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Do Technical College Credits Transfer To University

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Kathryn Reilly Director Of Main Campus Admissions At Post University Waterbury Ct

American Business & Technology University is Transfer Credit Friendly

How many of your transfer students are from out-of-state?

KR: As a pioneer in online and hybrid education, Post University continues to attract both traditional and non-traditional learners to its campus and online courses. Post’s current incoming transfer population for fall 2015 is 53 total, with 16 coming from out-of-state.

How is the transfer program at Post University different for out-of-state students?

KR: Being that Post University is a for-profit school, there are no significant differences between the transfer process for out-of-state transfers vs. the transfer process for in-state students. Additionally, the admissions requirements, merit scholarship amounts, and credit evaluations are all based on the same criteria for both in-state and out-of-state transfer students.

Under what circumstances will out-of-state credits NOT transfer to your school?

KR: The evaluation of transfer credits, including both in-state and out-of-state, is a complicated and critical institutional function. At Post University, out-of-state credits that will not transfer are those that exceed the credit limit for two-year colleges and are not from an accredited two-year or four-year educational institution. Additionally, if a transfer student has a cumulative grade point average below a 2.0, their credits will not be transferred.

What are some common issues that students might face when transferring credits from out-of-state?

Assess Your Financial Situation

How much you can afford to spend on your education will affect what type of school you choose to attend. Community colleges are far cheaper than four-year institutions, which is a big reason why many students complete two years at community college and then transfer to a four-year school. Check out the average published tuition and fees for various types of institutions during the 2019-2020 school year, according to College Board:

  • Public two-year college : $3,730
  • Public four-year college : $10,440
  • Private four-year college: $36,880

Keep in mind that these are the published prices; many colleges provide subsidies that reduce the amount of tuition a student must pay. Be sure to read about the various forms of financial aid to get a better idea of what you can reasonably afford.

Transfer Of Credit Policies


Academic Credit

Those who believe they may qualify for academic credit, or course exemption based on previous education, training, or work experience, may apply by informing their admissions representative during the enrollment process. The evaluation of credit granted may be done by transcript evaluation, interview, testing or performance, or a combination thereof. Course exemption granted is documented and cost of the program is reduced proportionately. Decisions on course exemption must be made prior to a student starting school.

For Applicants who want to Transfer Credits to Western Tech

  • Applicants who wish to have their previous education and experience reviewed and considered for credit must do so prior to being accepted and starting class. For all degree programs, students that have taken general education coursework over the last five years, may be entitled to course exemption provided that the grade earned are a B or higher.
  • All course exemptions are determined by the Campus Director at each location.
  • Additionally, Western Tech may require applicants requesting transfer credit to take oral, written or performance exams or a combination thereof. Applicants must achieve a minimum score of 75% on the exam in order to receive credit.
  • At a minimum, 50% of the credits required for graduation from Western Tech must be earned at Western Tech.
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    Community College Transfer To Four

  • Community College Transfer to Four-Year University
  • Center for University Partnerships and Studies
  • MATC makes it easy for you to start your bachelor’s degree with us. You can seamlessly transfer many MATC credits to virtually any four-year college or university in Wisconsin, and to others across the nation.

    Some MATC transfer arrangements with four-year colleges and universities are course-to-course agreements, while others allow a complete degree program transfer. It’s important to check with your program advisor to find out which courses and MATC programs will transfer to the four-year college or university you plan to attend. Also, keep in touch with the admissions department of the four-year college of your choice so you can be certain you’re taking the MATC courses and/or programs that will match their bachelor’s degree requirements.

    This site also includes information about how to transfer credits from other colleges to MATC.

    How To Choose The Best Type Of School For You

    Do You Have To Transfer All College Credits

    The college vs. university decision can be a tough one. With all the educational options out there, from two-year career colleges and community colleges to four-year liberal arts colleges and universities, finding the school that suits you best can be a challenge. Here are five steps to follow when choosing an institution of higher education:

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    S To Transferring Your College Credits

    Every schools college transfer requirements may be different. That being said, there are some general steps you could follow to transfer your credits.

  • Meet;with your academic adviser:;Discuss your transfer goals and how to transfer schools. Make sure it makes academic and financial sense.;
  • Fill out a transfer application: It may not be the same kind of application that other first year students use. If you have trouble finding the right application, email or call the schools admissions office. Thats what theyre there for.;
  • Get good grades:;College credit transfers will vary depending on the school youre applying to, but most schools expect you to have earned a certain amount of credits in order to transfer. Some schools may also have a minimum GPA. Low GPA? No problem! Check out our list of colleges that accept low GPA transfer students!
  • Contact the right department: For example, the science department if youre looking to major in Biology. Find out if you are able to send your transcript for review to determine how many and which credits will transfer to your new program.
  • Obtain letters of recommendation: Ask your professors about this early so they have enough time to complete and submit them on your behalf. You may be able to submit high school letters, but the school youre applying to will want to hear from teachers youve most recently studied in at the college level.
  • Be on Time: Being late with deadlines is not a great first impression in the transfer process.
  • Choose Any Of The Following To Get Started:

    Liberal Arts and Sciences Degrees; These degrees can lead to junior-standing status at many four-year colleges and universities across the state and nation.

    Information on how to request your official MATC transcript either in person, by mail, or by fax; fees, telephone numbers, and information required.

    Universal Credit Transfer AgreementThe Universal Credit Transfer Agreement provides a set of courses that are transferable between all University of Wisconsin System institutions and Wisconsin Technical College System districts and typically satisfy general education or general degree requirements. The UCTA is designed for a student who is not sure about their major or program, and/or not sure what school they plan to transfer to in the future.

    View the list of courses;included in the Universal Credit Transfer Agreement by campus. Specific information about how each course in the UCTA will transfer to a receiving institution and will satisfy general requirements may be accessed through the;.

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    Transferring From A Technical College

    Since each college has a unique admissions process, it is important to sit down with your technical college advisor to determine the best path for you. While requirements vary, all four-year colleges require students to maintain a satisfactory grade point average of 2.0 or higher to gain admission to their institution. Most schools also require at least two years of completion in order for you to be considered as a transfer applicant.

    Research Universities Vs Teaching Universities

    How Do You Transfer From One College to Another College?

    At any university, faculty time is divided between teaching and research. But the balance between those two tasks can vary widely between institutions.

    Universities that emphasize research are usually large institutions that offer an enormous variety of programs and majors at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The focus on research means that many of these schools have state-of-the-art facilities and are staffed by faculty members who are distinguished experts in their field.

    However, you may not have much access to those experts; in many cases, undergraduate classes are led by graduate teaching assistants rather than the professors themselves. And undergraduate classes are typically huge, with sometimes hundreds of students gathered in large lecture halls. That can make it difficult to have any meaningful interaction with course instructors.

    Teaching universities, on the other hand, focus primarily on imparting knowledge rather than conducting research. Professors generally have full teaching loadsâtypically four classes per termâand do not face the same publish-or-perish pressure as instructors at research universities. Professors might still conduct research, but their main job is to teach. You might not find as many facilities at these types of institutions, but you may have more face time with your instructors.

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    College Is A Big Decision With A Big Investment

    Depending on your end goal, it may seem more approachable if you start with a short-term or two-year program and continue from there. Wisconsin technical colleges offer a variety of certificates and degrees designed to build on each other, giving you several options for degree completion and job advancement.

    Many people who have earned a bachelor’s degree return to one of our colleges to learn new or different skills, or to prepare for a technical occupation with more in-demand and high-paying job opportunities.

    Quarter Vs Semester Credits

    ;U.S. colleges and universities that operate on a semester system award semester credit. The UW operates on a quarter system and awards quarter credit.

    • To convert quarter credits to semester credits, multiply by .67.
    • To convert semester to quarter credits, multiply by 1.5.

    Example: A student who earned 30 semester credits would be awarded 45 quarter credits in transfer at the UW.

    College credit completed outside the U.S. at a school recognized by the Ministry of Education is evaluated differently: No more than one year of transfer credit will be awarded for one year of study. College and university credit from outside the U.S. is generally awarded a maximum of 45 quarter credits for each full year completed. Semester credits outside the U.S. may not be calculated the same as U.S. semester credits.

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    Can I Skip The Research

    Now you may have an idea why I said transferring from community college to university is possible, but not easy. This kind of research takes a long time, is confusing as heck, and in the end youre still just guessing.

    Unfortunately, skipping out on this research phase isnt advisedunless you want to risk being one of the 40% we mentioned earlier. But I have good news for you: there is one way you can get out of it. Let us help.

    At Pearson, we help students use transfer credit to mimic the cost-savings of a community college. But we take it one step further. 94% of Accelerated Pathways graduates earn their degrees 100% debt free.

    Were credit transfer experts, equipped with over a decade of experience transferring credit to and from hundreds of colleges. My point? We can guarantee with confidence that the affordable, online courses you take through us will, in fact, transfer to the college of your choice . All without you lifting a finger.

    After taking time to discuss your goals and plans, and how your college degree can help you achieve them, our Accelerated Pathways advisors will help you craft your own fully-customized degree, selecting the most affordable school and courses to meet your goals. With our help, youll end up graduating with a debt-free degree thats not only perfectly tailored to your budget, but also your lifestyle. Learn more about Accelerated Pathways by clicking here.

    Youve got this!

    Transfer Credits From Wisconsin Technical Colleges

    Will my college credits transfer? (From nationally ...

    All of our colleges have program-specific transfer agreements with four-year private colleges and universities and the University of Wisconsin System as well as some colleges and universities in other states. These agreements may contain course-to-course equivalencies, while others provide for a total program transfer.

    Students can transfer at least 30 credits from a core set of 11 courses, such as Psychology, Sociology and Algebra/Trigonometry, directly into the four-year University of Wisconsin institutions. The Universal Credit Transfer Agreement between the Wisconsin Technical College System and the University of Wisconsin System allows for roughly a year’s worth of credits to be seamlessly applied toward a bachelor’s degree.

    An agreement with Wisconsin’s private colleges includes more than a dozen popular introductory courses such as chemistry, psychology, and speech. Under the agreement, specified technical college credits will count toward requirements for a bachelors degree at a private college, provided the student earned a grade of C or better within the last ten years. Technical college students must also meet the admissions requirements of the private college.

    You can explore credit transfer between the our colleges and the UW System at the Transfer Wisconsin website. Transfer Wisconsin also includes agreements from the College of Menominee Nation and the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College.

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    Can’t Find Your Institution On Bc Transfer Guide

    If your institution is not yet listed in the BC Transfer Guide, please contact the institution you wish to transfer to. You will likely need to first apply and then have your courses assessed individually by their admissions office.

    Select the institution where you took your course

    BC Transfer System Member. For more info, see BC Transfer System.

    Select the institution where you took your course

    Transfer Options

    The BC Transfer System is a formal network of member post-secondary institutions, comprised of public and private degree-granting institutions. See BC Transfer System Members for more info.

    From This Institution

    If you have or will have credit for a course taken from a particular institution and you want to find out where else you could transfer that course credit, choose ‘From this institution’.

    To This Institution

    If you want to know if particular institutions will grant transfer credit for a course that you’ve taken elsewhere, choose ‘To this institution’.

    Tips For Transferring From A 2

    It’s far from unusual for students to begin their quest for a bachelor’s degree at a community college. In fact, of all students who earned a bachelor’s degree in 2016, 49 percent had previously enrolled at a two-year institution. Whether you are looking to save money on tuition, improve a weak transcript, or fit your college education around work and family obligations, a community college can be a good starting point.

    If you think you’d like to finish your degree at a four-year college or university, there are many things you can do to help make your transfer a success. Here are some tips:

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    Make Your College Credits Count

    Georgia Piedmont Tech, under the Technical College System of Georgia , has more than 30 transfer agreements with four-year colleges. These transfer agreements make it easy for Georgia Piedmont Tech students to continue their education and earn a bachelors degree.

    Georgia Piedmont Tech students who meet the requirements of the four-year college they wish to attend can transfer their credits. This allows students to work towards a bachelors degree without having to start from the beginning or retake classes. Check with your advisor about transferable credits before registering for classes.

    Wiping Out Failing Grades

    Transferring Credits to Purdue Global Was Simple, Says Graduate Kelli Weaver

    Its good to know that theres a way to minimize the effect of any course failures on your GPA. If you want to repeat a course, its advisable to do it quickly while the subject matter is still fresh in your mind. Assuming you get a pass or a high grade the second time around, you may be able to get only the grade for your second attempt counted toward your GPA. Some schools will do this automatically, but others require you to petition the registrars office to make this happen. It can be complicated. A good example of one schools policies on grades for repeat courses can be found here on the University of Toledo website.

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    Transfer To A Bachelor’s

    Start your career education at Gateway and transfer to a four-year college. Gateways 47+ transfer agreements with four-year colleges and universities can help you save as much as 67% on your career education! Contact your advisor for support as you explore transfer options. Want to transfer to Gateway from another school? Visit the I am a Transfer Student page.

    Transfer Agreements

    UW- System Universal Credit Transfer Agreement

    The Universal Credit Transfer Agreement provides direct credit; transfer between all UW System colleges and Wisconsin Technical Colleges for key general education courses.

    WI Private Colleges Transfer Agreement

    The Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities and the Wisconsin Technical College System have partnered to provide general education transfer opportunities for technical college students to transfer to private Wisconsin colleges. Learn more about the;WAICU-WTCS Course Credit Transfer Agreement .


    Transferology can help you find out how your credits transfer between the Gateway and the University of Wisconsin System. Get started with Transferology

    Transfer Fairs

    You can find colleges and universities who will recognize your hard work at our annual transfer fair events each fall and spring semester. Visit with admissions representatives from colleges and universities whose partnerships with Gateway Technical College give you an advantage.

    Transcript Request

    Prior Learning Assessment And Recognition

    No post-secondary education but significant life or work experience? Conestoga also recognizes prior learning of skills, knowledge or competencies that have been acquired through employment, formal and informal education, non-formal learning or other life experiences through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition process.

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