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How To Get Free Stuff From Colleges

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Cool Things To Grab For Free With A Student Email Account

How to get 100’s of FREE college shirts and gear Tutorial

Did you know youre entitled to a lot of free stuff as a student? Well if you dont, you are going to jump with joy because there a lot of free things you can get with a Student .edu email account.

If youre studying in a college or university, you most probably have an Edu email account that your institution provided you with. If you dont have it, head straight over to the IT support department to make you one. Its not only useful for coordination with your teachers and administration, but it also brings you some incredible software and services.

Once you have your email account, just go through the list of items in this guide and grab whatever you want from it.

Free Food And Drinks For College Students

Students can get food for free either by showing their student ID or by joining loyalty and rewards programs that allow them to earn free food.

There are also apps that can get students free food as well.

Below, Ill cover restaurants and fast food places where college students can get free food. And Ill also include apps for getting free food too!

Use Your Student Id To Get Discounts On Your Streaming Services

Your college ID will help you get discounts on your favorite streaming services.

  • Paramount+ offers a 25% discount on a standard subscription . Thats $3.74 less per month.
  • Discovery+ offers students $2 off, making the service $3/month.
  • Apple TV is bundled with an Apple Music subscription for students. This makes both services $5/month total.
  • YouTube Premium offers students a $5 discount which makes the service $7/month for ad-free YouTube and unlimited access to YouTube music.
  • MLB is giving students free access to watch baseball games when they sign up with

And NBCUniversals Peacock service is always free for the base account. While were talking about streaming services, youll want to know about all the streaming services offering free access.

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Plays Musical Productions And Guest Speakers

In addition to offering free student admission to some of their sporting events, many schools also offer free student admission to plays, musical productions, and guest speakers.

One of the great things about attending a large university is that these schools occasionally have some very interesting guest speakers to check out. You may be able to listen to a lecture from a famous politician, actor, or another well-known figure.

Use Your Student Id To Get Discounts On Travel

Dollar Tree DIY College Survival Kit &  Free Printable Card ...

Here are some of the best deals for traveling while getting your degree:

  • Amtrak gives a 15% discount to students on all tickets.
  • Greyhound offers a 10% discount on all student tickets.
  • Zipcar gives discounts based on which university you attend.
  • Check your local Metro station to see if there are any discounts. For example, the DC Metro gives free passes to students, and New York gives three free rides a day for students.

There are many more ways to save while traveling.

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Free Resume & Editing Services

Almost every college or university will have resources in place to help students with their resume or essay editing. Usually, these services are located in the library or career service building, but they are seriously underutilized.

If you pay a professional to edit your resume or essay, youre looking at a pretty hefty bill. Next time you need help with career guidance or improving your grades, be sure to poke your head around campus or to check your colleges website.

Chances are, theres a way to find free help from trained professionals or, at the very least, other students with some training.

Memberships To Professional Organizations

Many professional organizations offer free memberships to students who are studying to enter the professions they represent.

If you are training for a specific career like an engineer, accountant, or something else, be sure to check with the professional organizations in your field to see what they offer students. Perks you may be able to take advantage of include mentoring, networking events, access to job boards, and other important things that can help you launch your career.

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Sign Up To Company Newsletters

You never know when a company will be running a giveaway and whilst you might not want to sign up to hundreds of newsletters you could pick a few of your favourites. Don’t forget to use your alias email address.

We try to keep an eye out for as many as possible but you never know what we might miss. Just don’t forget to let us know about any you do find.

Best Freebies & Discounts For College Students 2020

How I Emailed 1700 Colleges Asking for a Free Shirt (it worked)

  • OpenStax. OpenStax is a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University. It provides high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks that you can read for free!
  • AACC Bookstore. You can get digital textbooks at no cost from the AACC Bookstore.
  • Textbook Revolution. Textbook Revolutions provides PDF versions of textbooks in a wide range of subjects from Mathematics and Physics to Health Sciences & Medical.
  • Bookboon. Bookboon offers a selection of textbooks that are written by professors from the worlds best universities. You can find awesome books there, across a wide range of subjects.
  • 319 People Used

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    Preparing Your Outreach Tool

    Getting info in the hands of busy college admissions or outreach personnel is not simple. My approach starts with a simple form letter. I drafted it in my first year working at my school and, apart from making a few updates, send it out each year to schools. Each year without fail I get awesome info and materials to promote their school and a college going culture on campus.

    Pennants, pens/pencils , cups, sunglasses!, posters, shirts, view books, flash drives, headphone splitters, lanyards, ponchos, and more are all examples of things I get each year from schools. You can too! I am currently working on stocking up on pennants to line an area of our senior hallway. I already have them lining the top of my walls in my office and the college/career area of the main office. The template for the letter is available on my Teachers Pay Teachers site . Keep reading and there is a bundle also available that includes 24 contact lists ready for mail merged labels. It is formatted to fit onto our school letterhead and I include a business card and copy of our school profile when I send them out .

    Download The Pocket Points App

    Pocket Points is a fantastic app that earns you a variety of fantastic freebies for simply staying off your phone while in class. Picture it as an incentive to stay focused while at school.

    For every minute youre not using your phone, the app will reward you with points, in which you can then cash out for a variety of freebies from local merchants. The freebies tend to rotate, but it can range from free food to even exclusive discounts.

    If you feel you can stay off your phone while on campus, its a great way to earn rewards for doing basically nothing.

    This app is 100% free to download.

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    Colleges And Sites That Give Away Free College Shirts

    Free College Shirts: Getting free clothes is almost always a positive thing, especially when they are brand new.

    In this post, we have collected tons of ways to get a free t-shirt from various universities and companies that send you their freebies by mail.

    More importantly, who gives away free T-shirts?

    Companies, brands, and organizations love to market and advertise to as many potential customers as possible, and giving away t-shirts is a good way to advertise. Anyone who wears their t-shirts becomes an advertising medium.

    So these companies get to advertise, and you get free clothes. Everybody wins!

    Clothing Shoes And Accessories

    Make this DIY College Survival Kit with our free printable ...

    Need to build that back-to-campus wardrobe? Many retailers offer college discounts online and in-person.

    You may be eligible for 10%-20% off your purchase at retailers like these, who run frequent deals for students :

    13. ASOS: 10% off with valid student email

    14. Banana Republic: 15% off in stores with a valid ID

    15. Boohoo: Up to 50% off with StudentBeans account

    16. Club Monaco: 15% off via email code to shop online or present ID in stores

    17. Dockers: 20% off through UNiDAYS

    18. Express: 5% off online and in-store, must have UNIDAYS account

    19.Forever 21: 15% off with UNiDAYS account

    20. Frye: 15% off, must have UNiDAYS account

    21. J. Crew: 15% off online for students and teachers with valid ID

    22. Kate Spade: 15% off online, must have UNIDAYS account

    23. Medelita : 20% after you send a pic of your student ID

    24. Madewell: 15% off online or in stores with valid student or teacher ID

    25. TOMS: 15% off with UNiDAYS account

    26. Topshop: 10% off with StudentBeans account

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    Free Stuff For Being In College

    Almost everything about college is expensive, so students should at least take the one advantage of getting free stuff while in school. Many companies provide deals for college students that you can access with either an .edu email or your student I.D. card. Not only do companies do this, campuses also offer free things if you know where to look.

    1. Sumpto- This is a startup company based in New York that rewards college students that have an .edu email and a Facebook. You earn a Sumpto score as you go along and the higher the score gets the better the rewards. Everything is completely free! Recent rewards have included the iLuv Selfy, caffeine water, and a tin of cookies.

    2. Viggle- This is an app that gives users prizes just for watching TV and listening to music. Every college student goes on a few Netflix binges, so why not get something out of that time? All you have to do is download the app, point your phone at the television or speakers, and let it listen to the song or show you are watching. For every minute that the app listens to your activity, youll earn one point and they add up to gift cards and rewards.

    4. Facebook Pages- Accounts like Free Stuff For College Students! are out on the internet to solely inform students on all the things available to them. They will report the latest freebies and attach links for you to easily access them. They talk about everything from food, to personal products, and free starbucks coffee.

    Other Universities That Give You Free College Shirts

    As you saw earlier in this article, many people have emailed thousands of colleges trying to get a free shirt. Usually, they only get a small percentage of responses back.

  • Alabama State University
  • The Art Institute of Phoenix
  • Grand Canyon University
  • University of Phoenix
  • Arkansas Baptist College
  • Art Center College of Design
  • Art Institute of Southern California
  • Bethesda Christian University
  • California College for Health Sciences
  • California Institute of Technology
  • California Institute of the Arts
  • California Lutheran University
  • Design Institute of San Diego
  • DeVry Institute of Technology
  • Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
  • Fresno Pacific University
  • Mount St. Marys College
  • Mt. Sierra College
  • Notre Dame de Namur University
  • Occidental College
  • Saint Marys College of California
  • San Diego State University
  • Southern California Institute of Architecture
  • Stanford University
  • University of California
  • University of California
  • University of San Diego
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    Top 50 Free Stuff For College Students

    Going to college is an expensive affair. The tuition fees are skyrocketing, and since youll be staying away from your parents, you have to put in money for the dormitory or an apartment. Lets not forget the minor expenses like stationery and study material, new clothes, and traveling expenses. Youll be glad to know that many websites like Cashbackbase and stores offer free stuff for college students.

    Free Stuff For Students 15 Ways To Score Freebies For College Students

    How to get FREE stuff in college

    posted on This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

    Lets face it: college is an incredibly expensive life stage.

    For most of us, its also a life stage where money is tight. Therefore, its no surprise that 70% of college students feel stressed about their finances, according to a study conducted at Ohio State.

    Thankfully, there are a variety of freebies for students that can help cut down on monthly expenses to make college life more manageable.

    Now, while free things for students are great, these are obviously extra saving tips that go beyond the basics. There are more foundational strategies to save money in college that I recommend. However, free money is never a bad thing, so keep this list in mind as well.

    Time to break down the 14 best ways to score freebies for college students!

    Tired of overpaying for your phone bill? Checkout:

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    Windows 10 Education For Students

    Aside from Office365, Microsoft also offers Windows 10 Education for Students, an operating system designed solely for college students.

    Said to have more features than Home or Pro, its considered to be Microsofts most robust version. To learn more about it and the features it offers, be sure to follow the link to learn more.

    Like most of the deals, you will have to prove your academic affiliation before being able to download.

    How To Get Free Shirts From Colleges

    Advertising Disclosure

    In todays freebie guide, I wanted to offer some tips as to how you can get free shirts from colleges near you. While the advice Im about to offer isnt guaranteed, it may increase your chances at a freebie. Depending on the college youre contacting, your odds will vary, but it may work. You cant win if you dont try, right?

    So, whether you want to support a college because you went there or maybe you just like their football team, I hope these tips help you land a free college t-shirt at your doorstep.

    Remember, this isnt guaranteed, but it may help. Just dont get mad at me if you dont luck out.

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    Free Eye Exams Dental Checkups Haircuts & Physiotherapy

    Now, this category isnt exactly a student freebie since part of your tuition is dedicated to covering these sorts of services.

    However, if you cant opt-out of paying for these services, you might as well make the most of them. Most schools cover a portion of health-related expenses up to a certain dollar value, and the quality isnt bad at all.

    I opted-out of my dental plan, but I got regular eye exams on campus for free. Some of my friends took advantage of the physio program, and even if you arent hurt, you can go for a massage to destress.

    Start Saving Money Today

    What You Need for College Dorm Life

    I hope this guide has helped you see just how many chances you have to save money as a student.

    To be clear, I dont want you to purchase anything that you dont need. The best way to save money is to avoid spending it to begin with.

    But if you are going to make a purchase, you might as well take advantage of the deals available to you.

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    Companies That Send Out Free Tshirts

    Who says no to a free tshirt?

  • Daily Goodie Box – Grab a GIANT box of free samples from some of the world’s most popular brands.
  • Try Products – What’s better than one giant box of free stuff? TWO giant boxes of free stuff. Join Try Products to get even more free samples shipped right to you.
  • Opinion Outpost – Work with companies like Nike, Sony, and Apple and get paid to test out their latest products!
  • More importantly, who gives away free tshirts?

    Companies, brands, and organizations love to market and advertise to as many potential customers as possible, and giving away tshirts is a good way to advertise. Anyone who wears their tshirts becomes an advertising medium.

    So these companies get to advertise, and you get free clothes. Everybody wins!

    Todays post features a list of these companies and brands that give away free tshirts and links to where you can get them.

    The Amazon Student Discount Gets You 6 Months Of Prime For Free

    offers free two-day shipping, a massive video library, and LOADS more. Instead of paying $119 for a year, offers the first six months free, and then a student rate of $59/year or $6.49/month.

    NOTE: After six months, youll automatically be upgraded to Amazon Prime at 50% off , but you can cancel at any time.

    2. Use Amazon Student discount to save on entertainment, food, and more.

    also offers Amazon Music Unlimited and SHOWTIME for just $0.99 a month as a student exclusive from time to time as well as discounts on textbook and etextbook rentals, so jump on the student freebies while you can!

    Here are a few more things you can get with an Amazon student discount:

    • Grubhub+ Student: Free delivery on all meals
    • Calm: three-month free subscription. Afterward, youll only have to pay $8.99 for a year subscription
    • StudentUniverse: 10% off flights and hotels
    • CourseHero: One month free. Then itll be $9.95/month

    Plus, when youre an , you get some great benefits.

    Discounts on Subscriptions for College Students

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