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Is It Possible To Go To College With No Money

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Example Essay Prompt Question #1

How To Save A LOT Of Money In College

Is it fair that professional athletes earn millions of dollars?

Typical boring answer: No way! We should be paying that money to teachers and firefighters. Athletes are just playing a game.

Whats wrong with this answer? You could find this opinion in the Letters to the Editor section of any newspaper. It doesnt matter if the answer is right it plays everything safe and is BORING.

Better answer: Salaries arent decided by fairness. Theyre decided by supply and demand. LeBron James is a millionaire because millions of fans pay to see him perform. Besides, if the athletes werent getting the money, the owners would. Those are the only two options.

How To Balance It All & Still Stay Sane

Today there are many more non-traditional students pursuing degrees than ever before, which means the typical college experience looks a little different. The estimated percentage of students who work while in school hasnt changed much over the last several decades, but the number of hours these students are working has. A Georgetown Universityreport shows more than 75% of graduate students and roughly 40% of undergraduates work at least 30 hours per week while attending school. One in four working learners is simultaneously attending full-time college while holding down a full-time job. And on top of that, about 19% of all working students have children.

Balancing a full-time job with a full course load and for some, handling family obligations as well isnt easy. If youre one of the many trying to balance it all, read on to get expert recommendations on how to manage school and work without losing your sanity.

Discover your career fit

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Consider Careers That Dont Need Degrees

Wondering what the chances are of being successful without college? You will be happy to hear that many careers, like air-traffic controller, dental assistant, detective and even teacher offer the chance to train as you work, so youre being paid to become an expert in the career youve chosen. Other professions dont need degrees at all think entrepreneur, start-up CEO, sports coach, stylist and many more.

Plus, even careers that were traditionally degree focused are now making themselves more accessible to other people: Publishing company Penguin Random House no longer requires a college degree for job applicants in the UK. The company hopes this will lead to a more diverse staff and, therefore, a more diverse book catalog.

This is the starting point for our concerted action to make publishing far, far more inclusive than it has been to date, Neil Morrison, the companys human resources director, told the BBC. We believe this is critical to our future to publish the best books that appeal to readers everywhere, we need to have people from different backgrounds with different perspectives and a workforce that truly reflects todays society. Pursue one of these options and your decision not to go to college wont be relevant anymore.

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There Are Ways To Pay For College

You might be turned off by college because of how much you think it will cost you. But remember that you might not know your out-of-pocket expenses until you get accepted to college and get a financial aid package.

In reality, there are many grants and scholarships that can alleviate the financial burden and make college more affordable for you.

Getting Powerful Letters Of Recommendation

8 ACCURATE Memes About College Life To Dispel Any Students ...

Most high school students are afraid to ask for letters of recommendation. Its a little bit awkward to ask a teacher or other trusted adult to write a glowing recommendation for you. HOWEVER, if you were a good student and established a good relationship with your teachers, theyll be more than happy to help you out with your letter of recommendation. Most students never do this so theyd be happy to help. Youre going to want to approach it the same way I approach asking for a testimonial: politely and with the majority of the work done already. When you reach out to your teacher for a letter of recommendation, youll want to give them several things:

  • A broad view of what you want them to highlight
  • 2-3 key points they should touch on
  • Your resume so they have a reference to your accomplishments

If you provide them practically everything they need, theyll be more than happy to give you an awesome letter of recommendation. In fact, many teachers will just ask you to write a draft that they can edit and sign.

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Its Never Too Early To Start

Whether youve only just turned 18 and decided not to go to college, or youve hit 40 and realised its time for a change, its never too soon to start exploring new opportunities. For this, Google is your new best friend. Search for information on any new career youre interested in from learning a specific work-related skill, like coding, to reading up on how other non-graduates made it happen.

Even if you feel like youre years away from being paid to do the thing you love whether its being a business consultant or inventing a new app, you can benefit from starting now. Some businesses fly on their 23rd or 24th versions. You may not succeed the first time you take on a professional challenge. So start now and get the experience that will help you succeed when the time is right.

Just How Hard Is It To Get A Grant

One of the most misunderstood things about grants for online college is that the probability of winning one is so small that it isnt worth the effort to apply. In reality, it is this belief that leads to a large number of grants being unclaimed every year. In spite of the rising cost of college, millions and millions of award dollars go untouched. Nearly $3 billion in federal grant money went unclaimed in the 2014 academic year, according to a higher education study.

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Pursue Your Passion And Become An Expert In It

Do people listen to your restaurant and bar recommendations all the time? If so, think about starting a food blog to reach a wider audience. Are you obsessed with the Superbowl? Write about it daily on social media and become a respected voice in the conversation. Post a daily social media story on a topic linked to your passion and your follower count may increase eventually you may be paid to run sponsored posts.

Closing The Gap: How To Cover Your Remaining Costs

FREE Money For College (How To Pay For College 101)

You’re almost at the finish line.

At this point, you should have an idea of whether you’re high-need or low-need and dependent or independent. You should also have an idea of the types of schools you’ll apply tofor example, top private schools, in-state public schools, schools with generous merit aid, or some combination.

After you submit your college applications, you’ll receive financial aid packages from schools with all the federal aid and school-based aid you’re eligible for, including grants, scholarships, and some federal loan options. You’ll decide what forms of aid you want to accept, and which ones you’d prefer not to take. Here, I’ll briefly discuss the types of aid you may receive, and which types are better than other.

  • Grants and Scholarships: These equate to free money. You should accept this aid if it’s available to you.
  • Loans: Loans are amounts of money that you have to pay back after you graduate, plus interest charges. Some loans are much better than others, meaning you’ll end up paying less money in the long run. Federal loans are generally good options because they often have lower interest rates. There are a lot of important considerations if you’re thinking about taking out loans, so it’s important to educate yourself! Read more about federal loans like the Perkins, Direct Subsidized, and Direct Unsubsidized. You should also learn more about how to apply for student loans and reducing the amount of student debt that you have to take on.

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If You Dont Make To Complete It Is A Waste Of Time

College life can be intolerable to an extent where you decides to quit. Quitting your studies before completion makes the time and other resources that were earlier invested into your college education turn to waste. This resources could have been invested in other fields that could be productive.

Despite the above limitations of going to college, there are some benefits associated with going to college. There are many important reasons why a young person should go to consider going to vocational training or going to community college other than the potential financial rewards. College life is full of fun if you plan on how you spend your resources.

What Do We Think About Student Loans

Student loans can be helpful for those who cant afford to pay for college on their own. Its ok to have student loans because they will help you get your degree for your job in the future. Which will hopefully help you pay the difference back. The income that you will receive from having your degree will far outweigh the cost of the student loans. As long as you make a plan and organize how you will deal with student loans you should be fine in the future. It is all up to you and how much you are willing to take a risk for your education and success.

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Moving Beyond College Scholarships

If you think its fun getting free money from people to pay for school, then picture this:

You can get WAY AHEAD of your peers when it comes to money with just a few simple tasks most people dont think about until their 30s.

By starting now, youll put yourself in a really great place to live a Rich Life. Instead of working yourself to death at a dead-end job, putting up with a boss you hate, counting down the days until you can retire and really start living, youll take control of your finances and put money to work for you.


Ask Friends Family And Even Strangers

How to Get Better at Math: Is it Possible?

For college students, money is always a helpful birthday, holiday, and graduation gift. But this year ask your friends and family to skip the birthday card and send you money via your profile on websites like Edulender or Sponsor My Degree. These crowd-funding sites allow students to collect money from family members, friends, and even strangers to put towards their tuition or student debt.

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Tips For Balancing Work And School

Like many other things in life, being a full-time worker and student requires balance. The trick is in figuring out how to arrange your schedule to get everything in a day done while still maintaining your sanity. The following tips can help you find this balance.

Even though youre working full-time, financial aid such as grants and scholarships are still important and can help alleviate stress. Several people told me before I went back for my MA not to enter a program unless the school was willing to give me funding, explains Jenny Rush, who pursued her undergraduate and graduate degrees while working full-time and raising a daughter. Im glad I stuck that out I had to fight for funding, but I dont have any debt now.

When youre juggling work, school and everything in between, taking time for yourself may sound impossible but its important to make space for me time every now and then. Rush says making time for yourself is a must: Force yourself to take a day off and force yourself to be social. I started going out once a week during my MA program just to preserve my mental health. It was critical.

When something great happens, like a promotion at work, acing an exam or getting accepted into your chosen major, reward yourself! Stay sane by celebrating the small victories on your way toward the final goal. The anticipation of your reward can give you that extra bit of motivation to keep working or study just a few minutes more.

You Might Not Need College If You’re Already Successful

If you’re one of those rare people who has already achieved tremendous professional success before attending college, then going to college might not benefit you much financially.

For instance, say you get drafted in the first round of the draft by Major League Baseball and are offered a multi-million dollar signing bonus. Nobody would fault you for bypassing college. After all, you can always take college classes in the off-season or get your degree when you’re done with your playing career.

If you’re a mini Mark Zuckerberg or starring in your own sitcom, going to college might not lead to a higher income or a better job after you graduate. Bill Gates and Miley Cyrus were able to do OK professionally without college degrees!

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The Benefits Of Attending An Online College

With the advancement in computer and networking technology, distance learning has become economical and widespread. Today, getting a degree online is not just possible, but quite common. And the best part is that online learning has opened doors to education for those who simply dont have the time to sit in a traditional classroom such as those non-traditional students who work full time. Heres why online courses are a great option for full-time workers:

The flexibility provided by online learning will probably be the biggest reason for you to consider an online program while working full-time. Not being tied to a set class time in a specific location allows you to work full-time and still complete your coursework when your professional, personal and family commitments allow. For many online students, classroom time may be very early in the morning before work, late at night after the kids are asleep or during weekends.

As long as there is an internet connection and your electronic device for learning , you can access the course material. You can complete the class assignments anywhere that works for you. This means you can watch or listen to the class lecture during the work commute, while on vacation or even late at night in your pajamas. Not only is this convenient, but it allows you to most efficiently make use of your downtime.

Jenny Rush

Mother, graduate and full-time worker

Curtis Institute Of Music

How To Start A Business In College With No Money? | Sunny Garg | Josh Talks

The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia seeks to train the next generation of great musicians. Its open to students of all ages, as long as they are musically gifted. Applying to Curtis involves an audition, usually in person, although singers can submit a recording instead. If they get in, they are taught by leading musicians from some of the top orchestras in the country.

All students accepted to Curtis receive a scholarship that covers the $2,525 cost of tuition. However, they are still responsible for the cost of room and board, which comes to more than $14,700 per year. Students who demonstrate financial need can get help with these expenses through grants, loans, and work-study programs.

Performing is a big part of a Curtis education. The schools 175 or so students put on more than 200 performances every year in Philadelphia, and they also go on tours around the world. Graduates of Curtis are represented in every major U.S. orchestra and appear as guest soloists in noted orchestras, opera houses, and chamber music series around the world.

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Us Merchant Marine Academy

The U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York, gives its graduates a wider range of career choices than the other military academies. All students must perform some sort of service after graduation, but they have a choice about what kind. They can either spend five years on active duty in any branch of the armed forces, or they can spend five years working in the maritime industry and eight years in the reserves.

Students at the Merchant Marine Academy, known as midshipmen, do not pay for tuition. However, they do have to pay fees of about $2,200 a year to cover expenses such as a laptop for their classes. They can apply for need-based financial aid to help cover these costs.

The Merchant Marine Academy is known as the most academically rigorous of all the service academies, requiring the most hours of coursework for a degree. It accepts 15% of all applicants, and 64% of them go on to graduate. There are about 900 midshipmen enrolled at the academy, and 70 professors. U.S. News ranks it as #3 among regional colleges in the North.

In addition to their coursework, all midshipmen at the academy must complete a Sea Year. They spend this year working on a commercial ship and traveling to ports around the world. At the end of their four years, they earn not only a B.S. degree but also a U.S. Coast Guard license and an officers commission in the Armed Forces.

How To Find Scholarships That Will Pay Thousands

If youre a high school student, you have a lot of scholarship resources available to you. They can be broken up into five areas:

  • High school career centers
  • Ethnic organizations
  • Friends and family
  • With these resources, youll be able to earn thousands of dollars in scholarship money. Heres how:

    Tapping into high school career centers

    First, go to your high school career center. If your high school doesnt have a career center, your schools counselor can help you find similar resources online or in your local community. Most high school career centers keep an updated list of scholarships sorted by date. Go through this list and make note of every single scholarship that applies to you. Even if you think it could be a stretch, write it down. You never know what will pay off later.

    You should literally be writing down the following information for each one youll need it when you actually start the application process. I suggest you write down:

    • the scholarship name
    • the amount its worth
    • a due date
    • whether or not youve applied yet

    Do this in a Google or Excel spreadsheet so you can easily search, filter, and update from any device later.

    When youre applying for dozens of scholarships, its going to be critical that you stay organized so you dont burn out. Of course, you can be as detailed as you want with your spreadsheet and include things like GPA requirements and whether or not you need an essay.

    Pro tip: tap into other schools

    Searching college scholarship sites

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