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What Do College Graduation Announcements Say

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Graduation Sayings To A Son

Graduation Announcements

Watching your child succeed can be one of the most rewarding moments in a parents life. Share just how proud of them that you are with one of our graduation sayings to a son.

  • What feels like the end is often the beginning. Cheers to your graduation, son!
  • The only way out is through and youve done it son. Congratulations on graduating and I wish you all the best.
  • Youve made your old man so happy. I cant wait to see what else you accomplish.
  • Youve made your mother so happy and I couldnt be more proud of you!
  • Congrats, son. Your graduation is a proud day for you and a dream come true for our family.
  • Great results come from hard work. You amaze me, son.
  • It seems like just yesterday you were just a kid starting high schoolnow youre a confident young man about to receive your diploma.
  • Hinting Could Land You Some Cash

    Not to sound too materialistic or anything, but in many cultures, giving out a monetary reward is extremely common. And for somebody whos about to embark in another chapter of their life, the extra money could be a great help to pay for new work clothes, apartment rent, and everything else that goes with being independent. You may also like baby announcement postcard designs and examples.

    Wording Examples For Graduation Announcements And Invitations

    School is outperhaps for good. And once you find that perfect announcement or invitation design, you can begin customizing it with your graduates special details. Whether youre planning a party befitting all their hard work or simply spreading the word, make sure your friends and family are in the know. Weve got examples on how to best word your graduation announcements and invitations below!

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    What Do You Say To A Highschool Graduate

    More formal

    • Congratulations on your well-deserved success.
    • Warmest congratulations on your graduation.
    • Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!
    • So happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you, too!
    • With love and pride today and always,

    How Much Money Should You Give A High School Graduate

    School Colors Graduation Announcements Yes I can say you ...

    According to, good etiquette when it comes to grad gifts is $20 to 50 for high school grads you are not close with. They say $50 to $100 is a good amount for closer friends and family members. The article also says that for college graduation, people spend between $100 and $500 on graduation gifts.

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    Graduation During A Difficult Time

    Graduation is supposed to be a time of joy, but sometimes life has other ideas. Here are some message ideas for when difficult personal, family or broader circumstances make it impossible to celebrate the way you and the graduate would have hoped.

    When Commencement Is Canceled

    • Of course, were disappointed we wont get to watch you walk across the stage like wed always dreamedbut that just means were going to celebrate you even bigger as soon as we get the chance!
    • Even though graduation is going to look different for you, the achievement is still the same. Youve put in the same hard work. Youve learned and grown so much. And I couldnt be prouder.
    • Were sorry youve had to let go of the graduation ceremony and celebrating youve been looking forward to for the past four years. We wish it could have been different, but we want you to know were still so proud of you and what youve achieved.
    • Its going to take more than a canceled graduation ceremony to stop me from blowing an air horn in your honor. Way to go, Grad!
    • You are still celebrated for this amazing accomplishment.
    • Aunque por el momento no podemos celebrar tu graduación, celebramos con orgullo tu logro.

    When the Graduate Is Struggling

    When the Future Feels Uncertain

    Helpful Tip: Its okay to be real in the face of hard circumstances. If the real you would say This sucks, then write This sucks. But dont leave it at that. Try to take your message in a more hopeful, caring direction from there.

    Y Date Time And Location

    It wouldnt be a party invitation without featuring key event details like the date, time, and location. Most graduation parties last for a few hours and usually take place in the late afternoon or evening.

    If youre happy to let the festivities continue without any time limits, let people know theyre welcome to stay late. Dont be afraid to buck the trend, though if your college grad would love a celebratory brunch instead, go ahead and make it happen.

    Even if youre hosting at home and most of your guests know where you live, include your full address with your invitations to save any guesswork.

    If youve invited loved ones from further away, include information thatll make their journey easier. Greenvelopes online invitations allow you to add travel details and offer a Google Maps integration to make travel a breeze.

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    What Should You Write In Graduation Announcements

    Amusingly, graduation announcements give room for artistic feels because it has no precise format. However, there is the need to put in more effort in making the graduation announcements professional, sleek, unique, and easy to read by taking note of graduation announcement etiquettes delivered by etiquette experts periodically. This goes a long way in maintaining a standard level of quality writing.

    Relevant information as regards the academic accomplishments such as your official name, year of graduation, name of the school, degree earned and vital, etc., are essentials of graduation announcements.

    While writing graduation announcements, quotes, wishes, or inspirational statements should be included to season your literature in a way that it creates the desired impression. The quotes should preferably emphasize the value of education, determination, and working hard.

    Note that if youre sending graduation announcements along with an invitation, youll need to make corresponding references to it while retaining clarity.

    Graduation Captions For Social Media

    Graduation Announcements | How To

    Due to current events, many graduations are turning virtual! Choose a funny graduation caption for social media to make the most of the event!

  • Spent four years at school to graduate in my living room
  • Spent four years in the classroom to graduate virtually
  • Finally done with this B.S.
  • Throw your caps in the air, like you just dont care
  • And just as you have graduated the adventure begins!
  • I didnt want to go to graduation anyway
  • Been taking online classes all year to prepare for this graduation
  • Cheers to all of the grads today and in the upcoming week who wont get the chance to walk across that stage!
  • Graduation 2021:The one where they were quarantined.
  • People judged me for taking online classes but now Im the most prepared for graduation
  • I thought college was gonna go fast but I didnt expect it to Zoom
  • Graduations may be canceled but the celebrations are not!
  • However you are celebrating the graduate in your life, send a card or gift that shows how truly proud you are. For ideas and inspiration explore all of our congratulations gifts meant to spoil every grad for all they have accomplished. We tip our hats to you graduates and wish you well on your future endeavors! Cheers!

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    Offer Advice For The Future

    Graduation often marks the beginning of a new chapter and is a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Whether you are younger or older than the grad, offer a piece of advice they can use to help navigate through the journey they are about to embark on. For inspiration jump to our inspirational graduation messages to pick the perfect way to send them off into the unknown.

    Now that you have explored the best tips and tricks for writing a heartfelt graduation card, peruse our graduation messages to select thoughtful words and phrases to include in your sign off or greeting. Weve covered every type of greeting below!

    A Guide To Writing A Graduation Announcement

    Creating a graduation announcement is a simple task that can be carried out successfully with the right attitude and mindset in place. There are a few things that you need to remember when creating a graduation announcement. Though these may be written formally or informally, depending on the situation at hand along with your personal preference, you still need to maintain proper etiquette when doing so. You may also like graduation greeting cards.

    Besides your name, photo, and graduation year, there are some other details that make up a graduation announcement such as the the following:

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    When You Cant Make It Graduation Messages

    Life can get complicated, so when graduation ceremonies get cancelled or you cant attend, send your warm wishes from afar. Choose one of our graduation messages that express your thoughts and hopes for the grad while celebrating apart.

  • Congratulations on your high school graduation, I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and your family.
  • Even though well miss seeing you in your cap and gown, we would never miss this chance to tell you were proud of you.
  • Sending warm thoughts and best wishes to a graduate were proud of.
  • Thinking of you with love and pride on your graduation day.
  • Happy graduation! Wish we could be there to see it.
  • I wish I could be at your graduation to tell you in person how proud I am of you.
  • We cant wait to see you next and celebrate your graduation!
  • Our warmest thoughts are with you as you celebrate today!
  • What Do You Write On A Graduation Post

    Graduation Announcements 2021: The 26 Most Stylish Cards ...

    Sweet Graduation Captions How lucky I am to have something, that makes saying goodbye so hard. Dont cry because its over. The best feeling in the world is knowing your parents are smiling because of you. Behind you, all your memories. May we continue to do amazing things in life. Youve sacrificed a lot for my future.

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    How To Create Graduation Invitations

    When it comes to invitations, you can choose to go the paper route or opt for digital options. Online invitations offer convenience and an eco-friendly alternative to paper invites. With paper invitations, youll have to put each one in an envelope, incur postage costs, and keep track of RSVP responses manually.

    On the other hand, you could choose online invitations like those from Greenvelope, which dont waste paper and save you time. The online dashboard makes it easy to customize your graduation invitations by adding music, Google Maps links to the event location, and your choice of colors, fonts, and designs. Best of all, RSVP tracking is done automatically, so you always know who has opened and responded to your invite.

    Its An Awesome Keepsake

    Fast forward to twenty years from now when youre rummaging through a shoe box of old stuff, finding a graduation announcement is sure to leave you with an intense feeling of nostalgia. This is a sentimental gift that you owe to your future self for all the hard work and sacrifices made to get you to where you are now.

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    Who Should Receive College Graduation Announcements

    You wouldnt send graduation announcements to anyone whom the graduate wouldnt recognize in person. Theyre sent to most family members, but for those outside of the family, announcements are only sent to people the graduate knows, not to those who have relationships exclusively with the parents of the graduate.

    When To Send Your College Graduation Invitations

    Virtual Graduation Announcement

    Like most events, youll want to give your guests enough notice so theyll have the date free to attend. Chances are theyll know that graduation season is coming up, so a grad announcement and invitation to a fun-filled bash wont come as a surprise.

    Send your invitations or graduation cards about two to three weeks before your event date. This gives your guests plenty of time to check their calendars and RSVP. It also means they can enjoy finding the perfect gift or planning their outfit without rushing. You know your guests best, so if theyre coming from a distance or have hectic schedules, you might want to let them know a little sooner.

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    Uses For Basic Invite Graduation Announcements And Graduation Invitations

    High School Graduation Announcements

    Any of the cards above can be used to create a memorable high school graduation announcement. Add your school information, graduation date and even your school colors for an instant preview.

    College Graduation Announcements

    The text on any of the cards above can be changed to fit your college as well as degree. Add additional lines of text if needed to your announcement to fit any additional information you want to share.

    Graduate School Graduation Announcements

    No matter what graduate program you are graduating from you can find a card to fit at You can personalize your design with your colleges colors as well as you can choose from over 150 fonts to help find the look that matches your style.

    Graduation Invitations

    Graduation invitations are slightly different that an announcement. An invitation will by used to invite friends and family to attend your actual graduation ceremony. You will need to include all of the appropriate information such as the date, time, and address of the event.

    Graduation Party Invitations

    Graduation from college or high school is a major accomplishment. So It only makes sense to celebrate. Basic Invite makes it easy to invite your friends and family to help celebrate such a big accomplishment with hundreds of designs that can be personalized with your text.

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    Celebrate Success With Greenvelope

    Graduation is one of the most important milestones in life. Its a time filled with gratitude and a sense of accomplishment after years of working towards a goal. With these graduation invitations, you can ask friends and family to join in the happy day and acknowledge this remarkable achievement.

    At Greenvelope, youll find stunning invitations for all of lifes celebratory moments. Whether youre looking for graduation card designs and grad party invites or birthday invitations and wedding invitations, weve got you covered. Plus, we offer a wide range of bridal shower invites, baby shower invitations, holiday party invites, birth announcements, and more. Whatever event it is, youll find beautiful options to mark the occasion with your personal style.

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    Who Should Send Out College Graduation Announcements

    Extended Family Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins whom you may not see every day, but who are a part of your life, will be excited to receive your graduation announcement. Even if they are too far away to attend the actual ceremony, theyll want to know the details and see the official announcement.

    What Is Included In A Graduation Announcement

    Graduation Announcements Wording Ideas, Verses and Sayings ...

    No matter if youre graduating with your doctorate degree or your diploma from high school, contents of graduation announcements dont vary a lot. Just make sure to include the following in your announcement so guests know the who, what, when, where and why of the big day. After youve got those details included, the rest is really up to you. You, as the grad-to-be, will choose if your announcement will be formal or informal, straight forward or affectionate and whether or not to include a photo. Just ensure your graduation announcement card includes:

    • Full Name

    Laura will be taking a gap year and attending the University of Washington

    In the fall of 2016 to pursue a degree in Child Development

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    What To Write On Graduation Announcements

    Are you wondering what to put on graduation announcements? The graduation announcement wording you choose to include on your correspondence should reflect your own personality and style. Graduation announcements serve as the beginning of a long line of traditional personal correspondence. And if done correctly, will make a touching impact. Youll want your announcement to be sleek, easy to read and unique to you. Along with important information, a graduation announcement can include an inspirational graduation quote to set the overall tone for the ceremony and celebrations that follow. A few words or graduation wishes that highlight the importance of education and hard work would make for a great addition to your announcement.

    Aside from tone and aesthetic, there are some important logistics youll need to include in your grad announcement. Youll want to retain clarity and be straight-forward all the while showing off your excitement with the words you include. If you are sending out invitations along with your announcements, youll also want to reference out guide to graduation invitation wording. With all of these resources you can reassure youre using proper etiquette and that your good news will get to where its going!

    The most important information to make sure appears on your graduation announcements are as follows:

    • Full Name
    • Date of Graduation

    Make A Social Media Post

    A social media announcement might seem a little informal and a bit out there, but if you dont mind sharing the big news to over five hundred of your Facebook friends, then theres nothing stopping you from doing what you want. It could be a lengthy post expressing the struggles endured over the years, along with an expression of gratitude towards the people who made everything possible.

    But if you arent one with the time to put so much effort into a single post, then a photo with a brief caption would do. Its a simple graduation announcement that does not require any resources to begin with.

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    Its A Great Way To Celebrate Another Milestone

    Lets not forget all the emotional breakdowns, the ten-minute cramming sessions before an exam, and the late nights spent studying at the local library. You did everything you could to come out on top. A graduation announcement is the perfect chance to let everyone know that youve finally achieved a dream youve worked so hard to reach. You may also check out college graduation speech examples.

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