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Are Old College Textbooks Worth Anything

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Sell Your Old Textbooks

Old Books equals Big Profits? Amazon FBA Used Book Selling

If you do not know what to do with old textbooks, sell them. You can sell your old books online on various platforms such as Amazon and eBay. They are the primary two places to sell used books. But that also means there will be fierce competition, mostly when most people are selling the same book as yours.

But did you know other similar websites can help you sell your books? We are one of them. We make it simple to find the highest offers and ensure a smooth selling process. There is also a vast network of reliable book-buying companies we offer. Check out what we can provide you with at

However, regardless of which company you are selling your old books to, you need to consider your books condition. It is highly critical. A books condition ranges from new to poor with other descriptions such as As New and Fine somewhere in the middle.

Of course, it is a bad idea to describe your book in a worse condition than it really is. But you also do not want to hurt your credibility as a seller by describing it as better than it is. So you need to describe your book as it is, so you get the actual value of your book.

Directly To Other Students

If you know of students who are going to take the same class you just took, you can sell your used textbooks to them at a lower price than the campus bookstore. In this case, its likely you can still earn more than what youd get by re-selling it to the bookstore, and the buyer will also save money.

But if you dont know any new students who are about to take that particular class, or you dont have a good way of getting the word out about your books for sale, you might need to look into other reselling options.

Where To Recycle Textbooks

This article was originally published on June 24, 2016.

Have you ever wondered what am I supposed to do with my old textbooks? This article will give you insight into what to do with your used books.

You have read from our other tips and blogs about why textbooks cost so much and why they lose value so fast. BookScouter finds you the best prices for your used textbooks. But what do you do when you checked the condition of the books you want to sell and they arent worth very much?

Your first instinct may be to throw your books in the trash, but hold up! There are better options.

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Why Second Hand Books Is More Beneficial Than New Books

Used books may cost you only half the rate of new books. By buying them, you may cut costs and buy more books with that money you have saved. Unlike the cozy, shiny book shops, you have the option to bargain in the second-hand shops. You can showcase all your negotiating talent and buy as many books as you want.

Drop Off Sites For Your Book Donations

(Another) Back To School Primer On Collecting Vintage ...

Better World Books provides donation boxes in select locations. Since the early days of Better World Books in South Bend, Indiana, this company has focused on addressing environmental and social needs through their book resell strategy. We recommend looking into donating to their efforts first to make the greatest impact.

Donating books to Better World Books makes an environmental and social impact.

From Miami to Minneapolis and Kansas City to Boston, Better World Books provides drop off sites throughout the eastern half of the U.S. CHECK HERE to see find a drop off site is located near you.

A local option is to donate your books to organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and your communitys thrift store. These centers will take donations of almost any sort, but be sure to check their specific guidelines to donations. If you already donate your clothes or former household items to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, adding books that you no longer need to your donate pile is easy.

Last, but certainly not least, it is easy to find a home for your textbooks by checking your local library branchs website for their donation process. Local libraries could use your books in their system or find another avenue for book donation on your behalf. Several library organizations, even those of small cities like the Springfield, Missouri Library, host book sales every year that serve as fundraisers for the local library branches.

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What Do You Do With Old College Textbooks

If your local library or bookstore isnt interested in your books, take them to a nearby recycling center. There are drop spots around town that are only for paper products, so even if your books have hard covers, you can put them in these paper deposits to be recycled.

How To Price Used Textbooks For Sale

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If you are trying to figure out how to sell textbooks that you have used in previous school semesters, you may have a problem trying to figure out how much they are worth. You want to set a price that is low enough to get people to buy those textbooks. However, you also need to set a price that is high enough to make the book worth selling. Learning how to price used textbooks can get pretty tough.

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Should I Keep My Old College Textbooks

You need to use your college textbook as a reference. Whether it be for another college course or your career, keep the textbooks that have critical information or helpful visuals. If you are uncertain of the future helpfulness of the book, chat with a professor or a student further along. Learn what they recommend.

Does Amazon Buy Used Books

A Brief History of Little Golden Books and How to Determine Their Value – For the Junk Journal Maker

The Amazon Trade-In Program lets you trade in eligible items such as Amazon Devices, electronics, books, video games, and more, for an Gift Card. Note: You can also submit a trade-in from the Amazon Mobile App on your Android or iOS compatible device. Select items to add to your trade-in submission.

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Places To Sell Your Used Textbooks

If youve ever attended college in person, you probably know that you can sell your books back to the university bookstore at the end of the semester. But did you know that you can sell your books online as well? You can, and often for a better return on investment than you can get at the physical bookstore. Ive rounded up 10 of the top companies you may wish to check with before selling your used textbooks offline.

Is There Any Reason To Keep Old College Textbooks

You need to use your college textbook as a reference. Whether it be for another college course or your career, keep the textbooks that have critical information or helpful visuals. If you are uncertain of the future helpfulness of the book, chat with a professor or a student further along. Learn what they recommend.

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Should I Throw Away Old Books

Paperbacks can be recycled as-is, but hardcovers must be removed before being sent to recycling. Books with moldy pages cannot be recycled, but must be tossed in the trash before they can spread their mold to other books. If a book cannot be reused or given new life in some other way, its perfectly okay to recycle it.

Why Sell Books Via Bookfindercom

Are old phone books worth anything
  • Bookstores compete to buy your books
  • See every offer, and pick the best buyback price
  • Shipping costs included, no hidden fees
  • We’re the book comparison experts, since 1997

What are ISBNs?ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit codes identifying specific editions of a book. They’re sometimes written with hyphens. Examples: 0321543254, 0-321-54325-4, 9780321543257.

ISBN codes are usually listed on a book’s back cover, bar code, or copyright page.

Searching by ISBN ensures that you find the exact edition you are looking for when buying textbooks or selling textbooks.

Textbook buyback:Before you go to the college bookstore and get only a fraction of what you paid, check’s buyback price comparison to sell your textbooks for the most money.You can even sell novels, cookbooks and other types of books our partners buy up to 1 million titles.

Free Shipping:Our textbook buyback partners provide free shipping labels so you don’t worry about shipping.

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Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Used Textbooks

If youre planning to sell your college textbooks, its important to keep them in good condition the state of your book determines how much youll be able to recoup when you sell it. Avoid marking the book, so dont highlight passages or write in the margins. Try to avoid eating or drinking while studying as well, and keep your book shelved when its not in use. Anything you can do to minimize wear and tear on the book as youre using it will help assure a maximum return once youre ready to sell it on.

Another important tip for selling your old textbooks is to do it as soon as youre finished with the book. Dont wait prices can and will drop when a book becomes less popular or if a new edition is released. While you leave it on your bookshelf, you could be losing any chance of reclaiming the money you spent in the first place. Given how pricey textbooks often are, thats no small chunk of change!

How Do You Declutter School Papers

Heres How You Can Get Rid of and Declutter the School Papers to Finally Get Organized:

  • Get the FREE Guide to literally guide you through how to clear out the stacks of papers down below.
  • Get file folders
  • Get magnetic clips to hang up special work and to hang up study guides/spelling lists on your refrigerator.
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    Does Chegg Buy Books

    Chegg, the #1 textbook rental company, will pay you for your used textbooks. You can receive payment via American Express Gift Card, or Chegg credit. Just enter your ISBN, get a quote, and ship your books to Chegg. Chegg will inspect your book and pay you within 1-10 days depending on your payment method.

    What Should I Do With My Old College Textbooks

    Are My COMIC BOOKS Worth Anything? Determining VALUE of Comics (Rarity, Demand, Condition, Age)

    What to do With Leftover College Textbooks After You Graduate

  • Sell Them: Who doesnt want to make some cash!
  • Donate Them: Local libraries and other mom and pop bookstores are always looking for donations.
  • Recycle Them: If a local library or bookstore arent interested in your books, then take them to a nearby recycling center.
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    Why Do We Need Solutions

    The amount of waste generated from old textbooks is astounding. I bet you were not expecting those kinds of numbers above, right? Not shocked, read this: According to this article published by Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol in 2018, we have fewer than 18 years remaining before the landfills in the United States are at capacity. Some of those landfills may reach their limit in half of that time. These findings demand a response and change of behavior in our purchasing and discarding of books.

    Recycling textbooks can greatly improve our waste problem.

    As mentioned above, while the waste is not only from books a significant amount of items in landfills come from discarded books. Each book disposed of in a landfill adds up quickly. The United States is already exporting waste to other countries. These reasons alone should cause pause before throwing anything away, especially books.

    What To Do With Leftover College Textbooks After You Graduate

    You finished your college career, and now youre moving into your new apartment off campus. You still have all of those old college textbooks, and you dont know what to do with them. There may be nothing wrong with the books, but lets face itthey take up a ton of space. Plus, theyre generally pretty heavy. When youre living in a smaller area, you need all of the extra space that you can get. If you arent planning on keeping them, then there are a few options out there for you.

  • Sell Them: Who doesnt want to make some cash! Plus, those books cost a pretty penny, so it cant hurt to try and get a little bit back out of them. You can post your own listing on places like Facebook Marketplace, Let Go, or eBay. You can also sell them back to companies who buy back old books. You can look to Chegg, AbeBooks, Amazon, and Check with one of the buy back companies before you decide to sell them on your own. You may get a better deal from the buy back companies. Plus, its extra effort and time on your end to sell them off one by one on online postings. Old editions and books that are in poor condition may not be bought back for much money.
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    What Can You Do With Old Edition Textbooks

    Give your old edition textbooks to Goodwill or a service organization they will distribute books to prisons, alternative schools and libraries. While you may not receive direct money for this action, you can write it off on your taxes, but only for the actual value of the book at the time. Use the book.

    Students That Sell Textbooks Here Say

    I got this dictionary from my great grandmas house, along ...

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    “Thank you for such an easy and convenient buy back process! I got more for my books on your site than I got on any other site! You guys rock! You even bought back books that other sites would not buy. I am sold on selling my text books here!” – Tiffane L.

    • 900 Knell Rd, Dock 1, Montgomery, IL 60538


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    Does Amazon Buy Used Textbooks

    Amazon. Pros: The online retail giant will buy back almost every book imaginable through its Textbooks Trade-In program. When logged in, Amazon populates the buyback page with suggestions to sell of previous Amazon purchases. You can, though, trade in other books with an ISBN, and shipping is included.

    Why Cant I Return My Amazon Item To Kohls

    Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing which items are eligible for Kohls return before you purchase them. However, Amazon will take back most new and unopened items that were sold and fulfilled by Amazon within 30 days of delivery. Items purchased from third-party sellers are not eligible for free Kohls returns.

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    Book Value: How Much Is Your Book Worth

    The easiest way to know how much your copy of a book is worth on the open market is to check on how much similar copies are currently being offered for.

    Fill out this form with enough information to get a list of comparable copies.

    You probably don’t need to include every word of the title and author’s name. A couple of words from the title, and the author’s last name are generally enough to get a list of matches. Filling out too much can cause you to miss a copy that was listed slightly differently from what you are using.

    Tips For Selling Used Books

    Comic Book Pricing [Beginner’s Guide to Value]

    If youre thinking about selling your books, here are a few ways to maximize your profit:

    • Promote yourself. If youre selling textbooks directly to students or online, get the word out about your inventory. Ask around to see if anyone is taking the classes you just took and the condition of your booksespecially if they are in great shape for others to use after you.
    • Price accordingly. To sell quickly, you can price a competitive offer without selling yourself too short. Make sure youre setting your price at a rate youre comfortable with. If its too high, you could hold onto your book for much longer compared to someone who prices a book at a competitive rate.
    • Take lots of pictures. Pictures are critical to selling online. Potential buyers need to see every possible angle of a product to make sure theyre buying something worth the cost. Take more than enough shots, including any potential wear. If someone orders your book and it comes in worse than expected, you could face having to return the cash, then getting a negative rating online.
    • Have detailed descriptions. Its important to be as specific as possible in your descriptions of the product. Include size and dimensions, accurate conditions and anything else necessary. For instance, if you bought the book new and didnt mark up the pages, this might look more enticing for potential buyers compared to older used books.

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