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What Jobs To Do While In College

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How Do Jobs Help Pay For College

The BEST Jobs To Have While In College (Flexible & Easy)

Working while earning a college degree is a great arrangement for some students. Students who choose employment while earning a degree can find companies willing to help offset the costs of a post-secondary education. Some companies offer tuition assistance, others offer reimbursement and a select few companies pay for the entire cost of your degree or certain courses if you earn your degree from a selected university or pursue certain programs.

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Jobs That Pay For College

Employers recognize that earning a college degree can be an important step toward your future career. Many national companies offer both full-time and part-time employees help in paying for school through scholarships and tuition assistance programs. Programs range from money toward any approved degree program to payment for coursework relevant to future careers within the company. In this article, we list 34 major corporations that give money to employees who are working while pursuing their college degrees.

Edit And Proofread Your Peers’ Papers

Even as U.S. schools transition to distance education in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, you can still find work editing your peers’ essays and research reports. Get started by advertising on your school’s social media platforms and asking your friends to spread the word.

You can also ask your college department or program to send out a mass email on your behalf.

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Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

Imagine being paid to hang out with dogs. Sounds like a good job, doesn’t it? And although it does require a little more flexibility in scheduling, the overall time commitment is relatively small. According to PayScale a dog walker typically charges anywhere from $9.76 to $29.34 per dog, per hour. So if you are walking five dogs per day, five days a week, and charging the average of $14.98 per dog, then you could bring in $374.50 per week. Just remember that you need to check your city’s regulations regarding permit or insurance requirements.

Another possibility similar to a dog walker is a pet sitter. Dog walkers tend to have a more reliable, regular schedule, whereas pet sitting is usually short-term while an animal’s owner is out of town. And like dog walkers, pet sitters can also charge $15 to $30 per visit. When pet sitting, it is common to visit the animal up to three times a day. So at the median of $22.50 per visit, three visits a day over a five-day period could bring you $337.50.

Remote Customer Service Representative

10 Side Jobs You Can Do While Your Kids Are in School â LifeSavvy

As with virtual assistants, companies sometimes outsource their customer service department to call centers or remote workers. This helps businesses reduce costs, and it also enables many businesses to provide after-hour customer support to clients around the world.

Working as a remote customer service agent isnt a purely online student job since you work on the phone. However, customer service reps also work online while on call to assist customers with their questions or problems.

From fixing account issues to helping a customer use a specific website feature, customer support representatives are the first point of contact when a customer needs assistance. They may also answer requests through a companys online chat or help forum.

According to Glassdoor, the average remote customer service representative earns almost $28,000 per year full-time. However, the hourly pay varies greatly between companies, ranging from $9 to $19 per hour.

One way to find a remote customer service job is to search on job boards like Flexjobs. Alternatively, companies like Sykes or Concentrix regularly hire remote customer support representatives across the United States. Finally, you can also apply to companies like Appen and Lionbridge. Both companies hire independent contractors for data entry tasks, as well as jobs like being a search engine evaluator, social media moderator, and translation.

Customer Service Pros

Customer Service Cons


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Volunteer Or Get Involved With The Community

Another way to get involved while in college is to start volunteering! It shows good effort, initiative, and responsibility if you choose to get involved with charities or community organizations. Employers also like to hire people who care about supporting and helping others, as you’ll need to have such a perspective to work effectively in team environments.

Classes Are Always A Priority

First tip on how to go to school and work full-time is prioritize your classes. Work out your school schedule first if working while in college. You may be able to schedule work around your classes, but it is often more difficult to schedule classes around work. For many students, a degree program is more important than a temporary job.

How do you make classes a priority at college? Make sure to recognize the value that your classes may bring to you. If you hope to work in a specific field, you may need that degree program more than anything else. Recognize that when choosing between the two. You may have opportunities to take on more hours. Before you do, consider how to use your time to better your education or future goals.

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The Pros And Cons Of Working While In College

College is a big investment. However, unlike a brand-new car or a fancy pair of shoes, your college degree has the potential to aid in contributing back to your savings account over the years. These days, many students decide to work while attending school, an option that not only makes the financial cost of an undergraduate education easier to bear, but may also provide opportunities for on-the-job training and valuable work experience.

If you are considering working and pursuing your degree, consider the following components in order to make the best choice in support of your desired experience.

Join Clubs And Organizations

Should You Work While Youâre In College?

One of our best pieces of college advice is to get involved! Participating in clubs and organizations is a great way to show initiative. If you join committees, even better, as it shows you can handle several responsibilities simultaneously. Once you enter the working world, you might find yourself in a similar situation, and employers will take this experience into consideration.

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Fitness Instructor Or Personal Trainer

Chances are your colleges gym offers a number of group fitness classes like Zumba, yoga, cycling, or pilates. If you enjoy exercise, teaching a fitness class is an ideal way to stay in shape while interacting with other students and making some money. Alternatively, off-campus gyms are also frequently on the lookout for high-energy instructors with availability to work in the evening, on weekends, or in the early morning. And, if youre studying a related field like kinesiology, physical therapy, or dance, youll gain some directly applicable work experience.

Job Duties

Fitness instructors generally teach group fitness classes, although some gyms might offer personal trainer positions where you work one-on-one with clients. You might also provide personalized diet and fitness advice.


According to Glassdoor, group fitness instructors make an average of $23 per hour and personal trainers make $13 to $26 per hour. If you go the entrepreneurial route and start your own fitness class or program, you can make far more typically $40 to $85 per hour. Look for a gym that allows trainers to charge their own fees, but be aware the gym will take a cut.

How to Apply

Depending on the certification you go for, the training and test could take one day, one weekend, or several weeks. Certifications can be earned through organizations like the American College of Sports Medicine or the American Council on Exercise Certification .

Common First Jobs For College Graduates

New college graduates typically start work in entry-level positions. For these entry-level roles, titles like associate, assistant, or coordinator are common. as a graphic designer, account manager, and staff accountant. Also review some of the highest paying jobs for new and recent graduates. Your job options, of course, will vary depending on your educational background and work experience. Browse through these lists of hot jobs by major:

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Drive For Uber Or Lyft

Many people still require transportation, even as their cities restrict movement for the sake of public health. Uber and Lyft are the dominant players in this industry, with each company maintaining different standards and pay rates.

Be sure to review the terms and conditions carefully before becoming a driver. You should also consult resources like The Rideshare Guy for tips on maximizing your earnings.

How Do I Find An Entry

Best Companies to Work For While in College

Four ways to find an entry-level job:

  • Handshake: search your area for entry-level jobs near me using Handshakes easy job filtering feature
  • Your university: browse your schools job listing page or ask your professors if they know of any openings for TAs or research assistants
  • Personal network: reach out to classmates, friends, or upperclassmen in other majors and see if they have any advice or connections
  • Your Handshake network: search on Handshake for other students and alumni who have had jobs that youre interested in who can answer your questions about their job, how they liked it, and how to go about applying to something similar
  • What should I look for in an entry-level job?

    Before you apply to your entry-level job consider the following questions:

    • Can you work there part-time or full-time?
    • What industry skills do you want to learn more about?
    • Do you want your job to be remote or not?
    • Does the companys values align with your own?

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    Working While In College Statistics

    According to a 2015 report by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, for the past 25 years, more than 70% of students have also worked during their time of study. In addition to earning money, those who work while in school are also potentially gaining relevant experience to their future career path by developing a set of professional skills that many employers are looking for post-graduation. According to NACEs Job Outlook 2017 survey, nearly 91% of employers prefer that their candidates have work experience and only 5% say that work experience is not a factor when hiring new graduates.

    While working during school may help offset some of the costs of a students education, its also likely that this income isnt enough to support the entire cost of school plus life, since a full-time job at minimum wage would equate to approximately $15,080 per year. While higher-paying jobs would support a student financially at a higher rate, that job may be more taxing. This dilemma brings to the forefront of importance the need to supplement paying for an education from additional means.

    Finding The Best Job That Fits

    When it comes to the best jobs for college students with no experience, students should strive to find a job that best fits their needs, goals, and academic schedules. They should also ensure they balance work with their studies so that earning money and building work experience does not cause their GPAs to suffer. Students who put the time and effort into finding a job that meets their needs in this manner will put themselves in a better position financially and academically and will be ready for whatever comes next.

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    But Also Take A Break

    Breaks are important. They give your brain a chance to reset and make it easier to focus when you hit the books again. However, not all breaks are created equal. Scrolling through Instagram wont set you up for success in your next study block. But getting up, walking away from your desk, and doing something totally different will.

    Try a couple different study/break routines to find what works for you. Maybe youre a Pomodoro Technique person, or you like to study for several hours straight then take a longer break. Find what works for you, then stick to it. Soon enough, itll become second nature.

    Should You Get A Job While In College

    How I work TWO JOBS Full-Time College Student

    If you are a full-time college student pondering this age-old question , worry no more. You are in the right place! Chances are, you have several reasons not to get a job: time constraints, fear of earning bad grades, a lack of skills, short-changing your friendships

    Lets take a minute and debunk the biggest lies about student employment.

    1. I cant work because I won’t have enough time for other priorities.

    False. Studies show that 45% of full-time and 79% of part-time college students have jobs. What’s more, students who work 10-15 hours a week are more likely to succeed in college than students who don’t work at all.

    Benefit: hone your time management skills

    The reality is, if you enjoy plenty of free time after classes or find your weekends open, youll probably have to sacrifice this luxury for employment. After a few weeks on the new job, however, you will discover an adjusted daily routine that works for you and your school schedule. Consequently, you will learn how to best manage your priorities within that new routine. By necessity, the time you spend doing school will be more efficient and focused than ever before. Why? If you only have two hours to finish a project before your shift beginsversus the five you used to enjoy in your unemployed dayscutting out distractions and streamlining your school time becomes essential.

    2. I cant work becauseIm not qualified.

    Benefit: you can begin building your resumé anywhere

    Benefit: giving back

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    Get Hired As An Overnight Attendant

    One well paying, but not particularly challenging side hustle is that of overnight attendant. Overnight attendants are often hired by group homes, nursing homes, active-living communities, and hotels, and tasks tend to include making 911 calls when necessary, answering the phone, and in the case of hotels, checking in those late arrivals. As you can probably imagine, overnight attending usually leaves quite a bit of time for studying or at least Netflixing. Talk about easy money.

    One Last Thingdon’t Forget How Awesome You Are

    Studying while working full time is not easy, and youre amazing for doing it! When you start feeling overwhelmed by what you have to accomplish before you graduate, take a minute and think about everything youve already accomplished.

    Think about the skills and knowledge you now have from balancing so much at one time. Think about how youre graduating without debt and may even have some savings, since you didnt have to set work aside to finish school. Remind yourself how it will TOTALLY be worth it.You got this. Now go conquer the world!

    Working and studying full time is no easy feat. Give yourself a leg up by choosing a college program thats affordable and can fit into your already hectic schedule. If you want the flexibility to earn your bachelors degree while furthering your career,

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    But Still Take A Day Off Now And Then

    Sometimes you just need a break. And Im not talking about a 15-minute study break here, but a longer, several-hours-to-GASP-a-full-day break. This was really hard for me, because, as I said, Im an overachiever and dont like to break when Im on a roll. But even I had to take a day off between courses sometimes. It felt really weird, like my body was instinctively thinking, Why arent we studying? We should be studying! But without fail, those breaks always helped me start my next course feeling rejuvenated and ready to crush it.

    Working While In High School

    Kids who do part

    Keeping up your grades is the most important thing you can do in high school, especially if you have the potential to win a scholarship. You also may be highly active in sports, music or some other activity that has the potential to earn you money for college. Even with all your activities, it is usually possible to work a few hours a week on top of that. Especially with a more flexible job such as babysitting.

    The best jobs for high school students often are very basic and flexible. Popular options include babysitting, mowing lawns, bagging groceries, or working in fast food restaurants. Don’t look past or avoid any job because you think it is beneath you. These simple and basic jobs help you earn money and develop a reputation as honest, hard-working, and able to handle cash and be good with customers.

    Some other ideas for work include camp counselor, life guard, tutor, music teacher, pet sitter or dog walker, cashier, hostess, or dishwasher. All of these jobs offer seasonal flexibility so that more hours can be worked during the summer or weekends.

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    Leverage Your Natural Tendencies

    Malson believes that one of the greatest services a student can do for themselves is to truly get to know their habits as a learner and learn how to use them to their advantage as they work toward earning a degree.

    If you are a planner, make sure you allocate blocks to complete the program work during the time of day that fits your schedule, she offers as an example. If you are a night owl or a morning person, plan to use this to your advantage, knowing what hours you are most alert. Planning to study from nine to 11 at night after a long day of work may work for some, Malson elaborates, but it wont be productive for others.

    Sign Up As A Substitute Teacher

    You dont need a teaching certificate, or even any experience, to make money as a substitute teacher. You do, however, need to be a high school graduate and have a clean background check. If you can swing working the occasional school day, sign up with your local school district and wait for the call. Not only does substituting tend to pay pretty well, many teachers will leave their subs movies or student-led activities, which in turn leaves plenty of time for studying.

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