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What Do You Learn In College

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Sometimes Things Dont Work Out As Planned

What do you learn in college

I know I had a lot of expectations going into college. I thought Id be best friends with my roommate like my mom had when she went to my school. I thought that in four years Id figure out what I wanted to do for my career.

Well, I told you above how the roommate situation worked out. And as for the latter, Im still figuring out what I want to do. So its safe to say that for me, college didnt go as expected.

The biggest lesson Ive learned from this is that life happens, but things still work out in the end.

For instance, most of my friends graduated the year before me. I was so scared about finishing school without them, but then I ended up meeting my significant other that year. Similarly, being an RA was challenging, but if I had never taken the position I never would have met my now best friend.

So things didnt work out as I planned, but in some ways I think theyre better than what I thought theyd be.

Dont Forget About Alumni

Alumni are an invaluable resource to prospective college students as well. Although universities will provide you with information and statistics about employment rates, alumni can share their personal experiences about finding a job after college. They may even be able to give you an idea of what life is like in certain industries or companies. Its also a good idea to find out which industries hosts the most alumni from the schools youre considering, which may increase your chances of finding a job or at least open up new networking opportunities later on.

Being Active Outside Of Work Is Important

Having an escape from constant phone calls and emails that need to be sent is essential so you do not get burnt out or overly stressed.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important for personal growth in all aspects of life. Knowing your strengths allows you to build in areas that require those skills, while knowing your weaknesses allows you to practice and grow.

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It’s Okay To Be Homesick

Last, but not least youll find its okay to be homesick!!! Whether youre moving thousands of miles away or going just up the block you may find yourself missing your high school friends, family, your old room etc. Thats okay! At orientation youll see there are other students who are nervous and missing home, too.

What Is College Like In Terms Of Extracurriculars

Who Are Americas Online College Students &  Where Do You ...

The great thing about college extracurriculars is that students get to choose which ones theyre involved in. Just like high school, college extracurriculars are clubs, organizations, and activities you can participate in outside of the classroom.

Its common for college students to choose extracurriculars based on their hobbies, values, beliefs, or desire to be a part of a community. The main point of these activities, clubs, and organizations is to help students connect with others who have common interests or goals and support each other through the college experience.

Keep in mind that some collegiate extracurricular activities are more high-intensity than others. Were talking about extracurricular activities that demand a lot of your time outside of class, host a lot of compulsory involvement activities, and strongly encourage participants to mold their college identity around their involvement in these extracurriculars. Three examples of high-intensity extracurriculars are fraternities and sororities, ROTC, and student government. If you want to be involved in organizations like these, you’ll need to be extra diligent about building your course schedule and keeping up with your studies.

The key to a successful college experience? Balancing your social life with your academics and other responsibilities!

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The Laundry Room Is A War

No matter how nice your dorm-mates may seem, the kindheartedness and pleasantries all end in one place: the laundry room. If theres anything that living in a dorm will teach you, its that youre going to need to plan your laundry time very efficiently or you may be going days without a clean pair of socks, and no one wants that.

From stolen clothes to your laundry getting dumped on top of a machine because you were just a minute late getting it out of the dryer, its best to follow a strict schedule in the laundry room. Be timely, be quick and, of course, respect others laundry time if you want that respect in return.

Youll Learn How To Ask For Help

Taking ownership of your own education doesnt mean youll be alone through your college journey. Professors, classmates, friends and family are all there to support you when you need ityou just have to ask.

Make sure you have a supportive circle around you that knows your vision and goals, Roberts says. If you need assistance, don’t understand an assignment or feel overloaded with school or your personal life, ask for help.

Contrary to what you may think, asking for help isnt a sign of weakness. It means you know how to find the support you need without burning yourself outa skill that will come in handy throughout your professional career.

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College Isnt Always Exciting

It really only takes until the second or third day for you to realize that college is nothing at all like how it is in the movies. College is not a constant state of partying or perfectly sunny days on the quad.

We all hear about the fun parties and activities but ask any established college student and they will tell you about the immense amount of studying that must be incorporated daily, Marie says.

While you can definitely push yourself to stay busy by joining organizations and clubs or even going Greek, you should also be prepared for the somewhat repetitive daily routine you will grow to have. Included in this is a lot of Netflix and, yes, sadly, studying.

Things I Learned In College

What Do You Learn in Architecture School? What to Expect to Study as an Architecture Student

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I graduated from college last month and although it is a bit strange to make the transition from student to graduate, it has made me do some reflecting. Now Im realizing just how many things I learned in college both in and out of the classroom.

Today I wanted to share my newfound knowledge with any college student who may need it, freshman, senior or anyone in between. Here are the top 10 things I learned in college, outside of the classroom.

My sophomore year I took a position as a resident assistant at my university. All of my friends had become RAs and I thought itd be a good way to make new friends.

Ill never forget what a fellow RA told me when I took the position:

Youre a person first, student second, everything else should be taken care of after those two things.

That advice got me through my first year as an RA, although it forced me to make some tough decisions. I had to give up some stuff like theater so I could better do my job, take care of myself, and keep up with my schoolwork.

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You Dont Have To Know Exactly What You Want To Do

I know Ive been asked many, many times what Im going to do for my career after graduation.

Ill answer the question right now: Ive always known that I wanted to go into writing of some sort, but thats as far as Ive gotten.

I know firsthand how scary it is to try and figure out what you want to do, but another one of the things Ive learned in college is its 100% okay to not know what you want to do. Most of us are in this boat!

College, after all, is about experiencing new things and trying stuff out. Maybe youll learn what you want to do along the way, maybe you wont, and thats fine. One day youll find the thing youre meant to do, but until then, you can try out things you enjoy and see if theyre a fit. If they arent, you can keep trying.

How To Exercise And Be Fit

Unless you played lots of sports or came from a particularly fit family, you may never have learned to exercise as a kid. It sounds silly, but I found myself in that situation when I started college. Thankfully, I ended up learning how to create a regular exercise routine.

If you havent done the same, I highly recommend it. Being fit makes life a lot more enjoyable, and its also a chance to learn some new skills.

Not sure where to start? Nerd Fitness was the website that taught me how to exercise, but you can also just pick an activity you enjoy and do it regularly. Try different things and see what you enjoy.

And remember that theres no such thing as the best exercise program. The best program is the one youll actually stick with.

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How To Save Money

If there was one word to describe me in college, it might have been âbroke.â Despite my treacherous financial situation, I learned how to manage my money by saving in small ways.

I abused the Dollar Menu, ate free food when it was available at campus events, bought extremely cheap alcohol that tasted like lighter fluid, may or may not have âborrowedâ silverware from our dining hall, shopped at Target and participated in paid studies on campus whenever possible.

Finding little ways to be frugal in college not only helped me survive, but also taught me the true value of a dollar.

Join Clubs/groups Youre Interested In

Top 20 things you need to know about attending law school ...

When I started college, I struggled to make friends. I was in a fairly small major and my roommate was rarely in our room. The first couple of months were hard.

On a whim, I auditioned for the school musical a little ways in. I had done theater in high school and really enjoyed it. I was cast in the musical and through the rehearsals and meetings, I met a new group of friends.

Next, I joined the drama club and I realized I had finally found my group. I spent the next three years with them and I can honestly say they were one of the best parts of my college experience.

And if I had never tried out for the play, I never would have met my friends.

So trust me when I say you should look into the groups/clubs/organizations you find interesting. Yes, it is scary to go outside of your comfort zone but its worth it! You may just find your people if you do.

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Guaranteed Admission Promise Of Free Tuition

It’s easier than ever to apply to American River College.

When you apply now, you guarantee your admission to American River College. After that, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or California Dream Act Application to save money on tuition and other fees. It’s as simple as that.

Youll Become A Time Management Whiz

Juggling school, work and family isnt easy. College life is a crash course in efficient time management.

School is important, but it’s critical to rest and have fun when it’s time, says Stacy Roberts, Founder and Executive Coach at SMR Leadership Solutions. It takes hard work to earn your degree, but you can get through college with less stress if you stay organized, keep a schedule and remember to make time for family and the activities you enjoy.

It will be difficult to complete school if you’re burned out and your personal life is falling apart, Roberts adds.

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How To Work Under Pressure

One night during the week of finals my senior year, I decided to be proactive and double check with my friend that a paper and an exam were still two days away. Turned out I made a big boo-boo, as the test and the paper were actually the next day. I buckled down, pounded out the paper and studied as hard as I could, and ended up passing the class with plenty of room to spare. Everyone has their own story about how they barely submitted a paper or project on time. Not only do you learn a valuable lesson in planning ahead but you also prove to yourself that when the game is on the line, youve got the guts to pull off the big shot or write a research paper on Early Renaissance Frescoes in the Vatican Palace in just three hours, as was my case.

How To Dress Professionally

What do you actually learn in Business School MSc in Economics explains

I spent the first 13 years of my education attending private schools with a strict dress code. This reduced decision fatigue , but it also meant that I didnt learn how to buy quality clothes and put together outfits until I was in college.

The unfortunate reality is that people do pay attention to what you wear and make judgments based on it. So you might as well do your best to dress in a way that gives the impression you want.

For advice on what to wear in a variety of business and professional settings, check out this guide.

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Having Good Health Is A Really Great Tip As Well

Working out and eating healthy is proven to enhance your perspective on life. The perspective of a boss is also going to be different towards someone who is healthy because they will notice he/she is not lazy and willing to work. Buddha once said,

To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Whats Your Learning Style

Different people have different learning styles. Style refers to a students specific learning preferences and actions. One student may learn more effectively from listening to the instructor. Another learns more effectively from reading the textbook, while another student benefits most from charts, graphs, and images the instructor presents during a lecture.

Learning style is important in college. Each different style, described later in more detail, has certain advantages and disadvantages compared with other styles. None is right or wrong. You can learn to use your own style more effectively.

College instructors also have different teaching styles, which may or may not match up well with your learning style. Although you may personally learn best from a certain style of teaching, you cannot expect that your instructors will use exactly the style that is best for you. Therefore it is important to know how to adapt to teaching styles used in college.

Different systems have been used to describe the different ways in which people learn. Some describe the differences between how extroverts and introverts learn. Some divide people into thinkers and feelers. A popular theory of different learning styles is Howard Gardners multiple intelligences, based on eight different types of intelligence:

  • Verbal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Naturalist
  • The multiple intelligences approach recognizes that different people have different ways, or combinations of ways, of relating to the world.

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    What Is College Like In Terms Of Social Life

    At most colleges, there are what will seem like endless opportunities for social engagements. Since a college is like its own little community, there are many social events that happen on-campus that are either free or very inexpensive for students to attend. These events can range from athletic competitions, to theatre productions, to fundraising or community service events, to events in the dorms, like movie nights or pancake suppers.

    Its typical for there to be on-campus social events of some kind nearly every night of the week. One of the best things about on-campus social events is that theyre often free or heavily discounted for students. Theyre also an opportunity to see or meet people who you dont see everyday during class or in the dorm.

    For many students, getting to know the wider community in which their college is located is really important in addition to attending on campus social events. Many students get involved with local nonprofits or charities, churches or other religious groups, or attend events hosted by local businesses. Some on-campus organizations or clubs will even partner with groups in the community to host events.

    But you don’t have to take our word for it. Lilly, a junior in college, gives this advice to incoming freshmen who are worried about having a social life during college:

    Many students work and attend school at the same time. Working can be a great way to help alleviate the cost of college!

    Awareness Of Your Surroundings

    Film School

    As a freshman, may not have a lot of choice in terms of your dorm. No matter where you end up, being aware of your surroundings will help you stay safe and on guard.

    Many campuses have top-notch security, but you need to play your part in taking care of yourself. Part of your orientation will probably include safety tips. Dont roll your eyes during this lecture youre probably in a new city or town and dont necessarily know what campus is really like. Start learning how to stay alert before you get to campus, too. Your parents probably have plenty of tips and will welcome your asking.

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