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When Is Summer Classes In College

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The Pros And Cons Of Taking Summer Classes

Shine On! – Summer Classes at Madison College

By Allison Ouradain College on May 28, 2015

Now that youve finished your spring semester, Im sure the last thing that you want to hear about is summer school. After all, why would you want to sacrifice any of your freedom to take more classes? However, summer classes can be a great opportunity to earn credits in a relatively short period of time. Here are some pros and cons to taking summer classes.



Summer classes are not for everyone, but you may be surprised to discover how helpful they can be. Do you have any tips or information about summer classes? Leave them in the comments below!

Registration For Summer 2021 Courses Is Available From April 6th To July 19th

Current schedules and course availability can be viewed in CUNYfirst. Almost all courses are being offered online in Summer 2021. Online courses that have a designated meeting pattern in CUNYfirst will be meeting online during those times, while courses without designated days and times in the schedule will be offered in the asynchronous format . Registration will be accepted on a space available basis until the first day of each of the summer sessions.

Have you already registered for summer courses? Please check out our Welcome Page for important information and resources!

Who Can Attend Summer Term

New Freshmen, Transfer and Graduate Students

Welcome to Northeastern! If you applied for the fall semester but would like to enroll in summer instead, you must request to defer your application. You can defer your application through the application portal at neiu.edu/apply, by emailing the Admissions Office at , or by completing the deferment form.

Visiting Students

Students from other colleges are welcome to take classes at Northeastern during the summer. Applying is easy:

  • Gain prior approval from your current institution to ensure these credits will be accepted toward your degree. Most institutions have a process for this.
  • If you have not already done so, apply to Northeastern using the Undergraduate or Graduate Student-at-Large application.
  • Allow five to seven days for processing.
  • After you are admitted, activate your NEIUport account and follow the Northeastern enrollment instructions to enroll in summer classes.
  • Be sure to order your official transcript to be sent to your academic institution after summer classes are over.

    Current Northeastern Students

    As a current student, you already know what to do: Visit NEIUport to register for your summer classes. Early credits in the summer can help to shorten the time to graduation or allow you to get a jump on one of the most in-demand courses.

    Pre-College Students

    Is taking classes during the summer right for you?
    Steps to enrolling in summer classes:
  • Look up courses offered this summer.
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    Distance Education Versus Online Course Delivery

    This information is provided to help students clarify the difference between Distance Education and Online Courses. Online learning is closer in nature to face-to-face classes offered at Okanagan College. It is hybrid type learning where the professor and students share the responsibility for learning and direction. In contrast, DE courses are self-directed and are a great option for those students working full time or having time/access constraints that limit their ability to engage in either face-to-face or Online courses. The following provides more details regarding DE vs Online learning, Class-based hybrid offerings.

    Both DE and Online Courses are computer based. Access to a dependable computer, laptop or device is required. Reliable access to Internet required. Laptop/device with camera and microphone necessary for participation in courses. .

    Because no face-to-face presence is required for either format, both delivery methods come with the added benefit of engaging in learning from any location, provided that you have the required Internet and computer access.

    Summer session courses for DE run for 14 weeks plus final exam period.

    Scheduled time online is not required, making DE ideal for those needing a flexible learning schedule however, submission deadlines for assignments and class activities still apply.

    The College uses Moodle to manage the course content and learning materials for DE.

    Online summer session courses are condensed and run for 6-7 weeks.

    Discover The Best College Summer Programs

    150+ High School Summer Programs at Top Colleges ...

    Summer is a time of freedom and hope, where students pause from the daily grind of studying to enjoy the sunshine and some carefree merrymaking but summer can also be a difficult time for college students with the bottom line looming and jobs sometimes scarce in a flooded marked. What can college students do during the long summer days? Theres summer classes, but many students desire a break from the studies during the days of sunshine and warmth. We have scoured the nation and found some of the most interesting and unique summer opportunities available, and many combine all the elements that make for a great summer break without the thought of falling behind. In fact, from summer camps, to conducting research, to summer travel opportunities, these programs are ways for college students to make extra money, further their career, serve the community, and grow as individuals. The schools were selected if their summer programs met the following criteria: The program is for current undergraduates, unique and interesting not just summer classes, and at least four weeks.

    Colleges were ranked based on the following:

    • Amount of stipend or money received 30%
    • Accommodations, meals, and supplies 30 %
    • Diversity and uniqueness of program 30%
    • Number of students who can participate in the program 10%

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    Oregon Health Science University

    Founded in 1887, Oregon Health and Sciences University is truly a world-class academic health center where healing, teaching and discovery come together every day to improve the health of people in Oregon and around the world. For students interested in a career in medicine and research, OHSU ought to be considered. Situated in beautiful Portland Oregon, this nationally recognized institution serves 300,000 patients and the University trains about 3,000 students. Spending $376 million a year on research sheds light on the purpose of most of their summer programs. There are many choices at OHSU and the following are a few selections: The CDB Summer Internship Program is for qualified college undergraduates to consider basic science research-related careers. Women and minorities, as well as sophomores and juniors interested in the biomedical sciences can apply for the eight week, paid summer program called the Equity Summer Research Program. The Murdock Undergraduate Collaborate Research Program is designed for students in their junior year from local colleges who are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research. And lastly is the Oregon National Primate Research Center Summer Fellowship in which selected applicants will work as part of a research team in an established laboratory alongside a staff member whose research interests complement the students own.

    University Of California Irvine

    University of California Irvine is ripe with amazing opportunities in the summer for freshmen, transfers, and current students. Two programs stand out. The Bali Institute for Global Renewal is an exciting chance to learn, earn credits, and advance in career related fields. Limited space creates a high demand as participants will study public health principles and examine health and disease. Participants will also work with an NGO to investigate, monitor, and identify health problems and hazards in the local Balinese community during this intense five-week experience. Another offering is the Summer Global Internships. Students looking to expand their worldview, gain work experience, and earn creditwhile reaping the benefits of travel should look no further than this program. Choices abound in terms of location with options in Berlin, Boston, Cape Town, Hong Kong, New York, Singaore, and Toronto. There are no pre-requisites or foreign language requirements for the program, and internship placement is offered in both international and U.S. cities, including Boston, Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, and Toronto.

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    Can I Take Summer Classes Online

    In many cases, yes. You could take online courses at your university, or through a community college.

    This can be a big advantage since theres no need to live on or near your university campus. However, online instruction generally isnt available for classes that include a lab or another practical component.

    Struggling with online classes? Heres how to make them a success.

    Learn From Anywhere With Remote And Online Classes This Summer

    Madison College summer classes

    Northeastern helps you get ahead in your studies by offering competitively priced summer courses. Our remote summer classes leverage flexible course design and material delivery so that you can study in the comfort of your own home, on your time and terms. Students with limited technology access can still engage in classes as faculty are flexible in content delivery and how assignments are completed.

    • Make progress toward earning your degree and starting your future career
    • Lighten your academic load now to have more time for future internships and opportunities
    • Push yourself in a challenging class or get a jump on popular courses
    • Explore new learning opportunities and ways of learning
    • Raise your grade point average
    • Take courses that transfer back to your home institution

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    Point Loma Nazarene University

    The Summer Programs at Point Loma Nazarene University are essentially study abroad meets collaborative learning experience. There are many different options for students at PLNU, though not all meet our criteria of at least four weeks. Theres not enough space to list all the programs PLNU offers in this medium, but here are a two. The PLNU Ghana Business Program is a four week collaborative learning experience in Akatsi, Ghana in which students study international development in the heart of West Africa with the Human Factor Leadership Academy . They teach primary school children, learn about development issues in Ghana, and travel on local excursions to places such as the Castles of Ghana, Kakum National Park, and Wlui Water Falls. The PLNU Ghana Nursing Program was designed especially for PLNU Nursing students. Along with taking a PLNU Nursing class, students will spend each week engaging in community health promotion through mobile outreach in local communities with the Rural Health Collaborative. To gain an idea of the cost, these programs start at $4000 dollars plus airfare. All in all, if the price is not prohibitive, the wisdom gained will be priceless.

    How Can I Succeed In Summer Classes

    Most of the same study advice that applies to regular semester classes will apply during the summer.

    The main thing to watch out for is that youll probably have more free time. While this can give you extra time to work on challenging coursework, be careful. All that extra free time can also invite procrastination and bad habits.

    To counter this, make sure to keep a schedule as you would during the semester. Have a set wake-up and bedtime, and schedule time to study each day. And of course, be sure to attend class!

    For more study advice, check out this list of our best resources.

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    How Much Do Summer Classes Cost

    It depends. If youre taking classes at your main university, then the cost will typically be similar to what youd pay during the semester. Check with the bursars office to get the latest information about course costs.

    If you take classes at a community college, then your costs could be a lot lower, particularly compared to private or out-of-state tuition.

    Pro: More Time For Difficult Classes

    Are Summer Classes Worth It?

    No matter your major, youll have to take a challenging and time-consuming class at some point. Some of these are well-known, including weed out classes such as organic chemistry. Others could be gen ed classes that you struggle with personally, such as calculus or English 101.

    Whatever the case, summer can be a useful time to take difficult classes. You wont have the additional classes and obligations that you would during the semester, which will give you more time and energy to devote to the difficult subject.

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    Succeeding In Summer Classes In College

    If you decide to take summer courses, you need to set yourself up for success. There’s no point in enrolling in summer classes if you end up withdrawing from or failing a course.

    Before you register, consider the best place to take summer classes. Enrolling at your current institution makes signing up and managing financial aid easy, but those on a budget can usually save more by taking community college summer classes.

    Consider the best place to take summer classes those on a budget can usually save more by taking community college summer classes.

    Students taking accelerated summer classes should pay close attention to the syllabus and deadlines for assignments and exams. Set aside enough time to attend class, complete reading assignments, and study for tests. The compressed format means the term will fly by, so falling behind early on can make it difficult to catch up.

    If you’re taking online courses for the first time, research tips and strategies for .

    Finally, be sure to set aside time to enjoy the summer even while you’re in school. Scheduling regular breaks from coursework should help you feel refreshed when you return in the fall.

    University Of California Los Angeles

    Being the University of California Los Angeles offers the advantages of a large university, namely choice. As for unique summer programs, UCLA offers Summer Institutes that go beyond the traditional classroom. The Summer Institute Programs are diverse and relevant. The Jumpstart Summer Institute program is an intensive, full-time summer architecture experience through a four-week program exploring architectural education for individuals contemplating careers in architecture, design, and related fields. Working in a studio setting similar to graduate students, participants use the latest computer aided techniques in 3D modeling as preparation for graduate studies or the job market. UCLA also has other great programs: The Managing Enterprise in Media, Entertainment, and Sports Sumer Institute offers tremendous potential for the job market as the program focuses on innovating, marketing, and managing within this multi-billion dollar industry. The Technology Leadership Summer Institute offers students interested in pursuing a career as a manager, a leader, or an entrepreneur in sectors such as high-tech, finance, healthcare, entertainment/media, manufacturing, and others an intensive six-week program featuring training in leadership, innovation and product development, data management and data analytics, and communication.

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    Baylor College Of Medicine

    The Baylor College of Medicine split off from Baylor University in 1969 by mutual agreement, and has made many strides in science and medicine since then. As part of its commitment to the future of medicine, Baylor operates the Summer Medical and Research Training program.

    The SMART program starts at the end of May, and goes until the end of July. Undergraduate students spend nine weeks working on biomedical research, Graduate Records Exam preparation, and career development. Students work with the Texas Medical Centers considerable research resources. Baylor also provides housing near the campus for all participating students, allowing them to focus on their work.

    Students compete intensely for the SMART program, due to its nationwide recognition as a quality initiative for research skill development, graduate school preparation, and frontier-level biomedical research. Those who gain entry to the program receive $5,000 in compensation for their work.

    Register For Summer Classes

    #1 in UW Transfers – Summer Classes at Madison College

    Whether youre a visiting student looking to earn credits while you’re home for the summer or a current student wanting to finish your degree early, the summer sessions offer a wide variety of summer classes and summer online classes to help you achieve your goals. Register now for summer classes at Delaware County Community College.

    Registration for 12-Week, PowerUp! Online, Summer 1 and Summer 2 is now open.

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    Summer Registration Now Open

    SUNY Orange has moved its Summer classes to alternative and distance formats to continue our students’ studies in a comfortable and safe environment. For more information see “Types of Courses” below.

    Summer classes at SUNY Orange can help you:

    • Lighten your Fall semester schedule
    • Improve your transcript
    • Get a jump start on your college education.

    Will Summer Classes Preclude You From Other Opportunities

    College students often spend their summers working or , and a summer paycheck helps many students budget for school-year expenses. But enrolling in summer classes means you’ll likely miss out on these money-making opportunities.

    For working students, a more flexible option like online summer classes often fits their schedules better.

    Work and internship experience can significantly boost students’ post-graduation job prospects. In 2019, more than half of interns landed a full-time job thanks to their experience. What’s more, over 60% of interns received a paycheck for their work.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to pick just one or the other: Many students choose to balance summer classes with an internship or part-time job. For working students, a more flexible option like online summer classes often fits their schedules better than in-person classes.

    That said, many schools’ summer classes operate on an accelerated schedule, so you may need to set aside more time than usual for coursework.

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    Case Western Reserve University

    There are 13 exceptional options of summer programs for the nearly 1,200 students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. In 2002, this premier medical and research school became the third institution in history to receive the best possible assessment from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education. Most of the programs offered during the summer range from six to ten weeks, some are paid internships, some provide stipends of various amounts, and all give students real world, hands-on experience, and an advantage in their prospective fields. For example, the Academic Careers in Engineering and Science for Minority Students is a ten-week biomedical research program with a stipend of $3500. The MetroHealth Chester Scholars Program offers $2500 dollars for 15 students who have completed their second year of undergraduate studies. There are additional opportunities in: The Heart, Lung, and Blood Minority Research Training Program, The Pediatrics Program in Summer Research, Summer on the Cuyahoga Internships in finance, technology, marketing, and business, The Undergraduate Research Program in Physiology and Biophysics, and more.

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