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Where Can I Buy Cheap College Books

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Can I Buy A Used Textbook With An Access Code

Where To Buy Cheap College Books

Access codes only come included with new textbooks. If you are looking to purchase a used textbook but need an access code, you will most likely have to purchase them separately. Check if the access code you need includes an electronic version of your textbook and you may avoid purchasing two items. Some access code/textbook bundles are available through Mcgraw hill and will be fulfilled through us here at Chegg.

Is Textbook Rental Right For You

YES if…

  • You like your savings all at once up front .
  • You don’t want to keep the book when the term is finished.
  • You take good care of your books and are cool with moderate or little highlighting.
  • You care about minimizing your impact on the environment.

NO if…

  • You tend to make a lot of marks in your books or you damage or lose them.
  • You need all supplements such as CD-ROMs, workbooks, and access codes.
  • You want to keep your books for future reference.
  • You rely on getting some cash back at end-of-term buyback.

How Do I Find My Isbn Number

  • Your ISBN is either 10 or 13 digits and unique to a specific item. Our search bar can accept both formats.
  • The ISBN is often located on the back cover, next to the barcode.
  • Professors will typically supply this in the course syllabus. If not, we suggest asking them for it.
  • Books with the same title often have different ISBN numbers.
  • Different editions have different ISBNs as well.

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Ways To Save Money On Textbooks

Sick of shelling out cash on pricey books each term for all your different modules? Here are the best ways to save money on textbooks for college and university.

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If you were asked to name some of the biggest expenses that hoover up your Student Loan, textbooks aren’t likely to be the first thing you think of.

But here’s a real shocker according to our annual National Student Money Survey, UK students spend an average of £17 a month on course materials like books.

While all students will need university textbooks, there are plenty of ways to save money or even read them for free. Here are 14 ways you can get cheap textbooks without lifting a finger!

Find The Cheapest Textbooks Online

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For over 20 years, eCampus.com has worked directly with textbook publishers with one goal – to provide the cheapest new & used textbooks anywhere online! We have also partnered with thousands of other sellers in the textbook marketplace to offer an even larger selection of used and new textbooks at discounted prices. Just enter your ISBN, book title, or author in the search bar to find the best prices on millions of titles from hundreds of publishers and thousands of sellers.

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How To Find Older Version Of Textbooks

This seems to be a common issue for a lot of students. When textbooks are updated, it seems like the older versions just disappear. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you may need the older version.

The good news is that there are ways to find them. An done of the best pl aces to start your search is, yes, on Reddit, specifically this thread. Its basically a directory of resources for finding new and older versions of college books.

What makes it great is that while a user took his time to do this for free, other users keep adding to the list in the comment section. So make sure to read the comments.

Where Do I Find The Number

You can either find the ISBN on the course syllabus or the schedule of classes, or if you are in the bookstore, the ISBN is located below or above the barcode outside every book, but also appears on the copyright page right inside the book. The 13 digit number often starts with the numbers 978, while the ten digit number usually starts with a 0, 1 or 2.

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Use Coupon Websites For Big Discounts Online And In

A really easy way to get new college textbooks at a low price is to use coupon and deal websites.

On these websites, you can find discounts for popular bookstores that can save you a lot of money.

On RetailMeNot, for example, there are coupons available for a wide range of bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

And there are other coupon and deal websites out there, where you can get discounts for bookstores and other platforms where you can buy books, including:

Try Searching On Craigslist

Finding Cheap Textbooks!

Craigslist is a great place for any of your secondhand shopping needs, so try hopping on to find your college textbooks for cheap. You may just find a past student wanting to offload their copies.

Take note! Craigslist does not offer purchase protection services, so youll need to be vigilant when approaching a seller. Make sure you do your research and verify you are buying from a reputable source.

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Finding Affordable Books For School Is A Pain

As any college student or parent will tell you, buying textbooks for school is a huge pain. However, saving money and shopping around shouldn’t be much of a problem if you know where to go. Finding all the books you need at a large discount compared to your college bookstore makes sense to low-income students who don’t have the resources to afford both tuition fees and expensive textbooks.

With so many options nowadays, it’s hard to decide what to get and how to get it all for the right price The main reason why there isn’t a really nice system for finding the cheapest books is because every teacher uses different books, and it’s impossible to tailor the search to thousands of different titles.

To help you in your search, below is a list of some of the best sites for finding affordable textbooks of all kinds new, some used, or even held together with duck tape!

Sell Back To Your College Bookstore

In most cases, you can also sell your books back to the college bookstore, even if you didnt purchase them from there in the first place. As long as your campus has a particular book on the curriculum for next semester, they are likely to buy it back from you, as its almost guaranteed that they can sell it on. Many campus book stores offer this service, and some let you trade them in for the next semesters books too.

The upside to this is that you get paid for your used textbooks straight away. Simply take them in, and theyll hand over the cash. Its super fast and super convenient.

The downside is that most campus bookstores will pay you the bare minimum for your used books. They will need to resell the book at a higher price to make a profit, so youll likely be offered the lowest amount possible to part with your old textbooks.

If youre looking for a quick and convenient sale to scrape back some of the extra money you spent on books, then selling to your campus bookstore could still be a good option. But if youd like to make a profit, or at least get the best price possible, then look at selling your books at one of the sites I listed above.

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Why Buy Cheap Textbooks From Us

We’re proud to offer a selection of the most popular textbooks, study guides, workbooks, and novels. More importantly, we believe in the value of books as learning tools that should be affordable for everyone. Stop spending a fortune on campus and let us help you find what you need at a price you’ll love.

For proof we’re the best place for cheap textbooks online, consider what sets us apart:

  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping on any purchase over $35
  • Same-day shipping on orders placed before 2 p.m. EST
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Resources To Price Compare College Textbooks

Where Can I Buy College Textbooks For Cheap?

There are various free websites that allow students to enter the textbooks ISBN number and generate a list of price comparisons from various online book vendors.

Keep in mind, however, that book comparison sites dont often track every possible outlet through which you can find a book.

This is a good place for students to start their research. Textsurf.comoffers both price comparison as well as price quotes for students who are interested in selling their old textbooks.

SluggBooks.com also offers this service, in addition to a feature that allows students to compare prices of multiple books at the same time, as well as tips for saving money on online access code bundles.

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Is It Better To Rent Or Buy College Books

Students at four-year colleges spent an average $1,240 on books and supplies for the 2021-22 school year, according to the College Board. You can keep your costs low by renting a book instead of buying it.

For example, the textbook Statistics for People Who Hate Statistics has a list price of $88. A used version from Amazon is $42. But its cheapest to get a $20 rental until the end of the spring semester from Amazon.

Buying used books and reselling them when you no longer need them is a way to reduce your upfront costs and get cash back later. If the textbook is common or used every year or every semester, youre more likely to resell it.

Whether you rent or buy a used book, find out from your teacher if an older edition is acceptable. Sometimes old versions might not include everything needed for your course.

University And Library Sales

Occasionally, libraries and universities sell books to make room for new books.

This means that theyll sell off the old ones at really low prices. You can get some huge discounts on books. So if you want cheap textbooks, then consider attending one of these sales.

Just call local libraries and universities and ask if they are holding any book sales, and if so, when the sales are being held.

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Use Chegg To Find Digital And Physical Copies

Chegg is a massive e-learning platform that has mostly been marketed as a place for tutoring however, it also has a subsidiary where you can buy or rent cheap college textbooks. One handy feature of renting from Chegg is that returning your rental is free all you need to do is send back the books with the companys prepaid shipping label.

You can even highlight the books, as long as you dont write in them. If you need the books longer than expected, the company allows you to extend your rental. Have you fallen in love with a particular textbook and want to keep it forever? In that case, convert your rental into a purchase!

Buy Or Rent Textbooks Online

Where Can I Buy College Textbooks at the Lowest Prices

Here are the most popular online stores to source college textbooks. Most of these sites allow you to buy new and used textbooks, and some of them even allow you to rent them for a semester.

  • Amazon

The home of just about anything youll ever need is also the home of cheap textbooks.

And since youre a student, you can sign up for an Amazon Student account, which works similarly to Prime, yet much cheaper. With an Amazon Student account, youll get discounts not only on textbooks but also on all kinds of essential items for college life. All you need to register is your student email address.

  • eBay

Just like Amazon, eBay has tons of textbooks, both new and used. Its often a great place to find used books directly from other college students who have already finished the semester. There are some great bargains to be had, especially on Auction style listings that sell to the highest bidder.

And of course, you can use eBay to sell your textbooks once youre finished with them too.

  • Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble isnt always the cheapest option when buying new and used textbooks. Still, they do have a great selection, and its often the place to go when you cant find a particular book anywhere else.

  • Chegg

Plus, when you receive your textbook and when you send it back, the shipping is free. Chegg will also buy textbooks purchased from other companies too, so its a good way to make a little extra money at the end of the semester on every college book you own.

  • Textbooks.com

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How To Find Cheap Used & New Textbooks

  • Search for your textbook. Search by ISBN to make sure you find the correct textbook.
  • Determine if you need the supplemental materials. Your textbook may come with extras like CDs, access codes, loose-leafs, etc. If you think you will need these materials, you’ll want to look at purchasing the item new. Used items are not guaranteed to have any supplemental materials .
  • Compare textbook pricing. You may be able to find a book cheaper from our online marketplace. However, be aware that you are purchasing this item from a 3rd party vendor, meaning you can be charged for shipping on each individual item and our normal coupon codes & discounts may not apply.
  • Create your account. Create your new account or log in here.
  • Complete your checkout. We frequently offer coupons, and some items have free standard shipping.
  • Earn rewards. Each time you order from us you’ll earn eWards, which you can use next semester or next year for even better deals! Join our eWards program here.
  • Sell your books back! Once you’re finished with your book, check back with us to see if your book has cash value. We offer direct deposit, paypal, and you can earn even more if you choose to sell us the item for in-store credit.
  • How To Shop Around For College Textbooks

    College textbooks can add thousands of dollars to your education costs.

    So before picking up next semesters books from the school bookstore, shop around and explore your options. You may be able to rent, buy a used book or find a free version.

    By finding more affordable versions of your college textbooks, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of your education.

    Kat Tretina contributed to this report.

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    Total Textbook Price Comparison

    CampusBooks.com not only finds you the lowest prices for new and used books, we also compare prices on rentals, eBooks, and international editions, and we include taxes, shipping, and coupons so you get the lowest possible price on any book in any format.

    • 50+ bookstores and hundreds of reputable sellers in a single search

    • Over 8 million books available: every book in print, every edition

    • Every format: new and used, textbook rentals, eBooks, and international editions

    • Library inventory: search your local library for free textbooks

    • Buy Vs. Rent Tool: patent-pending super bot tells you if its cheaper to buy or rent your textbook

    • Filters: customize your results by format, condition, and rental term

    American Institute Of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative

    Where can i buy used college textbooks online ...

    If you need math textbooks, then check out the American Institute of Mathematics Open Textbook Initiative. Theres a section for Approved Textbooks, which includes textbooks that have been judged to meet the evaluation criteria set by the AIM editorial board.

    On there, you can find textbooks on a wide range of subjects, like Trigonometry, Calculus, Mathematical Computing, Numerical Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, and Geometry and Topology.

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    Cheap College Textbooks And More

    Whether you need books for a new set of classes, or you want something fun to read in your spare time, we cover all the bases. From cheap college books to novels, bestsellers, international editions, and more, we have something for everyone. If you need help or have a question, contact our customer service team and we’ll be happy to help.

    Options To Buy Sell And Rent Textbooks Online

    You have plenty of options when it comes to places to buy, sell and rent your textbooks, but buying online is the easiest way to compare prices. Search by title, by author or with the codes that identify specific book editions, known as ISBNs. When buying online, factor in shipping, handling and taxes to the total cost. These sites are good places to start.

    • AbeBooks.com users can save up to 90% on textbooks, many of which have free shipping. The site works with TextbookRush to buyback books for cash.

    • Amazon users save up to 90% on textbooks and can access free two-day shipping with Prime Student. You can buy, sell or rent ebooks and textbooks and make returns within 30 days for a refund. You may get a new or used textbook, based on availability.

    • BooksRun.com users can buy, sell or rent textbooks and ebooks. You can save up to 90% buying or renting ebooks, and shipping is free on all orders.

    • CampusBooks.com is a marketplace for new and used textbook rentals from various online vendors, at up to 90% off. Compare book prices using its Buy vs. Rent feature. Users get free shipping for renting and returning.

    • CheapestTextbooks.com users can get up to 95% off new and used textbooks and 70% off rental books. You can also sell books and ship for free.

    • Chegg customers can save up to 90% on textbooks and ebooks. Buy or rent books with 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop or switch classes. You also get free shipping on orders over $35.

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