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What College Has The Best Social Work Program

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Bachelor’s In Social Work Programs Ranking Guidelines

Is a Master’s of Social Work Program for You?

We ranked these degree programs based on quality, curricula, school awards, rankings, and reputation.

The motto of is Finding the best school for you. Here is how we do it:

The value of any ranking list of schools and/or degree programs depends on having a methodologically sound assessment of each schoolâs/programâs characteristics, especially insofar as these can be objectively measured. A college or university is a complex entity, with numerous factors to consider, and distilling these down to the place where meaningful comparisons can be made to form a defensible ranking list becomes part science and part art.

To meet this challengeâand thereby provide you with the most useful and insightful educational rankings on the Internet â formulates our rankings based on five informational categories . The major metrics and qualities for which we rank are these :

1. Academic excellence based on a schoolâs curriculum generally or within the selected discipline

2. Strength of faculty scholarship

  • Considers education background of the faculty
  • Considers years of faculty experience both inside and outside of academia.
  • Considers faculty membership and leadership within relevant, prominent associations
  • Considers academic papers published by faculty in relevant, prominent periodicals
  • Considers awards and recognitions given to faculty members from prominent organizations and from other sources

3. Reputation

4. Financial aid

University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign

Bachelor of Social Work

Tuition: $16,638

Score: 96.94

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign offers an excellent Bachelor of Social work that sets students on one of three trajectories: social work practice, graduate school, other career areas. Prior to being admitted to the School of Social Work, students must have already completed 50 hours of volunteer or paid internship at a social work agency. After being accepted to the major, another 512 hours of field experience is required.

The School of Social Work supports many students financially, but it prioritizes the greatest achievers through Achievement Awards, as well as five other undergraduate social work scholarships. High achievers can also partake in the James Scholar Honors Program which requires a 3.60 cumulative GPA. Post-MSW students can take the Illinois Professional Educator License with Endorsement in School Social Work through this program as well.

List Of Universities In Ontario That Have Social Work Programs

Note: This list is not intended to be a list of current programs. To confirm if a program is still being offered, please refer to the academic institutions website.

In addition to the above Ontario social work degree programs, graduates who have obtained the following social work academic credentials will generally meet the education requirement for registration as a social worker with the College:

  • A degree in social work from a social work program offered in Canada and accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education OR a degree from a social work program offered in Canada and approved by Council as equivalent or
  • A degree from a social work program or equivalent program offered at a college or university in the United States and accredited by the Council on Social Work Education or
  • An evaluation by the Canadian Association of Social Workers of your social work program which was completed in a country other than Canada or the United States, and wherein the CASW evaluated the program as equivalent to at least a Canadian BSW.

CI/QL Registration

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San Diego State University

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Tuition: $13,363

Score: 90.14

San Diego State University offers a BA in Social Work that requires 65 hours of major-specific coursework, on top of a liberal arts basis that includes courses in psychology, biology, economics, and statistics. While other programs make international opportunities available to students, SDSU makes international experience a requirement for their degree. This can take place through a study abroad, student exchange, student travel, or specific global-oriented courses.

Another distinguishing feature of SDSU’s program is its offering of specializations. Students can choose from Community Corrections Case Management or Environmental Social Work. The former studies forensic social work and criminal justice, while the latter focuses on providing equal access to quality living conditions. Students committed to careers in Social Work can apply for a Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend program which can help fund their collegiate journeys.

Social Behavior And Public Service

School of Social work receives top program rankings

The Bachelors degree program in Social Work really dives deep into social behavior and public service pulling together the various aspects of both that draw them together. These 4-year programs are suitable for individuals that wish to build a foundation in social work and potentially move to higher degree programs in the future. While in a bachelors program at this level, students will be taught the skills required to work with the public.

Additional Topics and Coursework for a BSW Degree

Community planning, social welfare and relationships to the judicial system, mental health topics, and administrative functions are taught in depth throughout this program. Students will learn about the various functions of social service agencies and how their contributions will lead to better lives for individuals throughout their career. The schematics of local and government agencies are also taught in the bachelors program, which can prepare learners for careers working for state or government agencies. The knowledge gained throughout these programs can provide a solid platform of social skills that can contribute to a meaningful career for those involved.

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Career Options For A Bsw

Wondering what can be done with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work is completely normal when considering this degree program. A degree can be a means for a better life, so considerations for future potential should always be a part of the decision process. It is always important to consider how much a degree can provide not only financially, but also with regards to quality of work.

University Of Texas At Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington offers a variety of social work degree and certificate programs from the Lone Star States best schools for social work, according to College Factual. In addition, UTAs social work MSW programs have been ranked among the best schools of social work for online degrees by UTA, as one of Texass best social work schools, offers a BSW, an MSW, and a Doctor of Social Work program.

The University of Texas at Arlington was originally founded in 1895 and a member of the states A& M university system. In 1965, UT Arlington became a member of the UT system and now serves nearly 44,000 students vying for the nearly 200 undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Texass Arlington campus is recognized to be among the four largest student enrollments in the Lone Star State.

Programs: BSW, MSW, DSW

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Social Work And Social Services Courses

Ontario college social services programs teach practical skills, but they also focus heavily on a students personal development. Along with theory and development courses like social work and the legal system, professional practice, communications and intervention, students will take classes that teach self-awareness, stability and emotional endurance to help them prepare for intense situations they may face in the industry.

Role playing and lab work are also a big part of social service worker programs, as they allow students to practice their skills in a simulated real-world environment. Students will also complete a field placement component of the curriculum.

University Of North Carolina At Charlotte

Masters in social work programs

The Health & Human Services College at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is ranked among the best schools of social work in and around the greater Charlotte vicinity. In addition, as one of the states best social work schools, UNC Charlottes Social Work School is CSWE accredited. In addition to the BSW program, North Carolinas best schools for social work offer three MSW academic options, a tradition, a one-year advanced standing, or a three-year program that can be completed entirely online.

Programs: BSW, MSW

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Metropolitan State University Of Denver

One of the most appealing things about MSU Denvers program is that graduates of this program have a 100 percent pass rate on the ASWB clinical licensure exam, so you know the curriculum prepares you. Although there is an entirely online option, you must be a Colorado resident, so that can be seen as a limitation to this program. It requires 60 credits to complete, and there are full time and part time options. Those who already hold a bachelors degree in social work may be eligible for the advanced standing track which is only 30 credits. Two concentrations, individuals and families and leadership, and management are available for students.

You can learn more about the Metropolitan State University Social Work programs here.

Other Licenses For Msw & Dsw Holders

In addition to the LCSW, each state has developed a variety of professional licenses for MSW and DSW holders. For the most part, states expect that your MSW or DSW will be CSWE-accredited.

State licenses are tiered by level of experience and education in Alabama, for instance, the LGSW is lower on the professional pole than the LCSW and the PIP. Unfortunately, license titles are not standardized throughout the country. You may find that similar licenses are known by a variety of names.

Here are license acronyms matched with their states:

Each license will have specific professional aims and prerequisites . Please check with your State Social Work Regulatory Board to learn more about individual license requirements.

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Earning Your Associate’s Degree In Social Work

Obtaining an associate’s degree in social work not only prepares a student to enter administrative work in social welfare and counseling, but also develops an educational foundation for those with an interest in pursuing an advanced degree within the field. Technical schools and community colleges offer programs that take as little as two years to complete, providing coursework centering on social counseling, administrative procedures, case management, child welfare laws, family services and mediation.

Employers often hire applicants with an associate’s degree in social work to fill positions such as home health aides, social worker assistants, child care workers, physical therapy assistants, and psychiatric aides for the mentally disabled.

After getting an associate’s degree in social work, a graduate may pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree to expand their employment possibilities. For example, a bachelor’s degree opens the doors to job positions, such as case manager or full-time social worker, while a master’s degree allows graduates to apply for management and rehabilitation counselor positions.

What To Expect From A Career As A Social Service Worker

The 25 Best Master of Social Work (MSW) Online Degree Programs

A career in the social services field is demanding, but also extremely rewarding. In this field, you can reach out to community members in a number of areas, including health, education, corrections and, of course, social work. Social work and social services programs at Ontario colleges prepare students to work alongside professionals in those fields, providing assessment and intervention support while promoting positive interaction and connections between parties.

If youre interested in putting your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills to work with social services training, heres what you need to know.

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University Of Wisconsin Madison

Bachelor of Social Work

Tuition: $15,910

Score: 98.77

Exceptional degrees in Social Work are offered by the University of Wisconsin Madison. About 30 35 students are admitted to the program each year, so class sizes can range from 10 70 students. Unlike other programs that typically admit students at the end of sophomore year, the University of Wisconsin Madison requires students to be second-semester juniors to be admitted.

Resources for students in the School of Social Work are vast. An example is the Practice Skills Lab which “provides students with a state-of-the-art technological environment that fosters learning, offers an arena for demonstration of skill acquisition, and promotes professional social work practice.” In addition, faculty members engage in research through the Waisman Center, The Institute for Research on Poverty, the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, and the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research. This gives students many opportunities to develop research skills.

Colorado State University Fort Collins

Bachelor of Social Work

Tuition: $17,191

Score: 85.41

Those who want to attend college in Colorado need to look no further than Colorado State University Fort Collins for a degree in Social Work. This program in CSU Fort Collins’ College of Health and Human Services seeks to prepare students for generalist social work across all typical career areas. A Social Work Ambassador Program and an Honors Program exist for students who take their academic ambitions seriously.

Study abroad opportunities are available in Costa Rica and India. While there, undergraduates can see first-hand how social work can positively affect people internationally. On campus, advisors support students throughout their academic journeys. Additionally, the College of Health and Human Services awards over $430,000 in scholarships every year an incentive that is hard to pass up. This program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and also adheres to standards set forth by the National Association of Social Workers.

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Licenses For Associates Degree Holders

A few states have have developed licenses for candidates who have gained an associates degree in social work or a related field.

  • Licensed Social Work Associate : Massachusetts
  • Registered Social Work Assistant : Ohio
  • Social Work Associate : South Dakota
  • Social Service Technician : Michigan

Please check with your State Social Work Regulatory Board to learn more about individual license requirements.

University Of California Berkeley

Social Work Q& A | Is getting an MSW hard, Online degree programs, top book recs, PHD degree More!

The University of California, Berkeley is one of Californias best schools for social work, having been developed in the early 19040s. The School of Social Welfare is among Northern Californias best schools of social work, offering a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare, a two-year CSWE-accredited MSW program , and dual degree options that include MPP, MPH or JD degrees. In addition, Berkeley, as one of the best social work schools, offers a Ph.D. program in Social Welfare that can be combined with Berkeleys MSW degree as well.

The University of California was established as the first land-grant school in 1868. Berkeley is home to more than 43,150 students vying for degrees offered by its fourteen schools/colleges. The University of California, Berkeley is home to various national research institutes in the fields of math, space science, and chemistry.

Programs: BASW, MSW, PhD

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What Is The Plan For The Cswe

The CSWE has outlined a strategic plan for their operations in the years to come. This strategic plan includes their overall missions and goals, as well as the steps they plan to include to help them be successful in their daily practices.

As an initial step in their planning, the CSWE seeks to establish itself as a guiding leader for social work programs, complex social scenarios, and future decision making. The inclusion of multidisciplinary professionals within its workforce helps to ensure they are leaders in terms of expertise and experience in the field.

The CSWE also outlines its desire to promote top-quality educational programs and career preparedness for learners engaging in their accredited degree programs. The dense accreditation and renewal process can help support this plan over time.

This organization also fosters and encourages a diverse workforce that is connected through a common interest in social justice, public policy, and love of the community. The agency seeks to offer partnership opportunities, gatherings, and conventions that provide a forum for connection among social workers in multiple fields.

What Can I Do With An Online Bachelor’s In Social Work Degree

Social work is an in-demand field with an above-average projected growth rate. The job market can be competitive, and many graduates go on to earn a master’s degree in order to qualify for advanced roles and clinical careers. However, there are various opportunities for graduates with an online bachelor’s degree in social work.

For example, graduates with a bachelor’s degree in social work qualify for certain social and community case manager positions. The BLS projects employment for these professionals to grow by 17% between 2019 and 2029, much faster than the projected growth rate for all occupations.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in social work can work in entry-level administrative and nonclinical positions. They can also pursue careers as caseworkers and mental health assistants.

Clinical positions require a master’s degree in social work. Some online programs offer accelerated options that allow graduates with an online bachelor’s degree in social work to earn their master’s degree in about one year.

Licensure requirements vary by state. However, all states mandate licensure for clinical social workers, and most require a license or certification for nonclinical social workers.

Find out where an online bachelor’s in social work can take you. Learn more about social work careers here.

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Where Can I Find A Social Work Program

Across the United States, there are currently 1,356 colleges offering degrees in social work. Prospective students should rest assured in knowing that there are ample sources of support for upcoming students that are interested in making the right decisions for a great degree program. Taking a look at the social work field, it is seemingly an excellent field for individuals with the drive to help others and solve problems for families searching for relief.

Online Social Work Programs Currently Accepting Applicants

Earn your CSWE accredited online Master of Social Work from a university thats pioneered social work education for every generation in need of it: Our Lady of the Lake University. 100% online, No GRE or GMAT is required for admission, and whether you have a bachelors in social work or have a calling to work in this important field, but graduated with a bachelors degree in another subject, OLLUs online Master of Social Work has a track for you.

You may consider some of the featured online social work programs on this site, or search programs here.

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