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What Is The First Degree In College

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Completing The Requirements Of The General Education Clas Core

6 Tips for Getting a First-Class Degree at University | PostGradMedic

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has designed the GE CLAS Core to provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your education, your career and, ultimately, your life as an educated person. As you begin your study at the University of Iowa, GE CLAS Core courses will help you develop fundamental skills and knowledge that will prepare you for courses in your major, your first career, and for life-long learning.

Urban And Regional Planning

The Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning or Bachelor of Urban Planning or just Bachelor of Planning degree is a degree offered at some institutions as a four or five-year professional undergraduate degree in urban planning. Programs vary in their focus on studio work and may or may not involve professional practice.

College Also Helps You Become Self

Youre on your own so you have to figure out where and when to go, do your own laundry, make your own doctors appointments when necessary, grocery shop, and possibly cook your own food depending on your living situation. When youre home, even when youre 18 and older, I know from experience that its hard for parents to stop being parents. Therefore, if youre in their house, theyll want to feed you and do all of those little things. Going to college allows you to grow up, and rightfully so. Its not fair to take advantage of your parents and milk them for all their worth, just because you may be able to.

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Can I Earn My Bachelors Degree Online

Earning your BA degree online is a great way to fit a bachelors degree into your busy life. Students today have so many options to take courses online, without residency requirements or the expense and time commitment of travel to a campus.

National University offers bachelors degree programs with online class options, delivered through interactive online learning environments and offered in the same one-course-per-month curriculum as their on-site offerings. Choose from dozens of online Bachelor of Arts degree programs at National University, including:

  • Teaching and Education: Prepare for a career as an elementary school teacher with a BA plus single subject teaching credentials offered for California and Nevada students.
  • Language: Explore the world of literature, language, and linguistics with a BA in English. Gain proficiency in speaking, writing and reading in Spanish with a BA in Spanish.
  • History: Explore the past and gain a foundation in humanities with a BA in History.
  • Business, Management, and Marketing: Gain a competitive edge with management skills, preparation in marketing and public relations, or understand advanced concepts of strategic communications. Earn a BA in Integrated Marketing Communications, in Management, or in Strategic Communications.
  • Social Sciences & Psychology: Earn a BA in Digital Journalism, Film Arts, Global Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, and more.
  • How To Answer Fafsa Question #30degree Or Certificate Seeking

    First Degree Scholarship Program
    • 1st bachelors degree ………………………… 1.
    • 2nd bachelors degree ………………………… 2.
    • Associate degree ………………………… 3.
    • Associate degree ………………………… 4.
    • Certificate or diploma . ………………………… 5.
    • Certificate or diploma ………………………… 6.
    • Teaching credential ………………………… 7.
    • Graduate or professional degree ………………………… 8.
    • Other/undecided ………………………… 9.

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    What Is A Major

    Your major will be the cornerstone of your college career: a concentration of classes that can help equip you for starting your career after graduation.

    Your major will be whats listed on your diploma. If youre getting a four-year degree, your major will generally fall under one of two categories: Bachelor of the Arts or Bachelor of Science.

    Both of these college degree types are treated with the same weight. The only difference is that a Bachelor of the Arts degree tends to focus on humanities and language, while a Bachelor of Science degree focuses predominately on math and science.

    To fulfill your major, you will need to take a number of required core classes. These essentially tell the school that you have done the minimal amount of work necessary to achieve your degree. In addition to your core curriculum, you may have the option of stretching your legs and taking electives that appeal to you.

    Electives are often the more fun classes, and combined with your core classes will make up your total course load. All colleges are different, but you can generally expect to take forty classes to complete your bachelors degree.

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    Your major is not set in stone, and it may change throughout your academic career, although making the switch later in your college life might prolong the time that it to takes you to finish your degree.

    Emergence Of The Doctors And Masters Degrees And The Licentiate

    The doctorate appeared in medieval Europe as a license to teach at a medieval university. Its roots can be traced to the early church when the term “doctor” referred to the Apostles, church fathers and other Christian authorities who taught and interpreted the Bible. The right to grant a licentia docendi was originally reserved to the church which required the applicant to pass a test, to take oath of allegiance and pay a fee. The Third Council of the Lateran of 1179 guaranteed the access now largely free of charge of all able applicants, who were, however, still tested for aptitude by the ecclesiastic scholastic. This right remained a bone of contention between the church authorities and the slowly emancipating universities, but was granted by the Pope to the University of Paris in 1231 where it became a universal license to teach . However, while the licentia continued to hold a higher prestige than the bachelor’s degree , it was ultimately reduced to an intermediate step to the Magister and doctorate, both of which now became the exclusive qualification for teaching.

    Today the terms “master” , “Doctor”, and “Professor” signify different levels of academic achievement, but in the Medieval university they were equivalent terms, the use of them in the degree name being a matter of custom at a university. .

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    What Is An Associate Degree

    An associate degree is an equivalent to a foundation degree for US students. Its the academic program thats completed at an undergraduate level after finishing secondary-level education. Associate degrees are becoming increasingly more desirable as they are quicker to complete and cost a lot less than the common Bachelors degree.

    Ge Clas Core Requirements

    The UK’s first esports degree is at Staffordshire University!

    All CLAS students must complete the GE CLAS Core requirements as stated on the student’s degree audit. The program consists of a common core in communication and literacy foundational courses in the natural and social sciences and quantitative thinking and a wide range of courses in culture, society and the arts. To fulfill the General Education requirements, students may select from a wide variety of courses within numerous disciplines. View the requirements.

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    Whats The Difference Between A Bachelors Degree And An Associates Degree

    Both bachelors degrees and associates degrees are categorized as undergraduate degrees, meaning that they are both open to students as soon as they complete secondary level education. In contrast postgraduate degrees, such as masters or PhD programs, require students to have already completed a bachelors-level program.

    So how can you decide whether to apply for a bachelors degree or an associates degree? Heres a roundup of some of the key differences:

  • Time
  • In order to gain either qualification, youll need to complete a specified number of study hours or course credits. This may vary slightly depending on the institution and location, but an associates degree usually takes two years to complete full time. In the US this equates to 60 credit hours as opposed to the 120 hours required for a bachelors degree which takes about four years to complete full time.

    Many associates degree students choose to study part-time, which of course means the degree will take longer to complete. On the other hand, its also possible to take a fast-track course, working at an accelerated pace and even studying during the vacations to complete the degree in a shorter time.

    Students whove completed an associates degree may be able to transfer some relevant course credits to count towards a bachelors degree, shortening the time needed for the latter degree.

  • Costs
  • Entry requirements
  • A Complete List Of Degree Types For College And University

    • Content Manager and Career Expert

    Obtaining a degree is a great way to gain knowledge in a specific field. Not only will further education help with your own personal development, but itll also enhance your career opportunities. Before you branch out into higher education, you must decide what degree is right for you and what career path you want to follow. But where do you start with so many options available to you?

    To make your decision easier, heres everything you need to know about the different types of degrees:

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    Whats The Difference Between A Ba And A Bs

    A BA or a BS degree are both four-year university degrees that share general education requirements. In the U.S., these common courses are standardized and may include: English and writing, mathematics, natural science, and social science and history.

    A Bachelor of Science program differs from a BA in several ways. The core and upper division coursework of a BS program takes a focused dive into your chosen discipline of science, technology, or engineering. This means that, beyond general education, students who want to earn a BS should understand their program will involve specialized and often rigorous courses in a combination of science, math, technology, and engineering topics.

    If youre wondering What is a Bachelor of Arts degree? and whether you should pursue a Bachelor of Science degree instead, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your personal career interests? The kind of career you want and your personal motivations are at the heart of this decision process, ultimately. Take inventory of your goals and aspirations for post-graduation. What field or fields do you want to work in? Do you want to hold a leadership or management position?
  • What is your dream job? Which kinds of jobs will you be looking for after you earn your degree? Do the research. Search for open job listings in the areas youd like to work, and take inventory of which types of degrees are most often required by employers for the jobs you want. This can be a great
  • What Is A Major In College

    First Degree Scholarship Program

    To earn a bachelors degree, you must declare a major. A major is simply a major area of focus for your college studies.

    • All students are required to complete about 40 college classes to earn a bachelors degree.
    • Of those 40 classes, your college major will be about 12 classes.

    Sounds crazy that you spend such a small time on your area of focus, right?

    Heres the reason:

    Universities want to make sure that you receive a broad education that includes history, government, composition, natural sciences, ethics, and so on. These requirements are called General Education requirements. Typically, you spend your first two years in college completing these General Education requirements.

    Heres a simple formula, your bachelors degree is comprised of the following:

    General Education requirements + Your College Major + Electives = Bachelors degree in Your Area of Focus.

    For example, I majored in Business Administration.

    I completed all my general education classes like history and math, plus all the classes required in my college major like business law, economics, accounting, and so on. Once I completed all of these classes, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

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    Which Path Is Right For You

    The assortment of certification and degree options might seem intimidating at first, but the varying possibilities exist so that you can find the perfect path toward the career best suited for you and your family. Theyll thank you for taking the time to carefully sort out your education plan one day!

    Now that you have a better understanding of the level of commitment each degree requires, its time to explore! Check out Rasmussen Colleges Career Roadmap and begin your journey to a fulfilling career.

    Bachelor Of Applied Science Program Becomes First Four

    • Sponsored content by David Heiling, Brand Ave. Studios contributing writer

    Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, is doing something its never done before: offering students a four-year degree. NWC has long been recognized as a two-year, comprehensive community college, preparing students for transfers, careers and life. The newest addition to the colleges education options is the Bachelor of Applied Science in Professional Studies degree, presenting area students with a more accessible four-year degree option. Applied science is a discipline that uses scientific knowledge to develop new information technologies and inventions.

    Renee Dechert, Ph.D., is a professor of English at Northwest and teaches business communications and technical writing. She also oversees annual competitions and was an integral part of bringing the Bachelor of Applied Science degree to northwest Wyoming. Dechert said that although securing accreditation was a long process, it was worth it.

    Last year, we did our site visit in November, Dechert said. We were approved for the degree and started building the curriculum for the degree. It went through a guided accreditation process, and we now have our first cohort.

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    Professional Certificates And Licenses

    Earning a college degree isn’t always the answer. Sometimes a professional certificate makes a lot more sense especially if your decision to pursue a higher education is based on economics. Career success can often be obtained as easily with a professional certification as it can with a traditional college degree especially in highly technical fields where employers are more concerned with your skill set than your college credential. Earning a professional certification is also a lot less expensive.

    Unlike undergraduate degree programs, many of which focus on liberal arts education, professional certification programs focus almost exclusively on skills development skills that are directly relevant to performing a specific job or function. On the downside, some certification programs are so narrow in focus that they miss the depth and well-rounded education provided by a college degree. Still, one educational path is not necessarily better than the other they simply offer different benefits. If you want to become an electrical engineer, a college degree makes more sense than a professional certification. If you want to become an electrician, all you need is a professional certification.

    College Is An Experience

    What To Expect From A Business Degree at University? First Year BSc Management Overview

    Its a place where you become a well-rounded, knowledgeable individual. Being away at college exposes you to so many different kinds of people and ideas. It introduces you to different viewpoints that challenge your beliefs that can expand your thinking or further solidify you in your own positions. Either way, youre able to understand various backgrounds and cultures, which allows you to appreciate and respect diversity, rather than judge or be wary of it.

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    The Clas Residence Requirement

    All students in any major offered by CLAS must complete the 30 semester hour CLAS residence requirement in order to earn a CLAS degree. Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit from courses administered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or otherwise designated as carrying residence credit.

    Courses offered by the Departments of Biochemistry, Microbiology, Economics, and Science Studies are offered by the Colleges of Medicine, Business, and Education. Courses offered by these departments do not generally count for the CLAS residence requirement. However, if you earn a major from one of these departments, the credit hours of the courses applied to the major will be counted toward the CLAS residence requirement. Only the undergraduate majors from the departments listed above qualify for this exception.

    All honors courses and courses with CLAS General Education status are counted toward fulfilling the CLAS residence requirement.

    What Is A Bfa

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a vocational or professional degree. The goal of a BFA program is for its graduates to gain specific competencies and enter professional, studio-based spheres in fields including design, fine arts and other distinctive crafts. This ranges from dancers, singers and actors to painters and sculptors, just to name a few. Like the BS degree, the main difference between a BFA and a BA program is the tendency to focus more on major concentrations than on general studies.

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    Careers With An Associates Degree

    Possible careers with an associates degree will vary in terms of the type of associates degree, and the subject you major in. However, there are lots of relatively high-paying and highly skilled jobs that can be entered with an associates degree. For example, one recent list of attractive careers with an associates degree includes dental hygienist, web developer, nuclear technician, radiation therapist and air traffic controller.

    Studying a bachelors degree is likely to open up even more possible professional pathways but its definitely worth checking whether you actually need a bachelors to enter your chosen career, especially if youre facing high tuition fees. You may be surprised by how many skilled roles require only an associates level qualification. And as many bachelors degrees are more academically rather than vocationally oriented, bachelors graduates often need to undergo further professional training before they can start work.

    How Long Does It Take To Earn A Bachelor Of Arts Degree

    Millennials: Lazy, entitled â or maybe just young

    While bachelors degrees are often called a four-year degree, this is a shortcut term to identify it as more advanced than a two-year associates degree. Four years is traditionally how long it takes a full-time student to complete all the credits needed for a BA or BS degree.

    Oftentimes, students take longer than four years to finish a BA degree. The reasons vary: some students also work one or more jobs, may be balancing family life or other obligations or may be active duty military. There are a combination of factors to consider, particularly if youre looking at degree programs to fit into your busy life.

    To determine how long it will take you to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, consider your program requirements, what youve already achieved, and then make a plan to achieve your degree.

  • Step 1: Know the bachelors degree requirements for your program. Look at the number of quarter units or credits required to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. Using National Universitys Bachelor of Arts in Management as an example, youll need to take 180 quarter units to complete your degree. If you have attended community college or have taken some credit courses already, take into account the quarter units or credits you have already earned or that youre transferring from previous institutions.
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