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What Is The Best College For Sports Management

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Bachelors Of Sports Management : How To Get Admission In A Good College

Best colleges for sports management degree

Candidates who want to pursue BSM in a good college should follow the guidelines mentioned below.

  • Candidates are required to have good grades in their previous examinations .
  • Candidates are also required to have a good knowledge of the syllabus and questions asked in the entrance exam.
  • Candidates are required to have a good sports background and excellent athletic skills.

What Is Sports Management

Some love sports. Some love taking chances and challenges. These traits, together, make a winning combination for a career in sports management, which includes any and every business aspect of sports and recreation.

The field is vast. Sport managers can be found working for professional teams, their parent programs , colleges and universities, recreational departments and sports marketing firms. They can be event managers, facility managers, sports economists, financial, promotion or information experts.

They can run the front office, work behind the scenes or act as the interface between players, coaches and the media. In all of these sports management roles, energy, motivation, good sportsmanship and teamwork are considered strong assets.

What Kinds Of Companies Hire Sports Managers

The demand for professional sports managers is much stronger than one might initially think. An individual who has earned their bachelors degree in sports management can more than likely find themselves working for one of the following employers:

  • Universities and colleges
  • Major or minor league sports teams
  • Talent agencies
  • Sport broadcasting companies

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Online Master’s In Sports Management Program Overview

Many sports management programs take an interdisciplinary approach to the field, exploring topics such as administration and management strategies, marketing and media, sports management research, finance and economics, and the role of sports in society. Programs also build leadership and management skills, preparing graduates to lead sports organizations.

Many programs offer concentrations that focus on particular sectors of the sports industry, such as college athletics, sports law, event and facilities management, and coaching. These concentrations develop a student’s skills for specific career paths, emphasizing specialized knowledge and competencies.

A master’s in sports management typically serves as the highest level of education necessary for most careers in the field. While Ph.D. programs in sports management do exist, they typically focus on academic research and are not necessary for employment in most traditional sports management positions.

California University Of Pennsylvania California Pennsylvania

The 50 Best Sports Management Colleges in The US

Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

WebsiteCalifornia University of Pennsylvania is one of the top colleges for sports management degrees. They offer a BS in sport management that incorporates theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. Students are engaged in sport management related volunteer work beginning in their first semester. After completing required coursework, students move on to a 12-credit internship in the sport industry. Graduates have found employment in all areas of sport management including professional sports and non-profit organizations.

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Pro Cycling Manager 2020

Cycling is another great sport. Pro cycling manager 2020 is a game full of classic events happening from the Tour de France La Vuelta. It includes 650 stages and 230 races over the World tour calendar.

This allows us to experience an amazing journey with our teammates. And we have to manage the cycling team to the top.

Troy University Troy Alabama

For more information: Troy University

Student to Faculty Ratio: 15:1Average Net Price: $13,257/yearOverall Graduation Rate: 50%Points: 7The best university for sports management is Troy University. Troy offers an online and on-campus bachelors in sport management that prepares students for success. Students gain valuable skills in areas like leadership and interpersonal communication. Sport management courses include:

  • Sport Communications and Emerging Technology
  • Sports Marketing
  • Facility Management

Students complete a sport-centered internship to develop their professional skills and make industry connections. Instructors use case studies as a teaching tool so students understand critical concepts in the context of a future work environment. Troy is also surprisingly affordable! In addition to low tuition rates, Troy offers a variety of scholarships to help students keep their education affordable.

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Bachelors Of Sports Management: Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to pursue BSM need to have the following prerequisites.

  • Candidates are required to have a 10+2 degree in any discipline with a minimum aggregate of 50-60%.
  • Candidates may also be required to clear some entrance examinations or personal interviews, depending on the college opted.
  • Candidates with active participation in sports may get preference in the admission process.

Masters Degree In Sports Management

Study in the best Sports Management universities | Pursue a career in Sports | Leverage Edu

A masters degree in sports management is a 1-3 year graduate program that prepares graduates for leadership positions in the sports industry. Most masters candidates have a background in sports/athletics and hold a bachelors degree in sports management or a related topic .

You may wish to pursue a masters degree in order to advance your current career, qualify for management positions or get a foot in the door. Some professional leagues, including the NFL, require sports agents to hold a masters degree or have extensive experience in sports management.

Degree Options

  • Masters of Business Administration with a Concentration in Sports Management: Focuses on the business side of sports management . A typical choice for professionals interested in becoming sports agents, managers and/or qualifying for corporate leadership roles.
  • Master of Science in Sports Management: Examines sports management topics from a multidisciplinary perspective. Graduates often find work as sports administrators, head coaches, general managers and similar leadership positions.
  • Master of Arts in Sports Management: Provides a similar curriculum to the MS, but with fewer science and math courses. Job opportunities are similar to the MS.

Interested in becoming a sports agent? You could also consider combining your masters program with a law degree. This will make you an expert in business law and sports contracts. Its an expensive choice, so discuss your options with your mentors beforehand.

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Best 20 Sports Management Degree Programs In 2021

Are you passionate about the world of sports? Do you want to be involved in the business of sports? Then maybe a degree in Sports Management is exactly what you need to get there. We have compiled this list of the 20 best sports management degree in the US. We hope this list helps you on your educational journey.

Do I Need An Advanced Degree To Get A Job In Sports Management

An advanced degree is not required to score a great job in sports management. A bachelors degree in sports management gives students the knowledge and experience needed for most entry level sport management roles. A sports management masters degree may be a great option for students seeking career advancement or a specialized role within the industry. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive online masters in sport management available to students who are unable to take time away from work and family to complete their degree.

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The 10 Best Colleges For Sports Management

Tom Brady, Lebron James, Serena Williams, Simone Biles the best-known names in sports are the star athletes. The Super Bowls, championships, tournaments, and Olympics they play draw millions of spectators. But behind every star, every event is an army of managers, agents, and administrators that make it all happen.

Sports management involves planning, organizing, managing, budgeting, and marketing for the various areas of the sports industry. While athletes and coaches focus on the game, sports managers handle the business side. This might mean running the budget of a large arena or forging personal connections with high-profile players and executives. It could also mean being an agent for one of these players or becoming a talent scout for the next generation.

If youre a big sports fan and want to go into business, studying sports management in college is the perfect way to combine your passions into a career that can be very lucrative. In this article, well highlight the main draws of the top 10 baccalaureate sports management programs in the U.S. These programs range from business to marketing to physiology, with opportunities to intern at big-name sports conglomerates or study abroad for a global perspective.

The following programs stand out because they provide professional training as well as basic knowledge of kinesiology and business theory. Theyre especially good at connecting students to post-grad work opportunities.

Job & Salary Potential For A Bs In Sports Management

Sports Management School

What is sports management at the undergraduate level? A bachelors program is a solid first step into the world of sports management. Maybe youre an athlete yourself or just a zealous fan. Earning your BS in Sport Management degree online can turn your passion into a profession.

The sports industry is growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts expansion due to multi-billion dollar profits. Expansion can mean opportunities for well-trained, business-minded professionals at all levels. Those with a bachelors degree in sports management have the industry knowledge and practical experience to get ahead. The program combines sports management, business and liberal arts courses plus valuable sports-related field experiences to help you enter and succeed in this competitive job arena.

  • Learn to apply conventional analytical tools to sport business situations.
  • Become well-versed in ethical conduct principles and values, and learn to express yourself with professionalism in any business setting.
  • Explore a global view of sport business by developing a deep understanding of the relationships between institutions, culture and humanity and their impact on sport businesses.
  • Recognize and understand the broad spectrum of relationships among external forces affecting a sport business and how to respond by aligning company strategies and resources.
  • Athletic director
  • Facilities manager

When he was ready to advance his career, he decided to pursue his degree.

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Skills A Successful Sports Manager Must Have

By definition, a sports manager is a leader, and in order to be successful, he or she must have a specific set of skills. Students who are considering entering the world of sports management should begin to cultivate and hone the following skills now.

  • People Skills A sports manager must work with a diverse range of individuals from unique backgrounds in both casual and professional settings.Common examples of the types of groups a sports manager will regularly interact with include medical professionals, the media, coaches, scouts, agents, and athletes. For this reason, it is imperative that a sports manager is capable of moving seamlessly from one group to the next regardless of the setting.
  • Communication Skills Communication goes two ways. Sports managers must be able to talk with their clients and/or team, but they must also be able to listen to their needs. Each manager must personally decide how permissive or strict they want to be with their players.It is important for a manager to be able to communicate through the written word as well. Successfully negotiating a written contract requires a sharp eye and the ability to understand legal jargon.

Recent Articles

Most Affordable Selective Colleges For Sports Management 2021

Sports management is an exciting field for sports minded individuals who are passionate about the management and administration side of sports. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that entertainment and sports occupations is expected to grow by 7% through 2029, an increase of about 60,600 jobs. This growth will include a demand for sport management professionals, individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to plan, organize, lead, budget, and evaluate organizations and facilities related to sport. Sport management professionals can be found in exciting roles like event coordinator, athletic director, contract administrator, and sports agent. Earning a bachelors degree in sport management can give you the skills you need to be competitive in this high-energy field. We believe that a quality education at a selective college does not need to break the bank. We created this ranking of the top selective colleges offering an affordable sport management bachelors degree programs.


Ranking is as follows:

  • 14:1 or less- 3 points
  • 15:1 to 19:1- 2 points
  • 20:1 and above- 1 point

Tuition rate:

  • Less than $13,000- 3 points
  • $13,000 to $18,000- 2 points
  • Greater than $18,000- 1 point

Graduation Rate:

  • Greater than 75%- 3 points
  • 50% to 75%- 2 points
  • Less than 50%- 1 point

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Ranking Sports Management Programs

The Value Colleges Top 25 Best Value Bachelors in Sports Managment ranking features only colleges and universities that have a proven track record of grads going on to rewarding careers in sports management. Beyond a good return on investment for students, they have gained a good reputation, and obviously, they are less expensive than other programs. In short, they have proven their value through the Value Colleges methodology:

  • Reputation
  • ROI
  • Cost

Value Colleges encourages students towards programs that are a major score, all the way around. So whether you are a looking to score a professional touchdown, or throw a financial no-hitter, this business degree will be nothing but net, at least in terms of a great higher education investment. It will let you channel your love of sports into a dynamic and rewarding career. The only question is are you ready to go pro?

  • Expand All +


Draft Day Sports: College Football 2020

Studying Sports Management at Geneva Business School

CF2020 comes with all-new seasons and people love to indulge in this simulation. If you have a bored or tiring day then walk into this simulation and follow the championship through CF2020.

Here, we play as the head coach of the football team. This helps us to enhance our management and leadership skills as we have to take charge of the whole team. For all the football lovers out there, this game is for you. So, enjoy the most innovative and indulging football league.

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How To Get Into A Sports Management Bachelor’s Program

Admission requirements for sports management bachelor’s programs are fairly similar across schools. Most programs require students to submit official high school transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, and letters of recommendation. Other programs may require a minimum GPA usually between 2.0 and 3.0.

Check with your prospective school for exact requirements.

The Top 20 Online Sports Management Masters Degree Programs

Passionate about sports? Can you see yourself involved in the business aspect of the industry? Are you a business savvy individual? Well, an online Masters Degree in Sports Management may just be a perfect fit for you. We have here gathered the top 20 best online programs offering a Masters in Sports Management and ranked them in order of best schools and programs.

The business aspect of athletics is an exciting and fast-growing field and offers quite a variety of career paths once one has obtained a degree. Among the many career trajectories that a Masters Degree in Sports Management may provide you, are occupations in facility management, sales, information technology, sports agency, marketing, corporate partnerships, personnel management, event planning, athletic recruitment, and finance. Also, if youve always dreamed of a job in professional sports , this degree could very well be your means to that end. All across the country, highly qualified individuals are needed to carry out the daily operations and the practical/business side of the industryincluding the general evaluation of sports programs, improvement of organizational efficiency, overall profit generation, and many other challenging and financially rewarding tasks.

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Ohio University Athens Ohio

For More Information: Ohio University

Student to Faculty Ratio: 15:1Average Net Price: $23,307/yearOverall Graduation Rate: 66%Points: 6The Ohio University College of Business features an inexpensive bachelors in sport management with the academic rigor and practical training needed for success in the field. Courses include:

  • Sport Ticket Sales and Systems
  • Sport Facility and Event Management

This flexible program allows students to customize their specialization area by choosing to complete a certificate, a structured sport internship, a business minor, or additional courses in a specific business discipline. Unique on and off-campus professional development opportunities are available through the Darren Butler Sports Business Forum, San Diego Sports Consulting Project, and the Southern Ohio Copperheads Baseball Team.

Master Of Sports Administration Program Named Worlds Best For The Eighth Time In 10 Years

Sport Management Program Earns Top Spot in Best Small ...

Ohio Universitys Master of Sports Administration program has been named the worlds best postgraduate sports management degree for 2021 by SportBusiness.

This is the eighth time in 10 years that the MSA program has ranked number one in the world, and the tenth consecutive year that one of the College of Business sports administration programs has been ranked number one.

I am immensely proud of our MSA program for garnering the recognition of best in the world once again, Ohio University President Hugh Sherman said. We aim to provide the best education and experiences to our students, taught by outstanding faculty, and are grateful to be recognized for the work we do to advance student success in sports administration.

Founded in 1966, OHIOs MSA degree is the oldest sports management degree in the world and prepares students for multiple roles in the sports industry. Students complete a full-time, two-year program that is combined with an MBA program housed in the College of Business.

OHIO MSA students participate extensively in experiential opportunities with OHIOs Athletics department, as well as with numerous outside sports organizations, often provided by alumni and friends of the program. The opportunities range across the entire sports ecosystem and include teams, leagues, media data insights/analytics, facilities, and live events at all levels.

There are currently 35 students enrolled in each of OHIOs dual MBA and MSA cohorts.

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University Of Minnesota At Twin Cities

Department: School of Kinesiology

  • Ph.D. in Sport Management


The University of Illinois assumes a different approach to teaching sports management. Studies begin with a firm foundation that ensures a comprehensive understanding of how sports is categorized as a leisure pursuit and a form of entertainment.

Once this foundation has been laid, students are then allowed to move into a specialized area of concentration. Students in the sports management program are required to complete a minimum of 300 hours of work related experience.

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