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How To Start Your Own College

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Choose Your Market And Your Niche

How to start your own successful business – Smart Detailing University

Step one in starting a consulting business is figuring out who you can help. If this is your first foray in to consulting, start by listing the 10 biggest results you’ve gotten for yourself or others in any area of life.

Did you increase revenues by 20 percent at your summer internship? Grow a tutoring business to 20 clients? Help your brother pack on 10 lbs of muscle? Teach your classmate how to pick up chicks? Grow your school’s investment club stock portfolio by 25 percent?

These are all very desirable outcomes that you could replicate for countless other people.

Figure out who you can get results for, and you have a starting point for your niche.

Write Down A Business Plan

Okay, you should know this an excellent business plan will act as the wheels to your wagon. College running is huge and highly regulated, requires funding and meticulous planning. And, thats why you need a strong and comprehensive business plan. Do not attempt for a lean plan, rather we suggest drawing a traditional business plan with introduction, overview and proper headings for each element.

Funders and banks will look at your business plan to gauge your capabilities. The more concrete it is, the easier it will be to acquire funds. On the other hand, a business plan will help you to give clarity about your process steps and milestones. It will help you to evaluate your performance in achieving your goals.

The list of details you need to include in your business plan are Vision and Mission statement, Board Members, Philosophy, Budget, Courses, Syllabuses, and Extracurricular activities, Operational plans, Educational Plans, Long-term and Short-term goals, Financial Plans, Funding, Marketing Plans, Management, Location, Transport, Staffing, Application, etc.

How Do I Create & Start A School Or Accredited College


Starting your own college takes lots of time, support and, especially, deep pockets. For example, the American billionaire John D. Rockefeller endowed the University of Chicago, Spelman College, and Rockefeller University. Even without Rockefeller’s money, however, following these steps will get you on the road to starting your own learning institution and earning accreditation for it.

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Get Good At Social Media

You dont have to be an influencer as someone who is just starting a business while in college, but you wont get far without social media . So, start getting used to the idea. Sign up for social media, and ask for help. While its not something that is an overnight success , its important to build personal branding while rolling out the strategic plan for the social media presence for a successful small business.

For those who avoid social media like the plagues, it understandable. If it was just about an individual person, it might be possible to avoid social media altogether. But, with the business as a central focal point, social media is essential. It can make or break a business. Every customer has come to expect a social media presence, but its also a powerful promotional tool.

So, if its really so abhorrent from a personal perspective, hire someone to do it. It just needs to get done, and it must be done in a way that highlights all the positive benefits that the business has to offer to the customers and to the world as a whole. Focus on those positive stories, and highlight achievements.

Find Out Different Funding Options

How to Start Your Own Podcast

In order to incorporate and run a business, you need funds. Funding is a major concern. You need operational funds until you break even. If yours is going to be a non-profit college, you can raise funds through foundations or individual donors. You can also seek support from the community. If it is going to be a business, look for other options like:

  • Grant options. They vary from state to state. So, you may need to do some extensive research to find people who are in alignment with your educational philosophy.
  • Bank loans
  • Crowdfunding
  • Angel investment
  • Contact local and state government representatives to find out if they are interested in supporting a new college for social and economic benefits.

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Doctoral Degree Programs & Hybrid Dual Degrees That Come With The Start Your College Program


This Advanced Degree program equips students to examine the complexities of the Scriptures and pull theological truths about God, His nature and His actions. Careers include seminary, pastor, church history, church operationsand theology.


Scholars in this Doctoral program are prepared with advanced theoretical analysis & application skills necessary in leadership positions in an organization. Careers include HR Manager, business owner, administrator, manager,CEO, entrepreneur, business investor.


This Degree program provides the student with advanced study in biblical psychology, contemporary developments in counseling & selected psychotherapies. Careers include private practice, school, hospitals and behavior healthcare organizations.

CHRISTIAN counseling

This Degree program emphasizes on marriage, family and child therapy. It equips the student for the counseling of individuals from a faith-based perspective. Careers include private practice, schools, hospitals, church, behaviorhealth care organizations.


This Degree program equips the students to further explore the depths of entrepreneurship in the global marketplace and also leadership dynamics. Careers include CEO, business owner, entrepreneur, business educator and businessinvestor.

Practical ministry
religious fine arts
christian leadership and business
HYBRID DUAL DEGREES M.Sc in Practical ministry & PHD IN christian counseling

Make It A Side Hustle

Decide from 8 p.m to 2 a.m. that youll work on your new business venture. There are a number of hours in the day that are not being used by anything in particular, other than sleep . For some students, those hours are used up by partying, watching amovies or TV, hanging out with friends, or doing nothing at all. Take advantage of the hours in the day that are not already dedicated to studying, classes, and work. Make those hours count toward your own future.

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Where Do I Find Start

“The way to get start-up ideas is not to try to look for start-up ideas,” Paul Graham wrote in his article, How to Get Startup Ideas.

Most student founders create their start-up by finding a problem that they, or someone close to them, faces in their life. For example, the Gatherly team realized a need for a better way of hosting large events online when they attended a conference, where “it felt like you were in a large room with 300 people all in a giant circle.” They felt that there could be a way to emulate the real life experience of walking between different conversations and talking to people without a constrained environment. So if you keep your eye out and talk to people, you may just come across an idea that makes you say “Aha!”

Pachuca explained the importance of these “Aha!” moments.

“One guy just not too long ago was traveling with a suitcase and thought ‘Dang my luggage is really heavy.’ So what did he do? He slapped wheels on luggage,” Pachuca explained. “Suitcases had existed before this for many many years, and wheels had existed before this for many more years, but no one had thought to put them together before until he did. And this is because everyone had this pain point but just said ‘this sucks,’ but no one did anything about it until he thought of solving it. And that made him a lot of money because he solved a problem for a lot of people,” Pachuca said.

So, keep your eyes and ears open you never know when your next “Aha!” moment will strike!

How To Start Your Own College Starting Your Own College

5 Funding Options When Starting Your Own School | Part 4 How to start your own school

The young generation is fast realizing the importance of higher education, whose role is not only restricted to our lives, but, it also has an important part to play in the economic development of the country. Being highly educated not only benefits a person emotionally, socially and financially, but also helps to take charge of the future by opening new opportunities and boosting the earning potential and career prospects in ones life.

Moreover, education is one of the fastest growing sectors in India and is not really effected in the times of recession, which makes it one of the most promising sectors in terms of investment as well. Hence, the aspiring educationists find it very lucrative to invest their time and money in this sector.

Starting your own college requires great commitment and effective planning. Given below is the procedure to start own college:

The above-mentioned procedure will help you through the start-up process.

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S To Start A Private College

Starting a private college is rewarding, no doubt, but it is also challenging. You have to be extremely determined to go through all the steps dedicatedly to open a college and run it successfully. It is definitely a huge investment and lots go into planning and processing. However, the best private colleges come with a benefit they offer a smaller class size, which means personal attention and personalized teaching, which ultimately translates to better education. Today we shall go through the steps to start a private college. If you are keen enough, our guidance will definitely help you.

Keep Track Of Your Finances

Tax and National Insurance are both collected as part of your self-assessment tax return, which is completed in April.

Youll pay Class 2 NI if your annual profits are £6,475 or more, and Class 4 NI if your annual profits are above £9,501. If youre an employer you must also pay Class 1 NI, which is collected through the Pay-as-you-Earn system. Limited companies must also pay corporation tax.

If youre still employed elsewhere on a part-time basis, you can find out how youll be taxed by visiting Brighton Accountants.

Given the complexity of the tax system, documenting any money that enters or leaves your business is extremely important. You should therefore keep an accurate record of any:

  • bank statements
  • VAT amount, if applicable
  • your company name, address and contact information.

All taxes and NI must be paid, even if you make a loss. However, tax relief is available by setting the loss against any one of:

  • other income from the same or previous year
  • profit in subsequent years
  • profit in the previous three years.

Opening a business bank account is advisable, as it allows you to separate your business and personal finances. Many banks offer two years free banking, so shop around. More financially complex organisations should also consider hiring an accountant.

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Start Your Own Business In College

Starting your own business in college can be a daunting task. Many entrepreneurs understand that devoting time and effort to a company venture is a full-time job in and of itself. Beginning a business at any age requires determination, but establishing your first company while still in college is extremely difficult.

Nonetheless, some of the most well-known CEOs came up with their great ideas while still in college this includes Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Berkowitz, for example, set up the foundation for their companies in their dorms. Young entrepreneurs nowadays are keen to follow in their footsteps before graduating from college.

For students, balancing education and business goals can be difficult. Many people are hesitant to stick to their business goals because they believe it would result in wasted tuition money, but the two shouldnt have to exclude each other.

How Do You Start Your Own University

How To Create Your Own High School English Credit

Noted evangelist Jerry Falwell died May 15 at 73. He was a prominent televangelist, a powerful conservative political leader, and the founder of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. How do you found a university?

First, raise a lot of money. Without a pile of cash on hand, you wont be able to pay faculty and staff, or buy land, buildings, and textbooks. Many universitiesVanderbilt, Stanford, Carnegie Mellonwere started by moguls rich enough to pay the bills themselves. Others relied on foundations to jumpstart their endowment: Olin College in Massachusetts, for example, draws its funding from the Olin Foundation. In most cases, the endowment is overseen by a board of trustees. The majority of colleges are not-for-profit institutions, with all the usual exemptions from income and property taxes. Donors can also write off contributions. In exchange, schools have to reinvest earnings and follow prohibitions against political activism. But recent decades have seen a surge in for-profit colleges like University of Phoenix and DeVry University. Instead of donors, these colleges have investors.

Got a question about todays news? .

Explainer thanks Gary Hull of Founders College, Richard Miller of Olin College, and Cheryl Rinn of Christian Leadership University.

Correction, May 17, 2007:This article originally stated that Liberty University has only religious accreditation.

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Start Seizing The Day Early

Set Your Alarm! Create morning habits. Exercise. Walk the dog. Make a smoothie. Every great and successful CEO says that they start their day early. It puts the day, their business, and their life into perspective, but it also allows them to get a lot done before most everyone else even gets out of bed. Those morning habits are also key, because they awaken the mind in a healthy, wellness-focused way that supports brain health and fitness. Its the best way to be prepared and ready for the day. Its also how leaders best demonstrate their innate capabilities.

With a clear mind and focused attention, a leader will more easily grasp the importance of the situation, be able to respond to requests for feedback and/or direction from employees, and will move forward with a sense of purpose. Its easy to see how the little things like being the first one to the office and being prepared for every meeting can help to elevate any leadership position in the eyes of those employees who come to trust the authenticity of that reliable direction.

Create A Schedule And Checklist

Feeling overwhelmed? Many students and entrepreneurs benefit from creating a to-do list. If you need to fit in goals each day, make yourself a daily checklist and highlight the most important deadlines. Checklists help you stay focused and optimize specific goals.

Pro tip: Splitting up specific goals into time blocks can help you focus and manage details more efficiently. Studies show designating 50-minute study blocks with 10-minute breaks simplifies larger tasks and optimizes focus. Consider working on school work during the first half of the day and your business plans during the evening.

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Connect With Other Students

College offers students lots of spare time. While youre building your business, connect with fellow classmates and students for recruitment opportunities. Consider pitching the idea of collaboration to them and make it a learning opportunity for everyone. Many startups have employed students for onboarding.

College is a multidisciplinary hub. Youre more likely to meet well-rounded individuals with diverse ideas to produce intersecting and innovative concepts.

Pro tip: Check if your school provides an entrepreneurship or business department with alumni connections. Departments within the business school can assist entrepreneurs with business strategy and finding lucrative mentors.

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How To Start Your Own Online College Or School

How to Start Your Own “Fun School.”

Maybe you are an educator and want to start your own online college or university. Is this possible? More than possible I can do this for you. I am an experienced online education attorney, with real world experience in starting a successful online university. I can show you how to do it.

Or maybe, you would like to start you own school? Is this possible? More than possible I can do this for you. I am an experienced online education attorney, with real world experience in starting an online private school. I can show you how to do it.

How about starting a speciality school where a student can graduate high school after 10th grade? I can show you how to do it.

Or how about a specialty school where students graduate high school with BOTH a high school diploma AND a college degree via dual enrollment? I can show you how to do it.

Or maybe you are interested in getting in on the new online revolution in online education by running your own online private school, online trade school, or online college. How to do it? I can show you.

Or maybe you already have a good amount of course content and are wondering can I issue any degree? Where can I get authority to issue degrees? How can I get authority to issue college degrees? There are various avenues for this that I can take you through.

Many online colleges and schools use free resources on the internet for their course content, and there are many free courses floating around online.


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How Do You Start A Business In College

From here, a lot of start-ups diverge in their path. Depending on a lot of factors, a start-up may choose to go into marketing, raising investments, experimenting with revenue, expanding the team, and many other options. One way to know which direction to head in is to have mentors who are really experienced in the start-up field give you one on one advice on where to go next.

Of course, this is just a rough guideline every business is different. The world of start-ups is very diverse and depending on your idea, you might go down an entirely different path.

What Kind Of Services Should I Offer

Most lawn care businesses have approximately 25 customers they see each week and offers services like these:

  • Adding mulch

And of course, these old standbys:

  • Mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Fertilizer application

As you can see, theres plenty of landscaping services you can offer. Just remember to always provide an superior customer service experience for everyone you do business with.

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