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Can Seniors Audit College Classes For Free

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Office Of The University Registrar

Can 12th Biology Students Study CA, CMA & CS ? Find Clear Answers by Mr.Manikandan G

Under terms of the Senior Citizen Higher Education Act of 1974, eligible Virginia residents that are 60 years of age or older are entitled to enroll to audit up to three academic credit courses per semester and pay no tuition or fees, except fees established for the purpose of paying for course materials or laboratory fees.

Senior citizens may also enroll in an academic credit course and earn academic credit for that course. However, tuition is waived only if citizens have a taxable income not exceeding $23,850 for Virginia income tax purposes for the year preceding the year in which enrollment is sought. Income must be verified each semester. Senior citizens are responsible for paying course-related fees .

Senior Citizens must complete the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form to have tuition waived and to apply the audit grade type. Senior citizens must register for courses via Patriot Web and adhere to all registration policies and must add and drop courses by the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar.

When Can A Student Audit A Course

Auditing courses is only permitted when space is available and is approved by the instructor and dean of the college offering the course. Students must pay tuition and fees, as well as show proof of immunization.

When students audit a course, they do not earn credits or grades. A transcript of audited courses can be produced. Students typically audit courses to further their knowledge of a subject without the requirement of an academic record.

Students auditing a course to complete course requirements should refer to the Grades/Grading Policies in the academic catalog.

How Can I Apply

First, call the Senior Non-Credit Program office at 514-848-2424 ext. 3893 from 10 2 p.m. and leave your name and contact information.

Then, when the admission period approaches, someone from the program will contact you to begin your application process and arrange a date for you to submit official documents in person at the Senior Non-Credit Program Office.


2nd floor, FB 218-1 Montreal, Quebec

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Tuition Waivers By State

To find out whether your home state is one of more than 20 states mandating free or discounted college tuition for senior citizens, do a search for your state and college tuition for senior citizens. You can also contact your state university system, county or state Department of Aging.

There is no state-mandated waiver of tuition in Arizona. However, encourage seniors to continue their education by offering a 50% reduction in current county resident tuition, with credit hour classes on a space-available basis.

San Francisco State University offers an ElderCollege program for students 55 and older that lets students sit in on regular university classes for $55 per semester. Follow the link for a course registration code. And thrifty California residents should check out this deal: California State University campuses offer state residents 60 and older enrollment in any course for $2.

If you are a Connecticut resident who is 62 years of age or older, your tuition is waived at UConn or CSU. That includes degree programs as well as audited classes.

But I Have This Nagging Fear

Take Classes for Fun or Personal Enrichment

Taking a class or auditing one may be interesting for you but in the back of your mind theres a nagging fear. Youre worried that you wont fit in with all those “younger” students. Dont let that concern you. You have much to offer them. Think about this:

In 2007, Nola Ochs became a Guinness World Record Holder. She was recognized as the worlds oldest college graduate when she was awarded a B. A. degree in history from the Fort Hays State University. Nola wasnt done. She continued in school and was awarded a masters degree in liberal arts in May of 2010.

In June of 2015, Doreetha Daniels graduated from the College of the Canyons in Santa Clara, California, with an associates degree in social science. At that time, Doreetha was 99 years old.

In May of 2016, Alfonso Gonzales received a bachelor of science degree in zoology from the University of Southern California. Alfonzo was 96.

More and more people in their sixties, seventies, and eighties are going back to school. Some want to show everyone they can get that degree that eluded them in the past. Others take classes to learn about things that always fascinated them. Still others have a passion to continue learning.

Most of what younger people in school today know has come from books and classes theyve attended. You can help them by relating your real-life experiences.

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Requirements For Auditing A Class

Senior Citizens seeking to audit a course, will need to gain permission from the appropriate Academic Division. Please note that the registration date for the Senior Citizens in Higher Education Program is the first date students are eligible to request enrollment into courses for audit purposes. In some cases students that intend to audit, will not be granted permission to register immediately.

For fastest service, please call

  • 825-2800

Quick Answer: Can Seniors Audit College Classes For Free

Boomers & Seniors: Audit Classes for Free A number of colleges and universities allow seniors to audit classes at a nominal charge or at no cost at all. More and more retirees are taking advantage of these programs. Some universities have had to cap the number of auditing students to keep from flooding popular classes.

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Senior Citizens Can Go To College For Free In Georgia

Jul 25, 2018 | Featured, News |

So what can you do when you retire and want to keep your mind sharp or need to gain additional skills to stay competitive at work? For many, the answer is to go back to school! Taking classes for fun or to work on a degree, college is for free if you are 62 and older and live in the state of Georgia.

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia allows anyone 62 and older to sit in on classes where there is space available in almost all of the 30 Georgias colleges and universities for free. Seniors have discovered they can audit or take classes for credit and not have to take the exams or earn a grade or they can take classes and work toward getting a degree. Opportunities are available for seniors to take classes that are challenging or fun. Seniors who are retired, or seniors who are thinking of retiring, can use their free time to learn something new. Studies have shown that as people age, learning something new keeps brains active and often wards off signs of Alzheimers and dementia.

A Senior Citizen Guide for College at provides a comprehensive list of Georgia colleges and universities providing reduced or free tuition for seniors over 62. Its easy to contact the undergraduate admissions office at the Georgia college of your choice to find out how to register for classes. Admission offices will provide all of the information on registration and classes available.

Register For Your Classes

CUNY Schedule Builder – Using DegreeWorks Audit
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  • Your account is established once you can view your Gmail inbox.
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  • MYNOVA email can be forwarded to a personal email account by clicking on settings in the top right corner of your inbox.
  • This is the official form of communication from NOVA and all notifications/information will be sent via student email.
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    Taking Courses For Credit

    • Under the terms of the Senior Citizens Higher Education Act of 1974, eligible Virginia residents, 60 years or older with a taxable income of less than $23,850 may apply to take university courses for credit through either non-degree study or degree-seeking study without paying tuition.
    • You will also be held to all academic policies as listed in the University Catalog.
    • Every semester, after registering for courses, you must submit the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Form. In addition, documentation which verifies income must be submitted. Failure to do this may result in tuition liability being accessed and a financial hold being placed on the students account.
    • If you decide to change from receiving credit to auditing the course, you must obtain permission from the instructor on a Course Audit Form by the last day to drop for the semester.

    Requirements For Taking A Credit Class

    Upon determination that a person qualifies as a senior citizen, the College may require the senior citizen to submit the appropriate documents verifying their income, in addition to the completed senior citizen waiver form each semester in which the senior citizen requests enrollment for credit. If the senior citizen had a taxable income of not more than $23,850 for Virginia income tax purposes for the year preceding the year in which enrollment is sought, the individual may take a course for academic credit. If the persons taxable income exceeded $23,850, the individual may only audit the course for free. A senior citizen, regardless of income level, may take a non-credit course for free.

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    How Can I Go To University For Free In Canada

    If you want to study in Canada for free, you can either opt for a university with low tuition fees and get a part-time job. Another way to reduce your expenses is by getting a scholarship. There are several organizations and institutes that offer different types of scholarships to international students.

    How Much Does It Cost

    Where to Find Free College Courses for Senior Citizens in ...

    While the Senior Citizen Auditor program is free, there are processing fees that you will be responsible for each semester/session:

    • $65 general fee due at the time of registration
    • $15 consolidated services fee due at the time of registration

    *Auditors are also responsible for the costs of any course materials, such as textbooks

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    Is Auditing A Class Bad

    In many schools, auditing a class will result in a grade that can either be pass or fail, useful when you feel unsure of taking an especially difficult course. Unfortunately, the pass/fail system can be a missed opportunity if your grade in the course is high or a red flag if too many courses are taken pass/fail.

    Welcome To Inver Hills

    We have a very diverse campus and welcome learners of all ages. Please join us!

    Do you have questions? We would love to help.

    Email: Call: 651-450-3503

    “I’m returning to Inver Hills at 65 because I need to finish what I set out to do when I first came to the college 46 years ago. When I retired two years ago, I dove into all sorts of volunteer work. While that has been rewarding, earning that degree has always been in the back of my mind. And it’s more than the degree. I’m looking forward to gaining knowledge in subject areas that might be unfamiliar to me. I’m approaching it as an adventure. I’m excited about visiting new areas of study and opening my mind to different ways of viewing the world.”

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    Application And Registration Timeline

  • Once you have applied and submitted all of your documents, you will be notified of your admission status within 2-3 weeks via email. Write down your username, password, and CUNYFirst ID #.
  • Course registration will begin on the 2nd day of each semester. For exact dates and semester schedule, please visit the Academic Calendar.
  • You can pay your fees after you register for courses. Please review information on how to submit your payment.
  • Open And Closed Classes

    Audit Of Financial Statements 4th Class | Mission Audit 8th Class CA/CMA Intermediate Students

    Find out if a class is open or closed via the online Class Search. If a class is open, you can sign up without any instructor or department permission during the first week of the term. If a class is closed, you will need a class permission number from the instructor or department that offers the class. Some classes have restrictions on who is allowed to take the class.

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    And Over Auditors Program

    UB looks forward to welcoming Senior Auditors back to campus for in-person courses, however, room capacity will continue to be a factor in this decision. Room assignments will be made in mid-summer, and will follow health and safety guidelines.

    Courses may be audited on a space-available basis. Matriculated undergraduate and graduate students will have priority to seats in all in-person courses. Senior Auditor requests will be processed at the end of the drop/add period when additional seats are available. A remote option will not be available for in-person course offerings. No exceptions will be made.

    Sixty and over requests will be accepted after August 1, and will be processed after the drop/add period concludes.

    Are you 60 years of age or older? Are you looking for self-enrichment or perhaps simply exploring your academic options? If so, the University at Buffalo is the perfect place for you! Take advantage of our 60 and Over Auditors Program that offers classes to members of our community free of charge on a space available basis and subject to permission of the instructor. Some courses are not eligible for this program. Please refer to the notes below for details.

    Simply complete the Sixty and Over Auditor Program Request Form and obtain the instructors consent and signature for the course you wish to audit. The Office of the Registrar will register you according to the following schedule:

    Registration Timeline for Sixty and Over Auditors


    You Can Go To College Tuition

    People age 60 and older in Ohio can take college classes tuition free, without grades or credit.Chris Stephens, Plain Dealer file

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – Do you like the idea of tuition-free college and no grade pressure?

    Those age 60 and older have that opportunity in Ohio, by auditing classes for free at the public universities and colleges, or in some cases even private schools.

    Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

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    Additional Conditions For Senior Citizen Free Tuition:

    If you are 60 or older and would like to take a free college course, you will need to contact the admissions office of the Virginia public institution of your choice. You need to apply for admission through the college or university of your choice and complete their own Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form.

    Applying senior citizens must meet all the appropriate admission requirements of that school. The senior citizen may be admitted to a course only if space is available after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated. State institutions of higher education may make individual exceptions to this procedure when the senior citizen has completed 75% of the degree requirements.

    Whether It’s To Complete A Degree Gain New Knowledge Or Just For Fun Retirees Can Collect Their Books And Get On To School In A Most Inexpensive Way

    Guest &  Audit Students â Lourdes University

    As a retiree, youre already a bona-fide graduate of the school of hard knocks your decades of full-time employment. Theres still a lot to learn, however, whether your goal is pursuing a second act in your career, lifelong learning to keep your brain sharp or to finally complete that long sought-after master’s.

    Across the country, retirees can take advantage of free college courses for older residents at various public and private institutions. Some programs allow elders as young as 55 to participate.

    Most free-tuition programs make older students wait until registration for classes has closed and the add-drop period has ended. In other words, paying students generally get first priority, and youll only be able to enroll on a space-available basis. In most cases, you have to go through the normal admissions process and be accepted at the college or university before you can enroll in individual classes. And while tuition may be waived, you may encounter fees to apply or register or to use labs, campus gyms, or other resources tied to a particular class. Youll also have to pay for books and other course materials.

    Many free-for-retirees programs only allow you to audit classes, meaning you wont get college credit. That might be right up your alley, though. Also note that during the pandemic, some colleges may still be doing remote classes. Make sure you’re geared up for remote learning.

    Take a look.

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    Spring 2022 Senior Auditors Program Canceled

    We have made the difficult decision to cancel the Spring 2022 Senior Auditors program.

    As you may have heard, the semester will begin remotely in hopes of supporting the community that has been impacted by the recent wildfires and because of an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant.

    With that in mind, we believe it is in the best interest of tuition-paying students and the faculty that teach them to cancel Senior Auditors this semester. If you have already registered, rest assured you will receive a full refund for your enrollment.

    We understand the importance of lifelong learning and want to provide our Senior Auditors with alternative options that are available for the spring semester:

    Lifelong Learner College In Your Future

    Look around. Doesnt it seem like there are many more older people than ever before? Arent those you see far more socially active than any their age in the past? They are far more vibrant and happier, and even challenge younger people to keep up with them.

    Years ago, age 60 or 65 was considered really old. It was considered the last phase of life and everything from that point on was downhill. Many younger people wanted nothing to do with them. That is no longer true.

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