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What To Do After Graduating College

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Learn From The Experts And Find A Mentor To Lean On For Advice

What to Do After Graduating College (1 year after UCSD)

Learning from the experts simply is identifying someone in your field whom you can learn from, someone you can look up to, and someone you can go to for advice. Similar to adopting a mentor when you have someone you can go to for advice, it is rewarding. As you go into the workforce, even as you go into adulthood entirely, it is essential to have someone you can rely on.

If you dont have a specific mentor or shoulder to lean on, consider using social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter to network with such individuals. Its amazing what simple connections you can make to highly respected individuals, so take advantage of these opportunities by doing some research online and reaching out.

What Recent Grads With No Job Experience Should Do Immediately

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After graduation, the world is your oyster. Unless you cant pay your rent. Then your parents spare room is your oyster.

Forgetting to accumulate work experience is surprisingly easy. Classes, social life, and a part-time job that has nothing to do with your major all take up a massive amount of time and attention.

If your resume is blank aside from some babysitting you did a year ago and your recent college degree, we have great news for you. These alternative job hunting methods dont require tons of experience, and they usually end in amazing full-time job opportunities.

Volunteer Or Work Abroad

Do you love to travel, but still want to use your time to make a difference? Consider an international volunteer position, through an organization like the Peace Corps, Global Vision International, or the Red Cross.

If you want to travel while still earning a paycheck, another option is to pursue a “working holiday” visa. Certain countries, including Australia and New Zealand, offer “working holiday” visas in which U.S. citizens are permitted to stay in the country and work temporary jobs.

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Prepare For Job Interviews

To actually snag a career after college, you obviously need to ace the interview itself. Youll get a boost in confidence by preparing answers to common interview questions, such as Where do you see yourself in five years? and What are your strengths and weaknesses? Check out Monsters list of 100 top job interview questions, and spend time developing your answers.

Then, you want to go into detective mode and learn more about hot topics in your industry as well as the company thats interviewing you. Thoroughly research the company so you can answer questions that concern them directly, such as, Whats your favorite product that our company makes? or Who do you think is our biggest competitor? Smart answers will show them youve done your homework.

To gather information on potential employers, read the companys website , follow them on social media, set up relevant Google alerts, and, if theyre a public company, look at their annual reports.

You can also get the inside scoop by checking out company profiles on Monster and employee reviews to get a sense of culture, pay, and benefits.

Lastly, dont discount the importance of a professional appearance. Appropriate interview attire, a mature voicemail greeting, and social media profiles that dont throw up red flags are all must-haves for finding a job after college. Leaving this stuff to the last minute is such a freshman move.

Fun Things To Do After Graduation Before Getting A Real Job

What to do After You Graduate College

Youve finally graduated! After investing so many long hours, and making so many sacrifices, you got the degree that you worked so incredibly hard for. Congrats and very well done! Were proud of you. Now you are likely wondering what to do after graduating from university, right? Not only are you wondering what to do, but surely are also wondering how to be successful after graduation. You probably think that since youre done with your studies, its time to jump right into the workforce and find yourself a real job. Well, not necessarily, believe it or not. Its becoming increasingly common for students to make the most of their time after graduating, and take advantage of their newfound freedom, with no shortage of fun things to do after graduation.

So before you sign that contract for that full time job, perhaps you should consider taking some well deserved time off for yourself. This doesnt mean you need to hang out at the beach all day, but it does mean that you can enjoy yourself while even advancing your career at the same time. Its really not a black-and-white kind of situation. There is a grey area that you can easily find with our help.

Here are some fun things to do after graduation, that can be both for yourself and your career before you take that big next step, and why its important to make that time.

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Never Stop Learning After Graduating

The most important concept for graduates to remember is to never stop learning. This may seem like a simple concept, but many graduates forget that as we grow older and move on to new stages of life, we must always keep wary of how the skills we learned during one part of our lives will need to be consistently refined. New skills will need to be added to our arsenal of ability as well. While college is considered to be the signal that one is prepared for the real world, in order to maintain it, we need to do whatever it takes to stay on top. Im not talking about ways of extreme competition, but rather consistently adapting oneself to be proficient in the changing market of skills and knowledge that is demanded.

This all seems like common sense, but the most successful people are the ones who never stop learning. Many people do stop and often it affects them when it comes to understanding new ideas or solving solutions to new problems. History shows that those who learned differently and continuously learned new ideas become innovators and can lead through numerous situations. We live in a world where we are taught in a structured environment, and the problems that we face are becoming less and less structured. Teaching oneself to learn and learn constantly for personal and professional development can help succeed in the professional world and live a satisfying personal life as well.

Hard Truths You Learn The First Year After You Graduate College

I definitely didnt expect to be where I am a year after graduating college. I thought I would have a bit more figured out. I thought I would be on a more direct path in life. I thought at the very least Id be in the field I wanted to be in, making plans to move out of my house, have some money saved. But none of that is true, and it really isnt true for most people in my position. We expect so much from life and from ourselves after college that when it doesnt happen, we feel defeated.

I have no idea when anything is going to actually happen for me. But now that Im at this point in my life, Im embracing it. Im embracing the chaos, the uncertainty, the unknown. If you dont, if you have high expectations for your future, nothing will ever be good enough. Because nothing will ever turn out the way you want it to. So here are 10 things to keep in mind in the years after you graduate college.

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S To Find Out What To Do After Graduating College

So you graduated college. Now what?

A lot of people just assume that graduating college means total clarity on where you want to go with your life. The skies will open. A dream job with a pension, benefits, great salary, and maybe a bean bag chair or Foosball table will open up. And you will sail off into the sunset.

It doesnt work like this. It may have once for our parents generation, but graduating college in 2020 hardly sets you up for lifelong success.

So what to do after graduating college?

The average skill set has a life span of five years. And the world of work is rapidly changing. College courses arent keeping up.

What all this means for you, new graduate, is that even if you knew what you wanted to do when you started college which a lot of people dont by the way you now need to stumble forward into a new world, and nobody will guide you.

So I want to give you some ideas about where to go next. About where to start when you are lost. If you dont know what to do after college, work this list to find your path.

The Paradox Of Potential

What to do after GRADUATING UNIVERSITY 2020

In my work with companies I talk to individuals and teams about the gap between potential and performance. It is very common for people in their 40s and 50s to share with me that they feel stuck and are not getting the career results they desired when they graduated college. From entry level jobs to the C-Level, people are not happy and feel they should be doing more. Potential is amazing, but potential does not equal results.

Job hunting for the sake of job hunting will lead to an unfulfilled existence. I know. I spent much of my career chasing something that was not really my desire. Ive learned that to do well and make money is not enough. You have to be the one in control of your own future and your daily work must be something that feeds your soul .

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This Is All Totally Fine

If you dont have a sick job, a good salary, an apartment, a boyfriend, and tons of cash saved with your life on track, dont stress. You have no idea how many people are in the same situation as you. Just because you had this grand scheme in your head for your future before you even graduated doesnt mean its actually going to play out in reality. Be patient and trust that things are going to work out as they should. They always do.

Take A Public Service Position

A variety of public service organizations exist that provide recent graduates the opportunity to gain new skills with a small stipend while performing a service for the community. Some of these organizations focus on education in low-income areasâboth in the United States and abroadâwhile others perform broader community service in high-need areas. These programs are often a great way to build a strong professional network you can use for job prospecting and references.

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Turn Your Passion Into A Job

Use the skills you gained in college like time management, self-motivation and creative thinking to turn a passion into a job. For example, if you love yoga, earn teacher certification and find a studio looking to hire full-time instructors. If you’re an expert knitter, consider selling your creations through an online marketplace.

What To Do After Your Graduate College

7 Things to Do After Graduation (Besides Get a Job)

My advice is to figure out what you want to do and go for it now. Do not assume you will make money, pay off credit card debt, save money into a huge savings account and then go do something fulfilling. It doesnt work out that way for everyone. Too many of us have gotten stuck in careers that seem good to those looking in, but are killing the souls of the person doing the job.

As I sat in the bleachers of a college football stadium and watched hundreds of the smartest college graduates in the world, i was excited about their potential. Many of them will go into jobs that will inspire and fulfill them. But I knew some rationalize jobs that seem like the right thing to do. I was glad my kid was trying to figure out her next few years on her own terms. She has a job lined up that starts in a few months working for a young woman entrepreneur. She is also starting her own fitness education company. And in between she is looking for creative ways to do contract work for other entrepreneurs who need help from a business-minded young go-getter.

Several of my friend told me that with the money we spent on her education we should make her get a corporate job. But I do not get to tell her what to do . She has graduated from college and she is now paying her way in the world. If that means part time work and some contract jobs to make ends meet while she figures out how to start and grow her own business, then good for her.

Check out the Life After College episode of my podcast.

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Interested In Launching A Career In Digital Marketing

Starting your career in digital marketing can be a daunting and overwhelming journey. Dont let that stop you from joining an industry that offers variety, excitement, and endless growth opportunities.

Check out our complete guide to starting a career in digital marketing if you want to get everything youll need for your journey.

And if youre ready to immerse yourself in real-world marketing projects, then become an apprentice on Acadium today. The skills, results, work samples, and network you develop will make it much easier for you to get your firstor nextjob.

This post was first published in October 2020. Weve updated it with contributions from Lexi Rodrigo, Content Manager at Acadium.

What To Do After College: 29 Ideas To Inspire You

Congratulations you have completed a major milestone. But now you may be thinking about what to do after college. That is a common thought for many college grads. It may seem like everybody else knows what you should do even though you haven’t quite figured out what life after college looks like. Of course, the obvious answer is to get a job. But maybe you feel like there should be so much more on the horizon. Well, don’t worry. You are entering a stage of your life when you can make almost anything happen if you want to.

The reality is that you are likely moving into one of the best stages of your life. After college, you might have some student loan or credit card debt. But if you are like many other recent graduates, you don’t have all of the other responsibilities that people who are 30 or older do. You probably don’t have to worry about a mortgage, kids, or all of that other “grown-up” stuff. And do you know what that means? Freedom. If there is one time in your life when you can take risks, find yourself, and even do something a little crazy, then this is it .

Many people like you choose to get a job and settle down. That’s probably what your parents expect, and maybe it is even what you want to do. But maybe you don’t. Maybe you want to defy expectations and blaze your own trail. After all, you’re young, it’s your life, and you’re only going to get to live it once. So why not do the things now that you may not be able to do later?

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Don’t Stress About Repaying Your Student Loan

Sure, no one likes the idea of being in debt, but don’t let it worry you too much. You’ll only begin repaying your Student Loan once you’re earning above a certain amount, and even then the monthly amount is a manageable sum.

There’s also a really high chance you’ll never get round to paying it all off use our student debt calculator to see how much you’re likely to repay before it’s wiped.

And don’t let these tuition fee myths get you down. You can separate the facts from the fiction with our handy guide.

Worried about your post-graduate job search? We’ve got you covered with these tips to help you find the perfect graduate job.

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Dating Is Nearly Impossible

What To Do After Graduating College | For Actors

When you were in college, the dating pool was an ocean. You were surrounded by young, attractive people in the same stage of life, who most likely had the same habits as you. They were everywhere walking the streets, on campus, in bars, everywhere. You hit a brick wall out of college. How do you meet someone who is a blast to hang with, is genuinely nice, and is close to your age? Not to mention with a good job and on the right path? All of those dating apps are a little terrifying when it comes to finding a real boyfriend or girlfriend. So youre left to trolling the bars. Which can be even more terrifying. So you feel pretty helpless and totally convinced that youll never find someone.

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What Are The Career Options For Graduates

Depending upon your stream and area of study, there are multiple career options for you. If you are an Arts, Commerce or Science Graduates, here are the career options for you in terms of job prospects and further studies:

Career options for Arts Graduates

Today, there are many innovative career options for BA graduates that are not only satisfying in terms of academics but also in terms of excellent job opportunities. Other than the traditional courses and jobs, there are many unexplored yet lucrative career options available for Arts Graduates, which we are now going to discuss.

Further study options for Arts Graduates

The most preferred option for Arts Graduates is MA Programmes in various subjects such as English, Economics and History. MA programmes are perfect for students who want to continue their further studies through M.Phil and Doctorate Programmes, and become researcher in their respective fields. MA degrees are also ideal for candidates who are looking forward to take up teaching as their profession.

Another option for Arts Graduates is a Diploma Programme. Diploma Programmes are short-term programmes that impart professional training in various fields to make students job ready. Arts students can opt for Diploma courses in Acting, Animation, Film-Making, Computer Technology, Painting and other similar fields according to their interest.

Job prospects for Arts Graduates

Further study options for Commerce Graduates

Job Prospects for Commerce Graduates

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