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How To Find An Internship While In College

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Does My Child Need To Intern Somewhere Prestigious

How to get an internship with NO experience || beginner’s guide for college students

Many parents think that prestigious experiences will help their children stand out to admissions committees. The reality, however, is that admissions officers care far less about prestige and name dropping and far more about what your child got out of the internship experience.

For instance, a child whos interested in developmental psychology would do far better to intern at a preschool than a law firm, even if the preschool internship sounds less serious than the law firm one.

Why Its Important To Get Internships

No matter where youre at in school, internships provide meaningful opportunities for growth. They offer you the chance to take everything that youre learning in school and apply it to the real world. And, as youll learn, the professional world allows you to explore your passions. Whether youre interested in writing or programming, youll have the chance to practice your skills and get feedback from your coworkers.

Some schoolslike XQs Summit Shasta and Washington Leadership Academy include internships as part of their curriculum. This approach to learning helps students network while theyre still in high school, explore different career paths, and get hands-on experience. Plus, some internships are paid or can lead to full-time jobs.

If youre interested in a particular career field like journalism or business, for instance, this is your chance to get on the ground with people who actually do it for a living. Before committing to a profession, its good to get a sense of whether it truly fits with your personality, goals, and skillset. Partnerships between high school students and employers are also proven to strengthen essential bonds and improve the community as a whole.

Talk To Your Professors

Like career counselors, your professors will also know where at least some students are interning now or have interned before. Additionally, many professors have consulting, research and other ties to various companies and organizations outside of academia thus, they may be aware of internship programs hosted by these organizations.

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How Long Are Most Internships

The length of an internship depends on the industry, time of year, and whether or not youre still in school. Some are as short as eight weeks, while others are a year long. If youre still in college, youll be more likely to find summer internships. College graduates are more likely to have a six-month or year-long opportunity.

Getting a shorter internship may seem like a good idea especially if it means you have more time to hang out with friends and family but the longer an internship lasts, the more experience youll gain. That will pay dividends when you graduate. Youll learn more skills, make more connections and make a better impression on your coworkers and bosses.

One way to do this is by extending an internship into the school year if the gig is close to your campus. You can offer to work remotely or drive up once a week.

Dont ask about extending the internship until youre at least halfway through, because you may decide you dont like the company or the work. Plus, many bosses wont give you more time until youve proven yourself.

If you decide to extend the internship into the school year, consider if you can handle the workload. It will be more difficult to work and go to school at the same time. If possible, use the internship as credit so you dont have to take as many real classes.

How To Prepare For An Internship

7 tips to find the right internship opportunities ...

Some internships are unpaid, but provide academic credit. To receive credit for those internships, you have to register for a specific class and pay for it like any other course. This process can take some time to set up, so make sure to follow your schools class registration deadline.

If interning away from your hometown or where you attend school, youll have to figure out housing. Some formal internships have programs to help students find housing, but often the responsibility falls to the intern. That can be a shock for someone used to living in assigned housing.

Spots for internship housing, like the internships themselves, are highly coveted and often go quickly. You can often find temporary housing in a citys university dorms or by subletting a room on Craigslist.

When you are interviewing, take note of how other employees dress, and prepare your wardrobe to fit the tone of the office. The sweats you wear to morning classes probably need to be removed from rotation during your internship.

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A Timeline For Getting An Internship In College

If you ask any college grad what they should have done differently while in school, youll probably get a lot of the same answer intern somewhere to gain industry experience. When you get out into the real world, it becomes starkly obvious how much more valuable internship experience is than any class project or GPA.

Internships are an easy opportunity to miss out on, because landing one requires foresight. Not only do you need to research the available internships related to your field of study, but you also have to juggle the various deadlines and timetables that each program adheres to. For many students, applying for internships can be as time-intensive as taking another class.

If youre thinking about applying for any internships in the near future, heres how to stay on top of the application process.

Tap Into The Resources Of Your Own Family Friends And Acquaintances

Does your mother’s company have an internship program? Does your sister’s friend’s nonprofit organization offer any internship possibilities? Many college students don’t think to ask their family members, friends and acquaintances to help them with career-related tasks like internship hunting. Be sure you don’t fall into this trap.

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How To Find A Paid Internship While In College

Posted on December 03, 2013 by Doug Schantz Tags: internships

For many students finding a paid internship while in college is like hitting the jackpot. Getting a paid internship means that an employer has confidence in a students ability to handle the responsibilities of a professional job. Internships are coveted, especially when the pay is good. In a competitive environment, it takes some effort to land a paid internship. Therefore it is never too early for a college student to develop strategies that will result in landing an opportunity to learn from the pros while getting a paycheck. Additionally, many interns are offered jobs after graduation. Consider the following five tips for how to find a paid internship while in college.

Start with Good Grades

Some students may not realize that it is important to work hard to earn the best grades early in their college careers. If you are a freshman or sophomore, you may want to enjoy what campus life has to offer, but you must also balance your studies and your social life. Companies that offer paid internships to college students have little to go by when choosing interns except for an applicants grade point average and recommendations. Showing interest in your course work and making good grades will earn good recommendations from your professors.

Get Experience by Volunteering

Attend College Recruiting Events

Talk with Students who Have Landed Internships

Create Your Own Internship

About The Author:

Should My Child Take An Unpaid Internship


Absolutely. In fact, your child should never expect compensation for an internship they do during high school. Money is not the point experience and professional connections are. If an internship does pay, thats a nice bonus, but its uncommon.

Dont worry: universities dont care if the internship was paid or not. Theyll be far more impressed that your child has done an internship at all, especially if it helps support the broader narrative in your childs college application.

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Things College Juniors Must Do To Find An Internship

is seen as the critical time for getting the much sought internship. While some of your peers may already have scored an internship, if youve waited until Junior year, time is up. You need to score an internship now. Why? Because having an internship on your resume will make you much more marketable as an entry level hire. Two reasons: 1) if you do well in your internship, you may be offered a position after graduation, locking in an absolute floor of having one job offer in hand as you begin your Senior year and 2) having an internship gives you not only resume content, but interview content as well. Instead of answering interview questions: In my college project you can answer questions: In my internship Employers highly value practical work experience. And you will gain an understanding of your profession that cannot be found in books and classrooms.

So put aside the sports, partying and yes, even classes, for a moment and get ready to begin your job search.

Job search? Really? I need to do a job search? Now? Yep, now. Because finding an internship is a job search. And developing this life skill which will pay back dividends throughout your career.

Here are the 9 things you need to be doing now to find an internship:

Fulfill Your Responsibilities And Go Beyond

In return for valuable training and professional experiences, companies expect interns to perform menial tasks. Successful interns handle grunt work with enthusiasm. By demonstrating that they can successfully complete the most basic duties, interns gain access to more important responsibilities.

To cultivate work relationships, you should go out of your way to assist colleagues. Ask your supervisor to schedule regular meetings to clarify expectations and confirm deadlines. Volunteer for additional work within reason, but complete assignments correctly and on time.

Lastly, the best interns ask for feedback from superiors and colleagues. Receive any criticism with grace and apply the lessons in future assignments.

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Should I Take Off A Semester To Do An Internship

Maybe. But consider how it will affect your class schedule and graduation timeline. If you take a semester off to do an internship, then you might need to spend an extra semester finishing your degree .

In some situations, it could be worth it even if you need to take extra time to graduate. For instance, I have a friend who took two semesters off to do an internship at Dow. This made sense because he got paid to do the internship and it ended up getting him a great engineering job when he graduated.

If you have an opportunity like this, then it could be smart to take some time off from school. But be sure to discuss it with your advisor before making a decision.

Get In Touch With Local Companies

Coding Internship Program

Choosing internship programs from big, well-known companies may seem like the obvious choice but a college internship at a local business can also bring a lot to the table.

While bigger businesses may have larger and more developed internship programs, a local internship often puts you closer to a businesses core letting you flex your skills and build a great portfolio or resume. Small-scale start-ups or firms also make it easier to connect with your co-workers and supervisors.

Tip: College students can also save a substantial amount of money from reduced transportation and housing costs when interning at local companies.

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Paid Internships For College Students And How To Choose The Right One For You

Before entering the workforce as a full-time employee, college students might consider gaining valuable work experience in the form of an internship. Oftentimes, internships are a requirement to complete degree requirements.

Choosing the right internship can set you up for success by providing opportunities that benefit your professional position in the workforce. In this article, we outline why internships are important for college students, how to choose the right internship for you and tips for benefiting from an internship in college.

Reasons Why Internships Are Vital For College Students

First things first, what is an internship? Internships are also known as apprenticeships because they involve learning the skill to do a job, while on the job. Internships can be defined as the opportunity for a student or college graduate to gain experience within a professional setup. They are an opportunity to test learned theories in real job experience before venturing into full-time employment.

Would it not be better to apply for a job off the bat, right after college? While this seems like the more reasonable and straightforward avenue to follow, you cannot rule out the importance of going through an internship. It is essential to understand how to land internships for while still in college and why they are important for your future career prospects. Here are our top seven reasons why finding an internship pays off for college students in the long run.

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Make Connections With Everyone You Meet

Getting to know and getting along with your co-workers or fellow interns can improve your work environment as it builds teamwork and comradery among the team. They can help ease you into your job and vouch for your performance when a permanent job offer is on the table.

Helping them with their tasks while youre free is one way of starting friendships. You should also say yes to social invitations for company dinners, karaoke nights, and team-building activities. This could be the perfect time to seek out a mentor someone whos there to guide you and is invested in seeing you grow. If you find this person, take them out for coffee or lunch!

Why Is An Internship Important For A College Student

The BEST Jobs To Have While In College (Flexible & Easy)

An internship is a position provided by a company that allows working professionals or students to gain valuable work experience in a variety of different industries. Internships are a great way to sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge in a particular field. Many students are required to have an internship during their collegiate careers. While there are many opportunities available, it’s imperative you select the right internship for you.

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Should My Child Spend Their Summer Pursuing An Internship Or Working A Part

This is a difficult decision, particularly if your child is working out of necessity to help pay for college or even to help you pay the bills. It also depends on the nature of the job. Working at a fast food restaurant wont provide the same kind of relevant career experience as helping file papers at a law firm, for instance.

That said, part-time jobs can provide interesting talking points in your childs admissions interview and could even be the subject of their personal statement. It all depends on how your child is able to frame it.

Given the choice, however, we recommend that your child pursue summer internships that are relevant to their interests.

What If I Dont Have Any Experience

The classic job-hunting paradox for college students is: I need experience to get a job, but a job is the only way to get experience.

The whole reason for doing an internship is to make sure this doesnt happen to you when you graduate. But even when youre applying for an internship, youll still have to talk about your experience.

You may think you dont have experience since youve never had a real job, but that isnt true. While you may not have much work experience, you do have many other experiences you can talk about.

These include:

  • Any projects youve done on your own

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Write A Unique Cover Letter

The cover letter for an internship offers applicants a chance to shine, highlighting the personal, professional, and academic attributes that make them a valuable intern and potential future employee. The best applicants typically excel academically and provide a long list of extracurricular and volunteer experiences.

Disadvantages Of Doing An Internship

How to Find a Job or Internship While Going to College ...

While internships are great for all the reasons listed above, they also have their downsides that you should definitely be aware of if you’re thinking about applying for one.

  • The work can be dull Some companies might provide their interns with challenging responsibilities and exciting projects to work on, while others might have you making the tea and doing admin work. Make sure you find out as much as you can about the role before you start
  • Salaries are usually low If an internship is unpaid it might end up costing you money to complete it and even if you are getting paid, salaries tend to be lower than what you’d get as a full-time member of staff. If you’re strapped for cash, you might want to carefully weigh up the pros and cons first
  • You delay your entry into the workforce Research has found that interns end up £3,500 worse off than those who go straight into full-time work. This suggests internships don’t necessarily fast-track you to a more senior role, and you could be better off trying to find a standard job instead
  • Relocation can be costly If you have to relocate for an internship, you might want to think about whether it’s financially worth it, especially if you’ll only be moving for a short amount of time. Finding somewhere to live and paying for transport could quickly eat into any money you’re getting paid.
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    What Is The Difference Between A Paid And Unpaid Internship

    There are two main types of internship: ones that are paid and ones that are not. Most internships are unpaid. This is because the student is not there to earn money, but rather to earn valuable knowledge and experience. If an internship is unpaid, it is usually subject to stringent labor guidelines. U.S. federal law, for example, mandates that unpaid interns cannot not benefit the company economically or be used to displace the work done by paid employees. In addition, some states have their own regulations regarding unpaid interns. For example, unpaid interns in California must receive college credit for their work in lieu of pay.

    The majority of internships in the U.S. are work experience internships. This means that they are essentially on-the-job training in a field that the student or young worker is interested in. However, there are also research internships, which are more common in scientific fields. With a research internship, a student will examine a particular topic on behalf of a business before producing a written study or presentation.

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