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What To Bring To College Checklist

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Here Are Some Useful Tips To Make The Most Of Your Suitcase Space:


1. Roll your wrinkle resistant clothes instead of folding them. Youll be able to fit more this way.

2. For clothing that is prone to wrinkles , fold them in half and drape them on top of the rolled clothes.

3. Wear your bulkier clothing on the plane so that they dont take up too much space in your luggage.

4. Look for the nooks and crannies of your luggage to stuff undergarments like bras, socks, and underwear.

5. Use the 5,4,3,2,1 rule. Five shirts, four bottoms, three hoodies or zip up jackets, two pairs of shoes, and one suit or dress. Adjust the list to suit your needs. Dont forget to throw in at least one bathing suit.

6. Get rid of the if I need it or just in case mentality. If and when you need something, you can buy it when you get there.

Toilet Paper And Tissues

Youll thank us later when you dont have to take that last-minute trip to the store after moving in. Its also worth figuring out whether your apartment comes with a toilet paper holder. If it doesnt, youll want to add one to your college apartment checklist ASAP, since no one likes a toilet paper roll perched on the back of the toilet.

  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues

What Should I Use To Pack My Stuff For College

When packing your items, there are many types of supplies you can use. The following are some tips for supplies and packing methods you can try:

  • Use bins for storing college supplies in lieu of boxes.
  • Break down cardboard boxes and keep them stored in a closet or another space for later use when youre moving again.
  • Reuse boxes or bins to store certain items in your room.
  • Make the most of the space available in the vehicle by keeping all your heavy items beneath the rest, and keep lighter items such as bedding or clothing in more open areas.
  • Keep similar items in the same boxes to make them easier to sort through.

To expand on that last point, try to mark each box and bin with a number that corresponds with the item number on your checklist. For instance, you may have kitchenware in one box thats marked #2, along with #2 next to your list of matching items.

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Before You Pack: Understanding The Realities Of Dorm Life

Traditional dorms are singles or doubles, with some triples or quads, and students share a communal bathroom and living area. Some students live in suites or apartments during college, in which they share a bathroom and common living space with a few roommates. Shared bathrooms are a major adjustment for a lot of students, so as you get ready to move into your dorm, think about what will make you most comfortable in these shared spaces.

Most four-year colleges have dining halls and meal plans. Dining halls offer some wonderful, well-balanced options, but they aren’t open all the time and don’t always cater to students’ dietary needs as best as they can. Make sure to have ways to eat and prepare food in your room from the get-go. You’ll be in need of plenty of late-night snacks and meals!

You’re going to spend lots of time around other people and in shared spaces. The best thing to do is to be prepared and make sure you’re being conscientious about your living space and what you need to be comfortable and happy.

For better or worse, this is your home for the next four years. You can never be too prepared! Anything in college is possible, and a lot of craziness will happen. Deciding what to bring to college is challenging, but hopefully this college packing list will get you off to a great start so you can enjoy one of the best times of your life in comfort.

How Should I Pack My Clothes For College

EXACTLY What to Bring to College

Its best to settle for enough clothing to get through one or two seasons at a time. When returning home for winter break or another occasion as the season changes, you can take some clothes back and exchange them for others. You may want to consider bringing some formal wear in the event of a job fair, networking opportunity, or a job interview. You can also start by packing some neutral-colored clothes to make coordination easier. If you exercise or use a gym, dont forget to bring some workout clothes.

Pro Tip:

If you know how to sew, bringing a small sewing kit can help you patch up clothes in an emergency.

Another way to make unpacking easier is to leave all your clothes on their hangers when youre packing. Once youre in your room, you will be able to simply remove them from the box and hang them in your closet. This also means you dont have to put hangers separately on your college packing list! If you dont have boxes that are big enough to hold your clothes and their hangers, you can use a large bag such as a garbage bag, with the hanger hooks poking out of the top. Using bags to carry clothing may also be best to keep dress shirts and slacks from creasing.

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Items To Check With Your Roommate

There are several things that you may want to share with your roommate. If you are moving into a traditional dorm room, where two or more students share a bedroom, there will be limited space so check space availability in order to be respectful to your new roommate. Things you may want to share with your roommate include: TV, mini fridge, fan or heater, rug, microwave, coffee pot, and cleaning supplies.

If you have a larger, shared space, such as a shared apartment or home, you will share common furniture and likely most kitchen items. Check with everyone on who is bringing what so you dont come in with doubles. Extra tip: Make a list for yourself of all the things you brought into the dorm or apartment so there isnt any confusion at move out.

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What To Pack For College: A Complete College Packing List

Now that you have some idea of what to bring, heres a complete college packing list to help you bring everything you need. The following items in our college packing list include the essentials and certain luxury items that might be worth bringing. However, its up to you to determine which items you can bring with you.

Get Started Early And Pack In Shifts Watching For Deals As You Go

what to bring to college 2020ULTIMATE COLLEGE CHECKLIST

Its time to start packing for college and youre wondering what to bring especially in the climate of COVID-19. While you certainly wont want to forget bed sheets, shower sandals and other college essentials, here is a list of items particularly important during a pandemic.

1. Thermometer In this environment, we all need to take personal responsibility for monitoring ourselves for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. This should be done daily and before heading out of your residence hall room. A quick temp check is an easy way to monitor your health even if youre feeling perfectly fine.

2. Face Masks At UW-La Crosse, like most college campuses, face masks are expected indoors. How many do you need? We suggest a minimum of two, but you will probably want more. Think about face masks like you think about underwear when you pack, advises Tori Carlson in Residence Life at UW-La Crosse. If you have a habit of letting laundry pile up, pack more masks or have a plan to wash them regularly. Check out these CDC tips on washing face masks.

3. Headphones or earbuds Remember you have a roommate, so anything that involves watching lectures or videos online would best be done using headphones. Youll want the ability to focus on what youre working on and cancel out other noise. Along those lines, make sure your device has video and audio capabilities.

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Tips For Starting Your List

First of all, start with the list weve created here for you. It is a fully comprehensive list, so you can edit down based on your needs. Our list might also spark ideas for other items you may want to add, so start here and tweak it to make the perfect checklist just for you!

Check your college dorm or apartment rules for what kinds of things are allowed and what is explicitly forbidden. Examples may include pets, certain appliances, and making even temporary decor changes.

Make sure to check what is already included. New apartments sometimes come furnished, with kitchen appliances or basic furniture. Dorm rooms may include basic things such as a desk, chair, bed/mattress, and lamp.

Find out who your roommate or housemate is/are. Make a plan to meet them, either virtually or in person, to discuss similar interests, basic room rules, what each of you will be bringing.

Check with your program about specific items you may need for the program you are studying. You may need special software such as Adobe or Microsoft Office, or a headset for lectures.

Know your study preferences. Check in with yourself before making your desk checklist about what you need for studying, and what type of environment works best for you .

Find out what is already included. No need to buy double of anything!

Use what you already have. Remember you will likely only be studying for 9 months. Theres no need to buy all new things for only a portion of the year.

What To Bring To College

Real quick there are two things I want to explain.


1. * Ive marked items with an asterisk to indicate that I think its a better idea to get these things after moving into your dorm room.

Because those items are either

  • bulky to pack
  • might spill on your way there
  • may be prohibited by your college
  • you might not need it right away
  • its a shared item that you should touch bases with your roommate before buying
  • or its generally something thats better decided on after physically being in your new digs

2. If something is highlighted that just means that its an item that I wouldnt consider to be absolutely necessary or essential to college living.

They are nice to have, but theyre totally optional items to add to a college packing checklist. These items can make a dorm room more comfortable or make your life a little easier.

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Final Thoughts On What Stuff To Bring To College

I believe that solves the mystery of what to bring to college!

I covered just about everything that should be considered when creating your own college freshman checklist, and even what not to bring college.

But, if youre worried about forgetting something important when move-in day rolls around

I made a printable version to help keep it all fresh in your mind. Download the college pack list PDF below!

Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Need

The Ultimate College Packing List #collegepackinglist Want ...

You want to be prepared for everything, so try to think of unique situations and what you might need to handle them. What would you need for a dentist appointment? If something breaks? If you want to study outside? Also remember that you will be very busy, so you don’t want to bring too much.

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The Ultimate College Packing List For Girls

College is usually about a lot of firsts. First time moving away from home. First time leaving your childhood friends. First time living in a dorm or another type of student housing. And when it comes to that final first, while youre not exactly starting from scratch, it can be overwhelming to think about what you need to bring with you. Enter our ultimate college packing list for girlsyour guide to what to bring when settling in to college life.

Laundry & Cleaning Supplies

Youâre a young adult now– itâs time to clean up after yourself. Momâs not there to do it for you! Donât let clutter and dirt make your dorm room a place you canât stand to occupy!

Most dorm rooms have bare floors that arenât carpeted. A broom and dustpan and a Swiffer Sweeper– or a knockoff brand– will keep your floor spic and span. A waste basket and trash can liners are necessary, and donât forget antibacterial wipes to keep germs at bay!

Youâre the only one responsible for doing your laundry, too. Stock up on detergent and dryer sheets– and if you use it, fabric softener– and remember to stock up on quarters or load money onto your laundry account. Check with Resident Life to see how to pay for your laundry. Have a drying rack with you too– it can save money on the drier, and youâll need it to preserve your delicates! Itâs also not a bad idea to include an iron and a mini ironing board, but check to see if your dormâs laundry room has these first. Again, itâs a simple call to Res Life or a click on the website to check before move-in day!

And remember basic cleaning products like disinfectant wipes and glass cleaner for your furniture and mirrors. No sense in spreading germs or trying to see your reflection through dust and grime! Overall, we recommend grabbing these laundry and cleaning essentials:

  • Laundry bag/basket

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Find Out What Your School Allows And Prohibits

Your school might provide a lot of the supplies that you need, even if the dorms arent fully move-in ready. You can call or check the schools website to find out what you should bring along with what the school doesnt allow. For example, if youre considering bringing a microwave or mini-fridge, the dorm might include a full-sized refrigerator and microwave.

While the school obviously wont permit any alcohol, drugs, or weapons, other items that some schools prohibit include space heaters and extension cords, which could present a fire hazard. Also, there are some other items that colleges frequently ban, which you should try to leave off your college packing list. If youre thinking of bringing any furry friends along, you should also find out if your college allows pets.

If You Dont Have Acceptable Id

What to bring (and NOT bring) to COLLEGE! | Ultimate College List

If you dont have another form of acceptable ID, you may be able to use the Student ID Form. This form must be prepared and authenticated by the school you currently attend or by a notary if youre homeschooled. A current photo must be attached to the form in the area indicated before the form is notarized. This form is valid as ID only if youre testing in the United States and are under 21 years of age.

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What Not To Bring

Dean College is committed to the well-being and safety of all our students. Therefore, certain health and safety regulations are in place for the protection of our residential population.

For this reason, the items listed below ARE NOT PERMITTED on the Dean College campus:

  • Indoor and outdoor grills
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Hot water heater*

College Dorm List: Checklist Of What To Bring

With fall right around the corner, thousands of U.S. colleges and universities will be reopening their doors soon!

In addition to the frenzy of excitement surrounding a college move, many incoming freshman experience plenty of nerves and understandably so. Living away from home for the first time ever is challenging. It means meeting new people, sharing a room with strangers, and yes even doing your own laundry . With this in mind, college freshman need to be extra prepared for moving into a college dorm room. After all, the more prepared you are, the less stress youll feel during the move-in process. Which is why weve prepared this college dorm checklist of what to bring to a college dorm.

Keep in mind, college dorm rooms are generally teeny tiny. Some come outfitted with only a bed and desk. Many college dorms also require residents to share a large bathroom with the students living in their hallway. If this is the case, freshman will need to bring a few extra bathroom supplies . Those sharing a kitchenette with roommates will want to bring supplies and tools for cooking as well. Before packing, all students should double-check their universitys housing departments policy on prohibited and hazardous dorm room items.

Before you get started with the packing, take a look at our helpful college dorm list of what to bring when moving into a college dorm.

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