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What Colleges Offer Emt Courses

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Best Accelerated Class: Allied Med Training

STCC partners with AMR to offer EMT training

Allied Med Training

  • Must register for part one and part two separately

  • Sessions sometimes fill weeks in advance

  • Must travel to Minnesota for part two of the course

If you are looking for an accelerated program that you can take online at any time, Allied Med Training is one of the best. Founded by a physician who was a former EMT, the program is designed to achieve positive student outcomes in less time than attending traditional in-person classes. AMT has been offering courses since 2010 and has many positive reviews online.

The program is two parts and costs about $1,950 in total plus the costs of textbooks and a CPR course, if you haven’t already completed one. You also must pay for travel expenses to attend the skills lab portion in Minnesota.

AMT suggests setting aside three months to complete the online portion and then plan to travel to attend the seven-day skills lab portion. If you are local, you can attend evening classes twice a week for six weeks.

Part one consists of 100 hours of online learning offered through Thinkific, an online learning platform. Material includes reading assignments, video presentations, quizzes, and exams. Because there are no live classes, you can complete the course at your own pace, which is excellent for those who work or have other daytime obligations. Part two consists of a week-long skills training week and includes the state-approved NREMT skills exam.

Career Outlook & Salaries For Emts

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job opportunities for EMTs will grow in the coming years. In fact, between 2016 and 2026, the occupation is going to increase by 15 percentwhich amounts to an additional 37,400 jobs. Other medical support professions are also expected to grow during this time: Medical assistants will experience 29 percent job growth, physician assistants will see 37 percent more jobs, and job growth for nurses will be 15 percent.

People who begin their emergency medical careers with a basic EMT certification can obtain additional training to become a paramedic. For more information on how to train to provide this higher level of care, and increase job prospects, log on to our online paramedic programs page.

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Free Education With Care Forward Colorado

Care Foward Colorado provides zero-cost short term healthcare education and training at Red Rocks Community College. In one year or less you can learn the knowledge and skills to become an emergency medical services professional as well as other in demand health care careers. Healthcare careers are some of the fastest growing careers both in Colorado and nationally, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a large need for people in these careers. Once you earn your initial certificate you can continue your training at Red Rocks Community College to add to your skill set and licensure and qualify for higher paying jobs.

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Welcome To Texas Fire Academy

Texas Fire Academy provides online and hands on fire service training that is second to none and has received praise by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection for excellent state test averages. Over the years we have trained many students from all over the country. TFA also provides advanced adult on-line educational services tailored to the fire service. By combining state of the art distance learning paradigms with the latest in fire fighting evolutions, TFA provides the ultimate in a fire service educational experience.

Fire Fighter Academy

Texas Fire Academy is offering a basic fire fighter academy consisting of on-line course work and hands-on skills days. The on-line course work allows students to meet in a virtual learning environment created by their instructor. In each section of the course, students can expect to interact with instructors via chat rooms, discussion forums, email, and through other interactive media. During this academy, students can expect to work online 16-20 hours a week at their leisure. On required weekends, cadets will report for the weekend for hands on training. Students will spend time developing their team building skills and performing fire fighter training evolutions. This valuable experience combines the traditional team approach of onsite course work with the advanced online environment. By combining the two methods, TFA produces top quality graduates ready to face the challenges of the fire profession. EMS Academy

How To Become A Paramedic

Ozarka College offers EMT

The first step to becoming a paramedic is to get certified as an EMT or AEMT. This EMT basic training is available through many community colleges, universities, and vocational training institutions.

It typically takes about 6 months to complete the 120 to 150 hours of training before you can take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification exam.

As an EMT, you can provide emergency medical treatment for a hospital, ambulance company, fire department, or emergency medical services agency. Most people work as EMTs for at least 6 months to get some experience before taking the additional 1,200 to 1,800 hours of training required to become a paramedic. Many schools require that you work as an EMT for 6 months or more before you can enroll in their paramedic program.

Our review of the top paramedic schools will show you the range of features you should expect from the best paramedic training programs in the U.S.

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What Is A Paramedic

Not everyone who provides emergency medical services is a paramedic. There are three levels of Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedic is the highest.

Paramedic EMTs are certified to perform the most advanced emergency medical procedures. Often, theyre required to have both EMT and Advanced EMT certification before they can train to become a paramedic, along with other prerequisites.

Paramedics are trained and certified to perform advanced support , which can include administering IV fluids, injections, medications and performing advanced respiratory procedures.

Paramedics also perform the same functions as EMTs, such as assessing the patients condition, treating wounds, performing CPR, defibrillation, and delivering babies.

As leaders of their rescue team, paramedics must possess strong leadership, critical thinking and decision-making skills. They must also be able to perform complex life-saving functions under extremely stressful conditions while simultaneously managing other team members.

There are three levels of EMT certification:

  • EMT: Duties include providing basic life support functions and performing non-invasive procedures.
  • Advanced EMT : Duties include more advanced procedures, such as inserting IVs, intubating patients, and in some states, administering drugs.
  • Paramedic: Duties include Advanced Life Support such as administering IV fluids, injections, medications and performing advanced respiratory life
  • Paramedic Weighted Admission Forms

    The application submission process for GTC’s Paramedic program is now electronic. The electronic application will only be accessible during the application acceptance period, August 15- November 15. Questions related to the Weighted Admission process may be directed to .

    • To review the form prior to submitting, please view this sample form »This pdf will not be accepted as an official application. It is for reference only.
    • To submit an application, you must log in using your GTC student access.

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    Best Colleges With Paramedic Degrees

    4 days agoUniversity of Washington Seattle,WA 4 Year 4,517 reviews Junior: Love the campus! …Foothill College Los Altos Hills,CA 2 Year 491 reviews …Northwood Technical College Rice Lake,WI 2 Year 183 reviews …University of Arizona Tucson,AZ 4 Year 6,823 reviews …

    Courses250View detail Preview site

    Best Paramedic Emt Programs

    Malcolm X College offering course on emergency management

    Earning a degree in a paramedic, EMT, or pre-hospital emergency medicine is a crucial step for any student looking to begin a career as an emergency medical technician. As a paramedic student, you will develop an understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology, as well as being exposed to a variety of real-life training lessons. Each school offers something different, which is why we’ve gone through and sorted out which programs are the most effective, cost-friendly and meet other important criteria. Look below to find the best paramedic and EMT programs.

    #1 Paramedic and EMT Training Programs

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    Best For Hybrid: Ucla Emergency Medical Technician

    UCLA Emergency Medical Technician

    • Limited availability

    UCLA Medical Center has some of the best medical programs available in the U.S. Since it also is a teaching hospital, there are many opportunities for job placements upon completion. The EMT course boasts a 96% pass rate for first-time students taking the NREMT certifying exam.

    Since the course is only 10 weeks, the attendance policy is pretty strict, but you do have the opportunity to make up online classes or watch the recordings on your own time. You can miss only two four-hour skills lab sessions or one 10-hour session. Additional absences will render you unable to complete the program. Skills lab classes take place in El Segundo, California, but you can attend the online lectures from the comfort of your own home. You must register ahead of time, and there may be limited availability for the session you want to take, so make sure to plan ahead.

    There are no prerequisites to take the program, but UCLA offers an EMT prep course for those who want an introduction to anatomy and medical terminology before taking the course. Overall, the UCLA EMT course is excellent for those who live local to Los Angeles and want more structure and instructor support than a self-paced online program.

    Paramedic Is More Than A Job

    While the requirements to be a paramedic are arduous and job environment stressful and challenging, most paramedics find the work extremely rewarding. Being a paramedic requires a dedication to patient care that makes the job both a career and a calling. Paramedic service isnt for everyone, but for a select number of individuals who want to make a difference, its the job of a lifetime.

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    Basic Emt And Paramedic Courses

    Earn your certificate to become an emergency medical technician or paramedic. UToledos cutting-edge, accredited program prepares you like no other program in the Midwest. Our EMT graduates are hired even before they complete the program.

    Just starting out?

    Our basic EMT course can be completed in one semester. It starts each spring semester in January. We also offer a two-semester option for students who would like to take it as an elective .

    Our students are well prepared to pass the national registry exam and become certified EMTs in Ohio.Cost: $1,575 for students taking it as a standalone course and not as an elective.

    Ready to become a paramedic?

    Certified EMTs can earn certification as a paramedic in our three-semester program.

    Our EMS program is offered through UToledos College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

    • Flexible, online courses for college credit
    • High-tech, hands-on training in one of the nations most advanced simulation centers
    • Interaction with peers in other health professions
    • Access to expert faculty and facilities at University of Toledo Medical Center
    • Affiliations with local Emergency Medical Services, Fire Agencies and Hospitals
    • Includes ACLS, PALS and ITLS coursework, which will make you more marketable

    Cost: $6,750 Students in the paramedic program are eligible for financial aid.

    Are you interested in paramedic or basic EMT courses?

    Registering For Ems Courses And Programs

    Winsted community college offers EMT training course

    Registration for spring 2023 courses will open on November 7th, 2022

    Information about each of our programs, as well as links to all documents referenced below, can be found by visiting the Information Sheets link of the left hand side of this page. A schedule of courses being offered each semester can also be found on that page.

    Registration for the Emergency Medical Responder course and Emergency Medical Technician and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Refresher course are open enrollment. Simply log in to your student account on “The Rock” and register for these courses online.

    Registration for the Emergency Medical Technician Program is open enrollment. Simply log into your student account on “The Rock” and register for EMS 1021, 1022, 1023, 1024, and 1070. Please pay close attention to the items that are required on the first day of the course including the CPR requirement, background check and urinalysis, and physical exam. If you do not have an American Heart Association BLS Provider card that will be current through the end of the semester please enroll in a section of HPR 1011 that will complete before the drop date of the semester. Information for all the requirements can be found in the EMS Program Information Packet.

    Registration for the third and fourth semester courses require permission of a EMS faculty member. Please be sure you have reviewed the Program Information Packet.

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    Emt Degree & Certification Programs

    Although specific qualifications may vary somewhat from state to state, at minimum prospective EMTs will have to complete a certification course covering basic life support skills. These courses generally take around 120 to 150 hours to complete. EMT certification courses include training in CPR, hazardous material handling, and observation or ride-along with working EMTs. A completed course is a prerequisite for sitting for the EMT certification exam, which will qualify incoming EMTs for entry-level work.

    In some states, there are multiple EMT training levels, including EMT-1 and EMT Intermediates, followed by Paramedics. For many EMTs, an EMT certification is just the first step toward a career in medicine. Most educational institutions that offer EMT training also offer courses for paramedics, though these programs are much longer and more intensive. In fact, many paramedics training courses have EMT certification as a prerequisite for enrollment.

    California State University, Sacramento

    At Sacramento State, EMT students spend nine weeks studying the basics of emergency care in both a classroom and lab setting. Upon completing the course, students will be CPR certified through the American Heart Association and earn certifications for hazardous material handling and Federal Emergency Management incident command.

    Students in this program will learn from practicing paramedics and EMTs who work in the field every day.

    • Location: Sacramento, CA

    Front Range Community College

    Fast Track Emt License Now Available

    Southwestern College listens and responds to the needs of our community. We continue to offer a one semester EMT sequence of courses that will qualify students to take the National registry of EMT Examination. This new cohort is designed for students that wish to complete their certification in one semester.

    Contact a counselor for more information and EMT class schedule.

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    How Does It Work

    Starting in Fall 2022 Students who enroll in eligible programs, such as the EMT and Advanced EMT program, will be reimbursed for tuition, fees, and materials through 2024. In addition to your education and training you will have the opportunity to gain employment in the EMS field through an apprenticeship program while you continue your education.

    Pathways To An Ems Career

    Maricopa Ambulance offering free EMT courses amid staff shortage

    Pathway to a Basic EMT

    • One-semester program starts each spring semester in January
    • Two-semester program perfect for pre-med students who want to build their resumes for medical school and get a taste of emergency medicine

    Pathway to a Paramedic

    • Three-semester program starting in the fall
    • You must pass each semester-long portion before moving on to the next.
    • Combined with anatomy and physiology offered in the summer with Telemedicine
    • Acceptance as a UToledo student
    • AHA BLS for the Healthcare Provider/CPR
    • 10-panel drug screening


    • Ohio Certified EMT-Basic
    • Passed an approved anatomy and physiology class
    • High school graduate
    • Acceptance as a UToledo student

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    Best For Advanced Emt: Emt And Fire Training Incorporated: Aemt Course

    EMT & Fire Training Inc

    • Must travel to attend skills lab week

    If you already have been working as an EMT, there may come a time when you want to pursue an advanced certification. If you are busy working, it may not be convenient to take time off to attend an in-person course, which is why we like the EMT and Fire Training Incorporated online option. Students can complete online courses on their own time before attending the skills lab week and final exam.

    The AEMT certification is costly, at roughly $4,500, but this includes all travel expenses, exam testing fees, lodging, application fee, lab fee, and online resources. You can sign up online at any time and reserve your spot with about a $200 application fee. You must sign up for your skills portion in advance, so allow yourself around six months to complete the online part before registering for the skills lab week.

    To enroll in the program, you must be 18 years of age, have a current EMT certification, high school diploma, and valid CPR card. Attendance is key, and you are required to complete the entire online course, attend 95% of the skills week and 100% of the field internship to complete the program. The AEMT courses are self-directed, interactive, and cover all AEMT knowledge and skill requirements.

    Weber State University In Utah

    Weber State University offers a bachelors degree in EMT through its College of Applied Science and Technologys Emergency Medical Services Education Department. The program is located at the Utah State University-Weber Campus, which was founded in 2013 as part of Weber States partnership with USU to offer a variety of degrees on campus.

    The two-year program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs , and students must complete an internship with a healthcare organization before they are eligible to apply for certification as an EMT.

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    El Centro College In Dallas Texas

    El Centro College is a community college in the Dallas, Texas area. It offers an EMT certificate program that can be completed in 8 months. Students will learn how to respond to medical emergencies and provide basic care until more advanced help arrives.

    El Centro College is part of the Dallas County Community College District, which also includes Richland-Wilkins, J.J., and Skillman campuses.

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