalency on file. This does not mean that the course would not transfer to the University. It just means that it has not yet been reviewed.
  • If course equivalencies are present, you may also view course attributes by hovering over the corresponding icon under the Rowan Course Attributes column.
  • To clear the Transfer Courses field, you may use the undo/revert buttons in the bottom left corner of the webpage.
  • Please note: Course equivalents listed on this database are unofficial and course equivalents are updated on a daily basis. Students will be awarded the most recent equivalent on file when official transcripts are evaluated by the Registrars Office.

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