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Will Colleges Open In The Fall 2021

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Fieldwork And Years Abroad

Virtual Fall Open House 2021 | University of King’s College

We expect that students will be able to take part in fieldwork so long as specific risk assessments are conducted, and any prevailing COVID-19 guidance is taken into account. This includes fieldwork overseas. We also expect field trips to go ahead whenever it is safe to do so.

If you have a year abroad planned as part of your academic course, we will support you in seeking to take up this opportunity in a safe way. Please visit our FAQs for Year Abroad students page for more information and general updates. There will continue to be an enhanced risk assessment process, and some flexibility may be needed depending on the restrictions in place in your destination country. Alternative learning arrangements may be arranged in a small number of cases if in-country placements are not viable.

Information For Incoming Residents

Fanshawe College is committed to providing an enriched Residence life experience in safe and healthy ways this fall. To make that possible, the Fanshawe Residence has adopted a vaccination requirement for residents under the guidance of the Middlesex London Health Unit .

This message contains an explanation of the Residence vaccination requirement, how to access a vaccine, how to apply for an exemption, appeal processes and other important information about Residence this fall.

All students living in Residence will be required to show proof they have received at least a first dose of a Canadian approved COVID-19 vaccine. Students will also be expected to have a second dose scheduled within the recommended timeframe for that vaccine.

If students are unable to get the vaccine in their home community, Fanshawe will assist with scheduling a vaccination appointment upon arrival. Unvaccinated students will be expected to have their first dose within 14 days of arriving at Residence and will receive details about restrictions and accommodations until their appointment.

Students who are partially or fully vaccinated at least 14 days before move-in will enjoy enriched Residence life experiences such as use of common Residence lounges and spaces, in-person social activities for residents and visiting between Residence buildings.

Residence applications will only move forward when this requirement has been met or a vaccine exemption has been approved.

What Does Teaching At Sussex Look Like Now

With the successful roll out of the UK vaccination programmes, the University is pleased to have seen the main form of teaching return to in-person, on campus, since September 2021. Find full details about teaching and learning for current students.

Our students have also told us that theyve enjoyed elements of online learning over the past year, so where online learning is beneficial we will look to provide this too.

Of course the health and safety of our students and staff is our priority, so although we will aim for mainly in-person teaching, changes may be needed in response to the global pandemic, informed by government advice.

We will provide more information about arrangements for the 2022-23 academic year as we get closer to September 2022, but we remain hopeful that the main form of teaching will continue to be in-person and on campus.

What does research supervision look like at Sussex now?

Since September 2021, the University has moved most supervision and research activities back to in-person on campus. However, there may be occasions where the University decides to offer blended learning, with some activities online.

With our PhDs, you will receive at least one supervision meeting each month, in addition to research activities where you and your fellow PhD students can engage with Faculty and learn together.

What will happen if staff are unavailable due to Covid-19?

Volume and arrangements of contact hours

Keeping you updated


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Ryerson University See On Instagram

Ryerson University has announced that the upcoming fall semester will serve as a transitional period with the expectation that all students will be able to return in the winter of 2022. In the fall, in-person learning will be prioritized for the classes that need it the most or need to have access to on-campus resources.

The SLC will be open at a limited capacity this coming fall semester, and student services like orientation will be offered in-person and online. Ryerson also plans to increase its residence capacities for students.

To make its decisions, the school is considering factors such as the progress of vaccinations and COVID-19 infection rates in the province, gathering limits, and more.

Despite Sixth Wave More Ontario Universities Move To End Restrictions

Bright College plans to open fall of 2021

Ontario has marked its highest COVID-19 test positivity rate since mid-January, with hospitalizations up 30 per cent, according to CBC News. However, more Ontario universities have announced the end of masking and vaccination requirements on May 1. The University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University, and Carleton University which has seen a recent outbreak of 221 cases have all made the move.

However, Brock University has gone in the opposite direction, choosing to maintain its masking and vaccine measures into the Spring semester, and will also be providing rapid antigen tests, medical masks and KN95 masks to students, staff and faculty.

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How To Land A Spot At One Of These Tuition

Though many admission strategies will continue to benefit from what we have learned about virtual recruiting, Grant Gosselin, director of undergraduate admission at Boston College predicts that place-based education will be in high demand. He says that after years of predictions that on-line universities will replace bricks and mortar institutions, high school and college students are exhausted by online learning. They long for the personal connections that online learning simply cannot provide. He adds, of course, online universities will continue to have a role to play, but residential institutions with a proven track record of fostering both students academic and personal development will thrive.



Daniel Porterfield, president and CEO of The Aspen Institute, and former college president echoes others predictions. He says, one of the consequences of the COVID-19 calamity is that enormous numbers of low-income students put their college hopes and plans on hold. I predict that many colleges and universities will develop comprehensive approaches to engaging with all this talent, especially by increasing need-based financial aid, and will recoup lost ground as engines of opportunity. He adds, not all institutions will do this, of course. Those that claim this future will be the institutions that lead our society.

Cloudy Crystal Balls

Lifting Of Vaccine Requirement At Waterloo Region Universities

As of May 1, three postsecondary institutions the University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and the University of Guelph will no longer require proof of vaccination to enter or work on campus, according to CTV News. The three universities have all chosen to maintain their masking policy for indoor spaces.

In Quebec, McGill University has announced the end of its mask mandate, beginning May 24, according to the Montreal Gazette. Concordia University and Université de Montréal will maintain their mask requirement through the summer term. The province recently announced that masks will not be necessary in public spaces beginning May 14.

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How We Are Working Keeping You Safe

We are working hard with our recognised unions and taking advice from UCLs world-leading researchers to make sure our campus is as safe as possible:

  • We have carried out tailored risk assessments of all areas of campus.
  • We are reducing the risk of transmission through ventilation.
  • We are working with Camden Council and our neighbours to keep our borough as safe as possible.
  • We are planning for potential coronavirus cases on campus or the reintroduction of any further lockdown restrictions.

Opening Campus Part Of Post

Admitted Student Open House: Fall 2021

As the US population gets vaccinated, 64% of US universities are planning to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to its students, faculty, and staff. According to the latest guidelines from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention , all US universities and colleges with a fully-vaccinated campus community may resume in-person classes at full capacity. So while only 14% of the institutions surveyed currently have a vaccine requirement, this number is expected to grow in line with CDC guidelines.

A major factor in effective vaccination is getting the right vaccine. US universities only recognise vaccines that are approved by the federal government, which follows the recommendation of the World Health Organisation .

As of June 3, 2021, WHO said the following vaccines have met the necessary criteria for safety and efficacy: AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer/BionTech, Sinopharm and Sinovac. Students who have received other vaccines should consult their university before making travel arrangements.

With these findings, US universities seem ready to rebound from the pandemic. In fact, over 75% plan to spend at least as much or more on recruiting international students as they ever have, while 48% have adjusted testing modes and requirements. At the same time, many have updated their digital services to better serve international students. For example, over 75% had updated their process for submitting applications and immigrations online.

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Wilfred Laurier University See On Instagram

Laurier plans to provide“as many in-person classes as possible with required physical distancing and gathering-size restrictions to maintain safety”, with possible capacity limits of 100 students per class.

Students will be able to see whether a class is in-person or online when they sign up for courses. If a class is listed as virtual at the start of the fall semester, it will remain that way until the end of the term.

In an email sent to Narcity, Laurier’s Residence Life team said that it is planning to have total occupancy for res buildings at the Waterloo and Brantford campuses starting in September, including double occupancy dorm-style rooms. Unless masking laws are lifted, students will have to wear masks in shared and public spaces, and lounges will also be open at a limited capacity.

While vaccinations are not required to live in residence, the university is encouraging its students to get vaccinated two weeks before Labour Day weekend. Laurier anticipates a “full return of normal operations” by winter 2022.

Students Prepare For Campus Life In Manitoba

Brandon University is preparing for a full return to campus for fall 2022, with the lifting of all COVID-19 restrictions at the university through the spring and summer. In a statement to CBC News, Brandon University president David Docherty cited extreme levels of vaccination on campus and in the community, as well as hopeful projections for the health care system throughout the coming months. The University of Manitoba, however, is likely to make an announcement about a return to campus in the summer term in the weeks ahead.

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Posted Health And Safety Requirements

The Alamo Colleges District requires employees, students and visitors to comply with the following measures to protect public health and safety, in accordance with our public health and safety procedure. View procedure C.2.19 »

Current Posting

Mandatory Weekly Screenings

All employees who are scheduled to regularly work at an Alamo Colleges District site that provides onsite COVID-19 screening are required to complete a COVID-19 Screening each week. This screening effort provides early identification and quarantine of infections.

  • In order to avoid false positives, individuals who have had COVID-19 within the past 90 days should not test. These individuals should report the reason for not completing a COVID-19 Screening Test to their campus Risk Coordinator.
  • All weekly COVID-19 screening will be conducted onsite by Community Labs at each of the colleges, DSO and St. Philip’s College – Southwest Campus. Screening takes place during scheduled hours, or as arranged by campus administration for High School Programs students.

Universities Extend Masking Requirements

Will Oregon State University Open In The Fall 2021

The University of Windsor and Trent University have both announced the extension of their indoor mask mandate until the end of May, while the University of British Columbia has chosen June 30. On the East Coast, Memorial University will be lifting indoor capacity limits beginning in the Spring semester, although vaccination and indoor masking policies will remain in place.

A complaint against the University of Guelphs vaccination policy has been dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, according to the Toronto Star. The complainant said that the university discriminated against them by the introduction of a mandatory vaccine policy for entry to their facility. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario determined that the issue was outside its jurisdiction.

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London Campus And London South Campus

Fanshawe College will host the Middlesex-London Health Unit on campus for several COVID-19 immunization clinics during school start up this fall. Any Fanshawe students, staff, contractors or volunteers who have not received a first or second dose are encouraged to attend one of the following clinics.

London Campus , room G1014:

  • Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.**outdoor tent during Orientation
  • Monday, September 13, 2021, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Friday, September 17, 2021, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All clinics will be held in room G1014, with exception of Orientation , which will be held outside under a tent. The clinic originally scheduled for September 4 has been cancelled.

London South Campus , second floor:

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2021,10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Thursday, September 24, 2021, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you have any questions about the MLHU vaccination clinics, please contact or visit the MLHU vaccination clinics website at

Vaccine Policy For All Students Employees Contractors And Visitors

This message is being sent to all employees and students. Please also see the attached COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement Frequently Asked Questions.

As announced last week, Fanshawe College is implementing a vaccine policy for all students, employees, contractors and visitors who attend any Fanshawe campus or affiliate locations. These policy requirements, summarized below, have a grace period until November 5, 2021.

All students, employees, contractors and visitors have until November 5 to be compliant with the policy. Those who are not fully vaccinated by November 5, 2021 and do not have an approved medical exemption will not be permitted on campus. The full policy will be finalized and posted online by September 7, 2021.

Some of the key requirements of the vaccine policy include:

Employees are reminded to complete the COVID-19 training module on FanshaweLearns in advance of their first visit to campus this term, and the COVID-19 screening form each time you come to campus.

For more information about health and safety during the fall term, please watch the recording of the employee town hall that took place on August 25, or view the slide deck.

Fanshawe is hosting the Middlesex-London Health Unit on campus for several COVID-19 immunization clinics during school start up this fall. Any Fanshawe students, staff, contractors or volunteers who have not received a first or second dose are encouraged to attend dates and times for the clinics are available on the Fanshawe website.

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Heres Whats Open On Campus This Fall

During the fall semester, the university will continue to adhere to safety protocols. Photo by Alyssa K. Faoro.

With summer almost behind us and orientation week in full swing, students are thinking about the upcoming fall semester and whats open on campus.

More on-campus classes and student activities will be available this fall as the university prepares for the transition to on-campus activities in January 2022.

If you are heading into class on campus this fall, check out how facilities on campus will be operating and what youll need to come to campus.

Health and safety measures are in place masks and face coverings are required for indoor settings. All students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to complete a health screening before accessing campus each day, via the RyersonSafe app or web browser. Ryerson also requires all students, faculty, staff and contractors and visitors coming to campus to be fully vaccinated. For more information, visit the university vaccination policy site.

Biden Cancelled $15 Billion Of Student Debt For Borrowers But You Can Still Apply Now

Vaughn College Fall 2021 In-person Open House – November 13

Boston University plans to reopen its residential campus this fall. Boston University President Robert A. Brown is focused on a COVID-19 Recovery Plan and has assembled working groups to help reopen the campus in accordance with public health. We are now in a position to focus on the fall and the best and safest way in which to bring the residential teaching and research community back onto campus when time and public health considerations permit, Brown said. If public health officials do not allow the campus to reopen in Fall 2020, the universitys contingency plan would allow for a later return to campus, including later in the semester or in January 2021, for example.

2. Brown University

Brown University

Brown University President Christina H. Paxson wrote in the New York Times that reopening colleges and university campuses should be a national priority. Colleges and universities must be able to safely handle the possibility of infection on campus while maintaining the continuity of their core academic functions, Paxson wrote. Paxson created a Healthy Fall 2020 Task Force to plan carefully for a return to Browns campus this fall. Paxson says that regular testing for COVID-19 is a must, including testing when students return and ongoing testing throughout the academic year. Also, until a vaccine is developed, students may have to wear masks, some large lectures may still be online, and collegiate sports may take place in empty stadiums.

3. Cornell University

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Ready To Start Your Journey

  • Most U.S. colleges are preparing for in-person fall terms after more than a year of closures.
  • Following backlash over remote learning, colleges hope in-person plans will boost enrollment.
  • Dozens of schools will require students to get a COVID-19 vaccine before coming to campus.

Experts say any return to normal life is still a couple of years off. For colleges, however, that timeline is significantly shorter. Institutions are racing to announce plans to bring students back for on-campus learning this fall, with a growing number stipulating that students must be vaccinated for COVID-19 before their arrival.

Universities’ earliest announcements of fall reopening plans coincided with the sending of acceptance letters. Schools need students back, and given the flood of student petitions and lawsuits after charging full price for an online spring, many worry that students won’t return for anything less than in-person.

After charging full price for an online spring, colleges worry that students wont return for anything less than in-person this fall.

Studies from the past year suggest that the switch to online learning damaged students’ focus and motivation a loss that may be counteracted by living on or near campus. Students of all ages have performed worse academically since the transition to remote learning. In addition, rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide have risen sharply.

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