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What Should I Bring To College Dorm

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Moleskine Hard Cover Notebook $2599 At Quill


Moleskine journals are great for a multitude of uses. They are smaller than most typical subject notebooks, but still can be used for class. I like to use mine as a planner and for jotting down random notes and thoughts I have throughout the day. The hard cover notebooks are flexible, but still durable enough to survive a messy backpack.;

An Extra Set Of Sheets

One of the college must haves is an extra set of sheets. You never know when someone is going to show up and want to stay the night. An extra set of sheets just might save your futon . And theres always a chance that you might spill your SpaghettiOs while doing homework in bedno one wants to do late-night laundry when theyre tired.

Clorox Wipes $2349 For A 3

Nobody is cleaning your room for you once you get to college, so you should have some basic cleaning supplies on hand. Clorox wipes are great for wiping away crumbs, dust, and any other grime that accumulates in your room. I have even used these to clean muddy, white sneakers, but I’m not sure that is the best method.

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College Packing List Things To Take To College Freshman Year

Heading off to college for the first time can be overwhelming. What do you bring with you? What cant you bring with you? How are you going to get all of your stuff there? If you live close to your school, youll more than likely need a car or two to help you move. If you live out of state, it can get a bit tricky. No worries, we got your College Packing List below! These are the things to take to college freshman year!

Most schools provide a list of approved and prohibited dorm items on their websites in the housing section. Youll want to print that list while youre packing to make sure youre in line with the given restrictions before you get to campus. If you show up with restricted items you may be asked to take them back home. Because weve been there, we can give you some tips on exactly what to pack for college.

What Is It Like Living In A Dorm

The Ultimate Packing List for College

Dorm life varies from school to school and even building to building. Definitely expect less privacy than what you get from living at home, and to get frustrated living in such close quarters with strangers. At the same time, in your freshman dorm youll likely meet your best friends! Youll experience more fun and camaraderie than you ever expected.

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A Big Calendar In Addition To Your Planner

Use a big calendar to map out when big projects and papers are due. If you can see that everyday, and continually update your planner, youre less likely to forget that something important is coming up. A calendar to go along with your planner is one of the college must haves.

Do Make A Comprehensive List Of What To Bring

If you simply grab random items out of your room, theres a high chance that you will end up with many things that are not considered essential. Refer to the list below for a general outline of general college essentials youll want when youre in school, and then make your own personalized list. Remember to stick to it.

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Dorm Checklist What To Bring

If youre living on-campus in one of our residence halls, you should know that each room includes beds, desks, chairs, closet space and dressers appropriate for the number of students assigned to that room. Mini blinds are provided for the windows in all dorms.

While your individual needs may vary, heres a good list of necessities to get you started.

  • Bed linens such as blanket, bedspread, pillow, mattress pad and sheets*
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Laundry supplies such as a laundry basket or bag, detergent and dryer sheets
  • School supplies
  • Day-to-day necessities such as an umbrella, sunglasses and a flashlight
  • Mini-refrigerator; 4 cubic feet or less
  • Small microwave

While not necessary, you might consider these items to help you feel more at home.

  • Bedside or desk lamp
  • Curtains

Dont Skimp On Your Toiletries


You must always be prepared for the unexpected and make sure to always have enough for the future. Even if you have the opportunity to get to the store after a while, it is still a good idea to stock up your cabinets and fridge. In order to avoid running out of toiletry must-haves like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, plan ahead of time and stock up on the biggest bottles you can find. You will definitely be happy that you did.

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Find Out What Your School Allows And Prohibits

Your school might provide a lot of the supplies that you need, even if the dorms arent fully move-in ready. You can call or check the schools website to find out what you should bring along with what the school doesnt allow. For example, if youre considering bringing a microwave or mini-fridge, the dorm might include a full-sized refrigerator and microwave.

While the school obviously wont permit any alcohol, drugs, or weapons, other items that some schools prohibit include space heaters and extension cords, which could present a fire hazard. Also, there are some other items that colleges frequently ban, which you should try to leave off your college packing list. If youre thinking of bringing any furry friends along, you should also find out if your college allows pets.

The Ultimate College Packing List For Girls

College is usually about a lot of firsts. First time moving away from home. First time leaving your childhood friends. First time living in a dorm or another type of student housing. And when it comes to that final first, while youre not exactly starting from scratch, it can be overwhelming to think about what you need to bring with you. Enter our ultimate college packing list for girlsyour guide to what to bring when settling in to college life.

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A Freshmans Dorm Room Essentials Checklist Printable

Youre moving away from home for the first time to go live at your universitys campus dorm room;and with so many things on your mind; registering for courses, what clothes youre gonna wear, what hairstyles youre gonna;rock and what cuties youll be sitting next to, the last thing on your mind would be shopping for your college dorm room.;Youre going to want to make sure you dont forget anything at home when you move out to your new college dorm room. Important things like dorm bedding, storage supplies, tools, and other dorm accessories;are essentials when living in a small room. This is one step before a studio apartment, so youre going to want only get the necessities when choosing what to bring into your dorm. You will have to decide between things like a small bed, bunk or futon for your dorm. We made this packing list to help you get organized when moving into a college dorm room. It only contains the absolute essentials for your room, other decor and accessories can be picked up over time. You can jump right to the end of this list for a printable .pdf checklist ;for your convenience, .

Kindle Paperwhite $9499 At Target

17 Top College Dorm Packing List Items + What NOT to Bring ...

If you have the free time to read for pleasure, a kindle is the way to go. With all the reading you have to do for class, you’ll have enough books taking up space on your desk and in your backpack. With a kindle you can get all of the titles you want on one compact device and at a fraction of the cost. This one has a Paperwhite surface, so you can read outside with no glare, and a built in light, so you can read before bed even if your roommate is sleeping.

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Things Every Guy Should Pack For College

Whether youre the seasoned veteran senior whos been rocking this whole college thing for three years or the hotshot rookie freshman fresh out of orientation, purchasing your back-to-school supplies can feel like Mission Pretty Much Impossible Without Mom. Fret not my fellow clueless dudes, thanks to the magical internet blessing that is, Ive got you covered with all the essentials. You may have bags under your eyes and coffee stains on your shirt, but at least youll live college life in style.

The Ultimate College Packing List: 110 Must

College is an exciting and challenging time for many young adults. Whether you’re going far away or staying nearby, having the right supplies can make a huge difference in making college feel like home. Plus, remembering everything will save you those rushed last-minute trips to the store or waiting for your trash can to be delivered along with your month-long supply of popcorn and ramen.

Check out this college packing list to find out what to bring to college. Make sure to also get the ! But first, what is dorm life really like?

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Inexpensive Soft Sheets Duvet And Duvet Cover

Soft sheets and a washable duvet and cover will go a long way toward making your dorm room and your dorm bed feel more like home. The inexpensive sheets will be easy to care for and you wont feel too bad if you spill coffee or something on them. The duvet and duvet cover give you a comfy way to have the luxury of a comforter while still being extremely easy to clean .

Mesh Metal Wastebasket $699 Each At Bed Bath & Beyond


It’s easy to let trash pile up in your dorm room, but having a trash can will at least help contain that mess. A lot of dorms have giant trash and recycling bins scattered throughout, but don’t have anything in the actual rooms. These wastebaskets are small enough that they can be hidden in the corners of your room, but they’re big enough to actually hold a good amount of garbage to make sure your surfaces are visible, and hopefully, clean.

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Do Use Your Storage Items As Packing Boxes

You wont have a place to store a big suitcase in your dorm room, so dont bother bringing one with you. Underbed storage and plastic dressers are excellent containers for packing, and theyre coming along with anything else youve planned to bring anyway, so they are your best option. Its important to pack your containers carefully as they can be damaged if not done correctly. Placing sufficient packing tape on the container will make it more durable.

Renting Items Through Harvard Student Agencies

HSA Dorm Essentials rents fans, refrigerators, safes, and water coolers. The College permits the use of a combination microwave/refrigerator that is available for rent. No other type of microwave oven is allowed in the dorms.;MicroFridges are academic year rentals, and if ordered by;, will be in your dorm room when you arrive in August.

HSA Dorm Essentials is a business within;Harvard Student Agencies ,;a student run company and non-profit that;provides educational and business opportunities to students. HSA also offers laundry delivery and dry cleaning service through HSA Cleaners.

“Harvard” or “Harvard University” does not endorse these external products or services.;

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Carpet Squares Or A Cool Rug

Some dorm rooms come with commercial grade carpets, but most of these carpets have seen high traffic for several years . Packing an additional rug or carpet squares to add to your dorm will not only make your room look a lot cuter, but it will make the whole space feel a lot more warm and cozy. Consider a cool rug because this tiny upgrade will make such a difference and may even keep your room a bit warmer in the winter if it experiences any kind of drafts like our dorms rooms did.

Led Reading Light Clip $999 At Best Buy

EXACTLY What to Bring to College

Living with a roommate means you have to be mindful of someone else’s schedule, not just your own. You might like reading late into the night, but your roomie might want lights off at 10 p.m. to prepare for her early-morning lecture. Rest assured, you don’t have to give up your night-owl habits to respect your roommate’s preference. Pick up a small reading light instead it takes up barely any space, is bright enough to see comfortably in the dark, and clips onto surfaces for easy use.;

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Five Star Expanding File Folder $699 At Target

You most definitely will need folders or binders to keep track of all of your class handouts. While you can opt for individual folders for each subject, I found that one compact folder was the most convenient. With one folder, I was always prepared for class as I had all of my papers with me. Plus, this one is vertical so you can easily take papers in and out when you need them.

Inexpensive Cotton Towel Set

Towels arent provided, so youll need to bring your own. Getting an inexpensive one will save room in your budget for other necessities, and will keep you from worrying so much if something happens to it or it gets stained from being washed with non-like colors (I personally was far too busy and lazy to separate my colors for every wash

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Driver’s License Or Other Photo Id

Students new to campus must show an official photo ID, such as a driver’s license or state-issued identification card. Students can obtain either ID by contacting their state’s department of transportation or bureau of motor vehicles.

Other acceptable forms of identification include a tribal ID card or military common access card or identification card. International students can also use their Permanent Resident Card or a passport.

Medical And Immunization Records

WHAT TO BRING TO COLLEGE (and what not to) | Packing for College!

Because students on a college campus typically occupy communal areas and classrooms, they may be more likely to spread infections. For this reason, many postsecondary institutions require students to show proof of immunization against certain diseases, such as hepatitis A and B, measles, mumps, and rubella.

Additionally, schools increasingly require vaccination against COVID-19. Regardless of specific health regulations, students should supply their campus health center with copies of their medical records, including any prescriptions they take.

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Real Simple Flocked Suit Hangers $2499 At Bed Bath & Beyond

I’ll never forget walking into my dorm room for the first room to find an armoire filled with about hangers of random shapes and sizes. You can deal with the crappy ones that may come in your closet already, or you can just bring your own. These hangers are easy on your clothes, sturdy enough to hold up to 10 pounds, and have a slim design that maximizes closet space. Plus, using a set of uniform hangers will help keep your closet consistently neater.;

New For The 20202021 School Year

All SEU community members and visitors are required to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible , particularly when indoors.

When moving in, all students receive a welcome package that will include a face mask, a thermometer, and other items to assist in promoting a healthy community and individual responsibility. Please also plan to bring your own washable, reusable face masks so that youll always have extras on-hand. ;A UV disinfecting box or wand is also highly recommended, and although we will have hand sanitizer available throughout campus, its a great idea to carry some with you as well. Visit our Back to SEU page for all of our precautions that promote a healthy campus.

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Dont Skimp On The Towels

Its a well-known fact that college students rarely maintain good laundry habits. You know what the problem is; there are a million distractions. But you should always be prepared. Make sure you bring at least three bath towels with you. Unless you are okay with using an unused but poorly-cleaned one.

A Surplus Of School And Office Supplies

20 Things You Should Definitely Bring To College

And by surplus, I mean piles. Were talking pens, pencils, highlighters, those fancy little tabs to stick on textbook pages, a 3-hole puncher, a regular-size stapler and a mini one to throw in your backpack, paper, notebooks, binders, dividers, report covers, etc.

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Make Sure You Have The Essentials

While you might want to bring everything in your possession with you to your new dorm or housing, try to limit the number of objects you want and focus more on what you actually need. Items such as bedding and toiletries are far more necessary than any luxury items that might just take up space. Before packing bedding, you should also consider how large your new living space will be, as you may need to buy new bedsheets and covers.

Its always a good idea to create a checklist of everything you need, which well get to below.

Pro Tip:

If you forget anything or suddenly realize that you want something from back home that you miss, dont worry. You can request your parents to mail it to you, or you can pick it up on your next visit. Also, include it in your college packing list for next year.

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