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Where Do I Sell My Used College Books

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What Kinds Of Books Do You Buy

How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

What kinds of books do you buy?

We buy mostly college textbooks, but sometimes other books as well. View our example 500 list page, which showsexamples of textbooks that we commonly purchase.

Most of the books we purchase were published within the last 3 years. Also, our example 500 list shows a list of bookswe have recently purchased. What we buy can change day by day or week by week depending on resale values, our current inventory, demand, and other factors.

What kinds of books do you not buy?

For a listing of books we do not buy, please visit our Used Book Condition Policy page.

Do you buy audio books?

Yes, we do buy books on CD . However, we do not purchase books on cassette tape.

Do you buy collectible books or offer appraisals?

We do not buy collectibles or antiques, but we do have a suggestion: A good starting point is the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America . To obtain its free directory of 461 booksellers, call 944-8291 or visit online at

Do you buy books that do not have an ISBN?

No, we only purchase books that have an ISBN, and usually books that have been published within the last 3 years.

Will you accept books in any condition?

For information on the types of books we cannot purchase, please read our Used Book Condition Policy.

Will you purchase books with missing CDs, missing dust jackets, writing, underlining, and/or highlighting?

In some cases, yes. Please see our Used Book Condition Policy for more details.

How To Sell Your Book To Colleges For Use In Courses

One of the many benefits of writing nonfiction is that we can educate our readers. Whether we do that with a how-to guide, a memoir, history, science, or other kind of reference book, many well-written nonfiction books have the potential to be adopted into curriculum for college courses.

Getting colleges to adopt my books as part of the curriculum wasnt something I ever planned on, but when I was contacted by a professor who wanted to use my first book in his course, I was thrilled. It was even more exciting to realize that at least 50 copies of my book would be re-ordered each semester just for that classand that sales could be duplicated each time my book was adopted for another college course.

After agreeing to ship the required books directly to the college bookstore, and cutting out the distributor, the professor asked if Id be willing to deliver a Skype interview during class time and answer questions from the students. I gladly accepted, and we scheduled the appearance toward the end of the semester. The students were eager to speak to me as the author, and asked compelling questions that were fun to answer.

Since then, Ive had several arrangements like this for various books Ive written. And guess what? You can, too!

How to Locate Key Contacts

Its the course instructors and professors who ultimately decide what books to use in their curriculum, which means you have to identify who they are and figure out how to reach them. This requires some research.

Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Used Textbooks

If youre planning to sell your college textbooks, its important to keep them in good condition the state of your book determines how much youll be able to recoup when you sell it. Avoid marking the book, so dont highlight passages or write in the margins. Try to avoid eating or drinking while studying as well, and keep your book shelved when its not in use. Anything you can do to minimize wear and tear on the book as youre using it will help assure a maximum return once youre ready to sell it on.

Another important tip for selling your old textbooks is to do it as soon as youre finished with the book. Dont wait prices can and will drop when a book becomes less popular or if a new edition is released. While you leave it on your bookshelf, you could be losing any chance of reclaiming the money you spent in the first place. Given how pricey textbooks often are, thats no small chunk of change!

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Best Places To Resell Your Textbooks

Now that you have some different ideas of ways to resell your textbooks, where can you actually do it? Here are our favorite places to do it!

1. AbeBooks

AbeBooks is a great place to resell your textbooks, but it does require a bit more work than some of the other places on this list. You setup your own shop, ship your own products, and basically run your own store. However, they do have great prices as a result.

2. Amazon

Amazon is the market leader in textbooks and one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. When it comes to reselling textbooks, Amazon makes it incredibly easy. All you have to do it enter the ISBN number, and you can quickly list your textbook. You do have to ship out your own book when it sells.

3. Barnes and Noble

I think a lot of people forget about Barnes and Noble being online, not just a store, but they have a huge website and a great textbook resell program. They also make the process of reselling your textbooks easy, by simply having you enter your book’s ISBN number, accepting their offer, and sending in your books.

The only drawback is your books have to be worth at least $10.

4. BookByte

BookByte focuses a lot of its effort on textbook buyback, and they make the process easy. You simply enter your book information, accept the offer, and send back your books. They offer free shipping back on any textbook valued at $10 or more.

5. BookScouter

Students That Sell Textbooks Here Say

7 Things I Did to Sell More Books

This is a great company and a fantastic way to sell your used textbooks. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to sell their used or no longer needed textbooks to this company. Very fair and hones!!” – Jason H.

“This site is awesome. I was wondering if I would ever get rid of my textbooks. Thanks” – Kathryn J.

I am so glad I found you, I thought that I was going to be stuck with these textbooks forever….thanks for the buyback.” – Michelle M.

Love Sellbackyourbooks awesome website and get paid for your old school books” – Edgielyn T.

Easiest site out there for selling textbooks. Free shipping and no auctions needed at all.” – Bobbi M.

Best textbook buyback siteI have found! Great prices, free shipping to send back, and easy to use.” – Lori M.

Looked around and this is the best deal for textbook buybacks. Thanks!” – Christina J.

This is where I am selling my textbooks back from now on !!!” – Marsha M.

“I’m so glad to find someone to sell my old college books back too!” – Erin S.

“Love that I can make money on school books that pile up at home!” – Renee B.

“Thank you for such an easy and convenient buy back process! I got more for my books on your site than I got on any other site! You guys rock! You even bought back books that other sites would not buy. I am sold on selling my text books here!” – Tiffane L.

  • 900 Knell Rd, Dock 1, Montgomery, IL 60538


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Why Sell Your Used Textbooks With Valorebooks

Purge your bookshelf of old textbooks you’re not reading and score more cash. Selling your textbooks online is a fast, easy, and smart way to make money, but selling your textbooks online with ValoreBooks is even smarter. With us you get:

Highest textbook sellback prices.Our marketplace model connects you to hundreds of buyers who are looking to acquire your textbooks, meaning you get top dollar for your old textbooks.

Free shipping and easy order tracking.Sell your old textbooks with ValoreBooks and we’ll give you a prepaid shipping label. That means you get to ship your used textbooks for free! Plus we’ll keep you updated on the status of your sellback order, so you always know where your shipment is and when you’ll receive payment.

Biggest variety of textbook titles.Selling your used books with ValoreBooks is awesome because you can sell almost anything: student textbooks, novels, biographies, non-fiction, and more. If it’s on your bookshelf, chances are you can sell it with us.

Fast and flexible payment.ValoreBooks offers two payment options when you sell your used textbooks online. Choose to receive a check in the mail or payment via PayPal.

Which edition is my book?

IMPORTANT: When entering your textbook ISBN, make sure to remove any stickers that are over the ISBN barcode.

The valid ISBN will be printed directly on the back-right corner of the book.

US edition textbooks These are the most typical textbooks you find. They may be hardcover or softcover.

How it works…

Choose The Right Reseller

If youre not selling your books directly, finding the right reseller for your textbooks can take a bit of trial and error. One company can give you a really low quote or refuse to buy a book at all, while another company offers more.

It pays to shop your books around. You can use a tool like BookScouter to see which sites offer the best price for each book and which sites are currently accepting the titles you have.

Just type each books ISBN into the site. The website searches through 30 vendors who buy back books and lets you know which one offers the best price. From there, you can visit each vendors website to finalize the sale and arrange for shipping and payment.

Since many vendors have minimum buy-back amounts, it sometimes makes sense to go with a vendor thats willing to buy back several books rather than find a vendor offering the highest price on a single volume. Depending on how many books you have and the offers you get, you can sell your books to more than one reseller to get the most cash.

Also, the book titles resellers accept change over time. If they refuse a particular title one month, it can be worth it to check back later to see if theyll buy it.

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Make Money: Buying And Reselling Textbooks On Amazon

For those that want to make money, Textbooks are one of the . Textbooks can often be bought for a few dollars and sold for a great profit online. In fact, there are many places locally that you can .

People that buy and sell textbooks usually scout for used textbooks at local thrift stores, libraries, craigslist, or other sources in order to buy used textbooks at a low price locally to resell them on Amazon for a profit.

Maybe you are creating a business or just buying and selling used books on the side. Either way, textbooks can be a great way to make some extra money. Textbooks can often be found very cheaply and if they are still in demand you can get a fantastic return on investment.

When To Sell College Textbooks

What To Do With Old College Books?

The first question to ask is if it is the right time to sell used books. The amount you get paid for the book depends on when you put them on sale. If your classes are beginning, lots of students will need to purchase various course books. The end of the semester is certainly not the best time to sell used college books. And that is because classes are ending.

As a rule of thumb, the value of your textbook decreases during the summer. It then skyrockets when the school is reopened, and classes are back in session. So before the semester begins, unload your college textbooks. Do not wait for a few years or until you graduate.

The price of the textbook is not stable. It decreases with time, mainly when publishers release new editions. So it is better to sell your college textbooks as soon as you are done with the semester or graduation.

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Compare Book Selling Websites To Get A Good Price

Credit: Solis Images Shutterstock

It’s likely that your book valuations will vary widely from one site to another, and each site mentioned below has its own advantages.

When researching each book selling website, think about whether it would suit your particular type of book. For example, if you’re looking to sell a textbook but you can’t see any other academic books on the site, it’s probably not the right one for you…

We suggest where to sell books for good prices below.

You Can Always Donate

If you find that the task of selling off your books is too much work, if you dont think youre getting enough money back to justify the time, or if you have a book that just wont sell, remember you can always donate your books!

There are many organizations that are always looking for books, or you can drop off a book in a local Little Free Library. Or, . If none of these is an option, we have a few ideas for how to .

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Selling Your Textbooks On Amazon

If you decide to go with Amazon, have now have two options to sell your books on Amazon

  • Amazon buyback program: Amazon has a buyback program for textbooks, that is now called the Amazon trade-in program. With the trade-in program, you can exchange your use items, such as textbooks, for an gift card.
  • Selling through an Amazon account: if you would rather receive cash , you will want to sell directly on the Amazon marketplace. To do this, you will need an Amazon seller account.

Note: Amazon changed the name of the buyback program from buyback to trade-in

Amazon buyback Vs selling on Amazon: If you sell your textbooks directly on Amazon, it will allow you to receive more money than the Amazon trade-in program. The only drawback to selling on Amazon is it will involve a little more legwork and it will take more time.

You will have to list the textbook, wait for it to sell and then pack and ship it to the buyer. Honestly though, this is not a big deal and is worth it for the extra money you will receive, especially if you have more than one textbook to sell.

Places To Sell Your Used Textbooks

The 5 Best Ways to sell used toys online for CASH

If youve ever attended college in person, you probably know that you can sell your books back to the university bookstore at the end of the semester. But did you know that you can sell your books online as well? You can, and often for a better return on investment than you can get at the physical bookstore. Ive rounded up 10 of the top companies you may wish to check with before selling your used textbooks offline.

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Best Places To Sell College Textbooks For The Most Cash

by Saeed – Last Updated February 13, 2018

These days, college textbooks are one of the main expenses a student has to deal with.

Theyre expensive!

It doesnt make sense to let them collect dust in a box in the attic after youve finished the course.

After the semester or class is over, selling books back to the campus bookstore is a good way to make some money back, and is also a simple of way of getting rid of books that you will no longer use.

However, campus bookstores often dont offer the highest buyback price for these books.

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In the past, I have talked about selling books online.

The good news is that there are also tons of places where students or anyone with access to old and used textbooks can make money by selling textbooks for cash.

Here is a list of some of the best websites where you can sell your unwanted textbooks for the most money:

  • Your turn
  • Buy And Sell Used Books: Student Textbook Exchange


    To help students buy, sell, and trade textbooks, go green, and save money, Edmonds Community College students took the lead to create and promote options for students to exchange used textbooks. There’s a new bulletin board in Brier Hall and an online listing service at Students can also buy and sell used textbooks via the college bookstore.

    Whether you are looking for a textbook for class, or looking for a way to recycle your used textbooks for some cash, you have a few options at Edmonds Community College.

    The high cost of college textbooks, their short-lived shelf life, limited use and limited life has been a primary concern for todays college student. to address these concerns, the winter 2009 Project Management class 270 conducted a feasibility study to identify alternate used book markets or peer to peer book sales.

    Several options were investigated and extensive research was conducted. In February 2010, 456 Edmonds Community College students were surveyed to determine their needs and requirements in the process of buying and selling used textbooks. The results showed that students need more information about their choices so they can better understand the textbook market.

    The results of the interviews lead the teams to identify two options for peer to peer book sales. These included the use of the Edmonds CC Ning network and improvement of the bulletin board where students post books for sale.

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    Check The Book’s Edition Before Listing It Online

    You might have a super old and rare book on your shelf without even realising it. If you’ve got a really early edition of a book, particularly one that’s fiction and therefore pretty timeless, it could be worth a small fortune.

    The edition of a book could be the difference between a price tag of a few quid and thousands of pounds it’s definitely worth checking it out before listing the book online.

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