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How Do I Submit My College Application

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Canadian University Or College Transfer Students

Submitting an application on the CommonApp

Please check your UBC Student Service Centre portal for details on what documents you need to submit to UBC and how to submit them.

UBC will ask for your transcript in one of the following ways:

  • We may ask that you request for your electronic transcript to be sent directly to UBC from your participating BC institution: Capilano University, Douglas College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Langara College, and University of the Fraser Valley.
  • We may ask you to upload your documents to your Student Service Centre portal. All transcripts must include your institution name and your full name.
  • We may ask that you request for your university, college, or CEGEP to email a PDF copy of your transcript directly to UBC at .
  • If your institution cannot provide an emailed PDF copy or an electronic transcript, you must request for your university, college, or CEGEP to mail a paper copy directly to UBC.
Deadline to submit interim transcripts if you are currently attending university or college, and you applied to UBC by December 1.
Deadline to submit final transcripts if you are currently attending university or college.


  • If you applied to Midwifery or Nursing on UBCs Vancouver campus, please see your offer letter for your deadline.

What Should I Do After I Submit My Application

I helped Katy put together college applications that would bring out her best qualities. Before she submitted them, Katy asked me if shed finally be done or if there was more she could do to increase her chances of admission. I advised Katy to continue demonstrating an interest in her schools until they make a decision. Leading up to application season, Katy stayed in contact with her assigned admissions officers. She visited her top colleges campuses to tour the grounds, observe classes, and meet with students. I reminded her that college decision deliberations take a few months. Therefore, shed want to continue getting to know the school, while making sure her name stays on top of the pile.

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Common Questions About Applying To College

Students can start preparing their application materials as early as they want, but the process begins in the fall of senior year. Most deadlines fall between January and February, so learners should give themselves enough time to complete their applications.

The Common App can make applying for college easier, but the general application process can be costly and lengthy. Learners may want to start with a list of 4-6 colleges that they want to attend and then go from there.

Applying for college early offers several advantages for students. Early applicants may find the admission requirements easier to meet. They can also receive responses sooner, allowing them to apply to more schools, if needed.

For most college applications, candidates need to provide high school transcripts, recommendation letters, and ACT or SAT scores. They may also need to write personal statements or answer essay questions.

Students often use the same materials for different applications, as applicants can send transcripts and test scores to all prospective schools with little effort. However, some colleges have unique requirements that candidates must address individually, and it’s important to always double-check any personal essay prompts to ensure that your essay answers the brief.

Create A College Admissions Calendar

When Should I Submit My College Application?

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your college application process creates a calendar. Your planner will help you stay organized, keep track of deadlines, and keep on track with all the steps.

Youll want to include every deadline for each school on your list, including those that arent yet due but are approaching quickly, so that you can track when theyre due and what else needs to happen before then. You should also add some buffer time around these datesdont forget that submitting an essay just two days before a deadline wont get it done in time unless its already perfect!

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Current Ontario High School Students

You should complete the Ontario Universities Application Centre s 101 Application if you:

  • are a current, full-time Ontario high-school student
  • have not been out of high school for more than seven consecutive months
  • expect to receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma with six Grade 12 U/M courses by the end of the current year
  • have not attended a post-secondary institution

Should I Use An Online Or A Paper Application

Check with the college to see which is preferred. Most colleges prefer online applications because they are easier to review and processsome even offer a discount in the application fee if you apply online. Applying online can also be more convenient for youits easier to enter information and correct mistakes. Whichever method you choose, be sure to tell your school counselor where you have applied so your school transcript can be sent to the right colleges.

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Submitting Letters Of Recommendation

All school counselors and teachers have the option of submitting letters of recommendation and school forms online via the Coalition Application or Common Application. They should follow the instructions on the relevant application for submitting these forms. Teachers and counselors may print out and submit these forms on paper even if you submit your application online. Letters of recommendation must come directly from the recommender and should not be sent by the applicant. Letters of recommendation can be added to your application after the application deadline, so you do not need to ask your recommender to submit their letter before or at the same time as you have submitted your application.

If your recommenders are most comfortable writing in a language other than English, they may do so. Have them submit the original letter accompanied by a translation.

Talk To Your Guidance Counselor

What happens after I submit my college application? | Ask the College Experts

Your guidance counselor can help you figure out what classes you need to take in high school and how to get into college.

Youll want to talk with your counselor about what career path you want and which schools are good at preparing students for that field.

You may also want to ask them how much college will cost so that you can plan financially.

Your guidance counselor knows a lot about colleges and universities, so theyre a great resource if you have any questions about the process!

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How Your Application Is Considered

We first verify that you meet the Universitys general admission requirements. These are basic requirements that all candidates must meet to be eligible for University of Toronto admission consideration. The general requirements, including our English language requirements, are outlined by educational jurisdiction in the Requirements section.

Secondly, we assess whether you meet program-specific requirements for your intended area of study. Do you have the necessary subject pre-requisites and have you completed any required personal statement, supplementary application or audition?

The University of Toronto does not have the capacity to admit all applicants who meet the minimum general and program-specific requirements. We seek to admit the best possible students on the basis of academic performance and potential, and will select students for admission based on competitive strength.

The emphasis of our final assessment will be placed on the results of your most recent two years of study, including your marks in prerequisite courses, and on the strength of your supplemental information where this is required. However, we may also consider other aspects of your complete academic record including, but not limited to: consistency where and when courses were completed and the number of times any courses have been attempted.

Prioritize According To Fit

Prioritize according to fit. Look for colleges that have a good fit for you.

  • Look at the colleges mission statement and website. If they align with yours, it will likely be a great fit.
  • Research their student body diversity, the program you want to study, and how many people from that program get jobs after graduation.
  • Find out if there are alumni in your field of interest or who have impacted your city or state, and reach out to them about how they got where they are today!

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Keep A Copy For Your Records

Before you hit submit, print a copy of the application. If you cant print each page or the entire application, print what you can, or take a picture of each page with your phone. Once you do submit, also print a copy of the confirmation page. This gives you a record of everything youve done in case there are any issues.

Write College Application Essays

When should i submit my medical school application

Your college application essays give you the opportunity to personalize your application. Colleges look for an essay that differentiates you from others and demonstrates your positive traits. Start brainstorming topics and drafting your essays the summer before your senior year to give yourself sufficient time for revising and receiving feedback.

If youre struggling for time, check out our tips on writing your college essay fast.

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Make Sure You Have All Supplemental Documents

If your application asks for a school report, letters of recommendation, a counselor report, or anything else that requires someone else to complete it, make sure to check the status on each of these before hitting submit. Some schools will require an official transcript with your application. Request an official transcript from your school counselors office, and they will either give it to you in a sealed envelope so you can mail it, or they will mail it for you. The last thing you want is to send your application on time but have documents missing from your file. Make sure your letter writers know about the deadline. Most colleges requiring letters wont read an application without it, and if your letter writer is a teacher, this is a busy time of year, so theyll need plenty of notice. Touch base with them now and be sure to thank them again for going the extra mile in supporting your college plans.

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Demonstrating Interest In Colleges

Its possible that youve already engaged with the colleges on your list in some way prior to applying, but if you havent done so yet, now is a great time to start. You can engage with a college in different forms, such as an in-person or virtual campus visit, meeting a college rep at your high school or a college fair, following the admissions office on social media, or any other type of in-person or virtual event experience.

The schools on your list may offer a variety of opportunities for you to engage with them via specific admission-related events like campus visits, information sessions, or academic program events. This is important because as part of the evaluation process, some admission offices will consider a students level of demonstrated interest when making decisions.

Demonstrated interest is typically not considered at highly selective colleges and large public universities. However, institutions that dont fall into either of those categories are more likely to be interested in knowing if you hold their campus in high regard. It can be difficult to figure out which schools consider demonstrated interest and which dont, but this information can be found in the college profiles here on CollegeData. For example, demonstrated interest is very important at Sacred Heart University, and thats reflected in their profile, which you can see on CollegeData under the Admissions taband scrolling down to the Selection of Students section.

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There Are Pros And Cons To Both

Some argue that sticking to the traditional route will allow you to stand out in the crowd, or that it shows youre more serious and mature than your fellow students who do everything with a click of a button. Others argue that submitting online saves time, trees, and headaches since it eliminates the possibility of losing an application in transit .

Know The Various Admission Types And Corresponding Deadlines

The FAFSA Demo: Signing and Submitting Your FAFSA

Its really important to know which admission types each college on your list and the deadlines for those colleges or universities. Lets backtrack just a second and go over the 8 college admission types.

Regular Admission

Regular admission requires you to submit an application based on a regular application submission deadline, which typically falls sometime in early January.

You get admission letters in late March or early April and have until May 1 to either accept or decline any admission offers. Colleges that offer regular admission usually incorporate an early college admission option as wellmore on that below.

Rolling Admission

With rolling admission, college admission offices release admission offers regularly instead of sending them all out on one target date.

Admission committees at colleges and universities review your application as soon as they get it, rather than setting an application deadline and reviewing applications in a group. Instead, you hear back about admission decisions quickly.

Because rolling admission is non-binding, it means you dont have to decide which college youd like to attend till May 1the National Candidate Reply Date.

Open Admission

Any high school graduate, regardless of academic performance, can get admitted to a college through open admission. Colleges that offer open admission continue to accept students until all spots are filled. Community colleges often admit students through open admission.

Early Action

Early Decision

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First Talk To The Admissions Office

Before you submit a late application, you should contact the admissions office or an officer youve spoken with directly.

Colleges set deadlines for admission for a reason and your reason for missing that deadline is critical. In some cases, colleges will make an exception if you miss a deadline for a family emergency, medical illness, or natural disaster.

But its essential to keep in mind that simply forgetting to turn in your application will likely not grant you an extension.

Once youve spoken to the admissions office, its time to get your application in.

Proofread The Application Packet

Before you begin to fill out any part of your college application, be sure to read the entire application packet your college has provided. Understanding precisely what is required on your college admissions board is the key to creating a successful application. If you find any part of the application process confusing, consult a guidance counselor, parent or trusted to teacher for advice.

Online college applications are convenient, but they also make it easier for students to rush the application process and make mistakes. If your college accepts applications online, print out a hard copy of the application forms and read them through thoroughly before filling out anything.

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International High School Students

Youll receive an email with instructions on how to upload your transcripts and documents. Please check your UBC Student Service Centre portal to find out what documents are required to be submitted.

UBC encourages the submission of transcripts and documents electronically wherever possible. If this option is available to you, talk to your school counsellor about sending UBC your documents through a third-party provider, such as Parchment and Scoir.

If you attended or are currently attending a Canadian high school outside of Canada, please refer to the document submission instructions for Canadian high school students.

Sign Up For Standardized Testing

I currently have a 3.21 GPA at Oakland University as a Sophomore. This ...

Many students take the SAT or ACT for the first time in the spring of their junior year. This leaves them time to take the test again if they want to improve on their results. The latest youâll want to take standardized tests for applications due in January is the fall of senior year.

Though many schools have stopped requiring standardized test scores for admission, many still do. Schools that still require test scores might only accept the ACT or SAT, or accept either.

Some students choose to sign up for standardized test practice courses, work through test prep books, or use online resources. Some resources, like the Khan Academyâs SAT personalized practice program, are free. The College Board recommends taking at least six to 20 hours to study for your first SAT .

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Sometimes Writings Essays Can Feel Like The Biggest Part Of Your Application With A Little Bit Of Planning Organizing And Drafting We Can Help You Make This Task More Manageable

As you work on your applications you can find essays or short answer questions in three sections:

Colleges can either make the personal essay optional or required. In the writing section of your Common App tab, you will see a table that lists each college’s requirements.

Many colleges include short answer questions or essay prompts within this section. You can find specific information about each college’s individual writing prompts here.

Some colleges use a separate writing supplement. Not all colleges have a writing supplement. Some colleges only request this supplement based on how you answer other questions. You can find more information about writing supplements on the Dashboard or your My Colleges tab.

How Can I Express My Interest In Hamilton College

The best way to express your interest in Hamilton is by submitting your application! Some students will choose to apply Early Decision, indicating Hamilton is their top choice and they will attend if admitted, but we recognize that option may not be right for everyone.

Many students wonder, beyond the application, how they might best express their sincere interest in Hamilton. There are many ways for students to do that ranging from visiting campus, interviewing, attending a virtual event, meeting with admission officers when we visit your high school , or taking advantage of many other opportunities we give our candidates to connect with us throughout their search and our selection processes. While none of these options are required, we recommend you take advantage of these ways to enhance your candidacy and help us get to know you beyond the traditional components of your application.

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