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How To Recruit College Students For Part Time Jobs

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Be Upfront About The Possibility Of Eventual Full

Making MONEY In The U.S As A Burmese International Student (Part-time Jobs/Internships/CPT/OPT)

Not all part-time workers are looking for eventual full-time work, but some are.

Letâs face it: itâs not unusual for employers to hire part-time as a way to test out a new position, to verify if they actually benefit from the extra help, or to see if the employee is a good full-time candidate.

The fact is, the numbers of part-time workers in the U.S. who want to transition to full-time work sits at about 6 million. You can bet you have some workers who are eager for more hours and who hope for full-time

If full-time is a possibility, make it known. If it isnât, donât lead on part-time employees by hinting it might be just to keep them from going somewhere else. You want employees that want to be there, not ones that are tricked or coerced into staying because they think something more permanent is on the horizon.

Look Beyond Unemployed Candidates

Many of your part-time job applicants will be currently unemployed, and youâll definitely be hiring some of them. But donât forget that there may be people who are employed who are excellent candidates.

You might attract workers from a competitor. You might have full-time employees who are retiring that would be interested in working part-time . Just remember that great future part-time workers are also working right now.

You Learn To Manage Your Money

When you start making money of your own, you tend to become more cautious about how you spend your hard-earned cash.

Not only can early employment help you build up long-term savings, but it also makes you financially aware from a young age, meaning youll have better budgeting and money management skills when youre older, avoiding heaps of debt in the process!

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You Build Your Professional Network

No matter where youre working, a part-time job gives you the chance to network with other people. So, even if youre not gaining work experience in a field that you want to pursue, you are still making connections in the professional world.

For example, you might meet a client whos working for your dream company, or your employer may know somebody who works there. You never know who knows who, so treat every conversation as a chance to progress in your career, and always keep the door open for further discussions.

Be Aware Of Local Layoffs

Casual and part

If a company in your area has had to layoff workers, consider working with them and offering those former employees part-time work to help them in the short term. They might not all stay, but you may find some great future full-time workers. At the very least, you get the positive word out that you wanted to provide work for those who had lost their jobs.

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Put Your Social Media Settings On Private

While there is, of course, a distinction between your work and personal life, employers are still unlikely to hire you if all they can see on your social media are photos of drunken nights out and foul-mouthed rants on your Facebook.

Instead, make sure you’re doing everything you can to use social media in the right way, to help you land a job.

Recruiting College Students On A Budget: 4 Ways To Reach Millennials

As Millennials enter the workforce in record numbers, employers are looking for strategic ways to meet them in the talent marketplace.

Theyre investing more in college recruiting, and reevaluating their offer so that it meets this generations needs. Putting that kind of change into action can be intimidating for employers, and not to mention expensive.

Thats why weve put together a list of ways you can DIY your recruiting so that its attractive to new graduates. That way, regardless of your budget or time allowance, you can start putting changes in practice today.

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Social Media Is A Must For Attracting Student Talent

Socialmedia is a must for recruitment. Essentially, its a vast pool of studenttalent both active and passive job seekers, and no other hiring resourcedoesnt even come close to matching its ability to provide access to candidates.

Tosummarize what weve just discussed, heres how to use social media to recruitstudent candidates:

  • Focus on LinkedIn, as itsthe best positioned to provide relevant information
  • Look for red flags and goodsigns in student profiles
  • Use videos to increaseengagement
  • Evaluate and confirmcandidates qualifications using the information on their profiles
  • Aim to build a positiveemployer brand with every piece of content you share on social media.

The bottom line here is that as a recruiter or a talent acquisition professional, you need to be where the most talented job seekers are, and social media is certainly a place like this. Meeting the candidates where they are and presenting them with an opportunity to see how great your company is would definitely be super beneficial.

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Amit Gawande

How To Find A Part


Finding a part-time job to supplement your Student Loan will not only give you more cash to play with, but it’s great for your CV too. Here’s how it’s done…

Credit: Sorbis, JHVEP Studio Shutterstock

With students experiencing an average shortfall of £340 every month, it’s clear that Maintenance Loans just aren’t enough to cover living costs in the UK.

As many as 66% of students have part-time jobs at uni. By getting a job, you could start earning a regular, reliable income. This will make a huge difference if you like so many others find that your Student Loan isn’t big enough.

However, it’s worth noting that part-time jobs don’t just fall out of the sky and onto your lap. First, you’ve got to decide what it is you want to do and then put in the effort to secure a job.

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Does The Service Post Internships

In today’s rapidly changing work place, gaining work-related experience is key to a new graduate’s success in finding employment. For this reason we highly encourage students and upcoming graduates to engage in some form of experiential learning such as an internship, co-op, or volunteer work. The internships listed through the College Central Network are both paid and unpaid.

Recruiting College Students: What To Do Before During And After Interviews

Each new class of graduating college seniors brings a new opportunity to add fresh talent to your team. And while some of those seniors have jobs lined up, over half are likely unemployed or underemployed.

To capitalize on this new class of job seekers, its important to create relationships with students early, even before their diplomas are printed. The key to attracting young talent to your organization is to be strategic in your approach to college recruitment. And while appealing to todays college students requires a social media presence, theres still a lot to be said for and gained by showing up in person.

Below, well discuss best practices for recruiting college students, focusing on what to do before, during, and after conducting on-campus interviews.

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Get Paid For Answering Surveys Paid Online Surveys


You might have heard a lot about online survey jobs because these are the very famous online part time jobs in India.

Many manufacturing companies from all around the world are ready to spend millions of dollars on preliminary research.

This research will help to get ideas and suggestions from people like us about their new product launch or service refinement.

But they dont directly involve in research activities instead they contact online survey companies who are responsible portals for conducting surveys.

These portals already have a large number of people from different communities worldwide in their database.

The market companies offer survey opportunities and these survey portals select us from their database based on our profile.

What Do We Need to Work?

  • We need to register a free account with these survey companies.
  • Then your prime duty is to complete your profiles related to your lifestyle, family, profession, travel experience, etc.
  • Whenever a survey matches your profile you will be invited by mail to attend the survey.
  • On successful completion, you will be rewarded with ash or gift vouchers.
  • How Much Will I Earn?

    Your question is right. You can earn up to $50 or more per survey if you are invited from the international portal .

    Indian based survey companies offer a maximum of $5 per survey.

    You can multiply your earnings by registering with more survey companies.

    Federal Work Study Program


    The Federal Work-Study Program is a federal program that provides part-time employment opportunities for part-time and full-time undergraduate or graduate matriculated students. Eligibility is based on need as determined by Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Employment opportunities on campus include jobs in the university library, laboratories, facility operations, health service, and various campus offices. The Office of Career & Professional Development provides supplemental support to the Federal Work Study Program. All general inquiries regarding federal work study should be directed to Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. To search for federal work study opportunities, students should log onto JOBS and search for federal work study.

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    Sell Your Photos And Make Money


    Do you like to take selfies or any other notable events while on your journey or vacation?

    Then, of course, you can able to monetize your images by selling photos online on various sites like Shutterstock, Istockphotos, Fotolia, etc.

    Get paid between up to Rs. 10,000/- per photo uploaded to their server.

    College students generally have some creativity and some sites will reward you with money.

    If you are willing you can even work 1 2 Hrs daily part-time to take photographs of nature, animals, tourism places, picnic spots, etc. Upload them and make money.

    Take Part In Extracurricular Activities

    We know it seems like a vicious cycle, but having a bit of experience on your CV makes it much easier to land a job. But, if you haven’t had a job before, don’t worry there are plenty of other things you can do to improve your job applications.

    Not sure which ones to try? We have a guide with the best extracurricular activities for you, depending on your chosen industry.

    You could also try volunteering, helping out a family friend with their business or even creating a website to really catch the eye of employers.

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    Should You Get A Job At University

    Before committing to anything, it’s definitely worth asking yourself first if a part-time job is right for you at this moment in time.

    Firstly, work out exactly why you want a part-time job. Are you doing it purely for the money, to bulk out your CV, or even just to meet new people?

    If you’re doing it just for the money, make sure you work out what your monthly budget is first. Granted, it’s not the most fun of tasks, but sitting down to work out what your incomings and outgoings are will give you a clear idea of exactly how big a shortfall you need to make up for.

    You might even find you don’t need a job after all, and just a few small money-making tricks here and there will be enough to give you some pocket money.

    It’s also worth noting that, although juggling a job at uni will look great on your CV, you can also improve your résumé by doing work experience or by getting involved in some extracurricular activities. These come with the added bonus of being short-term commitments that shouldn’t impact your studies too much.

    It’s crucial to sit down and work out how much time you can commit to a job in the first place. Can your timetable really accommodate a part-time job? A lot of universities would advise working in a part-time job for no more than 15 hours a week during term time, but this will vary for individuals.

    These Good Jobs For College Students Can Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

    Part Time Jobs Canada | Student life Canada | Sault College

    Students who hold part-time jobs have better grades.

    Part-time jobs for college students are almost as coveted as college acceptance letters. Besides searching for classes, college students are just as eager to look for jobs. That’s because many students need to find jobs to support themselves or pay for their studies.

    But cash money isnt the only thing jobs for college students are good for. Research from the Journal of College Student Retention, the Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, and the National Center for Education Statistics all found that students who hold part-time jobs have better grades. And as research from Mount Holyoke College found, students who have better gradescoupled with a handful of internshipsare more likely to find a job within six months of graduation.

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    Enlist Brand Ambassadors To Share Your Message

    Do you have a great intern success story? Someone who made significant impacts during their term, and perhaps gained a full-time job in the process?Use their experience to market your opportunities to other graduates. Its especially valuable to have these types of brand ambassadors available when you are recruiting on campus. Their testimony to success will convince other great candidates like them to explore your opportunities and perhaps gain future employment.

    Start With Paid To Click Sites


    Interesting isnt it? The same applies here. You will be paid $0.001 to $0.01 and more for watching each ad for about 5 to 30 seconds.

    This job requires a computer a laptop with an internet connection and a Gmail account for account registration.

    You can work part-time daily 1 to 2 hr on the internet.

    There are a lot of PTC sites available but Online Home Income picks only a few sites that really pay.

    As a college student, you can start doing this work part-time in your free time and without affecting your studies.

    Also, we have several payments from those sites listed on our website.

    Free Registration and people from any country can join and start earning immediately.

    How will you be paid?

    For receiving your payment you will have to create an account in PayPal and/or Payza the most reliable online payment processors.

    For withdrawing money out of your PayPal / Payza account, youre supposed to link your bank account to your PayPal / Payza account.

    This will not take more than 30 minutes of your time daily and you can easily make around $100 $200 every month without investment.

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    How Can I Be Supportive

    The most patient parent can be challenged while your son or daughter decides about the future. Because college is a time of exposure to new ideas and increased knowledge about the options for careers, a student’s need to explore may increase and the length of time this takes differs with each student. Being knowledgeable about today’s job market is an important part of being supportive of your son or daughter. Here are some key points to know about today’s job market:

    • It is changing faster now than at any other time in history.
    • Advances in technology and widespread use of computers are influencing every aspect of the market place.
    • We now live in a global market place which effects both competition and career opportunities.
    • A large percentage of jobs of the future will require the skill level obtained through a minimum of two years post-secondary training or four years of college education.
    • Job opportunities are evolving at a rapid pace. Many of the jobs that are in existence today weren’t heard of just ten years ago.
    • Because of the rapid evolution of jobs, people entering the workforce today are expected to change careers five to seven times during their lifetime.
    • Life-long learning will be a fact of life for all workers in order to continuously upgrade needed skills in the ever-changing work world.

    Complete Gigs On Fiverr

    Student Jobs â Take a part

    Fiverr, a very popular site where the Employer and Employees meet one another.

    The employer can choose his Employee and the Employee can choose his Employer.

    There are large numbers of jobs are available in Fiverr starting from $5.

    Free Online jobs are available in various categories such as Design and Graphics, Digital Marketing, Programming, video making, animator, photo editor, writing jobs, etc.

    If you were an expert in any of these fields you can immediately start to work and earn. Just set up your profile in Fiverr, and bid on Gigs.

    Complete on time and get paid. The best option available for college students to choose from the 100s of home-based online jobs in India.

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    Post Open Positions To The Handshake Student Job Board

    You are welcome to post an unlimited number of job opportunities and company hiring events to the student job board. Career Services staff collaborates with faculty to promote your full-time, professional career opportunities. Creating an account in the student job board also keeps you informed about upcoming recruiting events.

    Social Media: Hiding Little Nuggets Of Gold

    Okay, theres no actual gold on social media, but as a recruiter or a company looking for talented hires, you know very well that many great candidates arent looking for a job. Unlike active job seekers who publish resumes on online job boards and connect with recruiters, these people are employed but ready to accept employment offers.

    Yes, Imtalking about the so-called passive job seekers.

    According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, up to 70percent of the global workforce consists of passive talent. About 87 percent of both active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities, says the same source.

    Thus,its safe to assume that many employed professionals would be interested inknowing about offers from other companies .

    The highpercentage of passive talent also means that the overwhelming majority ofqualified individuals are waiting for you to discover them, but doing sowouldnt be easy. In other words, they dont have their resumes readilyavailable for you on an online job board like those actively looking for a job.

    This is where social media recruiting comes in.

    A candidate, be it a veteran professional or a college student looking to start a career, has a social media profile on at least two major social media networks. In fact, the average person has 7 social media accounts, and this number rises to 8.7 accounts for those aged 16-34.

    Thats why the vast majority of job seekers 85 percent, to be exact have profiles on LinkedIn.

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