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How Much Money Do College Professors Make

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Salary Increases Within A Grade

How Much Money Do You Make As A Professor In University?

The expectation is that each year, staff members will move up the spine scale and receive a pay increase in line with their new spine level. This will continue until the ceiling of their current grade is reached. At that point, with the exception of inflation-adjusted increases, the staff member will stop receiving wage increases until they move up a grade.

Note: The grade of a staff member reflects the level of responsibility they have, which usually coincides with their job title, i.e. whether they are a Lecturer, an Associate Professor or a Professor.

Andrew M Isaacs: $709000

Andrew M. Isaacs is Adjunct Professor of Business and Engineering at the University of CaliforniaBerkeley, where he is also Director of New Management of Technology Programs, Director of the Mayfield Fellows Program, and Co-Executive Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Innovation at the UCBerkeley Haas School of Business.

Mr. Isaacs received his M.S. in Geochemistry from the University of Michigan.

Mr. Isaacs teaches courses on Marketing for High Tech Entrepreneurs, the Business of Nanotechnology, Opportunity Recognition: Technology and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, and Energy, Sustainability, and Business Innovation.

He is also on the advisory board of the University of Michigans College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, as well as holding the following directorships:

  • Director, Bridging the Divide Program on Technology in the Developing World
  • Director, Hitachi Fellows Program
  • Director, IBM Ventures Fellows Program

How Much Do State Of Ohio Employees Make

The average employee salary for the State of Ohio in 2019 was $62,373. This is 1.2 percent higher than the national average for government employees and 10.2 percent higher than other states. There are 166,120 employee records for Ohio.

The minimum level of education required for college professors is a masters degree, which can qualify an individual for work as a professor at a community college. A doctoral degree is typically required to work as a full-time, tenure-track university professor.

With a GPA of 3.83, Ohio State University requires you to be near the top of your class, and well above average. Your transcript should show mostly As. Ideally, you will also have taken several AP or IB classes to show that you can handle academics at a college level.

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Which Professors Are Most In Demand

Adjunct professors in academic departments related to health care, such as science, nursing, and pre-med subjects, are in very high demand. The greatest need for adjunct professors is in fields related to law, business, psychology, engineering, architecture, biology, economics, and criminal science.

Can Anyone With A Phd Be A Professor

College coach pay: A chart that will make academics weep.

Though non-doctoral teachers can secure jobs in higher education, in order to secure the title of professor, they must have a doctoral degree in their field. Earning the Ph. D. the terminal degree in any fieldgives professors the academic knowledge and expertise to teach at the post-secondary level.

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Professor Pay Stays The Same Even As Costs Rise

Over the last decade, shifts in the average college professor salary in the U.S. have been minimal. Between the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years, the increase in average professor salaries was just 1% for all professor ranks at all institution types.

When adjusted for inflation, however, this shift actually represented a decrease the first such dip in professors’ salaries since recovering from the Great Recession. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, salaries had risen in the 3% range year over year for the past 10 years.

The stagnant nature of professor pay is surprising when compared with the rising tuition costs and increased pay for top executives at universities. In the last decade, college tuition has increased by approximately 46%, while presidential salaries have risen beyond most experts’ ability to track their rise.

What Gpa Do You Need To Get Into Ohio State

3.83With a GPA of 3.83, Ohio State University requires you to be near the top of your class, and well above average. Youll need mostly As, ideally with several AP or IB classes to help show your preparation at a college level. If youre a junior or senior, your GPA is hard to change from this point on.

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Salaries Of Professors Are Publicly Available

Public institutions in the United States release the salaries of their non-student employees on an annual basis. In Canada, the provincial governments require disclosure of employees earning over $100,000 at universities. So, if you like you can look up most professors salaries. For example, you can find mine and that of my colleagues available here.

Adjunct Professors Often Make Less Than You Think

HOW MUCH DOES A PROFESSOR MAKE? You can earn extra money as a college professor!

A report by the American Federation of Teachers details how adjunct professors contingent faculty who are not on the tenure track are struggling to make ends meet.

The report, which surveyed more than 3,000 respondents at two- and four-year universities in May and June 2019, found that one-third of adjunct professors earned less than $25,000 annually. This places them below the federal poverty line for a family of four.

The AFT’s findings also disproved the commonly held belief that adjunct professors typically hold other well-paying jobs outside teaching. Only 15% of respondents reported that they can comfortably cover their month-to-month expenses. Additionally, nearly half put off getting needed healthcare, and almost 20% rely on Medicaid.

The study also detailed how much colleges and universities have increased their reliance on adjunct faculty. Today, 3 in 4 faculty are ineligible for tenure and 47% hold part-time positions, whereas 40 years ago, 70% were tenured or on the tenure track.

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What Are Top 5 Best Paying Related College Professor Jobs In The Us

We found at least five jobs related to the College Professor job category that pay more per year than a typical College Professor salary. Top examples of these roles include: Professor Of Business, Professor Life Science, and Professor of Finance.

Importantly, all of these jobs are paid between $29,946 and $53,586 more than the average College Professor salary of $56,565. If youre qualified, getting hired for one of these related College Professor jobs may help you make more money than that of the average College Professor position.

Job Title

Do College Professors Make Good Money

A very open-ended question, but I’m still interested in your opinion

Completely depends…. as an adjunct it’s an easy “NO”. As a full time tenured track faculty member, I think it’s reasonable to say yes. But it does depend on profession, and what you are comparing it to. Teaching coding is often a good example, if you compare salary of a full time faculty member to what the individual could be making in private industry, the answer is a big “no” again……

For me, its not strictly a question of amount, but the money relative to work-life balance.

Im in a department that pays very well, but more importantly I have less stress than some of my friends also working in colleges.

Yes, Im not in such a prestigious institution, and I dont hob nob with leaders in my field, but I turn up at the office when I want and go home when I want. I teach good kids who may never be world beaters, but they make teaching a joy.

I could have stayed in a R1 institution and Im glad I made the move.

You sound like the best professor ever 😀

Still, I love the work and cant imagine doing anything else.

I’d encourage you to consider what you want out of work-life balance, not just salary, and accept that even in the same dept. at the same institution some faculty work way harder than others. I chose to be one of those that works less, so I’ll never be at the top of my field, but I’m very, very happy.

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Whats The Average Salary Of A College Professor

We also answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about being a college professor, ways to increase salary and similar job titles. Salary of college professors by state The national average salary for college professors is $67,352 per year. In addition, the top salaries in each state are as follows:

Type Of Professor And Income

How Much Money Adam Ragusea Makes On YouTube

Professors in Massachusetts were paid $141,251 per year on average. Professors in New York made $124,080, while those in New Jersey got $127,703. Professors are paid differently in different fields of specialization. Law professors had the highest average pay of $137,120, according to the BLS.

Professors who teach health specializations come in second, earning $132,640 per year. Economics professors make $117,750 on average, engineering professors earn $109,950, and business professors earn $102,600 on average.

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What Do Professors Make In Canada

It may be more than you guessed. Click to see where your school stands.

Professor photo courtesy of Rainer Ebert on Flickr

What does your professor make? Assuming he or she is a full professor, its probably more than you guessed. The median pay among full professors at 31 Canadian schools is $128,480, according to a recent study.

That said, if your professor is at the University of Northern British Columbia, she likely makes a far less than if shes with the University of British Columbia. A report by Culture, Tourism and the Centre for Education Studies shows that salaries in the 2009-10 school year followed no apparent pattern. Some highly-ranked schools pay less than not-so-prestigious schools. A few smaller schools Trent for example pay profs much better than bigger neighbours. The report presented data from 31 schools. Thats fewer than half of the 81 schools profiled in the Macleans Guide to Canadian Universities, meaning this list is far from comprehensive.

Its worth reiterating that these figures are for full professors only. Assistant professors, associate professors and contract faculty make much less and many academics work for more than a decade before getting full status, if they ever do. Still, these numbers show that professorship is a lucrative career from coast to coast.

Trent 158,876

Types Of College Professors That Make The Most Money

To have a shot at some best and highest-paying professor jobs, you need a high level of resilience, personally. Years spent on research as an undergraduate, a Masters and a Ph.D. student will speak to your experience.

Publications that show your interest, contributions, and possible future endeavors are also important to attain that renowned position.

Now, as important as these are, you cant deny that there are some fields that will always pay more than others.

The list below has been compiled based on the most recent information provided by BLM in the occupational outlook handbook for careers in education postsecondary to be precise .

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Professor Salary Varies By Job Level College Type

Generally, the three main ranks for college professors are assistant, associate, and full. Usually in the beginning phases of their tenure track, assistant professors are full-time, introductory professors who have earned a terminal degree. Associate professors are mid-level, tenured professors, while full professors are at the senior level.

Outside these three traditional ranks, there are also adjunct faculty and full-time, non-tenured faculty with titles such as lecturer or instructor.

Beyond professors’ job ranks, the type of university they teach at public, private or independent, or religiously affiliated and the education level of the students they instruct can affect their annual pay.

Average Professor Salary by Institution Type, 2020-21

Source: American Association of University Professors

The average salary for a full professor at private, doctoral institutions was the highest among all total salaries, at $202,199. Meanwhile, instructors at religiously affiliated universities had the lowest average salary at $51,444.

At baccalaureate institutions, full professors make an average of $99,616 at public universities and $125,420 at private universities. This 23% difference illustrates how much more professors can make in the private sector.

How Much Does An University Professor Make On Average

How much money do Adjunct Professors make?
  • Salaries of the professors of the state universities. The national median salary for professors is $67,352 per year.
  • Professional perspectives of university teaching staff. Professor employment is expected to grow by 11% between 2018 and 2028, significantly ahead of the 5% increase for all occupations.
  • The work is comparable to that of a university professor.

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Employers That Recruited In The Last 2 Years

  • Strength Required Lift up to 5 kg

Interest in synthesizing information to advance existing knowledge and develop new theories in specialized fields of study by conducting research in publishing findings in scholarly journals and books, developing curricula and in preparing examinations, laboratory assignments and reports


Interest in advising on research matters and directing research programs of graduate students, in advising students on course and academic matters and career decisions, and in administering and grading examinations, laboratory assignments and reports may serve on faculty committees dealing with matters such as curriculum planning and degree requirements and perform a variety of administrative duties


Interest in instructing undergraduate and graduate students may provide consulting services to government, industry and private individuals may represent their universities as speakers and guest lecturers

The interest code helps you figure out if youd like to work in a particular occupation. Its based on the Canadian Work Preference Inventory , which measures 5 occupational interests: Directive, Innovative, Methodical, Objective and Social.

Each set of 3 interest codes is listed in order of importance.

A code in capital letters means its a strong fit for the occupation.

A code in all lowercase letters means the fit is weaker.

  • Strength Required Lift up to 5 kg

They also need to have a strong record of research and publishing.

How Much Does A College Professor Earn On Average

This is the salary at which half of the teachers earn more and the other half earn less. A 2018 survey by the American Association of College Professors estimated the median salary for a full-time professor at $104,820. The average number of associate professors was $81,274 per year and of professors $56,712 per year.

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David N Silvers: $433 Million

David N. Silvers is Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Pathology and Director of the Dermatopathology Laboratory at Columbia University. His stellar salary rivals that of many college coaches.

Dr. Silvers received his M.D. from Duke University in 1968. He is board certified in dermatology and pathology, with a certification of special competence in dermatopathology.

According to Bloomberg, when questioned about Silvers high salary, the school remarked, David Silvers is renowned in the field and has significant responsibilities in directing a highly specialized lab at Columbia University Medical Center.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Professor Salaries

Does Money Make You Mean?

The national average salary for a Professor is $150,812 per year in Canada. Filter by location to see a Professor salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 2956 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Professor employees.

The highest salary for a Professor in Canada is $198,786 per year.

The lowest salary for a Professor in Canada is $114,416 per year.

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How Much Does A Professor At A University Make Per Year


University professors earn good salaries teaching students, but they also have other responsibilities. Professors perform research in their field and publish articles and books about their findings. Wages of professors vary by types of universities, geography, the area of expertise, years of experience, degree attained and status of tenure. A professor teaching at a university goes through three ranks: Assistant professor, associate professor and full-tenured professor. It can sometimes be an arduous process. You may wonder, how much do professors make and is it worth the effort?

How Much Tax Will You Have To Pay As A Liberal Arts College Professor

For an individual filer in this tax bracket, you would have an estimated average federal tax in 2018 of 22%. After a federal tax rate of 22% has been taken out, Liberal Arts College Professors could expect to have a take-home pay of $40,961/year, with each paycheck equaling approximately $1,707*.

* assuming bi-monthly pay period. Taxes estimated using tax rates for a single filer using 2018 federal and state tax tables. Metro-specific taxes are not considered in calculations. This data is intended to be an estimate, not prescriptive financial or tax advice.

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How Much Do College Professors Make

Teaching students in a college setting can be both exciting and rewarding. With a strong job outlook and high earning potential, a job as a college professor is a great career for anyone who loves teaching. In this article, we discuss what college professors make on average, the job outlook and salaries by state. We also answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about being a college professor, ways to increase salary and similar job titles.


Uneven Pattern Of Colleges Paying Adjuncts

How much do College Professors Make? | Tenure-track v. Lecturer
Thomas Peele

In the stressful days of early 2020 as the global pandemic shut down California, thousands of community college faculty members scrambled to shift to online teaching, reworking curriculums, rewriting lessons and learning new software so they could keep classes going and students learning.

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Survey Of Faculty Salaries 2017

TCCTA began conducting the annual Survey of Faculty Salaries in 1976.

Since 2002, the association has collected and tabulated salary figures from Texas community colleges using four distinct ranges, from lowest quarter to highest quarter paid. The lowest and highest actual salaries for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees are presented for each range. Ranges were based on the total salary range for each degree, subtracting the lowest salary from the highest, then dividing the result into four equal monetary quarters.

In addition, each schools average salaries are reported and ranked with other colleges in Texas. Significantly, the TCCTA study of full-time faculty salaries measures actual salaries paid instead of a sample or hypothetical model. The study assumes a nine-month contract, with 12- month contracted salaries adjusted accordingly, at 75 percent. Colleges were asked not to include teaching overloads, administrative stipends, or grant-funded positions in their calculations.

Members are urged to view the ranking in the context of the entire survey. Factors beyond average salary, including the breakouts into ranges, should be considered in making comparisons. Readers should weigh a host of other factors, such as the additional benefits reported by the schools in narrative form. Many of these benefits cannot be measured in dollars and cents. A link providing a cost-of-living calculator is also offered below.

Articles and Charts Comprising the 2017 Study

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