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What Is The Cheapest College In Colorado

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College In Denver On A Budget

Coop programs for international students in Canada. Be aware! LP Group

The cost of living in Denver is above the national average due to one important statistic: housing prices. Apartment rates can be tough for college students on a budget. Check out the Denver Office of Economic Development for valuable information on affordable property listings, tenant-landlord issues and rent payment assistance.

Where to go for Help in Denver

A little digging, an extra phone call here and there, and purposeful surfing online can put you in touch with several non-profit organizations that can help make living in Denver that much more affordable. Below are some of them:

There are many more organizations that provide a wide range of social services to Denver residents, which you can check out at the United Way Denver website. They offer programs that help individuals make the transition from foster care to independent living, reading and literacy programs, feeding programs and several others. The website for Denverâs Road Home provides helpful information not only about homeless shelters and housing options, but also about health clinics, food banks and child care.

Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

Studying online in Colorado can simultaneously open up prospects in your career and in the great outdoors.

Online colleges in Colorado offer undergraduate and graduate degrees on a flexible, convenient schedule. Students may also find an online degree more affordable than on-campus options.

Online students can study through one of the four campuses within the University of Colorado System or through Colorado State University , which offers online programs through CSU-Global. CSU-Global is as the first independent, fully online public university in the United States. Online students can also attend technical and two-year institutions.

Online colleges in Colorado provide educational programs in disciplines that align with the state’s employment needs and opportunities. Manufacturing, health and wellness, and outdoor recreation are all big employers in the state, so many online programs in Colorado cater to those sectors.

The rankings below offer insight into what the best online colleges in Colorado are and how they can work for you.

Top 10 Online Colleges in Colorado 2021


Carolina College Of Biblical Studies

Fayetteville, NCSchool Website

Carolina College of Biblical Studies believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and is of supreme authority in all matters of life and faith. They are approved, through the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements, to offer distance education in 47 states and the District of Columbia. With a student to faculty ratio of 8:1, they offer two associates degrees and two bachelors degrees, 100% online in the fields of Biblical studies and leadership and ministry. Carolina College of Biblical Studies is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.


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University Of Montana Western

Dillon, Montana

Tuition: $5,502 or $16,644 University of Montana Western is part of the greater University of Montana system. Founded in 1893 as a teacher-training college, Western is now home to just over 1,200 students studying such areas as:

  • business

Durango, Colorado

Tuition: Free for qualifying Native Americans, or $5,609 , or $18,761 Fort Lewis College is an appealing choice for those interested in an affordable liberal arts institution in the Rocky Mountains. Located in the mountain town of Durango, Fort Lewis College was founded in 1911 as a military fort-turned-boarding school for Native Americans. Today, Fort Lewis College continues to provide a free education to qualifying Native Americans. The colleges approximately 4,000 undergraduate students have 32 bachelor degree programs to choose from, including the popular accounting, economics, music, and teacher education.

Ranked List Of The Most Afforable Colorado Colleges

The Cheapest Online Colleges of 2019

Are you an out-of-state resident from out-of-state wishing to pursue a college education in Colorado? As a student outside of Colorado, you’ll want to consider not only tuition costs, but also the fees associated to attending college in the state. Some of these fees may include room and board, school supplies, transportation, food, and utilities, for example. While out-of-state costs are usually more costly than in-state costs, Colorado does offer affordable out-of-state tuition and fees for foreign students. Check out our list of colleges with the lowest out-of-state cost in Colorado to discover what your options are.


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South Dakota Oglala Lakota College

  • Out of state tuition cost: $2,684
  • Total tuition cost: $12,034

Oglala Lakota College is the school with the third lowest out-of-state tuition costs on the list. South Dakota is already home to painfully significant moments in American history so it makes sense that the Oglala Lakota College seeks to preserve the culture and way of life that so many have lost their lives to preserve. The Oglala Lakota people have been a part of the region for hundreds of years. One of the main missions of Oglala Lakota College is to make sure that their way of life does not die out in the next hundred years. This is why the school is committed to continuous improvement and supporting the people of the area. As one of the first tribally controlled colleges in the United States, it has decades of experience in providing education to its student population. Current enrollment is above 1800 students enrolled in bachelor and master degrees.

  • Out of state tuition cost: $11,196
  • Total tuition cost: $19,296

How To Transfer College Credits In Colorado

Students in Colorado benefit from clear college credit transfer resources that make it easy to transfer courses and map out future pathways. With gtPathways, associateâs degree transfers, and the unique Degree Within Reach program, Colorado students are able to take advantage of excellent college credit transfer policies.

With the gtPathways program, students can complete a general education curriculum that is guaranteed to transfer and apply to gtPathways requirements for every liberal arts and sciences bachelorâs degree program at public Colorado institutions. This satisfies general education requirements for the degree. While the gtPathways curriculum is not guaranteed to satisfy all general education requirements for non-liberal arts degrees, all coursework is guaranteed to transfer.

Students who prefer to start taking courses at a community college can map out degree plans with detailed institutional transfer guides from the Colorado Department of Higher Education. These guides offer advice on what courses should be taken at a community college that will apply to bachelorâs degree requirements at a particular university.

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Maine University Of Maine At Fort Kent

  • Out of state tuition cost: $12,075
  • Total tuition cost: $23,485

The University of Maine at Fort Kent finds its home at the international crossroads of the state the St. John Valley. Close to Canadas Quebec and New Brunswick to the north, the University of Maine at Fort Kent is a unique place that is perfect for people looking for a rural atmosphere with modern academic standards. Students are attracted to UMFK because of its vicinity to Quebec City to the west and Bangor, Maine to the south. The rugged outdoor views and sports opportunities dont hurt either. The school prides itself on being able to provide one-on-one support for its students so that students get more for the time and effort they invest in their education.

The California Maritime Academy

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Canada for International Students. Lowest Tuition in 2021 Undergrad

Vallejo, Calif.

This is a very focused university, geared toward students seeking to pursue a career in the maritime industry. There are only six undergraduate majors: business administration, international business and logistics, facilities engineering, marine engineering technology, marine transportation and mechanical engineering. Students who want to work in ports or on the open sea, this is the university for you.

Tuition: $7,160

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University Of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Tuition: $12,086 or $36,220 CU-Boulder offers prospective students both a top-ranked education and the chance to live in a true mountain region for four-plus years. Situated in a lively college town, CU-Boulder is within a three hours drive to a whopping 11 different ski slopes. Rocky Mountain National Park is 45 miles away, while the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater is also a short drive. The university itself is part of the elite Association of American Universities. U.S. News & World Report has it ranked 96th on its list of the best schools in the country, plus #59 on its list of Best Colleges for Veterans and #137 in Best Value Schools.

Denver College Of Nursing

Denver, Colorado

Points: 3School Website

Denver College of Nursing is a private single-purpose college that prepares successful healthcare leaders and providers. Students may pursue online or on-campus programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Faculty members are recognized for their tutoring and academic advising as well as their open-door policies. The school enrolls students on a quarterly basis to help ensure smaller cohorts and class sizes. Professors make it a practice to provide one-on-one assistance. DCN offers four affordable programs:

  • associate degree in nursing
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Registered Nurse to BSN degree
  • Master of Science in Nursing.

The associate and bachelors degree programs prepare students to sit for the national nursing licensing examination upon graduation.

In-State Tuition: $10,033

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What Are The Lowest Cost Colleges In The Us

We scoured the list of US Colleges, looking for the ones that offered the most affordable tuition rates. While the primary criterion was the lowest tuition cost, we looked at other aspects that made the schools special, unique, and beneficial to students. The survey excluded community colleges and four-year colleges that did not offer multiple bachelors degree programs.

We also noted some important trends. Many states have upgraded and expanded community colleges into four-year degree institutions. These expansions often took the form of inductions into State University Systems and State College Systems. The addition of state resources and education standards helps ensure that students get high-quality education.

Educational costs in the form of tuition expenses and post-graduate student debt are important issues in American education. This review offers students information about access to high quality low-cost education, both on campus and online. Our results are based on In-State Tuition.

Our Methodology

Colorado Colleges That Are Easy To Get Into


Colleges with the Highest Acceptance Rate in Colorado for 2021

These are the least selective public and private four-year colleges in Colorado based on their admission rates. These colleges historically accept more than half of students who apply for admission. These are good safety schools for your college list and you should have a good chance on getting in if your grades and test scores are above or within their typical admission thresholds. Just because a school is less selective doesn’t mean it’s a lesser school academically and easy to get into for all students. Unless a college has guaranteed admission or accepts 100% of applicants, you still need sufficient grades to be accepted.

Use the filters on this page to narrow down the list based on your high school GPA, SAT and ACT scores. Once you do, your estimated admission chance will be displayed for each school. Additionally, you can filter the list by state, region or distance from your home to narrow down the list of colleges that are easiest for you to get into.

If you’re looking for colleges that have easy admission requirements, you can also explore rankings of Colorado colleges with the scores, scores and .

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Cheapest Colleges In Colorado By In State Total Cost

If you’re looking for an affordable university and you are a resident of Colorado these are the least expensive in state colleges to consider.

Affordable doesn’t simply mean finding a school with a low published in state total cost. It’s important to research the typical financial aid package offered by a school, the average net price actually paid and most importantly the quality of education you receive for your tuition dollar. Sometimes a school which appears cheap based on list price can be a poor relative value if it can’t award competitive financial aid or doesn’t offer a quality education. The list below is a ranking on published in state total cost with no consideration of actual average price paid or academic quality of the school. Please see the CollegeCalc best value colleges in Colorado list for a ranking which considers school quality and average net price.

Total cost may factor in an estimated off-campus living expense if a school doens’t provide housing. This estimate may vary widely by college. To view a rank by academic fees alone please see our Colorado tuition ranking.

The most affordable four year colleges in Colorado are listed by one year’s in state total cost list price for the 2018/2019 school year. Total cost includes tuition, room and board or estimated off campus living expenses, books and supplies and other fees.

Colorado’s Cheapest Colleges by In State Total Cost


Red Rocks Community College

  • In-State Tuition : $313.92
  • Out-of-State Tuition : $775.92
  • International Student Tuition : $775.92
  • Tuition Link

Another cheap college in Colorado is Red Rocks Community College, which is one that provides about 650 courses in 150 areas. Originally Red Rocks campus until it became Red Rocks Community College on July 1, 1983, and then opening another campus in 1990. It is the fifth-largest community college in Colorado, servicing students, including traditional students, ESL and international students, veterans, and students with disabilities.

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Montana State University Northern

Havre, Montana

Tuition: $5,480 or $17,312 Montana State University Northern is a rurally located member of the Montana State University system. The university is home to approximately 1,100 students. Just over 1,000 are undergraduates. Montana State University Northern is perhaps better known for its athletic offerings than it is its academic offerings. Northern competes in the Frontier Conference of the NCAA. Its many teams boast a number of professional athletes among its notable alumni.

Delaware Delaware State University

Top CHEAPEST colleges in Canada for International Students 2021|Affordable colleges in Canada
  • Out of state tuition cost: $16,904
  • Total tuition cost: $32,456

Delaware State University has a long and storied history as one of Americas Historically Black Colleges and Universities . Since its foundation in 1891 as the State College for Colored Students, DSU has become a melting pot of students from many different backgrounds. The school features a 65% African-American enrollment with a wide variety of students from many different countries and cultures. DSU offers 42 undergraduate degree options as well as 16 masters degrees and 5 doctoral degree programs. Set on a 356-acre campus, students love the close community feeling that the area brings. With a population of 4600 students, students will never feel like theyre just another face in the crowd.

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United States Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Points: 9School Website

The United States Air Force Academy is a military academy for officer cadets of the United States Air Force. The Academy offers a completely different, and entirely free, academic experience. Students attend the Academy for four years rigorous military training with academic programs including:

  • operations research,
  • economics and geosciences
  • aeronautics,

Since the campus is also an Air Force base, all incoming cadets complete basic training and must show self-discipline and stamina in order to graduate. After completing the program, graduates are commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force. Although the school reports an extremely selective acceptance rate of 12 percent, the completely free tuition and 8:1 student/faculty ratio make the United States Air Force Academy the most affordable bachelors degree-granting college in Colorado.

In-State Tuition: No Cost

Missouri Missouri Southern State University

  • Out of state tuition cost: $11,568
  • Total tuition cost: $22,621

Missouri Southern State University finds its home in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains. People come from all around the country to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the regions and the flowing waterways. Students of MSSU are able to enjoy these outdoor activities as well as take in the cultural, educational, and entertainment activities of Joplin, Missouri. Since its foundation in 1937, MSSU has provided educational opportunities for the residents of Southwest Missouri. Today this commitment to the community means staying relevant. To that end, MSSU has focused its efforts on developing competitive programs that are able to provide quality education to students in the rapidly changing times. In the last several years, the school has offered their in-state tuition rates to residents of the neighboring states of Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

  • Out of state tuition cost: $11,583
  • Total tuition cost: $22,158

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A Brief Overview Of Higher Education In Colorado

Students looking for institutions of higher learning in Colorado can choose from a variety of options, including public, nonprofit, and for-profit schools. As of the 2015-2016 school year, the NCES reported that Colorado housed almost 90 colleges and universities, enrolling more than 350,000 students at degree-granting postsecondary institutions.

Career And Salary Outlook For Students In Colorado

Top 20 cheapest private universities in US 2010

The best colleges in Colorado offer majors, minors, and certificates leading to multiple career opportunities. College graduates can attain the positions below either right out of school or after gaining some professional experience. These jobs provide a salary allowing workers to live comfortably throughout the state.

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District Of Columbia Gallaudet University

  • Out of state tuition cost: $16,558
  • Total tuition cost: $37,188

Gallaudet University is something truly special. For more than 150 years, this school has led the way in advancing the rights of deaf and hard of hearing students worldwide. In fact, Gallaudet University is the worlds only university designed to be barrier-free for deaf and hard of hearing students. Today students from more than 25 different countries attend school here in preparation for a wide range of careers. Gallaudet offers the worlds only Interpretation B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. Program in an American Sign Language immersive environment. As youd expect from a school so invested in this community, it is also the worlds largest publisher of books about and for the deaf community.

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