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What’s The Best Job To Have While In College

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Sell Your Class Notes

The BEST Jobs To Have While In College (Flexible & Easy)

College students can get paid for something they already do by selling their class notes online. In addition to advertising on social media, you can find opportunities through your school many colleges and universities offer in-house note-taking and/or note-selling services. Alternatively, you can sell your notes through StudySoup.

Be Conscious About Location

Consider a part-time job that is close to your home to prevent long commutes while youâre enrolled in classes. Seek on-campus positions that are within a few minutes drive for your convenience. If you drive a car to campus, youâll have more flexibility to move around town as often as you please, but if you take a bus or ride a bike, a job near your home or campus will save you time and energy.

Icipate In Market Research

Similar to the survey gigs above, companies pay people to participate in their market research projects through either a focus-group setting or one-on-one interview. All you need is a phone, a computer, and a webcam. Get started by joining sites like User Interviews, American Consumer Opinion, and Respondent.

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Turn Your Ambition Into Action

Now that you’ve learned about the best jobs for students, you could be inspired to get out there and secure a position that helps reduce the financial commitment of going to school. As a college student, you may also want to check out other articles such as Federal Student Aid and Financial Aid Options and 99 Student Success Tips.

And if you are still contemplating which educational path to choose, you may find it helpful to explore this comprehensive program guide. Or enter your zip code below to get an idea of what kinds of programs are offered in your area. Take this time to position yourself for a future filled with opportunity!

Five Of The Best Part

Top 10 Most Useful Things That College Students Should Do This Summer

Need to earn while you learn? A part-time job could be for you

Whether youre looking to gain some work experience, or you just want to earn extra cash at uni, getting a part-time job is a great way to put your free time to good use, and enhance your CV at the same time. Whether its on the weekends, evenings, holidays, or just one-off jobs.

To make sure youre looking in the right places, here are five of the best part-time jobs for students:

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How To Get A Job With No Experience

Use an online resume creator to get your resume and cover letter in shape before you start applying for jobs for college students with no experience. Its important to be well prepared if you do not have a lot of, or any, previous work experience when it comes to applying for work.

Generally, recruiters and hiring managers are used to seeing resumes with a list of previous work placements but that doesnt mean that you cant get a job without it. Attracting their interest will simply require a little more creativity or originality. Check out our guide on how to write a student resume which gives expert advice on completing each section of your resume to emphasize key skills, achievements, and responsibilities that youve undertaken through participation in societies, projects, internships, and academic activities.

Whats The Best Job For A College Student

Trying to fit a job into your schedule can be a lot like playing a game of Tetris. Between classes and clubs, maybe even Greek life obligations, you need a job that works for you, rather than the other way around.

A good college job will offer flexible hours and maybe even allow for you to get some studying done when the job isnt too busy.

Oh yeahperks are always welcome, too. Having a job, youll not only be able to make rent, buy books, or have some cash for the bars when Thirsty Thursday rolls around, but the best jobs for college students are often the ones that also score you free meals or sweet employee discounts.

Using salary data from the Monster Salary Tool and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we rounded up the best part-time jobs for students thatll fit your hectic schedule. Click through the list below to see if youd want to give one of these jobs the old college try.

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Start Making Money While Attending College

Regardless of your chosen profession, its important to start building your resume and work experience as soon as possible. And while a part-time job in college may not seem glamorous, the skills and experiences you gain can be invaluable down the road.

Hopefully, this list of best-paying part-time jobs for college students has given you some ideas about where to start.

Keep in mind that each of these jobs has its own set of requirements and qualifications, so make sure you read the job descriptions carefully before applying.


Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs For College Students! (Apply Now)

Imagine being paid to hang out with dogs. Sounds like a good job, doesn’t it? And although it does require a little more flexibility in scheduling, the overall time commitment is relatively small. According to PayScale a dog walker typically charges anywhere from $9.76 to $29.34 per dog, per hour. So if you are walking five dogs per day, five days a week, and charging the average of $14.98 per dog, then you could bring in $374.50 per week. Just remember that you need to check your city’s regulations regarding permit or insurance requirements.

Another possibility similar to a dog walker is a pet sitter. Dog walkers tend to have a more reliable, regular schedule, whereas pet sitting is usually short-term while an animal’s owner is out of town. And like dog walkers, pet sitters can also charge $15 to $30 per visit. When pet sitting, it is common to visit the animal up to three times a day. So at the median of $22.50 per visit, three visits a day over a five-day period could bring you $337.50.

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Any Job At Your University

It is a little-known secret that many universities offer reduced, or even free, tuition to university employees. The specifics of this arrangement vary you may need to be employed for a year before you are eligible or meet other requirements.

Any hoops you need to jump through will be well worth it. If you need to work full-time during school, the very best outcome is a paycheck that comes with the perk of fewer student loans to pay off later.

There are also a significant number of jobs at most schools. You may very well find one that sets you up well for your career of choice.

To see what jobs might be available at your college, make sure you check the careers or jobs section of the colleges main website but also make sure you check the student-run website or student employment center.

Set Realistic Expectations For Pay And Benefits

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for the part-time college student jobs category in the United States was $36,824 a year, as of March 2022 . This breaks down to $17.70 an hour, $708 a week, or $3,069 a month.

Many part-time jobs will be entry level and will require little to no experience. However, you can negotiate a higher salary or hourly pay rate if you have relevant experience.

Be sure to ask the employers about benefits like health insurance and paid sick leave. Laws that require employers to offer benefits to part-time employees vary by state and local laws. Check the laws in your area to find out what benefits may be applicable to you.

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College Students Can Earn Extra Money And Gain Valuable Experience With A Part

Getting a college education costs a lot of money, and we don’t just mean tuition. As a college freshman, you’re probably taking your first steps out of the nest, and with that newfound independence comes newfound responsibility. For many of you, this is the first time in your life when you’re making financial decisions on your own. And if you want to afford meals other than the cafeteria’s offerings or your roommate’s coffee-pot ramen, you’ll need to earn an income. A college degree might qualify you for a great job in four years, but many college students need money now.

Jobs For College Students Working For Others

Charted: America

You might not want to own your own business while simultaneously attending college, and thats okay. Business ownership does entail a lot of paperwork and sales responsibilities.

Conversely, working for others means you complete your shift and go home, free of the companys responsibilities. No keeping track of income and expenses. Leaving serious problems at the feet of the manager.

Check out these jobs where you can work for others but still make serious cash as a college student.

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Become A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

Animal lovers can earn money by working as a pet sitter or dog walker through Rover. This site lets you set pricing and schedules, as well as preferences, such as the size or age of an animal. Rover also protects your services for up to $1 million. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

Delivery Driver Or Food Shopper

Food delivery is a new norm for todays busy families. Between work and child care, parents too busy to cook or get takeout can use a food delivery app to have dinner at their door promptly, freshly prepared by a local restaurant and dropped off by a delivery driver. That means if you sign up to deliver food with a service like DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats, you wont lack for work.

Additionally, individuals and families use delivery services like Instacart and to get groceries to their doorstep or Postmates to get food, personal items, and more.

As with other gig economy jobs, youll be able to work whenever you want. You sign on when youre available to make deliveries and sign off when youre not. Even better, if you live in a different location than you attend school, you can make deliveries in your college town when schools in session and deliver in your hometown when youre on breaks. So youll be able to work whenever and wherever you want.

Job Duties

The job duties vary slightly depending on what kind of service you sign up for. For example, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats involve picking up and dropping off restaurant orders. With Instacart and sometimes Postmates, youll be doing the shopping in addition to the delivery. And with Amazon Prime Now, youll only do the shopping.


How to Find Work

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The 25 Best Jobs For College Students

Christine Hanks

According to a study conducted by Georgetown Universitys Center on Education, an estimated 70 percent of college students work while attending school. Of course, maintaining employment during the demanding college years is no easy feat, particularly for fields that require traditional, 9 to 5 hours many times, these employers give little flexibility in terms of shift changes with some only offering full-time, salaried positions that might not be conducive to school schedules.

Luckily for students, though, there are a vast array of jobs that offer night and weekend hours to eligible candidates. Because we feel that students shouldnt have to search far and wide for a decent wage, weve compiled a list of the 25 best jobs for college students. Each and every one of the following positions offers the support that students need to help keep them afloat through graduation day.

1. Nanny

Nanny jobs are popular with college students because they offer plenty of flexibility. Depending on the age of the children, some nannies only need to work afternoons, while others looking after babies are lucky enough to work on their term papers during nap times. As an added bonus, some families are willing to exchange room and board for childcare services, which can be a huge plus for students attending school in high-rent cities.



  • IT, website, and social media support

Hourly Pay: The average pay for a virtual assistant is $15.64/hour.


Write For Blogs And Businesses

Side Jobs/Part Time Jobs/Side Hustles To Have As A Nursing Student While In Nursing School

As businesses rush to create engaging online content, the demand for freelance writers continues to grow. This line of work often pays per project. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to access more lucrative gigs as you sharpen your writing skills and build a professional portfolio.

You can search for freelance writing opportunities on Upwork, Freelancer, and ProBlogger.

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Tutor Professors Assistant Or Researcher

These three jobs are similar in that they keep you connected to learning, keeping your brain active and engaged while you attend school.

Working as a tutor has innumerable perks. Not least, explaining challenging topics to others is the best way to truly understand them yourself.

Instead of forgetting Freshman Physics and needing to review before moving onto deeper level problems, keep current in your knowledge by sharing it with other students.

Tutoring also helps to develop leadership and interpersonal skills.

Being a teachers assistant or researcher are great part-time jobs because they put you in close proximity with an educator at your college.

In fact, this person could even be one of your own professors! The benefits to this are abundant and obvious, but generally speaking, there is a lot to gain from having a mentor like this and not only that, you might get a little favoritism when it comes to your marks!

Editor For College Students Essays Theses Reports Etc

Writing is difficult for many college students, especially if English isnt their second language. Editing your fellow college students essays and reports could be one of the highest paying jobs for college students. if you work for the right company. How much you charge per hour depends on the market and your clients. How do you get hired? The same tips above, for starting a business tutoring college students.

If youre a young college student without training or past work experience, read Good First Jobs for Teens.

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The Best Jobs For College Students

Learn the best college jobs for gaining work experience and building skills.

For many, college is a time of self-expression and discovery. Not only about yourself and who you are as an individual, but where you would like your career to go. From summer jobs for college students to online jobs for college students, any experience you gain can be helpful for your career journey. With four years to grow and learn, the options are endless.

Putting It All Together

A Guide On How To Become A Sports Scout

It is frustrating to watch your friends attend parties, volunteer, and sleep until noon on the weekends when you need to work. Dont let it get you down!

Working through college is a blessing in disguise. Not only will your resume help you to land an amazing job when you graduate, you will have a head start in mastering the soft skills you need to succeed in life.

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What Are The Best College Jobs

Depending on what your schedule is like, where you live, and what youre studying, there will always be jobs that might be more helpful in the long run. But when youre still trying to find your way around college during your first years, consider some starter jobs that you can apply to and still keep a flexible schedule.

Best jobs for college students:

  • Resident Assistant/Community Assistant
    • : $63,790

    Cleaning Person With Add

    I tried cleaning houses when I was in university, but got fired after the first day. Im not a detail person, and I dont notice streaky windows and dusty shelves. Depending where you live, cleaning houses and offices can be great way for college students to make money fast! If you work for yourself you can set your own rates, and include extra services .

    Do you feel tired and unmotivated at work? If youre a student on a break between semesters, you may not need a job. You may need rest. Do you have unreasonable expectations of your supervisor, employees, or colleagues? Are you unhappy and negative? Consider taking a week off to catch up on your sleep and find a healthy mindset. College is stressful, the semesters are a whirlwind, money is a problem, and your job is draining what little energy you have. Try not to spend your college breaks working. Take a rest your body, brain and soul will thank you when school starts again! Your health is more important than finding a high paying job or making money fast.

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    Working As A Film Or Tv Extra

    Rather than spending all your time watching Netflix, why not be on Netflix yourself?

    Ok, we can’t guarantee that you’ll definitely end up on Netflix if you become an extra, but there’s certainly a chance of it happening, and that’s good enough for us.

    How do you become an extra?

    In terms of qualifications and experience, you don’t actually need any to become an extra just a good work ethic and a patient attitude!

    The hours can be fairly long, and you’ll often be asked to work at fairly short notice, but depending on the job, you could be earning well over £80 a day.

    How to get started: Read our guide to making money as an extra and get signed up with an agency.

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