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How To Get Easy Scholarships For College

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How To Pay For Nursing School!! Get Scholarships & Grants The Easy Way!!

Because no essay scholarships are usually open to so many different types of students, along with the fact that they often require very little effort on the part of the student , means that they are difficult to win, and the process is unpredictable.

Luckily, because these scholarships require so little time commitment to apply, not winning one of these types of scholarships doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’ve wasted your time applying, since it likely didn’t take that much time in the first place!

How To Find Easy Scholarships To Apply For

Once you create your profile on, you will receive scholarship recommendations that will help you find good-fitting scholarships based on your profile information. You may even be nominated by another user or a donor for a scholarship that they think youâre a good fit for!

You can browse through all of the scholarships currently available on, or you can filter by category to pull up scholarships that are relevant to your major, hobbies, or personal identity. You can also choose to only display scholarships that donât require an essay, which will then leave you with most of the easy scholarships offered on

Set Up A Dedicated Email Account For Easy Scholarships

Many scholarship opportunities also exist as part of a companys marketing efforts. So unless you want your regular inbox full of all sorts of new emails, create a dedicated email address just for applying for scholarships.

This can also help you keep track of when you last applied since some scholarship contests can be entered monthly.

Just be sure to check your scholarship email often since you dont want to miss that all-important email letting you know youre a winner!

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Wisegeek Community Service No

Community service strengthens our society by improving lives, building connections, and tearing down barriers. The volunteers who give so much back to their communities deserve all the support we can give them, including help paying for a college education. The WiseGeek Community Service No-Essay Scholarship recognizes the invaluable contributions of high school and college students who commit their time and energy to lift up their neighbors and neighborhoods.

  • Deadline: The application deadline is April 16, 2022.
  • Award Amount: $500

Example Essay Prompt Question #1

Easy Scholarships For College Bound Teens

Is it fair that professional athletes earn millions of dollars?

Typical boring answer: No way! We should be paying that money to teachers and firefighters. Athletes are just playing a game.

Whats wrong with this answer? You could find this opinion in the Letters to the Editor section of any newspaper. It doesnt matter if the answer is right it plays everything safe and is BORING.

Better answer: Salaries arent decided by fairness. Theyre decided by supply and demand. LeBron James is a millionaire because millions of fans pay to see him perform. Besides, if the athletes werent getting the money, the owners would. Those are the only two options.

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Tip #: Make No Essay Scholarships One Piece Of The Puzzle

Scholarships with no essays should be a key component of your scholarship application strategy because of how easy they are to apply for.

However, it’s important to remember they should be balanced with other scholarships that have more specific and stringent requirements.

When you apply for essay-based scholarships, you’re given the opportunity to tell the committee about you, who you are and why you should be selected for the opportunity. The winners for these scholarships, unlike their no-essay counterparts, are not chosen at random, so if you choose these scholarships carefully, apply for ones that are specific to your qualities, and write strong essays, you’ll have the best chances of winning at the end of the day!

A Minimal Application Process

A minimal application form is one of the hallmarks of an easy scholarship you shouldnt need to provide a lot of paperwork or other materials. Most of these awards just ask you for basic information, such as your name. Sometimes can be automatically entered by creating a free profile on the organizations website.

Some quick and easy scholarships cater to specific groups, such as bachelors degree students or those pursuing a culinary career. For these applications, you may need to provide transcripts or other evidence that you meet the eligibility requirements.

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Look For Easy Scholarships With Limited Eligibility

Another way to boost your chances of winning an easy scholarship is to find scholarships that have specific criteria and are not open to all students. Additional eligibility requirements will limit the number of applications, resulting in less competition!

There are many easy scholarships that have eligibility restrictions, such as theWiseGeek Recent Immigrants Scholarship. You can use the filter feature to find these scholarships and boost your chances of winning.

Its Important To Keep In Mind Two Things About The Easiest Scholarships Without Essays:

  • Your chances of winning a scholarship award are much lower than with traditional scholarships. This is because often way more people apply for these easier scholarships.
  • You run the risk of being spammed with loads of emails. In fact, many scholarship sweepstakes are created with the sole idea of getting your email address in mind. We therefore recommend using easy scholarship sweepstakes as a secondary option for paying for college. Consider using the majority of your time applying for scholarships with essays that you find on reputable scholarship sites.
  • And if youre mostly worried about saving time, consider using Going Merry to apply for scholarship bundles, which combine multiple scholarships with the same essay prompts into one application. today to begin applying.

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    Apply For Scholarships And Grants

    The first step in what to do if financial aid is not enough is to apply for outside scholarships and grants. Unlike student loans, most scholarships and grants dont have to be repaid.

    While your college is one source of gift aid, its not your only option. Scholarships and grants can be found through churches, non-profit organizations, and private companies. They can range in value from $250 to covering the total cost of attendance.

    Start your search as soon as possible and pay attention to deadlines. You can find available opportunities on CareerOneStop and The College Board.

    You can apply to many scholarships and grants at once, and if you win multiple awards, you can combine them to reduce or even eliminate the need for student loan debt.

    Ascent 50 Days Of $1000 Scholarships Giveaway

    What: Students over 18 enrolled in a technical skills training program or at least part-time in an accredited degree program

    How much: $1000

    How often: Daily throughout the summer break

    Why its an easy scholarship: Applicants just need to submit a simple form. Winners are chosen each day throughout the summer, and students can enter every day for a chance to win.

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    Welcome Here Are Some Super Easy College Scholarships That You Can Apply For In Minutes

    You can find even more scholarships HERE.

    Hello! Im Monica Matthews, a former teacher and now stay-at-home mom. I have helped all three of my boys win tens of thousands of scholarship dollarsand I would love to show you how you can too

    This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated a tiny bit if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. The Savor Summer College Scholarship winners thank you!

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    Dr Pepper Tuition Give

    How to Get Easy Scholarships

    Many large companies provide incredible scholarship opportunities, and this soft drink manufacturer is no exception. Any student between the ages of 18 and 24 qualifies, as long as they are attending a secondary school in the upcoming academic year. This scholarship does not require a specific GPA or other forms of merit, but instead relies on three parts:

  • Create a profile at
  • Upload a video about yourself, including your academic and professional goals, but keep it short and to the point.
  • There are three tuition categories: 1st prize of $100,000 2nd place at $25,000 and 3rd place of $2,500. There are five 1st place prizes five 2nd place prizes and ten 3rd place prizes.

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    Is It Really Worth It To Pursue Scholarships

    When you look at all the options and work itll take to actually earn a college scholarship, it can be easy to ask:

    Is this even worth it?

    Especially when youre busy with your senior year of high school. Friends, clubs, teams, hobbies, AP classes, and lots more can fill up your schedule and make you think learning how to get scholarships just cant make its way onto your schedule.

    But consider this:

    If you DONT get a scholarship, youll be forced to pay for college on your own. That means working tons of hours during college.

    Less time to study. Less time to date. Less time to enjoy the college scene. Because youll be working.

    Life in college doesnt slow down it speeds up. And youre setting yourself up to miss all of it if you dont learn how to get a scholarship and apply for as many as possible.

    Dont forget: I secured over $100,000 in college scholarships. The average U.S. salary is around $30,000.

    So just ask yourself this: Are a few late nights filling out scholarship applications or missing a football game here or there worth THREE YEARS of work?As I see it, the answer is an obvious YES.

    With that in mind, lets dive into how you can pull this off without burning out.

    Easy To Apply Scholarships

    Note: These scholarships have rolling, MONTHLY deadlines for applications. That means you can apply each and every month.

    For most of these:

    The deadline falls on the last day of the month. Which makes it easy to remember.

    But if you miss the deadline well, theres always next month!

    1. Be Bold No-Essay ScholarshipDeadline: Last day of the monthAward Amount:$25,000Eligibility: Students at any education level, school, and field of study will be considered. No GPA requirement.

    2. No-Essay Top Friend ScholarshipDeadline: Last day of the monthAward Amount:$5,000Eligibility: Students at any education level, school, and field of study will be considered. No GPA requirement.

    3. No-Essay Community ScholarshipDeadline: Last day of the monthAward Amount:$5,000Eligibility: Students at any education level, school, and field of study will be considered. No GPA requirement.

    4. The Discover Student Loans Scholarship AwardDeadline: Last Day of Each MonthAward Amount:$5,000Eligibility: Applicant must be at least 16 years old. Entrants must also be high school senior students who will be, or college students who are enrolled at least half-time in a Bachelors or Associates degree program or graduate program at an eligible school within one year of winner notification/confirmation or parent/legal guardians of students that satisfy the above eligibility requirements.

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    Easy No Essay College Scholarships

    Scholarships are important for most college students even partial scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of higher education. Many partial scholarships dont have restrictions on how many you can qualify for, so its wise to apply for as many as possible.

    While some scholarships have an intense application process, there are plenty of options that are far more accessible. Weve compiled a list of no-essay scholarships that dont take more than a few minutes to apply for.

    Every opportunity on this list has a short application with no essay questions. These scholarships dont have minimum GPA requirements, and most are open to students at every level: high schoolers, undergrads, and graduate students. Take a few minutes to browse the options and apply for the ones you qualify for. You could end up with a much lower tuition payment and a happier bank account!

    $7000 No Essay Scholarship

    How to Get Scholarships for College

    The You Deserve It Scholarship is one one of the tops when it comes to easy scholarships. When you create an account, you will automatically have a single application submitted on your behalf to apply to enter the monthly Scholarship. As a bonus, without any further effort, you can apply to hundreds more scholarships automatically.

    This $1,000 Scholarship does not require an essay! All you need to do to be entered is to fill out your name and email, and share the scholarship with your friends!

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    Ways To Pay For College When Financial Aid Isnt Enough

    If you have performed the above steps for how to get more money from FAFSA and still dont get enough money to cover the entire cost of your education, you may wonder what to do if financial aid is not enough. There are other ways besides the FAFSA and your colleges financial aid office to get financing help:

    Easy Scholarships To Apply For This Month Next Month The Month After That And

    Easy scholarships for college are hands down the best kind of scholarships.

    There are no essays to write or recommendation letters to collect. Theyre just simple.


    When youve already got enough on your plate as a busy student, simple scholarship applications are SUPER appreciated.

    The best part is:

    Pretty much anyone can apply and pretty much anyone can win!

    The scholarships on this list basically work like a sweepstakes. The winners are randomly selected from all the entries.

    That means equal odds for everyone.

    So theres nothing to lose by just tossing your name into the pool. The more chances to win money for school, the better right?

    To sum it up with a quote:

    You miss 100 percent of the shots you dont take- Wayne Gretzky- Michael Scott


    You can apply for these easy scholarships every single month.

    Because the more often you apply, the more youll up your odds of winning. If I were you Id bookmark this page for later. (

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    What Test Scores Do I Need To Get Into West Point

    You can find West Points admitted class test scores on their class profile webpage. In 2022, at least 25% of their admitted students scored a 1400 or higher on the SAT and at least 65% scored a 1200 or higher. Keep in mind though, that these are not set in stone, and a high score does not guarantee admission, nor does a low score guarantee rejection.

    How To Find College Scholarships: Part One

    How to Find Scholarships for High School Seniors

    One of the most frustrating and consistently confusing aspects of the entire college application process is finding scholarships. Applying to a school is relatively straightforward, especially if the school is part of the Common App, but applying for scholarships is an entirely different story. Theres no centralized, Common App-like hub for scholarships, so students are largely on their own to both find and apply for scholarships and financial aid. Because of this, significant amounts of money go unclaimed every year, so dont let that happen to you!

    Use the links below to start your scholarship application quest. They are by no means a comprehensive list, but they will at least get you started and will hopefully open some doors for you to get some money. Keep in mind that individual colleges will often give out scholarships based on test scores, so the best way to improve your chances of getting money is to increase your ACT or SAT score.

    Scholarships by Grade:

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    Read The Entire Application

    Even if the award you want has a minimal application form, its always good to make sure you understand the entire process. You dont want to waste time applying for scholarships you arent eligible for, and you dont want your application to get rejected because you missed a step when you were filling it out.

    Are There Easy Scholarships For Current College Students

    Current undergraduate students should have no trouble finding scholarships to help with their college tuition. Many scholarships are open to students at all levels of education, including undergraduate and graduate students.

    ââArenât easy scholarships just a raffle?

    Oftentimes, easy scholarships can be a raffle, so you should look for cases where you have more control over the outcome of the award. Our no-essay scholarships are less repetitive and not so much of a lottery, but are very quick and easy scholarship options.

    To increase the chances of winning these scholarships, you have the option and are encouraged to refine your profile to the best of your ability to show the panel that you are serious about your academics and receiving the award to fund your education. By adding more to your profile, the panel is able to understand more about you as a person and a student, which personalizes their choice and can swing the decision in your favor.

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    A Small Pool Of Applicants

    Other scholarships give you a better chance of winning through sheer probability. For example, there are over 1.5 million high school students hoping for a shot at the National Merit Scholarship, but many students with spectacular grades and test scores will not end up winning the money.

    However, many awards have less competition, even those open to all college students. By applying for these, you have a good shot at winning just based on the fact that you are competing with fewer people.

    Lucky Draw Scholarship // Gocollege

    How to Get College Scholarships | Tips, Tricks, and My Experience!

    Amount: $250

    Deadline: Monthly – Apply before the 5th of every month Upcoming Deadline March 5, 2022

    Have you ever visited a website and thought to yourself, this needs to be changed? is offering a $250 monthly scholarship to students for simply letting them know how they can improve their website.

    Amount: $2,500

    Deadline: March 31, 2022

    Having superpowers is cool, but which superhero or supervillain would you want to swap places with for one day? Tell Unigo your answer in 250 words or less to be considered for this $2,500 scholarship!

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