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What Is The Most Popular Major In College

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Computer Information Systems And Accounting

THE TOP 10 Most REGRETTED College Majors (Bio? Poli Sci? Engineering?)

A degree in;Computer Information System;may seem unrelated to Accounting. Even computer information system majors think so, but both majors are a good pair more than you think. Combining these two prepares students for careers in I.T. consulting and technological research. If accounting is your passion, double majoring in computer information systems will show your employer how tech-savvy you are. Having a double major in it will also help you with presenting your analyses better and more efficiently. The skill youve learned in this major will help you be better at your accounting job, especially when making financial documents.

Like the top universities mention in the previous section, for CIS and Accounting, the top universities are also The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley are some of the top institutions offering computer information systems.

Health And Medical Administrative Services

– Major category: health- Unemployment rate: 5.7%- Median income: $50,000

Graduates of health and medical administrative services are valued for their organizational skills and ability to accurately keep track of medical records and scheduling patients. Some attribute this field’s recent influx in jobs to;the aging population and the resulting added need for medical administrative services.

– Unemployment rate: 5.2%- Median income: $70,000

Physicists who want to work in research or academia typically need to obtain a Ph.D., but the job is on the rise with a predicted 2,800 new jobs expected between 2016 and 2026. A student of physics studies matter and energy, taking classes on subjects such as thermodynamics and particle physics.

Language And Drama Education

– Major category: education- Unemployment rate: 4.8%- Median income: $42,000

Students who major in language arts education are prepared to teach grade levels between kindergarten and 12th grade in the subjects of grammar, composition, and literature. Employment of high school teachers is expected to grow 8% from 2016 to 2026, though growth for public school teachers may depend on state and local budgets.

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Why Pursue A Career In Marketing

Creative professionals with excellent communication skills thrive as marketers. Marketing managers and specialists remain in high demand across many industries. Most advertising, public relations, and sales positions require only a bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions, but a candidate with an advanced degree, relevant work experience, and strong digital marketing skills can pursue leadership positions in the field.

Advertising And Public Relations

Earnings from the Top 10 Most Popular College Majors ...

– Major category: communications & journalism- Unemployment rate: 6.7%- Median income: $50,000

Advertising majors will learn how to design messages used to promote and sell products, while public relation majors learn how to promote the images of their clients, whether individuals or businesses. Specialist jobs in public relations are predicted to grow as fast as average, and advertising manager jobs are predicted to grow faster than average.

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What Can You Do With An Bachelor’s In Business Administration

Accountants prepare and examine financial documents, document financial transactions, and recommend financial actions after analyzing accounting options. Auditors review organizations’ financial records to ensure validity and accuracy. To work as an accountant or auditor, each candidate needs a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, like business administration.

Geology And Earth Science

– Major category: physical sciences- Unemployment rate: 6.5%- Median income: $65,000

Geology studies the physical structures of earth, including rocks, gemstones, and minerals, and their history, composition, and processes. Graduates often become professional geoscientists or geological engineers, and the labor department predicts there will be an increase of 4,500 geoscientist jobs by 2026.

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How To Advance Your Career In Business Administration

Once you attain your first business administration career, you can research ways to improve your job and salary potential. This process may include enrolling in a master’s program, completing continuing education courses, and/or earning a professional certification. You may need to complete additional steps, depending on your career goals and your employer’s requirements.

The following sections highlight different ways to make the most of a career with a business administration degree.

What Is A Useful Major

What Is the Most Popular College Major in Every Year? (1950 – 2020)

A useful major is one that you can use to gain a paying job after college. While the major you choose to pursue shouldn’t necessarily be based on how much money you can make, it should come with some promise of stability to ensure you can support yourself and your family after graduation. Majors with low unemployment rates, high income and no requirement for future education are considered the most beneficial for college graduates.

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Best And Most Popular College Majors

Have you chosen your college major yet? Were highlighting the most popular college majors for 2011, as well as online education options for each. Weve also compiled a list of twenty-five excellent studies and rankings for college majors and degrees, shown at the end of the article. So if youre still deciding on a majorread on!

There are actually many published studies and articles out there showing the best college majors by salary, popularity, etc., and they dont always agree with each other. Weve decided to expand upon this article from CNN.com, since it is recent and published by a mainstream media outlet. In order, the most popular college majors in the US are: Biology, Business, Communications, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, ,;Psychology, and PoliSci / Sociology.

1. Biology or biotechnology majors usually study genetic engineering, stem cell treatment, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, and artificial photosynthesis as well as other related science subjects including general chemistry and physics. Online degrees in biology are available at the bachelors and masters levels.

2. Business majors usually receive undergraduate classes in a wide range of disciplines including: marketing, management, accounting, finance, and information systems. Online business degrees are available at every level of education, including associates degrees , bachelors degrees , and masters degrees .

Best College Degrees That Work Well Together

Are you;going to college;soon but still undecided on what courses to take? You are not alone. Incoming freshmen college students share this dilemma. This is rightfully so because there are a lot of factors that need to be weighed in. For once, you need to assess your true passion or level of interest in a certain field. On the practical side, you also need to look into the employment and earning potential once you graduate. It makes sense to take these into account mainly because the major you decide to take will carve your career path. For those reasons, some students decide to take on some of the best double majors.

Lets dive into the details!

  • Four Helpful Tips to Finish Your Double Major in 4 Years
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    The 10 Most Popular College Majors

    According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics , U.S. colleges and universities awarded 2 million bachelor’s degrees in 2017-18. More than half of these degrees were concentrated in just five fields of study.

    Plentiful job opportunities and high entry-level salaries make certain fields of study more attractive. For example, business and health degrees account for nearly one-third of all undergraduate degrees. Both fields continue to experience strong employment growth, making it easier for students to secure jobs after graduation.

    Additionally, many career paths in these in-demand fields offer attractive pay and advancement opportunities.

    Top Choice #1 Petroleum Engineering

    College Majors
    • Starting Median Salary: $84,000
    • Mid-Career: $126,000
    • Future Growth: 3%

    Petroleum Engineering is first on our list of rankings for the best college majors. It can be one of the most fruitful majors for young students. While the market is insanely competitive, the financial rewards for majors in this field can be incredibly high.

    A student who selects this major can expect a high-intensity program featuring a diverse collection of classes, including engineering, economics, and environmental studies.

    Because of the high competition levels for future jobs in this major, students should consider taking a masters or even a PhD in this field for furthering their chances of success once they enter the job market in the future.

    If you have a good background in math and the sciences, this may be the best college major for you. Although some core courses for this major may be completed online, petroleum engineering bachelor degrees are not offered entirely online.

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    The Uk: Social Science Receives A Relatively Warm Response

    Respecting the UK, course data from the British Higher Education Statistics Agency illustrate that Business & Administrative studies are the most popular subjects .

    Subjects allied to Medicine and Biological Sciences are the second and third .

    Social Studies receive a warm welcome among young people as well . The 5th, 6thand 7thare respectively Creative Arts & Design , Engineering & Technology and Education , and the differences among them are similar.

    The other two subjects that have over 100 thousand students are Computer Science and Languages . Physical Science is also close to this number.

    Social Studies are more popular in the UK than in America.

    For example, UK universities are among the oldest universities that offer law courses.

    Therefore, reflecting this long and rich tradition, UK law degrees have become very popular for its students.

    Another large absolute increase can be found in Creative Arts & Design degrees.

    The Higher Education Statistics Agency attributes this popularity to the increase in part-time students, among which there was a 19% increase in students studying Creative Arts & Design between 2015/16 and 2016/17.

    A large part of this increase was due to an alternative provider merging with the University of the Creative Arts, which led to a large increase in their part-time first-degree student numbers and has pushed this major to the 5thmost popular in the UK.

    Your Gpa And Sat Dont Tell The Full Admissions Story

    Our chancing engine factors in extracurricular activities, demographic, and other holistic details. Well let you know what your chances are at your dream schools and how to improve your chances!

    For incoming undergraduate students, choosing a major can be overwhelming. Thats because your field of study will have meaningful consequences for your future life. Choosing the right major can open the door to engaging work that pays a living wage. On the other hand, selecting the wrong major could result in years of unhappiness if the related work is not interesting, takes up too much time, or doesnt pay well.;

    It might relieve some of your stress to know the important factors to consider when choosing your major, to be familiar with the most challenging and least challenging undergraduate majors, and to remember that your major choice isnt binding yet. In this helpful guide to choosing your major, we will walk through all of that to help you find a major that suits your needs, interests, and goals.

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    Communication Disorders Sciences And Services

    – Major category: health- Unemployment rate: 4.6%- Median income: $42,000

    This program focuses on the principles and treatment of speech, language, hearing, and cognitive communication problems, usually caused by disease, injury, or disability. Graduates may go on to become speech pathologists, a profession predicted to grow faster than average in the coming years.

    – Unemployment rate: 6.5%- Median income: $49,000

    Criminology students study the behavior and nature behind criminals and crime from a psychological and sociological standpoint rather than from a legal one. There are several different careers associated with this major, such as police officer or detective . A student may also continue in school for a graduate degree in psychology.

    – Major category: biology & life science- Total graduates: 75,322- Unemployment rate: 7.2%- Median income: $53,000

    A career as a biochemist or biophysicist usually requires a doctoral or professional degree, but once you’ve got that taken care of you’re looking at close to a six-figure salary. The median salary was $93,280 per year in 2018, with a predicted growth rate of 11% .

    – Unemployment rate: 6.2%- Median income: $65,000

    What Is Business Administration And Management

    The 10 Most Competitive College Majors!

    The percent of students completing this major compared to all completions at Clemson University has risen 14.5% overall, from 6.88% of the total completions at this school in 2010 to 7.89% in 2015. Business Administration and Management hit an all time high in 2009 with 8.38% of total completions and an all time low in 1998 with 2.82% of total completions.

    More broadly, the percent of students completing this major at all schools has fallen 6.9% overall in the last five years, from 343.8 completions per 10k total graduates five years ago to 320.2 completions per 10k in 2015.

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    Top 10 College Majors

    College offers you many academic freedoms. You can cultivate existing passions and explore new interestsand find a major that will put you on the career path you want.

    Whatever major you choose, don’t pick based on the courses that come easiest to you, or what your friends are studying, because you’ll be cheating yourself out of some great opportunities and self-discovery!;

    We compiled this list of best college majors based on research covering job prospects, alumni salaries, and popularity. That doesnt mean every course of study listed here will guarantee you a job, or a huge paycheckbut each of these majors does offer unique intellectual challenges and will help you develop skill sets that will be applicable in a variety of professional positions.

    Choosing A Popular College Major

    Which of these most popular majors most appeals to you? Getting one of these degrees could prepare you for a successful career in business, education, healthcare, art, science or another field. Whichever path you choose, it all begins with a college degree.

    Take time to explore your options and find the major thats the best fit for you. Once youve decided, research schools that offer that degree, and submit applications to your top choices. Then, get ready to study your way toward a promising career!

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    How To Start Your Career In Economics

    With abundant opportunities in business, finance, and government, economics careers are a natural choice for students adept at math and statistics. Students with an associate or bachelor’s degree may qualify for entry-level positions in government agencies, although many employers require a master’s degree or a doctorate.

    Economics employers also prefer candidates with experience and specialized skills in finance management, international economics, and/or analytics.

    Graduates of an associate program can pursue careers as bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and administrative assistants in economics-related fields. Bachelor’s degree-holders can become entry-level economists, actuaries, accountants, and financial analysts.

    Graduates of a master’s or doctoral program qualify for jobs as senior economists, postsecondary teachers, and postsecondary education administrators.

    Social Science Or History Teacher Education

    New Survey Results: Most Employable College Majors ...

    – Major category: education- Unemployment rate: 4.6%- Median income: $45,000

    For those who know exactly what subject they’d like to teach, majoring in social science or history teacher education will ensure that they’re prepared to school future students of various ages in history. According to the federal government, a large number of older teachers will reach retirement age between 2016 and 2026, leading to more job opportunities for new ones.

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    What Are The Major At The University Of Florida

    Index of all Majors An academic major represents each students principal interest and the majority of their efforts during their undergraduate studies. Each majors core curriculum covers a range of subjects that provide the student with a solid foundation in their chosen field of study. Section Menu

    Nigeria: Poor Domestic University Quality Makes It One Of The Largest Exporters Of Students And Engineering Is Their First Choice

    The World Education Services report presents an overview of the Nigerian higher education sector, which expanded quickly over a relatively short period and had no particular admissions standards until the 1970s.

    Due to funding constraints, most of Nigerias public universities are in a deteriorating condition, and university quality is notoriously poor.

    In 2017, only one of Nigerias universities was listed among the top 1,000 in the Times Higher Education Ranking, considerably lower than African neighbors such as South Africa, Ghana, and Uganda.

    Thus, most of the best Nigerian students will choose to study abroad whenever they get the chance, making Nigeria the top African exporter of students and one of the largest in the world with rapidly growing outbound mobility numbers.

    When studying abroad, Engineering , Business , Physical/Life Sciences and Health Professions have been constantly the most popular choices among Nigerian students.

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    Opinion: Business Is The Most Popular College Major But That Doesnt Mean Its A Good Choice

    A few weeks ago, a young woman approached me after I gave a talk about my book on finding a job after college. She was in her mid-20s and unemployed despite applying for dozens of jobs and taking on several unpaid internships. I majored in business marketing, she told me, because everyone said it would lead to a job after graduation.

    Shes not alone in that line of thinking. Its why business is the most-popular major on college campuses these days. The academic fields that make up undergraduate business finance, accounting, marketing, management, and general business account for about one out of every five bachelors degrees awarded each year.

    But not all business majors are created equal in the job market. Research shows that students who major in general business and marketing are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed, meaning they hold jobs that dont require a college degree. They also earn less than those in more math-focused business majors, such as finance and accounting.

    Whats more, the results of national standardized tests, such as the Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus, given to freshmen and seniors, found that students who major in business made significantly fewer gains in college in critical thinking, writing and communication, and analytical reasoning than those who studied mathematics, science, and engineering, as well as the traditional liberal arts .

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