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What Colleges Have Rotc For Navy

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Find An Army Navy Or Air Force Rotc Program

An Inside Look at Military Colleges and ROTC

Use the search tool below to search the more than 1000 colleges and universities offering ROTC programs. While the branch ROTC programs are very similar in style and requirements, each one prepares graduates for a very different career in military service. While the Army ROTC is the largest and most popular branch of ROTC, the requirements are very similar for all branches. Applicants must meet certain age and academic requirements as well as pass a physical fitness test. Students may also qualify for scholarships based on similar academic and physical achievements.

What Is The Reserve Officers Training Corps

Though conception of the ROTC program and the Reserve goes as far back as 1819, Congress formally created the ROTC program in the National Defense Act of 1916. The first ROTC class started that year, at Harvard. Students can join junior ROTC in high school and ROTC in college.

ROTC requirements do not include bootcamp, but participants, also called cadets, agree to enroll in the military after graduation if they receive a scholarship. The number of required service years varies depending on the scholarship received and which career and branch of the military you choose. Non-scholarship students can complete the two-year ROTC basic course during college without committing to military service after graduation.

ROTC scholarships cover two, three, or four years of college and may cover full tuition and fees. Students may also receive a book allowance and a monthly stipend up to $5,000 per year. Specific scholarship benefits vary depending on the type of student and branch of the military .

ROTC colleges attract students interested in serving in the military and earning a degree. ROTC cadets gain leadership skills and discipline that can serve them in other careers.

Navy / Marine Corps Scholarships

  • Four-Year Scholarship: Full tuition, partial fee coverage, $750 book stipend, uniforms, and subsistence allowances are provided to students enrolling in a four-year degree program at participating NROTC colleges.
  • Deadline: Students should begin the applications process during their junior year of high school. The deadlines are at the end of January for the school year you are applying for. Contact a Navy recruiter for complete timeframes.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Select a Tier 1-3 college major
  • Receive minimum scores of 520 Math and 530 Verbal on the SAT and 21 Math and 22 English on the ACT
  • Pass the Marine Corps physical fitness test
  • Minimum combined score of 1000 on the SAT and a minimum combined score of 22 on the ACT
  • Minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test score of 74
  • Service Commitment:
  • A minimum of five years for most applicants, 12 years for medical or dental school students
  • At least four years for Marine Corps or Navy Nurse Corps scholarships
  • Two- or Three-Year Scholarships: Full tuition, partial fee coverage, $750 book stipend, uniforms, and subsistence allowances provided to students for the remainder of their bachelor’s program at a participating NROTC college.
  • Deadline: Speak with a Navy recruiter for precise deadlines. Applications are generally due at the end of January during the year you wish to enroll.
  • Application Requirements:
  • Meet the basic requirements of the four-year NROTC scholarship
  • Minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.5
  • Service Commitment:
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    Military Academies Colleges & Junior Colleges

    Military schools and academies offer students another venue to obtain a college degree and graduate ready to serve as a military officer. They fall into the following categories:

    Some of the most widely known and well-respected higher education institutions in the country are the federal service academies. Gaining entrance into one of these storied institutions is a rigorous endeavor. Applicants must typically receive a nomination from a U.S. senator or congressperson, though the USCGA does not require this. Students should also be well above average with regards to grades and extracurricular activities, particularly for West Point, Annapolis and Air Force.

    Navy Nurse Corps Nrotc Program

    The Top 10 ROTC College Programs
    • Available to students interested in pursuing bachelor of science degree in nursing .
    • If selected for scholarship, selectee must major in a nursing degree program leading to BSN.
    • On graduation, Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program midshipmen commissioned as reserve officers in Navy Nurse Corps.
    • Nurse NROTC eligibility and selection procedures same as regular four-year NROTC Scholarship Program requirements.
    • Academic, physical and military requirements differ slightly from regular NROTC.
    • Nurse NROTC Scholarship Program not for those pursuing any other medical program.
    • Each unit professor of Naval Science is assigned two Tweedale Scholarships each year.
    • Program focused on students majoring in specific technical fields.

    Criteria for selection:

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    Should I Consider Rotc At College

    Students should weigh the pros and cons of applying for ROTC colleges. Participating in ROTC can lead to substantial academic funding, making it possible to earn a degree completely tuition-free and without accumulating a large debt. ROTC scholarships are not retroactive, so the sooner you decide to apply, the better.

    ROTC graduates skip entry-level positions after finishing school, moving right into management and leadership roles as officers in the U.S. Armed Forces. They continue to develop versatile leadership skills while completing their military service, which civilian employers frequently prize.

    ROTC requirements include completing ROTC classes and military training while in college. Scholarship recipients must also devote years to mandatory military service after graduation. As enlisted members of the military, they run the risk of being deployed while serving.

    This is a big commitment that students should not take lightly. Discuss this important decision with family, academic advisors, and ROTC recruiters before applying to the program.

    Air Force Rotc Colleges And Universities

    The following lists all the current colleges and universities with Air Force ROTC Detachments.

    The host university is linked and has the ROTC detachment. Those institutions bulleted under each host university are those that participate through the linked school.

    For more information about any of the detachments, follow the links to their main page. This list is for information purposes only, so please contact each ROTC detachment directly for assistance.

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    Attend Army Rotc No Matter Where You Are In Your Journey

    Basic Course

    This is for you if you’re a freshman or sophomore in college. Learn basic military skills and the fundamentals of leadership as you start your journey towards being a respected leader in the Army.

    • An elective that anyone can take without making a military commitment
    • It normally involves one elective class and lab each semester, along with the required physical training and field training exercises

    Basic Camp

    This is for you if you’re joining Army ROTC after your first two years of college or if you’re transferring schools. Practice leadership roles in a team dynamic, and get helpful feedback so you can grow as a leader. Graduate prepared to lead others as a second lieutenant in the Army.

    • An accelerated alternative to the Basic Course that qualifies you for enrollment in the Advanced Course
    • A 31-day training event of intense classroom and field training held in the summer at Fort Knox, KY

    Advanced Course

    This is for you if youre a junior or senior and you are making a commitment to become an Army Officer. Learn advanced military strategies, and practice working as a team while you create and carry out plans and decisions as a leader.

    • Must complete the Basic Course or Basic Camp to qualify

    Advanced Camp

    This is for you if you’ve enrolled in the Advanced Course. It is designed to train and test all Army ROTC cadets through leadership development exercises in real-world scenarios.

    Is The Rotc Right For Me

    How the Military Can Pay For College | ROTC Program

    JROTC and ROTC programs can provide teenagers and adults with excellent ways to jumpstart their careers. Some of the benefits of these programs include extensive academic funding, specialized military training, leadership development, fitness maintenance, professional development and team-driven experiences. However, students must agree to long-term service commitments with military branches, which range from 3 to 12 years, depending on scholarship acceptance, career choices, and the types of degrees you pursue. When it comes to the ROTC, you are essentially deciding whether or not youll devote a significant portion of your early adult life to military service and goals.

    Pursuing a ROTC scholarship or training program comes with a legally binding contract that obligates you fulfill the requirements of active duty service upon graduation or dropping out of the ROTC program. Think about this decision very carefully, ask questions, discuss your plans with your family, and weigh your options with academic advisors. ROTC programs are not for everyone, but those who have the dedication, drive, and discipline to make it to graduation will benefit from a stable route through college, diverse career opportunities, and a service experience certain to impact them for the rest of their lives.

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    Do You Need Rotc To Be An Officer

    Officer careers require a college degree. They offer great responsibility and personal satisfaction for those who decide to pursue them. Officer Candidate School , known as Officer Training School in the Air Force, is an officer program for recruits who have a four-year degree and did not do an ROTC program.

    Can I Join Navy And Go To College

    Join the NavycollegeNavalcollegeYou canyoucollege

    • ALABAMA. Auburn University. Marion Military Institute.
    • ALASKA. University of Alaska, Fairbanks.
    • ARIZONA. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott.
    • ARKANSAS. Arkansas State University.
    • CALIFORNIA. California Polytechnic State Univ.
    • COLORADO. Colorado State University.

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    Rotc In Undergraduate And Graduate School

    ROTC colleges combine academic coursework with military training. Undergraduate and graduate masters students can participate in ROTC. ROTC cadets receive substantial leadership training, a valuable skill for future careers managing people. Their leadership skills make ROTC graduates stand out from classmates and look attractive to many employers, particularly in business.

    ROTC colleges combine academic coursework with military training.

    ROTC provides a career path after graduation, when students complete their required service in the U.S. military. While enlisted, they manage soldiers and equipment. This helps ROTC participants land civilian jobs in business, government, and other sectors.

    Does The Marine Corps Have Rotc

    Top NROTC Colleges in the United States Get more ...

    3.9/5haveROTC MarineofferROTC

    Similarly, what colleges have Marine Corps ROTC?

    Overview of Colleges with Marine NROTC

    • University of Lincoln – Nebraska.
    • North Carolina State University.
    • University of San Diego.

    Also, are ROTC cadets in the military? As an ROTC cadet, you are not in the army. Unlike West Point cadets , you are not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. You may be attending Airborne or Air Assault School with West Point cadets.

    Similarly one may ask, what is Nrotc marine option like?

    Navy ROTC Marine Corps Option. The purpose of the program is to educate and train highly qualified young men and women for careers as commissioned officers in the United States . The units are located at selected colleges and universities throughout the United States.

    How do you get a Marine ROTC scholarship?

  • Assume leadership roles within their NROTC battalion.
  • Complete all requirements for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Complete mandatory courses that cover naval sciences, ethics, management and maritime warfare.
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    Top Nrotc Colleges In The United States

    Interested in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps? Wondering which colleges had the best programs for NROTC? If you would like to join the NROTC at one of the U.S. universities as a part of the college program, here is a list of the Top Navy ROTC Colleges that will help you in your hard searching for your goal.

    The NROTC is a scholarship based commissioning program. Individuals in the program receive full tuition scholarships and are commissioned as officers in either the United States Navy or United States Marine Corps.

    The Navy ROTC Program educates and trains qualified young men and women for service as commissioned officers in the Navys unrestricted line, the Navy Nurse Corps and the Marine Corps. Explore our given methodology and choose the best one according to your interest and requirements. Good luck!!

    Apply Now:

    Navy And Marine Corps Rotc

    The Navy ROTC program, offered at 77 colleges in the U.S., is the largest source of Navy officers. Future Marine Corps officers can also join the Navy ROTC. Students complete a combination of academic courses and military training and enlist in the Navy or Marine Corps after graduation.


    To qualify for the Navy ROTC scholarship program, applicants must graduate from high school before August 1 of the year they plan to attend college. High school students can start the Navy ROTC application in the second semester of their junior year. They can apply for the Navy, Marine Corps, or Nurse scholarship program.

    Students with 30 or more college semester credits cannot apply for a four-year scholarship, but may qualify for the two- or three-year option. Scholarship applicants must major in a Navy ROTC-approved subject such as mechanical engineering, systems engineering, astrophysics, or oceanography.


    The national Navy ROTC scholarship program covers most or all tuition, mandatory fees, three summer cruises, uniforms, and naval science textbooks for as long as it takes for the student to earn a bachelors degree . Recipients get a textbook stipend and a monthly subsistence allowance that increases each year of college. The Navy ROTC also offers two- and three-year scholarship benefits.

    Scholarship recipients must commit to three to five years of active-duty military service depending on which Navy ROTC program option they choose .




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    Austin Peay State University

    Located in the heart of a military townClarksville, TennesseeAPSU offers students in the AROTC program a chance to train trained with seasoned military officials at top-of-the-line facilities. ROTC cadets learn the ins and outs of military training here with high-quality simulations and realistic training drills. Along with the AROTC , APSU offers a National Guard program that lets students train to serve on a state level. And even though you cant join the AFROTC , you can take advantage of the APSUs crosstown status and join AFROTC at Tennessee State University. Not sure which branch to join? No problem. APSU can help you make that decision with its initiatives, Leaders Training Courses, or LTC, and a Cadet for a Day. Both programs give students a feel for the military life so you know what to expect before you sign the dotted line.

    Military Training In High School

    ROTC Documentary

    The U.S. military offers Junior ROTC programs at high schools and some middle schools around the country. This less intensive version of ROTC develops character, patriotism, citizenship, and respect for the Armed Forces. Students learn about the branches of the military and participate in group physical education.

    JROTC helps students decide if they want to join ROTC in college or enroll in the military right after high school. ROTC programs accept applicants with no JROTC experience.

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    For High School Students

    Many U.S. high schools have 3- to 4-year JROTC programs run by various branches of the military. You may be eligible to enroll in your schools JROTC program starting in 9th grade. Weve provided links below to the detailed curriculum offerings for each type of JROTC, along with details about co-curricular activities you can participate in as a high school cadet.

    • Army : Raider Fitness Challenges, drill formations, air rifle competitions, and first aid for emergencies
    • Navy : Navigation instruction, communication electronics, drill ceremonies, ship handling, naval science
    • Air Force : Flying model programs, drill formations, flight science, management principles, astronomy
    • : Color guard, drill formations, air riflery training, volunteer service, color guard ceremonies
    • Coast Guard : Nautical science, drill formations, calisthenics activities

    As a high school student, you can still prepare to enter a college ROTC program, even if you havent participated in JROTC. Start researching prospective ROTC programs early so you have time to apply for training and scholarships.

    Is Getting An Rotc Scholarship Hard

    Generally speaking, its not too hard to join ROTC. The difficulty in joining increases with your year of college, the easiest being your freshmen year. Even if you cant pass a PT Test when you begin your freshmen year, most of the other Cadets will be willing to help you get to that point so you can stay in.

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    How Do I Join The Navy With A Bachelors Degree

    Navy OCS applicants need a bachelors degree in any field from an accredited college. All candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who must be fluent in English. The minimum age for enlistment is 17, and the maximum age is 34. You must pass a background check to join the Navy as an officer candidate.

    Learn More About Rotc Scholarships Service Commitments And Requirements

    Basic Team â Penn State NROTC

    The Reserve Officer Training Corps was founded with the passage of the National Defense Act in 1916 and is now offered at more than 1,100 colleges across the country. In addition to providing an avenue for college students to works towards commission as an officer in the armed forces, the ROTC also offers participants grants and other opportunities to college students as part of their agreement to service.

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    The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

    UNC-Chapel Hill Naval ROTC is an outstanding way for you to become a midshipman en route to earning a commission as an officer in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. As a member of the Naval ROTC program at UNC-Chapel Hill, you will experience things that some other college students only dream of doing. You will be training to become a leader of Sailors and Marines, a duty and responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. While your training and education are the primary focus of NROTC, remember that this is UNC-CH, not the Naval Academy you will have a life beyond the U.S. Navy during your four years here.

    Grad Rate: 89%Apply Now:

    Student Army Training Corps

    During World War I, the United States created the Student Army Training Corps in an effort to encourage young men to receive both a college education and train for the military simultaneously. Those young men who did exceptionally well in the SATC classes were recommended for classes in the ROTC.

    On February 10, 1918, the War Department created the Committee on Education and Special Training. The purpose of this committee was to assess the needs of the military branches and attend to said needs. Seeing a drastic need for trained soldiers, the Student Army Training Corps was created to provide “special training for men entering the service through voluntary induction”. Training camps were held in the summer of 1918 to prepare institutions with at least one-hundred male students for the induction of the SATC that fall. Training started July 18 and lasted for sixty days.

    The SATC officially began on October 1, 1918. It was located on 525 educational institutions and inducted 200,000 total students on the first day. Unlike the Selective Service Draft, enrollment in the SATC was completely voluntary. However, doing so gave you the rank of private in the United States army, therefore this was not a way of avoiding enlistment. While attending the SATC did allow for young men to stay on the home front, the ultimate goal of this was creating trained soldiers for the military.

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