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What Is Social Work In College

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We Will Prepare You For Whatever Social Work Path You Choose To Take

University of Dundee | Education and Social Work | What is Community Education?

Learn more about our Master of Social Work Program Goals:

  • Our graduates are ready to engage in advanced social work practice by demonstrating ethical and professional behavior with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.
  • Our graduates are equipped for integrative practice approaches utilizing tools that affect systems from the individual to the systems level.
  • Our graduates are able to engage, assess, intervene and evaluate on all systems of social work practice dealing with increasingly complex social problems.
  • Our graduates are trained to embrace the strength of diversity, practice cultural humility and adhere to professional ethics as practitioners and lifelong learners.
  • Our graduates are competent in promoting practice informed research and research informed practice.
  • Our graduates are change agents who advocate for social, economic, environmental justice at local, national and global levels.

Who Do Social Workers Help

Social workers work directly with, and on behalf of, a wide variety of populations. Some examples are:

  • Children and adolescents.
  • Individuals who are experiencing poverty or homelessness.
  • Medical patients.
  • Individuals with mental health concerns.
  • Refugees and immigrants.
  • Victims of violence or trauma.
  • Individuals who are incarcerated or in the criminal justice system.
  • Veterans.

Social workers are uniquely positioned to help our fellow members of society who are vulnerable, oppressed, or marginalized.

Ask yourself: WHO are you most passionate about helping? Chances are, you can make a difference with that population as a social worker!

Bachelor Of Social Work

Most positions in social work require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. High school graduates applying to college should consider schools offering BSWs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education . If your college or university does not offer an accredited bachelor of social work program, you can consider a related degree such as health and human services or sociology.

BSWs provide a strong foundation for social work practitioners who plan to enter the workforce directly after college and begin careers as social workers. BSW graduates can also apply for advanced standing enrollment in graduate school. Advanced standing allows students to skip foundational social work classes and begin graduate school at the concentration level to complete MSW degrees in as little as one year.

Advanced standing enrollees graduate with the same degree as traditional two-year students. Most states require each professional social worker to obtain a BSW or MSW to obtain licensure as a social worker. Therefore, many professionals without BSWs eventually choose to pursue an MSW degree.

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Outstanding Faculty Make The Difference

  • Learn with dedicated, caring faculty with front-line experience in a variety of human service settings.
  • Professors with backgrounds in child protection, prevention programming, addiction, corrections, social services and family counselling continue to work in their fields, bringing the most up-to-date industry knowledge and practices to the classroom.
  • Find the right job experience for your career path, working with our dedicated SSW placement coordinator.

Learn More About Transferring To Laurier

Oakland ranked second

If you have additional questions about your transition to Laurier, financial aid for transfer students or transfer credit evaluation, visit our transfer students website. If you are interested in transferring into this program with an academic history different than what is outlined above, apply using the 105 application form and your transfer credits will be assessed on an individual basis and reported to you, along with your offer letter, upon admission to Laurier.

Note: Not all program requirements are reflected in these pathway descriptions. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all academic program and course requirements have been met. Refer to regulations in the academic calendar and connect with an academic advisor once you have accepted your offer.

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Social Work And Social Services Jobs And Salaries

Many social service workers choose to specialize in child social services, in settings such as schools or youth homes. Others choose to work with adults in settings like correctional facilities or counselling centers. Career paths may include :

  • Counselling services in schools, hospitals or group homes
  • Community services with government agencies
  • Continued education to become a social worker

Salaries in the field vary, depending on your position and level of experience. Average starting salaries are around $30,000 per year, with the potential to increase to $45,000 or more per year.

Online Social Work Programs

Earning an online social work degree provides a convenient and affordable pathway to many different careers for working professionals and students beginning their studies. Before enrolling in any online degree, prospective students should consider whether the delivery format of an online program aligns with their learning styles.

The flexibility of distance learning works best for disciplined and self-motivated students. Online programs offer significant savings on housing and transportation. Some schools charge lower tuition for web-based courses or keep rates the same for in-state and out-of-state residents. Social workers seeking career advancement may find that an online MSW or DSW degree features more options for specializations than available in their home states.

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Why Choose Social Work

Social work is a profession that helps individuals, families, groups, and communities to improve their individual and collective well-being. Social workers work in a wide range of professional roles in many different areas including the health care system, private practice, the public sector, local and international community development and non-profit organizations.

During the course of your studies, youll gain research capabilities, practical experience, written and verbal communication skills, and a deeper understanding of how to help individuals and families within the context of their environment. As a social worker, youll be prepared for global career opportunities in settings such as hospitals, community health clinics, social service agencies, correctional facilities, consultation agencies, and the civil service. You may enter our program once you’ve completed either a social work diploma or two full years of university study, or as an after-degree student.

When I decided to go back to school, I wanted a career that aligned with my passion for working with people and seeking positive social change – social work was a natural fit. The best part of the experience was the people. As a cohort, we bonded in a way that brought a valued layer to learning. The program set me up for success and a promising career with the City of Lethbridge before I had even completed it.

Jerry F.

Why Choose Social Work As A Major

Springfield College Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) Program Preview

Few occupations can match the varied work environments available through social work, which offers a broad range of opportunities and settings. Social workers are found in public agencies, private businesses, hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, private practices, child welfare and police departments, courts, and countless other interesting workplaces.

Social workers are managers, supervisors, and administrators. They serve at all levels of government. They are educators. They are therapists and researchers. More and more, they are also elected political leaders and legislators.

A social work major from an accredited undergraduate Social Work program has many benefits. Only social work majors can become licensed social workers in most states. Most graduate social work programs will give advanced placement credit to students from a BSW program, which means either fewer courses needed to earn an MSW or more flexibility within the MSW program.

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What To Expect From A Career As A Social Service Worker

A career in the social services field is demanding, but also extremely rewarding. In this field, you can reach out to community members in a number of areas, including health, education, corrections and, of course, social work. Social work and social services programs at Ontario colleges prepare students to work alongside professionals in those fields, providing assessment and intervention support while promoting positive interaction and connections between parties.

If youre interested in putting your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills to work with social services training, heres what you need to know.

Doctor Of Social Work

Doctor of social work programs prepare graduates to work in advanced clinical practice. A DSW program generally focuses more on clinical practice and leadership, as opposed to a Ph.D. in social work, which delves deeper into research and education at the university level. Many colleges and universities offer DSW programs in social work and social welfare.

Students interested in studying social work at the doctoral level should choose programs that include an advanced practice component. This may allow students to receive more specialized training as advanced social work practitioners. A doctoral degree also positions you for advanced or supervisory roles in highly competitive job markets.

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What Can I Do With This Major

Attending degree

A transfer agreement is available for this degree. Students who choose CC for their first two years of college are prepared to transfer and finish their degrees anywhere in the world. Learn how you can earn a bachelors, masters, or even your doctorate through one of our university partnerships with schools from across the country.

Start in Casper, stay in Casper!

The social work program through University of Wyoming at Casper is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. The UWC program culminates in a 450-hour supervised field practicum, which allows students to practice as social workers in one of Wyomings many human service agencies.

Employment info

Unlike many other helping professions, you can begin a rewarding career with a bachelors degree in social work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of social workers is projected to grow 12 percent through 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. The BLS shows that the median annual wage for social workers was $45,900 in May 2015.

In Natrona County alone, job opportunities are available at Wyoming Medical Center, Natrona County School District, The Youth Crisis Center, The Child Advocacy Project, The Central Wyoming Counseling Center, The Wyoming Behavioral Institute, Natrona County Department of Family Services, Interfaith, Community Action Partnership, and in private practice.

CC grad Shane Harkins, LCSW

CC grad Maria Landeros Saldivar, case manager

Trade Unions Representing Social Workers


In the United Kingdom, just over half of social workers are employed by local authorities, and many of these are represented by UNISON, the public sector employee union. Smaller numbers are members of the Unite the Union and the GMB. The British Union of Social Work Employees has been a section of the trade union Community since 2008.

While at that stage, not a union, the British Association of Social Workers operated a professional advice and representation service from the early 1990s. Social Work qualified staff who are also experienced in employment law and industrial relations provide the kind of representation you would expect from a trade union in the event of a grievance, discipline or conduct matters specifically in respect of professional conduct or practice. However, this service depended on the goodwill of employers to allow the representatives to be present at these meetings, as only trade unions have the legal right and entitlement of representation in the workplace.

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Use Of Information Technology In Social Work

Information technology is vital in social work, it transforms the documentation part of the work into electronic media. This makes the process transparent, accessible and provides data for analytics. Observation is a tool used in social work for developing solutions. Anabel Quan-Haase in Technology and Society defines the term surveillance as “watching over” , she continues to explain that the observation of others socially and behaviorally is natural, but it becomes more like surveillance when the purpose of the observation is to keep guard over someone . Often, at the surface level, the use of surveillance and surveillance technologies within the social work profession is seemingly an unethical invasion of privacy. When engaging with the social work code of ethics a little more deeply, it becomes obvious that the line between ethical and unethical becomes blurred. Within the social work code of ethics, there are multiple mentions of the use of technology within social work practice. The one that seems the most applicable to surveillance or artificial intelligence is 5.02 article f, “When using electronic technology to facilitate evaluation or research” and it goes on to explain that clients should be informed when technology is being used within the practice .

Highlights For Transfer And Adult Students

  • Flexibility: Choose from daytime, evening, and online courses. You can attend part-time or full-time.
  • Timing: Students with an associate’s degree can start in August and complete the bachelor’s degree in two years with no summer courses.
  • Incorporate your own job: If you are working in the social work field, the program offers flexibility in field placements. Junior year placements can be at your place of employment, and senior year placements offer a combination of employment and field placement hours.

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Associate Degree In Social Work

Associate degrees in social work prepare students for paraprofessional roles in the social service field. Community college students interested in social work careers may pursue ASWs or a degree in a related field, such as human services. A few states allow associate degree-holders to become licensed social work assistants or similar support role positions, but the field rarely considers these associate degree-holders as “social workers.”

Still, pursuing an associate degree in social work might be a strong first step for students entering community college or technical school. ASW coursework may help you determine whether a career in social work is right for you before pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree.

What Is Social Work And What Do Social Workers Do

School of Social Work Orientation – Wayne State University

Social work is a profession in which trained professionals are devoted to helping vulnerable people and communities work through challenges they face in everyday life. Social workers practice in a wide variety of settings, united in their commitment to advocating for and improving the lives of individuals, families, groups and societies.

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What Is The Role Of Social Workers

While there is a diverse array of settings in which social workers practice, together social workers share the commitment to:

  • Promote social welfare
  • Help people from all backgrounds overcome the individual challenges they are facing
  • Advocate for social and economic justice for members of diverse communities

What Can You Do With A Social Work Degree

Social workers help diverse clients of all ages to deal with challenges and find ways to cope with difficult life circumstances. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11% increase in social work positions from 2018-2028 in settings such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities. Social work salaries, which range from approximately $30,000 to over $80,000 annually, vary by level of education, location, and type of employment.

Micro-level social work includes clinical, healthcare, and mental health practitioners who provide direct services to clients. Social workers in mezzo-level practice typically provide support and programs to specific groups in community organizations and government and nonprofit agencies. Administrators and researchers specializing in public health, healthcare policy, and advocacy to reduce inequality and promote systemic change engage in macro-level social work.

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Ny Licensed Clinical Social Worker

All states require a license to practice clinical social work. Clinical social workers offer therapeutic counseling to clients struggling with health, mental health, addiction, and other issues. Social workers holding clinical licensure are qualified to make diagnoses and provide clinical treatment.

In New York State, this license is the LCSW, which stands for “Licensed Clinical Social Worker.” The LCSW is an advanced license for those interested in clinical practice. Not all social workers need to get their LCSW, as it is just for individuals who want to practice this specific subset of social work.

LCSWs in New York need to have an MSW degree that includes clinical coursework and post-graduate supervised work experience in a clinical setting before they can take the licensing exam.

Social workers with their LCSW can then work towards obtaining the additional supervised practice hours to add their “R” . The “R” indicates that the social worker has psychotherapy privileges.

What Is Social Work

School of Social Work People

Social work is an academic and professional field focused on improving the well-being of peoples everyday lives at both an individual and community level. Those with careers in this discipline may work in a variety of settings, including health care, education, mental health, substance abuse, and more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Overall employment of social workers is projected to grow 11 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment growth will be driven by increased demand for healthcare and social services, but will vary by specialization.

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Benefits And Challenges Of Working As A School Social Worker

School social workers play a vital role in addressing the various needs of students in an educational setting. Through the roles social workers assume, they have the opportunity to collaborate in the improvement of the lives of those they serve.

Their roles vary from student to student, providing a variety of experiences on a daily basis. However, like many social workers, the caseloads of school social workers are often high. School social workers can be assigned to more than one school, requiring time to travel between locations. Often the school social worker works in isolation and may not have access to consistent supervision. There also may be limited resources to support service delivery, such as a lack of confidential and private space, supplies, and training.

The majority of school social workers hold a MSSW degree in social work, which is the prescribed entry level in most states. Some states, including Tennessee, do allow entry level at the BSSW level.

School social work is currently an expanding profession in many states. Funding for school social work positions can be tied to federal dollars and federal mandates. Any changes at the federal level could affect school social work positions. Changes in state funding could also affect school social work positions.

Social Workers in Schools: Occupational Profile . NASW Center for Workforce Studies and Social Work Practice. Washington, DC: NASW.

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