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What To Do The Summer Before College

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Start The College Admissions Process

10 Things Freshman NEED to Do BEFORE College 2020 // What To Do The Summer Before College

The college application process is complicated and time consuming. So summer can be the perfect time to get the process started.

Rising juniors can start the process early by thinking about where to apply. School-free months present a great opportunity to visit a few schools, make some decisions about wants and needs, and narrow down a list of potential options. Its also a great time to start studying for upcoming college prep tests such as the SATs.

For rising seniors, summer offers the ideal opportunity to selectand visittop choice schools in order to be ready to decide once the acceptances start rolling in.

And without the stress of a heavy senior year class load, summer is a great time to start working on the actual applications as well. Students can get a head start on contacting teachers for recommendations, outlining essay topics, and compiling information about activities that will be included on the applications.

Starting these activities early will make the application process much easier once the deadlines start looming.

Craft Your Resumes And Gather Information About Clubs And Societies In Your University

Once school starts, it will be very hectic so you might want to start now. College is the time to become more proactive and especially for NTU, where your CCA can decide whether or not you can stay in hall next year. To begin your research, click here for a list of all CCAs in NTU & NUS.

Your resume can take many formats but here are some rules that apply to all of them: Keep your descriptions short but memorable with relevant numbers. Support your statements with examples. Last but not least, proofread for typos.

Write for Digital Senior

Do you like writing and sharing your experiences or insights? Were always looking for authors who can deliver quality articles and blog posts. Thousands of your peers will read your work. Learn more aboutbeing a writer with Digital Senior

You can find out a lot from the internet, but for an insider opinion, seniors will be a much greater help for you. If you do not know anyone yet, maybe it is time to take the initiative and befriend them. Find them on the clubs website, Facebook or Linkedin. But be careful so that you do not appear creepy or rude. Take a look at DSs list of seniors blogs. They may have already written about what you are wondering!

Travel The Summer Before College

Its going to be all gas, no breaks starting in the fall. Youll be studying hard for the next 4 years. Getting thrown into adulthood is stressful. It might be hard to find time to break out of your routine. So, if the opportunity arises this summer, TRAVEL! Go see something that blows your soon-to-be-freshman mind!

The thing is, travel is definitely expensive. We realize that not everyone can afford it while trying to save up before college. But, if you can swing it going somewhere, anywhere, is an excellent way to spend your summer. For those of us on a budget, here are a few suggestions on how to travel the summer before college:

  • Volunteer with a church group going on a bus tour. Often, they need people to help organize everything and also stay organized on the road. Volunteer, and you get to go wherever they go!
  • Enroll in a foreign exchange student program. If you qualify, youll go to another nation for free while you learn about their country and customs! Keep in mind, you need to start applying for spots in these programs early.
  • Volunteer for a humanitarian trip abroad. Trips like these can be demanding but theyre also eye-opening and life-changing.
  • Work as a volunteer in a national park. Youll get to travel around and help preserve trails in some of the nations most beautiful spots.

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Try New Sports And Activities

Summer is a great time to try new sports or activities, especially outdoor ones. You can explore new things and do something adventurous like paddleboarding, mountain biking, or ziplining. Summer is all about gaining new experiences and crossing things off your bucket list, so its a great time to try and discover new things that you might like.

You should try out a new activity during the summer because you may not get the chance to do it again until the next summer rolls around, meaning youll have to wait a whole year before you can experience the thrill again.

Things To Do In The Summer Before College

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Be Open To Meeting New People

That was all part of the fun of watching Grease. That idea that you can have a memorable summer with one person that changes your life. Its probably not the time to seek out your soulmate, especially if you are moving away. But summertime is also about being carefree and just having some fun. Having a summer fling is a great way to be carefree before things have to get serious in September.

Volunteer In Your Community

Colleges would rather see continuity and commitment to a community service activity instead of a bunch of one-offs. Start now, and volunteer two hours a week through your senior year. For example, you could visit residents at nursing homes a few days a week. Or, spend your Saturday mornings feeding animals at the animal shelter.

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Dont: Buy Your Textbooks Too Far In Advance

A lot of times, classes will say a textbook is required, but then you will read the syllabus and the textbook is optional or not even on the list. It is best to wait and read the class syllabus before ordering your textbooks to ensure that the book is going to be used in that class.

Usually a professor will email a week or two before classes start and state what the required materials are for that class. Dont feel pressured to buy everything in advance because you can save money by being patient and making sure that the textbook listed will actually be used.

Expert Tip #: Practice Time Management


Between new social environments, coursework responsibilities and domestic tasks like grocery shopping and laundry, the transition to college comes with a whole portfolio of reasons not to lose track of time. If you don’t have much experience managing a moderately complicated schedule, you may end up playing from behind as you get accustomed to managing your new responsibilities.

Ensure that you are able to priortize your schoolwork vs. your personal life.

“Starting college is a new journey filled with challenges and increased expectations,” says Dr. Kevyn To, college prep author and founder of admissions counseling firm APE Advisor Prep. “Ensuring that you are able to prioritize your school vs. personal life is key to starting college off successfully.”

This tip is especially important if you’re thinking about taking any online bachelor’s degree courses. The virtual classroom can be a great option for students who are confident in their time management skills, but if you’re unaccustomed to setting priorities and self-supervising you might be in for a rude awakening. Setting appointments for routine things, giving yourself deadlines and discussing priority management with older friends or family members can help you practice up.

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Dont: Go Overboard Buying Things For The Dorm Before Arriving At College

A big mistake a lot of people make when going to college is buying too much for the dorms before arriving. Make sure to check what furniture is included in the dorm rooms. Also, it can be beneficial to wait to buy larger items until actually arriving at the dorms so that you can see the space and see what will fit. People often dont realize how small the dorms are, and sometimes larger items may not fit.

Start Your Sat Or Act Test Prep

Summer is a great time to explore the ACT vs SAT, practice for the PSAT, or ramp up your study schedule. Pick up a prep book, take an online prep course, or find a test prep tutor to help you manage your time. Test prep keeps your brain active so youre in tiptop shape to head back to school in the fall.

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Make A Doctors Appointment For The Beginning Of The Summer

Youll probably need a doctors appointment to make sure all your childs vaccinations are up to date but its helpful to make that appointment early in the summer so you can beat the rush of July and August appointments and get your doctor when theyre able to give your child their full attention.

In addition to getting a clean bill of health, take advantage of this of this visit to discuss how your child should get medical attention at school and where and how any prescriptions should be filled. Your doctor may also be able to help you get a blanket HIPPA form for your child

Nows the time for your child to begin transitioning to handling their own medical care so allow your child a little alone time with the doctor to privately discuss any concerns.

Things To Do The Summer Before College

The Summer Before College Checklist

Yoora Park

Ah, the summer before college.

Excited and eager to experience the full freedom that is college life, yet nervous about starting a whole new chapter in life. Its normal to have mixed feelings. Its okay if you feel overwhelmed!

For those who dont know where to start, heres a start:

Do these 10 things this summer to ensure that you get the first button right.

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Bonus Point: Learn To Be Independent

If you decide to stay in hall, there will be a lot to prepare for this summer, especially if it is your first time leaving home. Here are some suggestions for you:

Keep your personal documents organized and try to remember the numbers. It will come in handy a lot of time. Prepare for your wardrobe and room intelligently. Befriend your roommate and plan your purchases together. Learn how to take care of yourself and keep yourself safe. No matter how old you are, there might be something that you do not know!

Research Courses And Instructors

Your first-year schedule is likely a combination of prerequisites, electives, and introductory courses in your intended major, if you have one. While theres not much you can do about your prerequisites, you do have a little flexibility. If your school rolls course registration into orientation, youll want to prepare in advance. Review the course catalog, check out sites like Rate My Professors, and get a sense of which courses and instructors might be right for you. This knowledge could be extremely valuable as you plot out your first-year schedule.

Or, for those who are undecided, check out 10 Tips for Success as an Undeclared Student.

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Top 5 Things To Do In Summer 2022

Summer is finally here, and many of our yearly plans and events await this season to become a reality. Living in Canada, we get a limited time to enjoy summer, so its best to make the most of it!

In this blog, well go over the top five things you can do in the next couple of months to enjoy your summer to the fullest. They include:

  • Going on road trips
  • Trying a new sport or activity
  • Visiting theme parks
  • Enjoying the water

Get Your Finances In Order

Pre-College Summer: Things to do BEFORE College!! | UChicago

A college education is expensive, and many school students rely on financial aid to attend the college of their dreams. If youre a freshman relying on financial aid, make sure your application has been accepted and you have followed all the necessary steps to be considered eligible for aid. Morzep college coaches can help you prepare the required documents and provide advice for a flawless application. However, beyond financial aid, you also need to consider the additional expenses incurred by your college experience and prepare your budget for college.

You should open a savings account and, if necessary, apply for a credit card, to begin to build your credit score, but avoid overspending as much as possible because the interest rates are usually high and can drag you into debt. The summer before college is the best time to get a job and increase your income to help you make it through the freshman year without having to worry about money. You can get a part-time job or a job with a flexible schedule, so you dont have to cancel your trips and fun activities with your friends.

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Icipate In A Summer Program At A College Or University

College-prep and secondary school programs are a fantastic way to try out college life, both academically and personally. And they always look great on a college application.

Many colleges and universities offer multi-week academic programs designed to be academically rigorous and offer a glimpse of what college life is really like.

Some programs focus on specific areas of study, such as STEM classes or the arts. Others tend to have a broader liberal arts focus that can allow students to explore different academic interests.

While these summer programs often dont give participants an advantage towards getting into any particular school, they boost their college application at every school by demonstrating academic achievements and the ability to succeed at the college level. Moreover, successful participation in a summer program at a local college can demonstrate sufficient emotional maturity to handle the college experience.

And many of these programs incorporate specific activities designed to help high schoolers navigate the application process in the upcoming year.

Students will have the opportunity to speak with college admissions officers about putting together a fantastic application. Participants can start admission essays with the help of college professors and admissions officers, and may even get the chance to practice admissions interviews with peers and advisors.

Connect With Your Roommate

If you’re heading for dorm life after the summer, it’s a good idea to connect with your future roommate. Whether you’ll be sharing spaces with a randomly assigned roommate or a friend, it can help to coordinate communal dorm room supplies or decor.

“The big benefit of reaching out to your future roommates before you get to campus is you will already have one friend when you arrive,” says Jerry Ross, associate vice president for enrollment management at Chico State.

The more comfortable you are with your roommate before school begins, the smoother your college transition will be.

Stanford recommends “setting expectations and being transparent so there’s no awkward beginnings.”

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Find Ways To Give Back To Your Community

As youre heading off to college this fall, its important to consider that you will be entering an exclusive and privileged space. Its also important to acknowledge that not everyone has the same opportunities that may have been afforded to you. Thats why we recommend volunteering throughout the summer before college. Opening your eyes to the world around you will give you a conscientious perspective before entering college, if you dont have one already. Be careful to respect whatever space youre in, and be open-minded and genuine toward the community with which youre engaging. You shouldnt choose to volunteer somewhere just because its conveniently located, or involves traveling to a country youve always wanted to visit, as voluntourism is not the same thing as volunteering. Do a bit of research about some causes that are important to you so that when you begin volunteering, you give and get joy. This can look like making weekly calls to a resident of a nursing home, reading to children via Zoom on behalf of your local library, or offering meals and a friendly face to unhoused people. Find something that is meaningful to both you and the community that weighs most heavily on your heart.

Spend Time With Friends And Family

10 Things to Do the Summer Before College

Summer may be your last stretch of free time to hang out with friends and family before school begins. Even if you aren’t going too far away from home, you’ll probably be a lot busier.

We recommend taking some time to hit up your favorite local spots with your loved ones before classes start.

It’s also an opportune time to start setting up your college support network. “I encourage students to be prepared and make sure their advisor, friends, mentors, siblings, and parents are available to listen and provide a familiar voice to lean on,” says Ross.

Having friends and family to support you when you feel homesick or particularly challenged can go a long way to boost your mental well-being.

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Dont: Buy All Of Your Textbooks New

A mistake that a lot of freshmen make is buying their textbooks new, which can cost hundreds of dollars. It is much cheaper to rent your textbook from Amazon or buy a used copy. The only reason you would need to buy a new textbook is if there is an access code inside that is required for the class, but this will be stated in the syllabus if this is the case.

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