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Can You Be Successful Without College

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If You Didn’t Know How To Be Successful In Life Without Going To College Now You Do

How to be Successful Without a College Degree | Brian Tracy

Nt vrn utd for llg and that is OK. Thr n shame in deciding t vntur down another path in life. Just because someone graduated from a top college, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will go on to achieve success. In today’s ever-changing world, you need to constantly seek new ways to grow and expand yourself if you want to stay current and be known as someone of value. A piece of paper offers no guarantees.

It is possible to join the long lt of people wh hv achieved massive success wthut a xnv llg education. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you want in life. Nevertheless, no matter what path you choose to take, I encourage you to be a learner for life. In my experience, life always offers you way more lessons than school ever will.

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I’m an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, and philanthropist with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.


I’m an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, and philanthropist with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.

Can You Be Successful Without A College Degree And Could You Be The Next Steve Jobs Or Bill Gates

Has Bill Gates ever asked how to be successful without college/school himself? Think! Hard work and determination certainly have their place in achieving success, andif you have an entrepreneurial spirit, connections with angel investors, and a mind for tech trendsits possible to follow in the footsteps of Jobs or Gates. However, for the rest of us , the path to making it will be steadier and more traditional.

Also, not everyone has what it takes to risk it alland if you look at those who made it big on a dream, they often face huge setbacks. Gates, for example, started a failing data company before Microsoft, causing him to start from scratch. Without a backup plan, an incredible support system, and an unfailing work ethic, most of us cant sustain these types of setbacks more than once in a lifetime. So can you be successful without a college degree, and are we actually be successful with just a college degree?

You Can Be Successful Without College

While a college education can help provide the tools to succeed, it is neither a guarantee of nor a prerequisite of success. Success depends on a lot of factors including motivation, desire, business savvy and luck. Many very successful business people, such as Bill Gates, do not have a college education.

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Volunteer In An Organization Related To Your Career Interests

Similar to an internship, volunteering can allow you to get an idea of what a certain profession is like. For instance, volunteering in a library can give you insight into what it would be like to work as a librarian. Similarly, volunteering can also help you make a good impression on employers, as it shows your initiative to perform meaningful work in your community.

Find Career Opportunities That Don’t Require A College Degree

YOU Can Be SUCCESSFUL Without College..

Once you set your goal and outline the steps you need to take to achieve it, find jobs that you can take without a college degree. Depending on your passion and interests, you can find opportunities to enter a meaningful and satisfying career across many different industries. For instance, if you’re passionate about helping and caring for others, you might consider a job as a medical assistant, which is a career option that doesn’t require a college degree.

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Online Learning Turns You Into An Expert

There was a time when going to college and securing a master’s was a ticket to big paychecks. But as we’ve learned during the ups and downs of our economy, a degree doesn’t always unlock doors to more opportunities.

You could end up needing an MBA for the work you want to do, but you should also stop to challenge your assumptions before signing up for four years of tuition and student debt. Do you really need a four-year degree to be a coder? Or could you take classes from Codeacademy or Dev Bootcamp to learn web development? Chances are you can find courses online for anything you want to be an expert in. Consume every course and all the content you can find to advance your own career.

Not Having A Degree Pushes You To Work Even Harder And Be More Resourceful

I graduated from the school of hard knocks, so I always felt like I had to work twice as hard as anyone with a college degree. This perseverance helped me develop a strong work ethic and problem-solving skills. I learned real-world business skills first and figured out how to handle any issues that came my way. As a result, I’m comfortable working with anyone and highly attuned to asking the right questions and directing others to solve problems quickly and efficiently. That means I spend less time and money than others when getting outside professionals and in-house teams to collaborate. If I ever need a brain surgeon, I’ll go to the best I can find. But a degree in business leadership doesn’t make you a great leader some things are just inherent, or they aren’t.

Gail Corder Fischer, executive vice chairman of Fischer & Company, a leading global corporate real estate firm that provides consulting, brokerage, and technology solutions

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Master The Art Of Self

Selling is an overlooked asset, but it’s something that everyone needs to master if they want to be successful in life. No matter what career path you take, you need to learn how to sell yourself and your ideas. Unfortunately, the history of the word selling has given it a bad name.

Selling isn’t about shoving your business card down people’s throats at networking events and telling them all of the reasons why you are the best. Rather, it’s about knowing your value and communicating it in an authentic way. If you can’t influence those around you, you wont get very far in life. In order to effectively sell yourself, you have to first think about what your unique value proposition is.

What are your strengths and talents? What makes you stand out from the rest? When you have a solid understanding of who you are and what you bring to the table, you will know how best you can serve yourself and others.

In his book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, Daniel Pink said thatThe purpose of a pitch isnt necessarily to move others immediately to adopt your idea. The purpose is to offer something so compelling that it begins a conversation, brings the other person in as a participant, and eventually arrives at an outcome that appeals to both of you.

Apprenticing For Mentors Gives You Experience That College Can’t

In 2014 Can You be Successful Without a College Degree?

When I was 19, I was one decision away from going to college, but I decided not to. I had already started my own business selling rare shirts and was working at an investment sales company. That’s how I learned what it takes to run a business: practical experience, marketing skills, the right mindset, a network, and a mentor. I couldn’t get most of those things in school so I decided to study business in real life and work for free for mentors who could teach me.

Matt Schuldt, cofounder of personal branding agency TPA Media Group owner of five multimillion-dollar companies connect with Matt on and

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Your Degree Could Be Useless By The Time You Graduate

I’m not necessarily against college, but it is a risk. You’re putting a lot of time and money into a degree that may or may not be obsolete by the time you’re ready to use it.

However, even if the degree itself is still useful in opening some doors, it doesn’t mean you’re really ready for the job market. Technology and business processes and trends age quickly. It’s hard to keep up with changing trends when you’re stuck behind your textbooks for four years.

Life Without Student Debt Essay

Today it is becoming increasingly harder to graduate college without student debt. A staggering number of nearly seventy percent of students that have a bachelors degree leave school with debt. Which can have major consequences for the U.S. economy. This debt may be preventing Americans from making bigger purchases that drive economic growth .

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Key Steps To Creating Your Personal Brand

These five steps will help you create a personal brand that will deliver you the results you desire with your career and in life.

1. Set Your Personal Goals

What is it that you want to do in the next five years? What will your future self be doing in the next five to ten years? What is important to you? If you can answer these questions, then you are on the right path. If not, then you have to start thinking about them.

2. Create Your Unique Value Proposition

Create your unique value proposition by asking yourself these four questions:

  • What are your personality features? What benefit do you offer people?
  • Who are you and why do people enjoy working with you?
  • What do you do and what do people want you to do for them? How do you solve their problems?
  • What makes you different from others like you?
  • The answers to these questions will give you the information you need to create your professional story, which is the key step to creating your personal brand.

    3. Write Your Professional Story

    Knowing who you are, what you want, and the unique value you offer is essential to you creating your professional story. People remember stories. Your personal story incorporates your value proposition and tells people who you are and what makes you unique. This is what people will remember about you.

    4. Determine Which Platforms Will Support Your Personal Brand

    5. Become Recognized for Sharing Your Knowledge and Expertise

    Takeaways For Educators And Policymakers

    Can You Be Successful Without A College Degree? [Infographic]
    High-level math and science courses are not just for college goers

    Advanced math and science courses are not just for getting into in college. Participation in these courses was the single most influential factor linked to success in non-college goers.

    Vocational training should focus on specific job skills

    Completing a mixed bag of vocational courses does not provide the job skills needed to be successful after high school. Vocational learning should dive deep into a specific career field.

    Vocational courses are not just for non-college goers

    Most high school students would benefit from vocational courses even if they intend on going to college. Nearly half of college students fail to earn a two- or four-year degree. Also, considering the number of four-year degree holders who head back to two-year schools for more job-specific skills, vocational coursework would benefit future college grads as well.

    All students should graduate truly college- and career-ready

    Life doesnt always go according to plan. Many high school students who expected to go on to college when they were in high school never did. A number of high school students who hadnt planned on further schooling actually did enroll by the end of the study. And a growing segment of college graduates are going back to school to become more marketable.

    Hourly wage of college goers without a degree

    Full-time employment levels of college goers without a degree

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    Leverage The Power Of The Internet

    From being a freelance writer or virtual PA, to becoming a social media influencer, many people are now making large amounts of money from working online, without any unique skills and certainly without college degrees. And many employers will invite you to online and real-life group training days and incentivize your work, so you have regular chances to meet other online colleagues, and reap rewards.

    Reasons You Don’t Need A College Degree To Earn Big

  • Online Learning Turns You Into an Expert. There was a time when going to college and securing a master’s was a ticket to big paychecks. But as we’ve learned during the ups and downs of our economy, a degree doesn’t always unlock doors to more opportunities.
  • It’s Possible to Start Consulting Right Now. There is no degree required to become a consultant and you also don’t need to be a foremost expert to launch your services.
  • You Can Invest in Real Estate Without a Degree There is no degree required to start investing in real estate. And I’m not just talking about flipping homes or buying rental property.
  • There Are Still Plenty of Jobs That Pay Six Figures Without a 4-Year Degree. It’s really not necessary to go to college to earn six figures in this day and age.
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    Pursue Your Passion And Become An Expert In It

    Do people listen to your restaurant and bar recommendations all the time? If so, think about starting a food blog to reach a wider audience. Are you obsessed with the Superbowl? Write about it daily on social media and become a respected voice in the conversation. Post a daily social media story on a topic linked to your passion and your follower count may increase eventually you may be paid to run sponsored posts.

    You Can Achieve Success Before Your Friends Even Graduate

    College- You Can Be Successful WITHOUT A College Degree!

    Back when I was considering whether to go to college, I asked myself where I wanted to be one day and how I could get there the quickest. If I’d wanted a leadership position in a large company, I would have made a different decision. But my goal was to be my own boss and work hard on my own projects, not someone else’s. I don’t disagree with studying in principle, but if you know in your heart that you don’t want to work for any company but your own, you can make better use of your time. While others spent years studying and commuting back and forth between exams and parties, I built a seven-figure company in the same amount of time. I’m not saying it was easy, but it was the only path I could see for myself and I would choose it again today.

    , founder and CEO of NYBA Media GmbH, a fast-growing digital marketing agency in Germany that generates nine-digit revenues for their customers connect with Markus on , , and

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    You Don’t Learn Grit In College

    Grit isn’t learned from textbooks and taking tests. It’s learned from being out there in the world and struggling through challenges and figuring out how to make things work. Your own grit might be learned through launching a freelance career or startup, securing funding for your business or traveling the world and working remotely.

    At the end of the day, you don’t need a degree to give you permission to succeed and earn big. While a degree may be useful to help grow your skills and make new connections, it is not a prerequisite to becoming a leader in your industry. Success is a mindset and the result of hard work – and it can absolutely be achieved without your learning credentials in hand.

    Did you skip out on college and achieve big success? Let us know about your experience by leaving a response below:

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    Can You Be Successful Without Getting A College Degree

    A look at the value of higher education.

    Some of the biggest entrepreneurial success stories — Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates — all have a moment when the aspiring business leader decides to forgo degrees from prestigious institutions of higher learning in favor of attempting to get their company off the ground. Stories like these beg the question: In todays economy, what is the value of higher education?

    It depends on a number of factors, ranging from the career path you hope to pursue, what kind of home and family life you see for yourself, and your financial status. Check out the infographic below from Online College Plan to see what to take into account before deciding on an educational path.

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    Can You Make It In Life Without College

    So, Can You Make It Without A College Degree? Yes, its possible to succeed without a college degree. But with so many programs designed to take you from having no experience in a field to being highly-skilled and job-market ready, having a college degree offers a clear advantage. Most of us arent Steve Jobs.

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