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What Places Hire College Students For The Summer

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The Best Internships For College Sophomores

High School, College students are looking for last-minute summer jobs

Check out how and where to apply for your sophomore year internship.

Sophomore year of college is a great time for students to explore their interests and decide on any minors or changes of study. As a more experienced student, your sophomore year is a popular time to take on an internship and start building out your resume. There are many internship opportunities for sophomores looking to explore their career options.

When should you start internships in college?

College students all start their internships at different points. Some start when theyre more seasoned students and others want to get started immediately like their freshman or sophomore year. Make sure that you have a workable schedule and factor in the time your internship will take up.

You should start internships in college when you feel ready to juggle another responsibility on your calendar! Summer internships are also a great way to familiarize yourself with the working world while taking advantage of no classes.

Best internships for second year students?

Popular companies for sophomore internships:

  • Deloitte

How to search for sophomore internships?

Four ways to search for a sophomore internship:

  • Handshake: search your area for sophomore internships using Handshakes easy job filtering feature
  • University: browse your schools job listing page or ask your professors if they know of any openings for internships
  • How to get an internship as a college sophomore

    List your past experiences

  • Collaborative
  • Find Companies You’d Like To Work For

    Since many jobs will not yet be advertised, it is equally important to identify employers in fields of interest even if you haven’t seen any job advertisements from them. You can use local chambers of commerce and employer directories as well as a variety of other resources to research companies in your field.

    How Much Could I Earn

    Students can work a maximum of 19 hours per week .

    • Most students work fewer than 19 hours a week. The number of hours you work will depend on the job, how many hours you wish to work, and–if you’re a Federal Work-Study employee–your FWS award.
    • The amount you earn will depend on your hourly salary. Ask the hiring supervisor what the salary is for the job.

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    Tour / Travel Guide Jobs

    Summer is the busiest season for tour and travel guide jobs. It could be a job touring visitors around a local historical site or national park, or a job planning, organizing or escorting tours.

    If you have great interpersonal skills, are detail oriented, and love to share what you know or have learned, this could be a great seasonal job option for you.

    Search the top job sites for terms like “travel” or “tour” and the place where you want to work to find listings.

    Start Your Own Business

    Summer Hiring 2015  Woodsworth College Students ...

    Perhaps you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to create your own business. Thats a great idea! Find something you love to do that can also make you money and go for it.

    Do your research, find clients, and market your services. How much you make depends on the type of business and how much work you put into your business. Lots of teens have created their own businesses and are making money.

    Here are some tips to start your own business, but it doesnt have to be complicated. Perform some services for people you know and get paid. It really is that simple. You can perfect the system as you go.

    If this sounds fun, here are some unique business ideas to get you started.

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    Spanish Service Learning Course For College Students

    Volunteer abroad and gain course credit? Where do I sign up!? Right here actually. IVHQ offers students from around the globe the opportunity to gain course credit toward their education by participating in a Spanish Service Learning Course. Available in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru – Cusco, the purpose is to expose you to the local language and culture, broaden your perspective globally and create a sense of community.

    You will volunteer during the day as normal, but outside of your volunteer hours you will reflect on the experience of the culture and language, reflect on your culture at home and the role of service learning. University students who are looking to fulfill language course requirements can do so while volunteering abroad in an amazing destination, while learning a new language AND gaining course credit. Score!

    Costa Rica opened my eyes to so many new opportunities I could have if I wanted to, and showed me how much love and desire I have to help the Latino culture. Also I fell in love with Spanish and after leaving being able to speak it, I know I will incorporate this into my schooling now! Kelsey Hedberg – Spanish Service Learning Course in Costa Rica

    All in all, volunteering for college students is a win-win! Youll give back to a community that values your support, become more worldly, learn from the worlds best and tick adventure off your bucket list.

    Summer Jobs For College Students: 5 Factors To Consider

    Many students pay for a portion of their college expenses with earnings from part-time jobs. According to Sallie Maes How America Pays for College study, students paid $2,303about 8% of their college budgetfrom their income and savings.

    You can use the summer break to bulk up your college savings and reduce your need for student loans. When thinking about good summer jobs for college students, consider the following five factors:

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    Summer Jobs For College Students In 2021

    Look no further than Handshake’s own guide to everything summer jobs.

    If youre looking for a way to get experience and make some extra money for the school year, look no further than a summer job! When school breaks for summer, its a great option for those looking to add a little something else to their resume and cover letter. From casual, part-time summer jobs to major-specific seasonal jobs, both can cultivate meaningful experiences.

    Why should I get a summer job?

    Getting a summer job is a great way to save up for the school year while adding to your resume experiences! Seasonal work, not just in the summer, are great ways to grow your network and skills. Students who take on summer jobs are also able to explore different career paths than they normally would. A summer internship or job is a great way to get a taste of what a certain profession is like.

    Childcare Volunteer Programs For College Students

    College students should take advantage of higher-paying jobs this summer, experts say

    Volunteers on Childcare projects provide assistance in a range of placements and environments, ranging from after-school programs, day care centers and community centers. As a university student, you have the opportunity to be involved with various duties to support the functioning of these centers, that will in turn assist in your personal and professional development.

    Duties can include educational support, playing games, mentoring, providing attention, cooking, cleaning and assisting with general daily operations. Duties are dependent on the specific placement but the most important aspect is supplying the children with care, attention and love. So long as you come in with an open mind and heart, you will come out the other end with more than just experience for your resume.

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    Why Are Service Trips For College Students Important

    When we asked our volunteers how the experience of volunteering abroad impacted them, 83 percent said their sense of perspective had changed, while 94 percent agreed that volunteering abroad had made them more resilient. 44 percent strongly agreed that their career aspirations had changed for the better. To find out more about how volunteering abroad will impact you, read Why Should I Volunteer Abroad?

    When volunteering overseas as an undergraduate, you can use your time abroad to complement your studies, grow your resume and gain hands-on experience in your chosen field. But more importantly, youll be using your break to make a positive difference in communities in need. Experiencing volunteer work abroad will make you more open-minded, improve your understanding of the world, let you experience cultural immersion firsthand, build your language skills and even change the course of your life!

    If youre looking for an opportunity to grow your career and dont think that volunteering is the right option for you, then consider an internship with our sister organization. Intern Abroad HQ provides flexible and affordable internship opportunities with clearly outlined learning objectives for professional development and service learning.

    Can I Lose My Eligibility To Work After I Am Hired

    Yes. Each quarter you work, you must receive at least a 2.0 Quarterly GPA andreceive a D or better in at least 12 units or in at least 6 units .

    • If you do not, you will not be able to work the following quarter.
    • Students who continue working after dropping below their required units will have to wait two quarters in which they are otherwise eligible to work before they will be able to be rehired as a student employee.

    Note: You must receive a letter grade of D or better or a Pass for units to be considered “earned units.” Incompletes and Withdrawals do notcount toward your required number of earned units for the quarter.

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    How Many College Students Volunteer Abroad With Ivhq

    In the last year alone, 5,000+ college students have volunteered abroad with IVHQ. This means you can set off knowing that you will have a meaningful travel experience, as you are immersed in the local culture and have the opportunity to spend your weekends exploring with like-minded students.

    We take the hassle out of the process by arranging everything, as part of your fully hosted experience abroad. This includes your airport pick-up, accommodation, meals and orientation, and provide you with access to a volunteer travel expert and 24/7 in-country support. And yes, your parents can even give us a call to talk through the ins and outs of your volunteer abroad program and ask any questions.

    What To Look For In A Summer Job

    Learn what retail stores hire 17 year olds. You can find a ...

    What are you looking for in a summer job? Its not necessary to know the answer in order to get a job. It helps, though, to know what you want to get out of your job.

    Do you want to make a lot of money? If thats the case, youll need to think about what kind of jobs you apply for. Not all of them pay well or offer the number of hours you would like.

    Is having flexible hours important to you? Then its important to find a job or employer that offers flexibility when it comes to your schedule.

    Teens often have to fit in other things like vacations, camp, and sports into their summer. Having a flexible job allows you to work and still fit in the rest of your life.

    What about finding a job that relates to a career field of interest? This isnt always easy to find, but if you can get a summer job related to your desired career, you are one step ahead of everyone else.

    You gain experience at a young age and it can also help confirm whether thats the right career path for you. If thats not important, then any job will give you work experience.

    Your job search might get easier if you know what you are looking for. Even knowing what you arent looking for will narrow down things and probably keep you for getting a job you hate.

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    Teaching Volunteer Opportunities For College Students

    Education is universal and the scope for a volunteers influence goes far beyond the classroom. When volunteering on Teaching projects with IVHQ, you will have the opportunity to either teach independently or provide assistance and support to the local educator in traditional classrooms, community centers, special needs centers or on tutoring programs. The students youll be teaching are eager to participate and learn, whether its English, other curriculum, sports or arts and crafts.

    Many IVHQ programs have Teaching projects, which means teaching volunteers have a wide range of destinations to choose from.

    To a university student, teaching abroad can be a learning curve that generates greater confidence, independence and understanding. Supplement your university studies and get prepared for Teaching English abroad by signing up to an online TEFL Course.

    My time was definitely appreciated and it made me feel happy to know my students learned something from me. This was my first time working as a teacher, it was amazing to see my students learn from me every day, and it made me realize that I am needed and I can actually do something to make changes. This was a great experience, and I will definitely do it again. Ruobing Pan – Teaching in Sri Lanka

    What Do I Need To Do After I Am Offered A Student Job

    Before you start working, you and your employer must complete and turn in the necessary paperwork.

    Once the Financial Aid Office receives the completed paperwork, your employer will receive an email authorizing you to begin.

    Your employer will let you know when you are authorized to begin working. IMPORTANT: Any student who begins working before they are authorized will have their job terminated.

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    Federal Work Study Requirements

    • You may only apply to federal work study jobs if you have been awarded Federal Work-Study funds through financial aid. Review your FAFSA Application and check the appropriate box to see if you qualify for FWS funds.

    • Students under FWS can work a maximum of 10 hours per week.

    • Students can work during the winter if currently enrolled in 3 units or enrolled in 6 units for fall and/or spring.

    • There are no FWS jobs available during the summer semester.

    Target Spring Campus Recruiters

    YMCA looking to hire more employees for the summer

    Identify employers who will be visiting your campus to recruit this upcoming spring, then compose drafts of cover letters, and revise your resume in anticipation of their visit. Professionals in your college’s career services office will often be available during break to critique your letters from a distance.

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    Top 5 Companies For Student Internships

    Lets not forget about summer internships. Thousands of companies offer internship programs each summer, but some stand out more than others. When looking at a prospective company and internship opportunity, students should ensure the program allows them to work on projects that stretch their skills and knowledge, provides a tangible line on the resume, and offers the chance to forge connections. The companies highlighted below are the top examples but even if youre unable to land an internship with one of these big names, reviewing them should give you an idea of whats out there.

    The 10 Companies With The Best Summer Internships According To Current Interns

    Some internships give you the chance to do interesting work and meet accomplished people. Others will keep you running around getting coffee or drowning in projects you weren’t trained to do.

    To find out where interns are being offered the best opportunities, the team at careers website WayUp asked current interns to submit nominations, and some 2,500 responded. The top 10 companies were nominated by hundreds of interns, according to a WayUp spokesperson.

    “The top 10 programs stood out as being the ones that focused the most on ensuring their interns learned as much as possible,” says WayUp CEO Liz Wessel, “from executives, mentors and one another.”

    Here’s are the top 10 places to intern, ranked by number of submissions:

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    Target Locations Where You Would Like To Work

    It can be fun to think about where you’d like to spend your summer or start your career. Once you have a location of interest, search for job openings in that location and apply to as many opportunities as possible.

    If the location is far from your school, let employers know that you are available during break for an interview or even an informal meeting . This strategy will be particularly important if you will be abroad during the semester and not available to meet with employers during that time.

    Bank Of America Corporation

    Benefits of Hiring Summer Students  Marberg Staffing

    Bank of America offers a range of internships and other programs for students at various points in their educations. For instance, those who have recently started their undergraduate program and are curious if banking, finance, operations, or research is right for them could benefit from Bank of Americas insight programs, which give a more holistic view of various departments and roles. Summer internships are directed toward juniors who will be entering the workforce within a year. Most of Bank of Americas new hires are sourced from their internship programs.

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    Summer Jobs For College Students

    Make the most of your college summer break with a job or internship. Students’ summer jobs can also be a step toward fullt-time employment after college. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

    Ngo Service Trips For College Students

    NGO Support projects are perfect for students looking to combine volunteer travel with an internship, as working for an NGO will look great on your academic transcript and resume. Potential employers will be more than impressed with your initiative, creativity and experience from volunteering abroad. You can head all over the world assisting NGOs in need in Puerto Rico, NepalCambodia, Italy – Rome and Romania, just to name a few destinations.

    Volunteering as a student on an NGO Support project is the perfect opportunity to use your experience and knowledge gained from your studies to support and further establish an NGOs goals and community reach. Your tasks can vary and are dependent on the unique skills that you bring to the table. These tasks can include administration, research, proposal writing, teaching English and IT.

    Volunteering abroad has been one of the most important choices I have ever made in my life. It changed my life forever I want to work with NGOs more in the future. People often ask, Why work for free? You dont get anything. I respond with, Try it yourself and you will realize that you get a LOT. You get something that cannot be described in words.

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