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Which College Should I Choose

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Trade School Vs College: Which Should I Choose

How To Choose The Perfect College Major For You

John Venn invented his Venn Diagram in 1880. The diagram is a classic organizing tool in which two items are compared, one existing in a left circle, another existing in a right circle, and their commonalities existing in the overlap. We can use it even in this computer-driven world to compare two ideas: attending trade school versus college. Each has its positives, of course, and both share similar qualities.

Everyone Has Different Needs

We cannot all use a similar ranking system because we do not have a similar set of priorities. For some students, a politically active environment is key. Others may want a Holocaust teaching and research center while still another may want Division III intercollegiate water polo. Ive had many students who place a high priority on the feel and warmth of a campus. Others want the spirited environment of a large sports powerhouse. Your priorities are not right or wrong. Your challenge is to know what you want , and to proudly pursue it. Be proud of who you are and what you have the potential to become. Find the place that you believe will best let you do this and enjoy it.

How To Answer Why Did You Choose Your College

In your response, you want to walk the interviewer through your decision-making process.;

That way, you can show that you made a deliberate and informed choice . If there’s a way to connect your decision here to the role at hand, do so! For example, you may want to call out the college’s small size, and talk about how you thrive in smaller groups if you’re applying for a job at a smaller company.;

Here are some specific factors that you can tease out depending on the type of school you attended:;

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Which One Should I Choose Between Iim Kozhikode Or Iit Bombay Sjmsom Why

My brother is an alumnus at IIM Kozhikode. A few years back, he was in the same dilemma that you are right now. Keeping in mind the brand value and the long-term return, he opted for it.;

  • In the last few years, SJMSOM is performing well. Apart from the brand value that IIM Kozhikode adds, there are many other advantages of graduating from here. If you pursue your MBA from SJMSOM, you will be introducing yourself as an MBA grad from IIT Bombay.;
  • Even though IIT B has a management branch, it is primarily a B.Tech college. Hence, the faculties and college life mostly depend on the engineering curriculum.
  • The faculties of IIM Kozhikode have better industry knowledge. The visiting faculties are among the best in the industry. Even though in term short, both are at par; the tag of an IIM will give you long-term benefit.
  • IIM Kozhikode also has a good placement record. In the 2021 placements, the average CTC offered at the institute was 22 LPA.;

Additionally, IIM K has the most beautiful campus among all the IIMs.

Develop A List Of Criteria Of What Is Important


Why is a list of criteria important? Your college experience can make or break you. The perfect college can create professional opportunities that last a lifetime. Choosing the wrong college can delay those opportunities for several years.

According to a 2010 report by the Fiscal Times, only 56 percent of students who enrolled in college earned a degree. Therefore, picking the best college should not be taken lightly. With thousands of colleges in the United States, choosing a good college can be a daunting task.

Your college checklist should contain items that matter to you on a personal and professional level. Once you have the items on your list, rank them in importance and then pick at least five items that matter to you the most. Some of the items you should add to your checklist are cost, location, housing, and campus environment. It is also important to visit the colleges of your choice. What looks good on paper may not be the same once you see it in person. For a sample checklist, visit ACT to download ACTs sample checklist.

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Youve Been Accepted To Five Schools: Which One Do You Attend

If you happen to be lucky enough to get accepted to more than one school, it can often be difficult to choose which one to attend. Here are ten ways to make that decision easier. Visit all five schools. Know exactly what degrees they offer and what it takes to get them. Do not make any assumptions. The variables are huge and you must study this rigorously. Decide your preference as far as location , large or small school, social life , athletics , and so on. Be honest with yourself. If you have always hated cold weather, the University of Maine might not be for you. It rains a lot in Oregon. Know how you feel about that. Does one of the schools specialize in your area of expertise? A math degree from MIT means a bit more than one from a small unkown college. Try to contact a current student and find out what life on campus is really like. Read, read, read. Subscribe to news feeds from the school. Google like crazy. The more exposure to the school you have, the easier it is to pick up the general atmosphere on campus. Is prestige/ranking important to you? Then factor that in, too. Do you want to be close to home or does it matter? Another factor. Do you have good friends going to one of your schools and not the others? Is this important to you? If so, factor it in. Do you have a gut feeling about one school? Dont ignore it.

Director of GuidanceMontclair High School

It Is All About The Fit

Once the schools have made their decisions it is up to you. If you have done things right all the places that accepted you should fit your basic profile, offering the type of college experience you seek as well as the programs that serve your needs. Now you need to determine which place is the best fit, the most comfortable, the place where you will grow the most and be best able to maximize your ambitions. Too, you need to take a hard look at the financial side of things. College can be expensive and you want to spend your resources wisely. If graduate or professional school are in your future then you do not want to spend it all now. Ultimately how it feels can be the key. tielt hwod eosn it feel for all the pros and cons list, a gut feeling can go a long way towards helping make the final choice.

Head of Upper School, College CounselorRavenscroft School

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Once You’ve Decided On A Course You’d Like To Study You Need To Consider College Choice

In your UCAS application, as well as listing Cambridge as one of your options in the ‘Choices’ section, you’ll need to enter the appropriate College code.

You can either choose a particular College or, if you dont have a preference, you can;make an open application;and accept the allocation made by a computer program.

In both cases, your UCAS application is sent to a College, and that College assesses it. For equally well-qualified students, making an open application or specifying a preference College makes no difference to their chances of being made an offer.

Retention And Graduation Rates

College: Which school should I choose?

What percentage of students drop out after the first year? What percentage graduates in four years? In five years? Good retention and graduation rates are signs of a school’s quality and student satisfaction, so sit down and review some of the statistics. Figuring out if it takes more than four years to graduate will also help with your financial planning.

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What A Great Problem To Have

If you are accepted to more than one college and you are torn about deciding among them then congratulations! Congratulations on your admission and congratulations on intelligently designing your college search so that you now have wonderful options. That said how DO you choose? I highly recommend visiting each of the campuses and attending admitted student events. Also check out the admitted student Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for each of the schools. You can learn much more about a school once you are an admitted student and this added information can be extremely helpful to you deciding on which lucky school gets to count you as a student!

FounderEducational Advisory Services

Why Should I Choose A Public College Or University

Many of our Colleges of Distinctions are private colleges, but there are plenty of great public colleges and universities out there and weve found the best public schools that provide a private college feeling.

Each school must match up with our Four Distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Community and Successful Outcomes. The traditional downsides of a public school are larger class size, less attention, and less prestige than private colleges. But our;Public Colleges of Distinction;prove those stereotypes wrong. All of our Public Colleges of Distinction feature smaller class sizes and faculty that are more attentive to individual students, and they excel at getting their students ready for the job market or graduate schools.

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Once Accepted How Do You Choose Between Colleges

If you have done your homework prior to applying you should have decided on these schools for very specific reasons. I encourage students to return to those reasons and start filling in more information. At the stage of acceptance you have probably learned more about the schools in relation to your initial selection criteria. Fill that information in. Now expand it. Are there new things you wish to consider now that you have been thinking or picturing yourself at those schools. Make a pro and con list for each school. What does this tell you? If there is a clear stand out school or if there are several, I suggest returning to campus for another look. It will either confirm what you believe you saw the first time or now that you are paying attention to some of these things more seriously, you might see the school in a whole new light for good or for bad. Each of these steps should help you to visualize your self in the setting better to know if this will be the right fit for you or not. Just remember to be true to who you are and not who you wish you were in making the final decision. The former will always lead to a better decision!

FounderAcademic Decisions

Jobs And Internships For College Students

How to Choose a College Major

As you consider colleges, check to see if a school offers opportunities for students to find jobs and internships either on campus or with partners in the community. Do advisors work with students to help them build their resume and gain the skills necessary for employment? Many students dont think about finding a job until after college, but by doing this, they may be missing out on a lot of important skills, connections, and experiences. Students who work while going to school are building valuable job experience, developing good work habits, and are gaining financial benefit for their work. Studies have shown that students who work a part-time job while going to school actually have higher grades than those who dont.

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Master’s Degrees In Education

School is more than No. 2 pencils, recess and report cards. Its the teacher who believed in you, even when others didnt. Its the principal who pushed you to aim higher. Its the studies that captivated your mind. Now its your turn to shape future generations.; Choose one of the following MAED degrees:

  • Master of Arts in Education/Administration & Supervision
  • Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education & Training
  • Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master of Arts in Education/Elementary Teacher Education
  • Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education
  • Master of Arts in Education/Special Education

Format: Online

The Steps For Choosing Colleges:

1. Do a self-assessment2. Consider broad factors that might affect your choice3. Consider more specific factors that might affect your choice4. Research schools5. Make a list of schools based on your top priorities6. Narrow down the list so that you have a balance that includes at least one solid, one probable or possible, and one reach school

If youre honest with yourself and do some serious research, youll end up with a list of amazing schools that offer all the opportunities you’re looking for in your next academic journey.

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What If Im Undecided

Are you undecided when it comes to a major? Thats OK! College is a great time to explore your interests. Many schools will allow you to enter as undeclared and will offer an advisor, or other services, to help you pick a major. Research the various options available at different colleges and universities and look for a school that can support you as you pick your classes, explore your interests, and choose a major. Make sure the college you choose has enough interesting programs so you can find a major that truly interests you.

Narrowing It Down Part Ii: Going Deeper

How to Choose the Right College to Go to // Why I Regret Choosing UCLA

Now that you have a vague idea of which type of school youd like to attend, you can examine other factors that might impact your decision on whether or not to apply.;Ill go over how to find this information in the next section on researching colleges. For now you can just start brainstorming which of these factors are are most important to you. Write down your thoughts so you can use them to guide your search later.

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Dont Apply To The Same College As Your Classmates

It is generally seen as bad idea for lots of people from the same school to apply to the same college, especially if youre applying for the same subject.

Theres enough competition as it is, do you really want to make life harder for yourself by going up against your own classmates?

Given that youve been educated at the same school it is fairly likely that you have similar backgrounds but you need to be doing everything you can to stand out from the other applicants.

To give you an example, two girls from my school both applied to the same college for Classics, deferred entry. Only one was accepted.

The one that was rejected applied to Cambridge the following year and was accepted;so she was obviously bright;enough;to have been accepted by Oxford the first time.

However,;with two very similar students from the same school for the same subject, only one could be offered a place.

College Affordability Vs Earnings

The National Center for Education Statistics tells us that young adults with undergraduate college degrees generally earn more than those who have either associates degrees or only high school diplomas:

  • 2013 median earnings, bachelors degree$48,500
  • 2013 median earnings, high school or equivalent$30,000
  • 2013 median earnings, associates degree$37,500

Of course, this line of thinking suggests that you should stay in school, racking up student loan debt, until you emerge with a PhD. You could make the case, since the NCES indicates adults with masters degrees earned median income of $59,600 in 2013.

Affordability affects attendance. If you cannot afford the high costs of college, that masters degree is elusive and meaningless. If you cannot afford to accrue student debt that will require decades of diligent payments to eradicate, college is not a realistic option. According to, student loan debt in this nation has topped $1 trillion, and 2014 graduates carry an average of $33,000 to repay upon graduating. Simple calculations show how tight a budget a graduate must have to afford even modest repayments on an annual salary of $48,500. Student loan debt, too, never goes away, not even in bankruptcy in most cases.

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What Major Fits Your Personality

  • M.Ed., Education Administration, University of Georgia
  • B.A., History, Armstrong State University

Enterprising people are go-getters. They like to come up with new ideas and start new things. They are very competitive and highly enterprising. They may be very persuasive talkers and they may be overly aggressive when trying to get their way. Persistence often pays off for enterprising people.;

Enterprising people like to make money and have nice things. They are often popular, sometimes demanding, and usually motivating. They can argue and debate well.

Possible degree programs:

Artistic people are intuitive and often know what others are up to. They don’t have dozens of friends, but they have a few very close friends. They don’t like to work in very restrictive environments. Instead, they prefer to hear about new ideas and try out new things.

Possible degree programs:

  • Journalism
  • Graphic design

Artistic personality types are most comfortable in an environment where they have the ability to hibernate and create. Any environment that requires monotonous, repetitive, unvarying activity day after day would be a bad fit for the artistic type.;

Additionally, any environment that restricts movement or involves close supervision would be a poor fit.

Social people make great teachers! They are great with people because they are open and friendly, and they care about others. They are cooperative, which makes them good in many programs and careers.

Possible degree programs:;

  • Psychology

S To Choosing The Right College

How To Choose Your Major In College

Enrolling into a college and studying for a degree abroad can take anything between one to four years, depending on the university and duration of the entire course and it is sure going to be an expensive affair. Hence, it is extremely important for students and parents alike to choose the right college to make the investment worthwhile and the experience life-changing. With the vast number of universities offering multiple course options to choose from, this is often perceived as a tedious and exhaustive task to perform. To make this simple and effort worthwhile, we have enlisted a set of parameters, which would help candidates weed out the unnecessary and choose from the most worthwhile of institutions for higher education.

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