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How Long Are College Tours

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If You Want To Take A Gap Year:

Trinity College Dublin campus TOUR – Long Room Library, Ireland | Ovi.Med

The Gap Year Association offers videos on what it means to take a gap year and is building a new student membership platform a nominal fee will be required to join that will give students access to weekly calls to learn about gap year opportunities, said the associations executive director, Ethan Knight. The website also offers information on accredited gap year programs and counselors.

Visit The Old Library Of Trinity College

While all the library buildings hold the impressive book collections, the Old Library completes the visit to Trinity College Dublin.

The construction of the building started in 1712 and lasted for twenty years. At the time of its completion, it was one of the tallest buildings on the campus. You can hardly notice the large scale of the Old Library when visiting Trinity College Dublin nowadays. Other structures of similar size surround the building, making it less profound from outside.

The interior, however, unveils the unprecedented character of the most famous library in the country. Even J.K. Rowling couldnt resist it, using the Library of Trinity College Dublin as an inspiration for Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

Determine What Youd Like To Do On Your Childs Visit

You may not even know your options when you set up a campus visit. Your child can:

  • Do a daily visit.
  • Opt for a large group visit day.
  • Do a visit day specific to your situation, like an admitted student visit day, engineering visit day or transfer visit day.
  • Spend the night on campus.

Does your child want to blend into the crowd? Go for a large group visit day. Do you both prefer that your visit be a one-on-one experience? You both might want to do a personal campus visit.

Discuss all your options with the campus visit coordinator of the school youve chosen to visit. He or she can connect you with people who can talk to you about your specific interests, such as womens bowling or the chess club.

Your high schooler might get some of these confirmation types or all of them.

Double-check all confirmation materials so you know youve got the right date, time and appointments. Your child may also get an email or text message confirmation the day of the visit or the night before. Check the dates and times again.

Hot tip for parents: You might want to add your own email or phone number to the confirmation materials not your students . High school kids arent always the best at checking their email and sometimes dont read text messages thoroughly.

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Planning A College Visit

Timing is key when planning your college visits. Of course you’ll want to start looking at colleges sometime before you begin the application process, but how soon? Applications for most schools are due about a year before you would begin classes you’ll want to start visiting schools well before the application deadline, so that you’re prepared to decide where to apply. For most high school students, this means starting to look at colleges during your junior year of high school, or even as early as the end of your sophomore year. During your senior year, you’ll be knee-deep in the application process, so it’s best to plan your visits before then. If you’re going to do early decision , you’ll need to begin even sooner.

Another part of timing is knowing when the best times to visit the campus are. If the point of a college visit is seeing if you’d like to go to school there, then you’ll want to go when classes are in full swing to get the complete experience. It’s important to pick a time when students are on campus, so go during the week when classes are in session. Of course, stopping by during a holiday break isn’t a good idea either, because not many students will be on campus.

The best times to visit are all about the middles — the middle of the week, the middle of the semester, the middle of the day — because it’s during these times that you’ll get a true sense of how the school functions on a day-to-day basis.

Virtual Sessions For Groups

Long Island Colleges Offer Virtual Campus Tours

If you would like to request a virtual session for members of a high school or non-profit group that works with prospective undergraduate students, please complete the form below at least 14 days before your proposed virtual session date.

We will reply to each request as soon as possible with an approval or denial. If approved, we will contact you to confirm your groups schedule and finalize the details of your virtual session. We cannot accommodate all group requests, and several dates are not available for group visits. See the registration form for more details.

The Yale Visitor Center and Admissions Office are not currently able to offer in-person tours for groups.

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Recent Issues On Americas College Campuses

CampusToursoffers tours of more than 1,800 schools in the United States as well as tours of schools in the United Kingdom, Canada, China and France. Its advanced search feature allows students to fine-tune details they are searching for, such as how much tuition they want to pay. About 100 schools offer insights from enrolled students during parts of the tour on campus life, the companys president, Christopher Carson, said. CampusTours is also working on a feature to allow students to ask questions while they are on the tour that are sent to college officials, he added.

Welcome To Campus Tours

Kings is pleased to offer guided campus tours of four of our five campuses. Delivered by a current student, you’ll explore our teaching rooms, social spaces and campus highlights, all while learning more about university life at King’s.

Please select which campus to visit based on your faculty of interest.

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Information About Free Virtual Tours

General Overview:The Historical Tour of Harvard and the Harvard Womens History Tour are also available in a virtual format. Register in advance for your free virtual tour by visiting our Eventbrite page. Registration is made available starting the Friday before your tour week. After registering, you will be sent a secure link to access the tour via Zoom, a video conferencing platform. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, please access Zooms website to learn more.

Please note: The virtual Historical Tour of Harvard is offered daily. The virtual Harvard Womens History tour is offered bi-weekly.

About the Virtual Historical Tour of Harvard:This free virtual student-led tour provides a history of the University, general information, and a unique view on the students individual experience. It also showcases never-before-seen images of Harvard and its legacy in modern and historical times.

About the Virtual Harvard Womens History Tour:This free virtual student-led tour illustrates womens challenges and triumphs over the past three centuries at Harvard, as well as the history of Radcliffe. Youll encounter stories and sights of the many women and their accomplishments that contributed greatly to Harvards esteemed legacy.

Getting To Trinity College

Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus Tour

Due to its central location, you can visit the Trinity College Library while exploring other landmarks of the city. Although Dublins public transport functions well, I would recommend exploring the center of the city on foot. Dublin with its colorful abundance offers many interesting places you otherwise risk to miss. Moreover, Trinity College Dublin is just a short walk away from Temple Bar and the Hapenny Bridge.

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Guidance On Visiting Our Campuses

At Kings we have implemented a range of measures designed to reduce the risk of COVID infection to support our students, staff and visitors to protect themselves, those close to them and others in our wider community.

As such we have compiled guidance in place that should be followed on our campuses:

  • Wearing a face covering is recommended in our teaching areas, libraries and crowded areas and in offices when youre moving around or sitting directly next to or opposite someone.
  • Continue to take a COVID test regularly if you are coming on to campus.
  • We encourage you to have the vaccination if you havent already as it helps to reduce the risk of you getting seriously ill with COVID.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided at all of our campuses. We ask that all members of the public please use the hand sanitiser when you enter our buildings.
  • All of our buildings have clearly marked entrances and exits and a one way system in place. Follow the signs in place in our buildings.

Please check out our webpages for further COVID-19 guidance before visiting our campuses.

Campus Visits And Tours

Campus tours are scheduled Monday through Friday during the morning and afternoon and on select Saturdays at 10 a.m. Due to safety concerns related to COVID-19, campus visits are limited in size and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Per University policy, masks will be required during our welcome presentation. We are happy to provide you with one upon your arrival if necessary.

Every campus tour provides an opportunity to meet with and hear from our Admissions staff and take a 90-minute walking tour of the campus. Your visit will include visits to the Student Center, residence halls and rooms, classroom buildings, Halle Library, and other campus areas that interest you. Need information on where to park and where to stay when you visit? Get visitor information.

Can’t make it to campus? We have plenty of ways for you to connect with EMU virtually! You can also safely explore campus on your own by taking our Self-Guided Tour or our interactive virtual tour!

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If You Want To Attend A Historically Black College Or University:

The Chicago HBCU Alumni Alliance is offering virtual fairs in which nearly 50 H.B.C.U.s give students information on admissions, programs and scholarships. Videotapes of the events will be available on the alliances website in the coming weeks. The alliances president, Danielle James, said more virtual fairs are planned for the summer.

StriveScanalso featured presentations from several H.B.C.U.s.

The City Of Long Beach

NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine Information Session and Campus ...

One of the many reasons CSULB is a great place to live and learn is our location. Explore the City of Long Beach, featuring the historic Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the Pacific’s exhibits, the Shoreline Village boardwalk and much more. Discover the diverse and thriving coastal community that is the City of Long Beach.

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Historic Tours Of Flagler College

During the summer of 2022, the former Hotel Ponce de Leon, now home to Flagler College, will be under renovation. Tours will remain open in a limited capacity and are subject to change.

Tickets are now available for purchase. It is highly suggested that you purchase them before your arrival. Tickets link


Historic Tours of Flagler College highlight the architectural heritage of the former Hotel Ponce de Leon, listed as a National Historic Landmark. Built by railroad magnate, Henry M. Flagler in 1888, the Ponce is considered one of the finest examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture and was one of the most exclusive resorts of its day.

Tours depart daily from the main lobby of the College located at 74 King Street. Because we are a College first, tours are subject to cancellations, please check our ticket availability for more information.

Schedule Your Visit Today

One of the best ways to determine whether North Central College is the right fit for you is to visit. Whether youre an admitted student looking to discuss questions surrounding your final decision, an applicant with questions about completing your application, or a prospective student just starting your college search, our counselors are ready to assist you and your family. We have limited in-person options and several virtual options.

  • Masks are required indoors for all individuals regardless of vaccination status.

  • Learn more about each visit option or explore dates available through our online events registration page. When you find the right option, submit your registration

  • Non-degree and graduate degree-seeking students should set up a visit with Graduate and Professional Studies

  • If you are looking to schedule a group visit, please contact our Visit Coordinator at 630-637-5810.

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Information About Free In Person Tours

The in person Historical Tour of Harvard explores Harvard Yard. Tours depart from the Visitor Center which is located at the front desk in the Smith Campus Center. Our address is 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Registration for our in person tours must be made in advance. Registration is made available starting the Friday before your tour week. Parties of up to 14 persons can register for a free in person tour. Parties of 15-60 are encouraged to submit a request for a private tour.

Registered tour goers should arrive at the Visitor Center at least 15 minutes before your tour to check-in. Tours depart from the Smith Campus Center and end in Harvard Yard.

How To Choose Colleges With Virtual Tours

The College Tour Comes to Adelphi

A guide to some of the tour sites that aim to help students feel as if they are walking around campuses without leaving home.

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With college campuses closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, free virtual tours have grown in popularity. High school juniors hoping to begin college in the fall of 2021 are not able to visit campuses in person, but they and their families have many ways to explore their options while staying safe at home.

Here is a guide to some of the tour sites that aim to help students feel as if they are walking around campuses. They can visit as many colleges as they like, without the cost of a road trip or the aching feet.

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What Happens During A College Visit

Visiting colleges is the best way to figure out whether your child has found the right match. The internet, despite all of its wonderfulness, cannot tell you exactly what it feels like to be on campus. It cant show you the warmth of the professors or the friendliness of the students. It cant prove how delicious the food is or how much your admission counselor cares about your

You can do a number of things when youre on a college visit:

  • Take a tour
  • Visit with an admission counselor
  • Meet with a professor
  • Learn more about a particular extracurricular activity
  • Meet with anyone you want
  • Spend the night on campus

Many universities offer large group tours only, whereas small private colleges often offer personal campus visits. The personal campus visit means you have the opportunity to tailor your individual visit to you. You can dive into meals, clubs, the social scene, classes and

Visiting a campus is the real deal so take one of those freebie college visit days your child gets through his high school.

Make A List Of Potential Colleges

Do the serious book research first. Supplement it with internet research: visit each colleges website and click around.

Also, look for recent articles about the school. You want to get as complete a picture as possible.

When evaluating colleges, dont forget to consider geography and cost, as well as the academic requirements.

Using your research as a base, start a list of colleges that sound like theyd meet your needs and interests. This is just a preliminary list, of course. Youll probably change your thinking, as well as your list, before you get to senior year.

But that list is a good place to start, and it beats planning your college visits around Aunt Mollys birthday trip.

Now youre ready to start planning your visits. Be sure to consult with your parents. If possible, first plan one or two short trips to schools near where you live.

This will give you the chance to get your feet wet without spending too much time or money. As time goes on, you can travel to the colleges further afield.

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Make A College Visit Checklist And Know The Rules Of The Game

Its important to know the rules and regulations of each college before you visit. This may include visiting hours and parking regulations.

Check out the schools website for information.

Most colleges offer campus tours and information sessions on certain days. Sometimes you will be asked to register online ahead of time.

Whenever possible, you should attend both the tour and the information session, because both offer valuable information. They also provide the opportunity for you to ask questions.

Every college has its own academic calendar, which youll find posted online. Be sure to check the calendar before planning your visit.

You wouldnt want to arrive, only to find all the students and professors away on vacation.

On arrival, be sure to check in with the Admissions Office, before joining the next information session or tour. If you have enough time, you might want to sit in on a class or dine in the cafeteria.

The more time you allow, the more youll be able to see.

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