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What Can You Major In College

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Accounting And Economics Double Major

What is a Major in College

Accounting and Economics double major students learn to integrate abstract reasoning and logic when identifying complex economic or accounting challenges that require resolutions.

Accounting and Economics are evident in all types of businesses. Regardless of the size, every company must submit accurate financial data in compliance with the IRS guidelines and create strategic plans for the future. Graduates become critical thinkers and effective problem solversthe skills people can utilize in any job!

How Do I Know Which College Major To Pursue

There are several factors that you should consider when choosing a college major that you believe is the best major for you. Some of the obvious factors include program cost, salary potential, and job demand. If you choose a major that is in the top rankings for one or more of these factors, then you are off to a great start.

One of the biggest factors not mentioned yet is job satisfaction. When finding the best major, you need to look into the future and ask yourself: Will I enjoy the field of work with this college major?

Ultimately, you want to find a certain major that matches closely to your interests, values, and abilities. By doing so, you will have a better chance at achieving happiness with the career path you choose.

What Do You Learn In Astrology

In most beginner Western astrology classes, you will learn how to interpret a birth chart. You will start to learn the archetypes behind the zodiac signs, what every one of the 12 houses in the birth chart represents, as well as meanings behind the planets. Once you have a stronger foundation of these three components, you will be in a better position to weave together the narrative of someones birth chart. Youll also learn about aspects, which reveal the mathematical angles that different planets form with one another, and the type of energies associated with these combinations.

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Astrology Major In College

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for becoming an astrologer. In the U.S., there are no options to be an astrology major in college. The University of Wales does have a Cultural Astronomy and Astrology MA program, but it is unclear if youre learning to apply astrological techniques or more so reviewing its relevance throughout history. There are, however, many online astrology schools and teachers to study with. In ancient times, astrology was an oral tradition and passed down from teacher to student. Studying with an established teacher in the field is a great way to garner a solid foundation of this ancient art.

Final Tip: Apply To Non


As a final piece of advice, make sure at least a few of the colleges you apply to do not bind you to a major or undergraduate division before you get to campus. Your goal is to have as many options as possible once you get to April of your senior year.

One way to do this is to apply to liberal arts schools. If you really have no idea what you want to study, liberal arts colleges can be good choices, as they encourage students to take a wide variety of classes and don’t expect you to enter knowing exactly what you want to study.

Many universities also just accept general undergraduate applicants. Make sure as you compile your list of colleges that you do your research and see where they stand on binding versus non-binding school/major choices.

To sum up, apply to a wide range of colleges and universities so you’re not stuck choosing between being a chemistry major at one school and an art major at another come April your senior year!

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How Many Years Does It Take To Study A Common College Major

Students have the choice of either studying for two years, and receiving an associates degree, or four years, and receiving a bachelors degree.

For those who want to further their studies even more, there are graduate programs that advertise a more in-depth study and take about two more years to earn after completing a bachelors program.

Top Choice #1 Petroleum Engineering

  • Starting Median Salary: $84,000
  • Mid-Career: $126,000
  • Future Growth: 3%

Petroleum Engineering is first on our list of rankings for the best college majors. It can be one of the most fruitful majors for young students. While the market is insanely competitive, the financial rewards for majors in this field can be incredibly high.

A student who selects this major can expect a high-intensity program featuring a diverse collection of classes, including engineering, economics, and environmental studies.

Because of the high competition levels for future jobs in this major, students should consider taking a masters or even a PhD in this field for furthering their chances of success once they enter the job market in the future.

If you have a good background in math and the sciences, this may be the best college major for you. Although some core courses for this major may be completed online, petroleum engineering bachelor degrees are not offered entirely online.

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How Do You Transfer Credits From A Junior College To A 4

You now know that junior colleges are typically referred to these days as community colleges. You also know that many students, both recent high school graduates and adult learners, will use community colleges as a stepping-stone to a 4-year bachelor degree.

If this is the path you think you may be interested in taking, then its important to understand the credit system and what youll need to do.

Do You Need A License To Practice Astrology

What Can You Do With Your English Degree? | College and Careers | The Princeton Review

You do not need a license to practice astrology, but there are many certificate programs available. In the US, astrology isnt accredited and is considered a pseudoscience. Many of the astrological organizations do offer certification and membership, such as the International Society for Astrological Research and the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Many organizations not only include education and exams as part of the process but also center on ethics. For example, are you trauma-informed? Do you know how to handle sensitive topics with care? Yes, there are ethics within the astrology community, and they should be taken seriously if youre interested in carrying on this ancient art.

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Early Junior College Affiliations With Universities

In those early days, most junior colleges were affiliated with a nearby 4-year university. An agreement was made between the two institutions that upon graduation, the university would accept junior college students without the need for them to meet the rigorous admissions requirements imposed on students entering university as freshmen.

The junior colleges were also governed by the universities they were affiliated with. However, as junior colleges became more popular, they eventually broke away from these affiliations and began developing their own governing structures.

University Of Illinois Urbana

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaigns Gies College of Business has a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management program and is one of the popular options for a double major option. The program is a member of the Illinois Supply Chain Management Corporate Affiliates Program, with students receiving comprehensive support and capstone project sponsorships from corporations in the study of supply chain management.

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The Benefits Of Double Majors

There are obvious benefits, too. You graduate with two degrees and will have a wealth of information about two fields you love.

Considering the pros and cons of double majoring is much easier when you fully understand exactly what a double major looks like at your school. Be sure to discuss your options with your advisor. If you’re willing to put in the extra work, you will reap the extra rewards. For the right students, it is well worth the effort.

Electrical Engineering And Computer Science

What Can You Do with an Accounting Degree?

– Early career pay: $108,500- Mid-career pay: $159,300- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 46%

There are a wide range of careers for a graduate with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and computer science that all involve knowing the workings of both software and hardware for electronic devices. Jobs with this degree vary, from software design for major companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google, to creating systems for the aeronautical field. A firm understanding of computer languages, mathematics, and logic are critical to success, while continued education and certifications can advance job prospects.

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Communication And Media Studies

Ever try to go a day without using some form of communication? Didnt think so. With a degree in communication and media studies, graduates go into fields like advertising, public relations, broadcast media, journalism and copywriting. This broad field usually offers around $37,000 as a starting salary, but in one of the highest-paying jobs as senior account exec you could make up to $105,093 a year. Even though the starting salary may still have communication grads binging on ramen after college, about 52,500 students choose to graduate in communication and media studies a year. A little heavy competition never hurts.

Best College Majors For Future Job Market

Wondering what the best college majors are for the future?

According to the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 80% of students in undergraduate studies chose their college major based on the potential job prospects. For those of you who are among the 20% wanting your degree as quickly as possible, you may find our article Quick Degrees that Pay Well helpful.

Theres nothing worse than investing in a college major and then finding out the job market for that major is rapidly diminishing! Save yourself the trouble by choosing a major in a field geared for high growth for a good return on your investment.

Below are the best majors for future growth rankings according to data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Should You Change Your College Major

With so much riding on the major, its understandable that some students are a little hesitant to firmly declare their intended majoreven before attending that school. A whole bunch of questions might pop up before really nailing it down. What if I dont like it? What if I want to study something else or it was not what I expected?

Never fearyou can change majors if you really need to! In fact, many students switch their majors during their college years. Not just many but a majoritya whopping 80% of college students will change their majors at least once. So you will definitely not be alone if you want to change it up.

Think About What You Like To Do

What Can You Do With Your Psychology Degree? | College and Careers | The Princeton Review

If youre not sure about youre interested in or passionate about, think about the classes that youve done well in while in high school, or other activities that you enjoy. Do you like to read, or spend a lot of time working with computers? Are you that friend that everyone comes to for advice? Do you still have a neighborhood of Lego buildings in your basement? Do you feel best when youre spending time outside? All of these could be good indicators of what career might be the best fit for you.

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What Is A Major In College

Focusing on your interests and turning those interests into a potential career is an exciting part about college. That starts with choosing your major.

Earning your bachelor’s degree involves declaring a major, which is the particular field of study you choose to pursue after completing your general education requirements. A few examples of majors include business administration, computer science, and psychology.

Learning more about college majors can help you make the decision process easier. This article covers when and why to declare a major, along with offering examples of popular college majors and corresponding coursework.

Optical Science And Engineering

– Early career pay: $71,000- Mid-career pay: $125,400- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: data not available%

A major in optical science and engineering goes on to a career in optical design, fabrication, instrumentation, and communications. Optical engineers must have strong skills in math, physics, manual dexterity, and problem-solving. They should also be versed in optical design/analysis tools, such as Zemax, Code V, or Trace Pro, and be able to use a variety of scientific and laboratory equipment.

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Who Should Major In Math In College

Students who enjoyed high school math classes are good candidates to become math majors in college. This is particularly true for students who took high-level and advanced placement math courses. Math majors in college typically possess an affinity for problem solving, and are not deterred when answers dont appear easilya willingness to wrestle through challenging questions is a must.

Math majors will study a wide breadth of mathematical topics, as most math programs have undergraduates take classes in everything from algebra to calculus to geometry. Much of this coursework occurs over a series of classes in these fields, with each one building on the previous class. Math is not a solitary field the most successful students are team players, good communicators, and willing to work within a team or with TAs and professors to solve tricky problems and concepts.

What Kinds Of Students Major In Psychology

What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree ...

Students who enter this field of profession are very people oriented and are naturally inquisitive and curious about human patterns of behavior and of the way the mind works. Individual interests may vary, but overall psychology gives the students answers to questions they have about themselves and others, but its appeal goes beyond this. The study of psychology is truly an interdisciplinary endeavor.

Is Psychology the right major for you?Take the MyMajors Quiz and find out if it is one of your top recommended majors!

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What Is A Major Whats The Difference Between A Major And A Minor

A major is a specific subject area college students specialize in. Typically, between one-third and one-half of the courses youll take in college will be in your major or related to it. Some colleges even let you design your own major!

A minor is a secondary field you can study in while completing your major degree program. Its a specialization that requires fewer courses than a major. Minors are only required for certain degrees.

Give Yourself Time To Decide

Remember, you dont have to make this decision right away. Taking basic-level courses when you first get to college is also good way to gauge your level of interest and commitment in pursuing a degree program. Its much better to realize as a freshman or sophomore that you arent as interested in a program as you thought you would be.

Plus, you could always decide to be an interdisciplinary studies major! This degree program gives you the freedom and flexibility to take a wide variety of classes so you can discover where your interests lie, and cater your classes to the career that you want.

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Electrical And Computer Engineering

– Early career pay: $78,100- Mid-career pay: $131,600- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 49%

Working on updated power grids, chemical sensors, and implantable devices are all tasks electrical and computer engineering majors perform. While the electrical side of the major teaches wireless communication and information processing, the computer side educates students on software verification and embedded systems. Job growth for the major until 2029 is expected to be 3%.

– Mid-career pay: $133,200- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 51%

How computers integrate into business and personal lives is the most important function of a computer systems engineer. To do that, these majors learn to combine skills in math, computer science, and engineering to examine and test circuits, software, and hardware. A good portion of the professionals in this field work in California.

– Mid-career pay: $133,500- Share of alumni who say their work makes the world a better place: 29%

A political economy degree program focuses on the intersection of politics, the economy, and how public policy is formed at that intersection. Some areas of career focus with this degree include social inequality, climate change, resource distribution, trade, and healthcare. Alumni often fill roles such as financial manager, lobbyist, and foreign policy specialist.

List Of Undergraduate Majors

What Can You Do With Your Political Science Degree? | College & Careers | The Princeton Review

This is a list of UW-Seattle undergraduate majors and minors. Options and concentrations are shown when available. Each major links to the General Catalog, where you can learn more about its admission and graduation requirements.

Some majors admit students in good academic standing at any time , while others have requirements before admission or limited capacity for applicants .

Showing:openminimumcapacity-constrained*minor available

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Political Science And Economics Double Major

Another popular double major combination is that of Political Science and Economics. Almost every business aspect thrives on economic fundamentals, so its wise to decide on Economics as a second major! Economics applies to real-world scenarios, too. They equip students with the skills to make investment decisions and evaluate consumer habits carefully and thoroughly.

Students pursuing a Political Science-Economics double major also offer their unique skillset and expertise in economic legislation, local/state/federal budgets, and other fiscal concerns.

Before completing a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University, students must first meet the 38- to 39-credit prerequisites. To complete their degree, students must have a minimum of three courses for each major subject.

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