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How Much Do College Golf Coaches Make

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Do Golf Coaches Care About Academics

How much do the state’s college coaches get paid? Here’s a look at top salaries.

The short answeryes, college coaches care a lot about academics. Think about it like this: if a coach is comparing two recruits with similar golf scores and tournament experience, theyre almost always going to pick the one who is stronger academically. Plus, a solid GPA and high test score says a lot. It shows coaches that the student-athlete works hard, is responsible, and will most likely have a smooth transition to college. Student-athletes with good grades qualify for more academic aid, easing the burden on the coach to provide athletic funding. Bottom line: grades are important in college golf recruiting.

How To Use A Golf Recruiting Video To Get Noticed By College Coaches

Swing videos are becoming more important in college golf recruiting. With thousands of tournaments taking place every year, coaches dont have the opportunity or budget to see each student-athlete play in person. And even when they do attend tournaments, the length of the course can make it difficult to jump from golfer to golfer.

Thats why you should create a swing video and email it to college coaches. It can help you secure a second, more in-depth evaluation. Your video should capture a wide variety of swings and club selections from different parts of the course, including:

  • 2 or 3 swings with a short iron/wedge from a down the line angle and a face on angle
  • 2 or 3 swings with a mid/long iron from a down the line angle and a face on angle
  • 2 or 3 swings with a driver from a down the line angle and a face on angle
  • Several chips, pitches and bunker shots from both angles
  • Short, medium and long putts from both angles
  • Straight putts from five to 10 feet from both angles

All your swings should be at a normal speed and if done correctly, your video will fall around 10 minutes long. Theres no need to add music, or any audio really, to your video.

Check out her video for an overview of what recruits should include in their golf skills video, including multiple anglescoaches favor face-on and down the line footagewhat clubs to use, how many yards you hit and tips for getting creative, like showing your putting skills indoors.

The Older You Arethe More Powerful This Swing Becomes

Younger players dont stand a chance of unlocking this consistently straight as an arrow swing technique that practically knocks the cover off the golf ball.

We all know every year we move a little slower, have a little less flexibility, and have more health issues.

But nobody ever talks about what you GAIN as you age

Wisdom, patience, and experience the three things that are the difference between a range rat and a truly great golfer.

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How Does Division Iii Baseball Recruiting Work

Division III baseball, in my view, is quite different than the upper divisions of college baseball. There are many programs and the talent level required to play varies greatly. I believe that any player who is serious about playing at the next level can achieve their goal and often times, itll be at a DIII school.

The biggest distinction between Division III institutions is that these schools do not offer athletic scholarships. But that should not discourage a player from looking at a Division III school. And just because these schools dont offer athletic aid, it doesnt mean that there arent some very good players and programs at the DIII level. In 2014, 15 Division III players were selected in the MLB First-Year Player Draft.

If you play college baseball, odds are youll play at the D3 levelThere are roughly 375 institutions that have baseball programs that compete at the DIII level. More players will play DIII baseball than any other division of college baseball.

A majority of the DIII schools are small, private, liberal arts colleges. The schools range from ultra-selective to less selective in terms of admission requirements. With the majority of these schools being private, the first hurdle for parents to clear is the cost of attending these schools. Given the large numbers of private schools that make up DIII, its worth diving into a bit deeper and learning how this works. You might be surprised.

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Best Ncaa Head Golf Coach Jobs

How Much Money Do College Coaches Make?

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College Golf Coach Salary In Indiana

How much does a College Golf Coach make in Indiana? The average College Golf Coach salary in Indiana is $75,512 as of September 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $60,730 and $102,476. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

10th Percentile College Golf Coach Salary $47,272
25th Percentile College Golf Coach Salary $60,730
50th Percentile College Golf Coach Salary $75,512
75th Percentile College Golf Coach Salary $102,476
90th Percentile College Golf Coach Salary $127,025

What Type Of National Golf Rankings Do College Coaches Look At

When it comes to golf college recruiting, coaches turn to national tournaments and rankings before high school events. The most popular site they follow is the , which compiles scores from more than 2,000 verified tournaments across the country. They also highly consider other associations that have their own ranking systems, like the American Junior Golf Association and Golfweek . To fully evaluate a golfers athletic ability, coaches validate golf scores by analyzing a recruits national ranking, and more importantly, their tournament score differential. They pull scores from individual multiple-day events that are at least 36 holes and then compare how the recruit played each day. For example, did the student-athlete shoot 72 the first day, and then crumble under the pressure the second day? Or, did they come back from a bad first day to take the lead? Theres a lot that coaches can learn about a recruit by studying rankings and tournament scores.

Student-athletes can do a quick search on Junior Golf Scoreboard to find out where verified tournaments are taking place. The best way to improve your national ranking, and possibly gain entry to other elite junior events, is to sign up for multiple-day tournaments that are at least 36 holes.

Recruits can also see how they stack up against college-athletes by following collegiate rankings on Golf Stat, which tracks individual and team rankings from NCAA Division 1 to NAIA.

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College Recruiting Timeline For Sophomores

By sophomore year of high school, recruits should be spending a few hours a week on their recruiting. This includes taking time to build out their recruiting profiles, create a target list of 30-40 schools theyre interested in, finalize and start sharing their recruiting videos and get comfortable with reaching out to college coaches on a regular basis.

Sophomore athletes who are serious about landing a roster spot should also complete recruiting questionnaires for schools theyre interested in and write strong, personalized emails to college coaches to showcase not only their athletic and academic skills, but also that theyve done their research and are interested in learning more about the program to see if its the right fit for them.

In the video below, former D1 and D3 college coach Danny Koenig shares his tips for what student-athletes should be doing during their sophomore yearand how some college coaches are looking ahead and adding current high school sophomores to their list of prospective recruits.

Inside The Life Of A College Golf Coach

How Much Money Do College Football Teams Make Their School?

A couple of years ago I wrote an article similar to this one but I felt it was time to update it after seeing even more about the life that a college golf coach leads on a daily basis.

No, I dont have personal experience as a college coach, but many of my friends from junior, college and professional golf have all taken on roles as assistants and head coaches at colleges all over the country. I spend a lot of time talking with coaches, walking with them at tournaments and picking their brains. So, while I dont see what they go through first hand on a daily basis, I thought I would try to be their voice to the junior golfers, the parents, and the current collegiate golfers.

You wont find many that will complain because they love their job and know the territory that comes with being a college coach but the hours really are endless. There is no leaving the office at 4pm and rarely do they have weekends off or holiday breaks. They not only travel 9-11 tournaments out of the year for the team but they also spend most of their free weekends, summers and holidays traveling for recruiting.

Be humble, be coachable and be appreciative!

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What Coaches Look For In Your Golf Swing

The best way to showcase your golf swing to college coaches is to send them a swing video. Coaches may not have an opportunity to watch a recruit play or practice at a competition site. In many cases, they probably dont have the budget to see all of their top prospects in personthis is especially true for NCAA Division 2 and Division 3 programs. But even if a college coach is at a tournament, the course yardage can make it difficult for them to hop from one golfer to another. And thats where a swing video comes in handy.

While it wont capture every aspect of a student-athletes golf game, a swing video is a great way to generate coach interest and secure a second evaluation. If its done correctly, your video will be about 10 minutes long and will capture a wide variety of swings and club selections from different parts of the course, including:

  • Swings with a short iron/wedge, swings with a mid/long iron and swings with driver from both a down the line and face on angle
  • Include several chips, pitches and bunker shots from these angles as well
  • Short, medium and long putts from both angles
  • Straight putts from five to 10 feet from both angles

Its important for recruits to email their swing video, along with their online profile, to college coaches.

When Does Recruiting Start For Womens College Golf

The NCAA establishes a recruiting calendar that regulates when college golf coaches can reach out to student-athletes. Generally, contact begins June 15 after sophomore year when coaches are allowed to call, email, text and make verbal offers to recruits. During this time, top NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 schools set the pace for womens golf recruiting by offering scholarships to their top prospects. Division 3 and NAIA schools, on the other hand, typically become more active during junior and senior year when test scores start to roll in.

Keep in mind, though, that before this time, coaches are building their list of recruits and evaluating athletes behind the scenes. Thats why its so important to get on a coachs radar before your junior year. You can start by researching schools and division levels that youre interested in, create an online profile and swing video, and send college coaches an introductory email that highlights your academic and athletic achievements.

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When Is The Best Time To Contact College Golf Coaches

Theres a balance you want to strike when contacting coaches. On one hand, you dont want to wait too long, but you also dont want to reach out to them when youre not ready. Before you initiate any contact, do your research. Learn what average score and tournament experience you need to get a particular coachs interest, and then double check that your grades and test scores meet the colleges expectations. After you feel confident that you have a list of realistic programs, start to send college coaches introductory emails that showcase your online profile and swing video.

If youre looking to compete at an NCAA Division 1 or Division 2 school, youll need to establish relationships with coaches during your sophomore year. The top golf programs in the country will make verbal offers to recruits during the summer after their sophomore year. But generally speaking, the second half of sophomore year through the end of junior year is when recruits want to be at their best golf game and proactively reaching out to college coaches. This is a peak time in recruiting. That being said, several coaches, including NCAA Division 3, NAIA and NJCAA coaches, continue to recruit into senior year, so there is opportunity later in high school, as well.

How Good Do You Have To Be To Play College Golf

College coach pay: A chart that will make academics weep.

College golf has only become more competitivethe best golf score 20 years ago is now the average score among NCAA Division 1 athletes. Of the 144,000 high school athletes who play golf, only two percent go on to compete at the Division 1 level, 1.6 percent at Division 2 and 2.3 percent at Division 3.

From an athletic standpoint, college coaches like to focus on two aspects when building their list of recruits: golf scores and national rankings. First, mens golf coaches evaluate average scores at multiple-day tournaments and tours. They typically hand pick results from tournaments that are 6,600 yards or more and exclude anything less than that. In other words, they dont pay too much attention to high school events that are 18 holes because college golf tournaments are usually 36 or 54 holes.

Keeping that in mind, top Division 1 programs tend to recruit players with an average golf score of 72 and lower. Top Division 2, Division 3 and NAIA programs are also selectivecollege coaches at these schools look for players who average 74 or lower. Most mid-tier Division 2 programs make offers to recruits who average 76 or lower, while youll find more flexibility at lower level Division 3 and NAIA programs, which can range from high 70s to low 80s.

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Frequently Asked Questions About A Golf Coach Salaries

The national average salary for a Golf Coach is $45,165 per year in United States. Filter by location to see a Golf Coach salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 18 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Golf Coach employees.

The highest salary for in United States is $66,101 per year.

The lowest salary for in United States is $30,860 per year.

‘you Should Try To Win’

Will the spending on these sports slow down? Its possible, as athletics directors point to flattening revenue trends as a potential sign of trouble. At the same time, the lure of winning remains strong and successful coaches will be marketable to other schools.

At N.C. State, for instance, many of Yows hires came from smaller schools but continually got raises because of performance and interest from other places.

Wrestling coach Pat Poplozio, for example, was hired from Binghamton in 2012 for $125,000 in guaranteed compensation plus various performance incentives. But after six straight years in the top 20, hes now under contract through 2025 with a guaranteed base of $269,000 plus $20,000 in potential bonuses tied to academic performance and graduation.

Thats a significant commitment to make for wrestling, but Yow recalled a conversation early in her tenure with a donor who initially said he only cared about football and basketball. Yow, a former womens basketball coach, explained that she felt winning would be contagious if it was a department-wide culture where coaches who worked in the same building and sat in the same meetings could challenge and inspire each other.

I told him I cant build a foundation of excellence by giving everything to two sports and then having the other 21 be sad, without, Yow said. It creates tremendous sense of jealousy among the 21 for the other two and well never get where we want to go.

Contributing: John Kelly, Tom Schad

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Early Recruiting: When Does Recruiting Really Start For Student

Every year, it seems like there are more and more stories about middle school athletes receiving college scholarship offers. Some athletes have made the news by receiving offers when they are as young as 9 years old! Early recruiting is a controversial topic, but its important to understand why and how it works.

NCAA Rules Update: New rules passed by the NCAA in 2017, 2018 and most recently 2019 have made it illegal for college coaches to offer scholarships to recruits before August 1 or September 1 of their junior year. These new rules apply to all sports except football, W/M basketball and baseball.

While making verbal scholarship offers to recruits in 8th, 9th and 10th grade is illegal, you can expect college coaches to be recruiting and evaluating prospects. Here is how that process works. See how recruiting services help athletes and athletic recruiters.

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Unique Features Of College Golf Recruiting

Good Question: How Much Do High School Football Coaches Make?

Athletes who want to get recruited for golf are pretty much expected to attend tournaments year-round. Depending on a colleges recruiting budget, golf recruiting coaches will attend 10-15 junior tournaments per year. Its at these tournaments that college coaches get a first-hand look at each perspective recruit and evaluate their intangibles. What are we talking about? Your general athleticism, the way you respond to adversity, the way you bounce back from a bad shot, the way you interact with your coach You are advised to be on your best behavior, because you will be surprised to learn that you are being evaluated for far more than your score at these tournaments.

  • NCAA rules regarding university golf have some unique features that make the recruitment process for this sport different than others. Some of the most notable features of the NCAA golf recruitment process include:

Initial contact: The NCAA allows Division I golf coaches to contact golf players with forms, pamphlets, flyers, and questionnaires during the athletes sophomore year no personal contact is allowed until the athletes junior year. Therefore, if you see a college coach at a tournament or camp when you are a freshman or sophomore and s/he avoids contact with you, it doesnt necessarily mean s/he is not interested. They are simply not allowed under NCAA rules to approach you. They can speak to you, however, if you visit their campus.

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