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Can I Enroll In Two Colleges At Once

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Can You Study At Multiple Universities

Alamo Colleges District Registration Tutorial

Dual enrolment is practice of allowing a student to be enrolled in two academic institutions at one time. This is where the student will be studying two subjects at the same time, but at different universities. More detail about dual enrolment can be found here.

Its important to note that not all universities allow dual enrolment so its vitally important you check with your chosen university. Due to the potential long commute between universities studying at two universities at once will only really be plausible for those who live close by to two universities.

Attending multiple universities means paying fees twice, deciding to do this can be a hugely expensive. Because of the added costs it is usually more of an option for those in a more advantaged position.

My Secret Life Attending Two Universities At The Same Time

How one student simultaneously did two bachelors degrees at two separate schools in two different subjects

Im done with school. In the last few years, Ive done rather a lot of it all at once. Until I graduated in May, I was doing two simultaneous, separate bachelors degrees at two universities, one in mechanical engineering at McGill University and the other in film animation at Concordia University. Fortunately, these Montreal schools are about 15 minutes away from each other, so no teleportation was required, although, at times, it would have helped.

Is this allowed? I have no idea , because I never bothered informing either university, believing that they might have been annoyed about it. But now that I have two shiny degrees that I assume cant be revoked , I figure its safe enough to reveal the details of my double life.

Since my last year of CÉGEP, Id always wanted to do some combination of engineering and animation. When I applied for university, I learned Concordia doesnt allow engineering students to do double majors. In the end, though, my portfolio wasnt strong enough, and I was not accepted into the three-year program anyway.

After about a semester or so, I was dying. A vision of film animation popped into my head again, and the idea of dropping engineering was attractive. I checked the deadline to apply to Concordia, and it turned out I had two days to submit my application.

Can I Do 2 Masters Degrees From Two Different Universities At The Same Time

UGC has approved a proposal to allow students to pursue two degree programmes at the same time. One of the degrees has to be in the regular mode and the other either in open and distance learning or online. A student can pursue two degrees in different streams as well as from different institutions.

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Can I Do 2 Masters At The Same Time

How Dual Enrollment Courses Can Cut Down on College Costs

UGC has announced that a person can do two degrees simultaneously. … But as per UGC, a student pursuing a regular degree can also pursue an additional certificate/diploma/advanced diploma/PG diploma program simultaneously either in regular or open/distance mode from the same university or another institution.

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Accepted To Multiple Colleges Heres How To Confirmand Rejectyour Admission

Choosing which college to attend is a huge decisionone that affects the kinds of unique opportunities and challenges you will face and, ultimately, the rest of your life. Its wise to apply to more than one college, not only to give yourself a greater chance of acceptance, but also to allow you to weigh some options before choosing where to go! And if youre one of the lucky applicants to receive multiple acceptance letters, you could have a fortunate yet difficult decision to make on college decision day. We put together some guidelines to help you make an informed, positive decision between multiple admissions offers as well as how to accept and reject them with grace.

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Is It Weird To Get Two Masters Degrees

No, it is not weird to get two masters degrees. Many people get one degree right after undergraduate school, and another after they have worked for a decade or more. Employers like to see employees stay current and develop new skills. Some people get two masters degrees soon after undergraduate school.

You can only receive financial aid from one school at a time. With a consortium agreement, you can combine the credits at both schools to determine your financial aid eligibility.

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Definitions Of Confusing Terms

UofT 101: How to course “ENROLLMENT” on ACORN (applies to ALL campuses)

There are several similar sounding terms that are used to describe students who attend more than one college or university. If you plan to take courses at more than one school you should know the following terms:

  • Co-admitted: means you have completed the admissions process at more than one school. It doesnt mean you are registered for classes or that your enrollment will count for financial aid purposes.
  • Co-enrolled: means you have registered for classes at more than one school. You must be co-admitted before you can be co-enrolled.
  • Dual-enrolled: means the same as co-enrolled – you have registered for courses at more than one school.
  • Consortium: is an agreement schools make for students who are co-enrolled in more than one college or university. A consortium agreement declares which school is the home and which is the host, and it enables both courses to be counted toward your financial aid eligibility.

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How Is Dual Enrollment Paid For

Dual enrollment is financed in a variety of ways, depending on the state. Classes and materials tend to be refunded after completion of the course. In many cases, the student and their family dont pay the full fees from their own pocket, but rather the state or the school district covers the costs. Sometimes part of the costs are covered, and only 9 U.S. states leave it up to the student to cover the entirety of the costs of dual enrollment classes.

Is Dual Enrollment Better Than Ap

Students may earn college credit if they pass a dual enrollment class with a grade of C or better. AP classes prepare students for an AP exam. If the student scores high enough on the AP exam, they may qualify for college credit or have the opportunity to take advanced courses as a college freshman.

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Can I Simultaneously Enroll In Two Colleges Online

You can also tell students that they are taking courses at two universities at the same time. You have an idea. Well, it’s not uncommon for a student to take courses at a college and a four-year college at the same time. In other cases, you can find students enrolled in courses at two four-year colleges.

Cons: Lack Of Continuity

Can You Be Enrolled In Two Colleges At Once

Some colleges have professors that teach different courses within the same topics. Also, some community college departments offer similar courses that allow students to seamlessly transition from a âlevel oneâ course to a âlevel twoâ course.

By attending two colleges you may lose out on the continuity that would otherwise be available if you had stuck with only one school.

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How Difficult Is It To Study At Two Universities At Once

It is clear that studying at two universities is tricky and also very time consuming. This also can lead to having no time for extracurricular activities and socialising. social skills that are needed for the future. It is important to find a balance between studying and social life, this can be near impossible when studying in two different areas.

If you are enrolled at two universities, you may have to study within the holidays because of the huge amounts of workload. It is not an easy option to take but with the correct organisational skills it can still be possible. If you manage to overcome the obstacles mentioned above, then by doing this you can gain a range of skills and attributes for your future life and job roles. Check out this article here to read more about how difficult it is to study at multiple universities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Additional Coursework Outside Asu


Yes. You will need approval from the ISSC for any class you wish to take outside ASU. You can submit all the requested classes for the semester in one eForm or submit multiple eForms. Please note you will be unable to enroll in any classes that you have not received prior authorization from the ISSC.


It is always a good idea to speak to your academic advisor before enrolling in any classes outside ASU. If the combined total of credits exceeds 18 for undergraduates or 15 for graduates, you will be required to submit an additional eForm with your academic advisors approval. This will ensure that your academic advisor is aware of your increased course load and can ensure that you are successful in your studies.


No. You will need a new authorization each class and semester. For example, if you have been authorized to take a class in the fall semester, but want to take a class in the spring semester as well, you will need to submit another request.





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When Does College Basketball Start Up

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Rules And Expectations In Studying At Two Colleges At Once

Should you Learn 2 Programming Languages at the Same Time?

If youre considering dual enrollment, there are some important things to keep in mind before you enroll. You will need to consult with the Dual Enrollment Specialist first who will guide you to strategize to make sure you are a right fit. And that you can handle and cope with the course load. As the rule of life, always know what you are signing up for. Terms can mean different in two schools and by state such for example Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit.

When planning, details always matter. Look at the pros and cons. Ask yourself, can you handle the financial cost? Still, after you do your homework, Dual Enrollment is a better deal than going the traditional route.

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Now Can You Attend Two Colleges At Once

In real terms, youre not alone in this, as many students and high school struggle with this tough question. Usually, after receiving letters of offer and acceptance notifications, most students go through a difficult time trying to figure out the right college to attend. Inevitably, some start wishing to get a chance to go to two schools at the same time.

In many instances, joining two colleges at the same time is possible. Maybe youve heard someone talk about dual enrollment. This term mostly refers to high school leavers who are taking courses at a local school. It can also refer to students taking classes at two colleges at the same time. Do you get the idea? Well, its not rare to find a student taking classes at a four-year university and a community college, simultaneously. In some other cases, you may find students taking courses at two 4-year universities.

But you may ask, how does this work? Were talking about how to do dual-enrollment. Or co-enrolment. Or cross, concurrent enrolment. Others refer to it as simultaneous enrolment. Students who take courses under this arrangement are made to choose one four-year college as their degree-granting school. Any other classes that such students take at other colleges are to be transferred over to the main college so that they may count towards the main schools graduation requirements.

That being said, there are so many reasons why you should go the dual-enrolment route. Lets look at some of them.

Next Lets Talk About Financial

It is important to set your financials straight because whatever financial aid you get will be applied directly to your waiver fees applied to one of the schools. But do check if your school offers consortium agreement as this allows your financial aid to be distributed to your schools. Also, find out if you can defer your fees by setting up a payment schedule.

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To Dual Enroll Or Not To Dual

March 14, 2012·Class, School

As the days of college slowly pass by, there are those initial moments in which youre seeking something new. Perhaps youve been attending your current college for about a year or two, but you recently found out that some of the electives youd like to take for fun arent offered. Or, you might be in a similar situation to mine I reach senior year and learned that two of the classes I needed to finish my degree online werent offered at my home institution.

When faced with a desire to take a fun new elective or dealing with the last-minute news that the class you need to graduate isnt offered for whatever reason, then many students consider the option of dual enrollment. Yes, the crazy business of attending two colleges at once. Now, of course its impossible to receive financial aid in the same semesters at two schools, but that doesnt mean its impossible to be enrolled at two colleges at once. And Im not speaking from the viewpoint of a student who has heard of this secret group of students who enroll in two colleges last semester I embarked on the journey of dual enrollment.

All those crazy late nights of doing homework for multiple classes, contacting writing services online, keeping quiz dates in order, and trying to remember professors names surely do pay off in the end. So to dual enroll or not? In the end, its all up to you.

What Is Required To Be Eligible For Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

The requirements for dual enrollment vary from state to state, but for the most part, only high school juniors and seniors are allowed.

Three U.S. states require students to be at least a sophomore, while 12 states require students to be at least a junior. Other states allow younger students if they prove to be highly gifted. Home-schooled students can also take dual enrollment classes.

In certain states, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required in order to take dual enrollment classes. Other requirements often include a letter of recommendation, parental permission, and college course prerequisites. College entrance requirements of the specific college must also be met.

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Students Enrolling In Two Graduate Programs

Occasionally, a student seeks to enroll in two graduate programs simultaneously . If the student is not seeking admission to a previously established joint program , s/he may apply to both programs. Each program has separate authority to approve or disapprove the students admission. In so doing, it may function independently or in collaboration with the other program. Each program bears responsibility for proper advising of dual-enrolled students. Each program must communicate with each other and with the Registrar and Bursar on the particulars of the dual enrollment.

With the appropriate approvals from the two programs involved, the student will be registered in, and enroll in courses in, both programs. With the approval of a given program , up to 25 per cent of the credit hour requirements of that program may be earned in the other program and thus double counted. Thus a student in a program requiring 30 credits may, with that programs approval, count up to six credits earned in the other program. A student in program requiring 48 credits may, with that programs approval, count up to 12 credits earned in the other program. The transfer may go in both directions, subject to the 25 per cent limit. Five year bachelors-masters programs are not included in this policy.

The two programs will collaborate on matters of financial assistance under the following principles:

A student may receive only one graduate assistantship in a given academic year

Dual Enrollment Has Been Growing In California

All Californias 114 community colleges offer some form of dual enrollment. However, only a small share of California public high schools have formal dual enrollment programs. In recent years, more high schools have been participating in dual enrollment programs. In 201617, only 10 percent of students were in high schools that offered dual enrollment courses but the number increased nearly three-fold to 36 percent in 201819. The increase is particularly remarkable among districts that serve a high percentage of Black and Latino students: the share has increased from 7 percent in 2016 to 37 percent in 2018.

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