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Are Apple Laptops Good For College

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Best Student Laptops 2021

Apple MacBook Air 2015 Review-Best Laptop for college?
Reasons to avoid

Apple topped the previous year off with a bang, rolling out their much-talked about M1 silicon chip thats so far been a real game-changer. And, the first laptop to receive it is the companys thinnest and lightest, putting it on the list of the most exciting Apple laptops of recent years. With this new chip, the MacBook Air is better than ever, touting excellent performance alongside its brilliant battery life without raising the price to keep it affordable still. Its not going to be the cheapest option for students, but for those who have a slightly bigger budget, this is the best student laptop to get.

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Reasons to avoid

Have you been waiting for the day you can finally afford the premium price of Google Pixelbook? Well, with Google releasing Pixelbook Go, your wait is finally over. Granted, it isnt quite the actual luxury device youve been dreaming of. However, rest assured, you will love this Chromebook, just as we have during our time with it. We love it so much, in fact, that it earned our coveted Editor’s Choice award in the Chromebook category. It boasts incredible battery life, an even more impressive keyboard and a 1080p webcam, which you dont see often in the more budget-friendly laptops even in 2021. And, thats just to start.

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Reasons to avoid

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Reasons to avoid

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Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

Premium : Best Mac For Gaming And Everything

  • Expensive
  • Not for average buyers

This was first introduced in 2017, the iMac Pro has an 8-, 10-, 14-, or 18-core Intel Xeon processor, 27-inch Retina 5K display, AMD Vega graphics, up to 256GB ECC memory, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. If Id simplify this, this is one powerful machine!

This is built to cruise for highly professional users in the arena the iMac Pro is damn costly and can easily cost you around five figures, but then again itd all depend on your configuration. Dig for this model if you need expanded and abundant resources in your arsenal. It comes with a magical black color and astonishing features which would definitely blow your mind. If youre having a big pocket and want to spend one time in some good and durable stuff which would in turn support and fulfill all your needs, trust me this is what you want.


Why I Generally Recommend Macbook

So there is a real big reason I love my MacBook: its never broken down on me. Ok, not never, but the one time it did was when I spilled water onto and into the keyboard, frying it. And you know what? A day later it recovered and started working as it normally did. Aside from that no other problems. But I hear about friends of mine having computer problems, its never a Mac.

The MacBook isnt just a laptop, its a notebook.

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Which Gpu Should I Get

Recommended: AMD Radeon, Minimum: Intel Graphics, Overkill: External Graphics Card

Mac uses either an Intel Iris Plus graphics card or an extra discrete AMD graphics card for better performance, which is more expensive. You will not need a discrete graphics card for any of your computer science classes however, if you can afford one, then get a discrete graphics card because you might need it for other things. If you want to learn intensive graphics modeling, a discrete graphics card would be a good companion. If you are learning parallel computing, then the GPU and CPU running side by side would speed up the program execution time.

Best Laptops For College Students In 2021

Best College Laptops For 2019
MacBook Air M1
Pro 13-inch
ThinkPad X1 Nano

The best laptops for college students are powerful enough to let you tackle all your school projects, with enough portability and power capacity to get you through a full day of classes. Whether you’re going back to school in person or attending classes remotely, having the right laptop is key.

Our best college laptop picks all share a few common traits. They have excellent battery life, which is crucial when running between classes on campus all day. These laptops are also affordable, with many models under $1000 though we’ve also listed some higher-priced laptops that are great investments.

  • The best laptops you can buy now
  • Don’t miss our guide to the

If you’re worried about spending over $1,000, know that our picks are made with your future in mind. The MacBook Pro isn’t cheap, for example, but mine has lasted for 8 years, which is enough time for undergrad and graduate school .

Read on for our picks of the best college laptops you can buy now.

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How Do I Pay For My Laptop

Payment options vary for each laptop manufacturer:

  • Apple laptops can be purchased via credit card or via Apple gift cards. Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Financing is also available for Apple laptops.
  • Dell laptops can be purchased via credit card or via mailed cashier’s check. Mastercard, Visa, and Discover are accepted.

Best Imac For Professional Editing

  • Powerful Retina 5K 5120-by-2880 P3 display
  • Three base choices


  • Costly with add-ons
  • Memory not sufficient

The iMac 5K is made up of beautiful aluminum and glass with five millimeter-thin profile, which is also equipped with a matching keyboard and Mouse 2 with astonishing looks and color. For 5K, Apple has in hand an exquisite lineup of three 27-inch iMac versions starting with:

  • A 3.0GHz 6-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor with a Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz
  • 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory
  • Radeon Pro 570X with 4GB of GDDR5 memory, and 1TB Fusion Drive storage.
  • You can increase the storage by buying the options with higher RAM, processor or storage as per your needs.

    The latest 5K iMac was released in March 2019 and provides huge jump in the field of performance as if youre running a Ferrari in the runway. Its probably way too fast to your imagination. People who incidentally hate lagging PCs and low performance desktops will just love it and stick to it without going to dig for any other PC in the market. Apple by launching this product has significantly improved way more as compared to its previous models. As a matter of fact, after the upgrade, the computer can also delivers up to 50 percent faster graphics performance, which is perfect for pros with graphics-intensive workloads such as gaming, video/song editing, etc.

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    Macbook Air I5 13 For College


    WHY WE LIKE IT: Budget-friendly laptop that still packs a wallop, with 8GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor, 128GB of solid-state storage, and a fantastic battery that can go nearly 12 hours without needing a recharge.

    • Speakers on the weaker side
    • Over 4lb

    This Macbook Air comes in at a budget-conscious price while still offering features in line with some of the newer and more expensive models, including a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of dedicated RAM, and 128GB of solid-state storage. We also appreciated the excellent lithium battery, which can last up to twelve hours before needing to hit a power outlet for a recharge.

    Due to the fact that this is an older budget Macbook Air, the speakers have not been updated and, as such, are on the weaker side. Also, this is a fairly heavy Macbook, clocking in at nearly 4.5 pounds.

    How We Test Student Laptops

    Top 3 reasons why I chose Apple as a Computer Science Student | Best Laptop for College

    We know that buying a new laptop can be a huge investment. Even more so with laptops for college students. Thats why we take our jobs seriously, and test every laptop we recommend on this list extensively.

    That process involves using them in our day-to-day lives to see how long their battery lasts, how robust they are college kids have hectic lives, after all, and how cool they stay under pressure. We also look at their design, including how stylish they are, if they are thin and light enough to carry around with, and how comfortable they are to work on. Because the webcam and microphone in a laptop is also incredibly important, especially these days, we take time to test those out as well.

    When it comes to performance, we use a mix of real-world tests and synthetic benchmarks to see how powerful these laptops are. This means using Windows 10 and running various apps and seeing how fast they load, noting down any problems.

    Battery lives are also important, so well keep track of how long we can use the laptop without needing to charge. To get specific numbers, we also run our own battery life benchmark that plays a looped 1080p movie until the battery dies and the PC Mark 10 battery life benchmark, which replicates real-world usage, such as web browsing and document creation. These tests give us an excellent idea of how long the batteries in these laptops last.

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    Choosing The Right Mac For Your College Course

    As we previously mentioned, the choice of the best Mac for school depends on your major. If youre studying a technically demanding major such as photography, coding, music production, or filming, we recommend you look for the best Mac for your profession not just a laptop for a student. You will need this device beyond your graduation as a tool to complete assignments at work.

    Earlier we wrote about the best Mac for photo and video editing, graphic design, app development, and music production. Check out these articles if your major involves any of these topics.

    On the other hand, students that arent embarking on a creative specialization dont need their computer to have that much power. Instead, you should look for a light and small device that you can easily carry around and show presentations whenever you need it.

    You may not need that much RAM, but you might want to look into getting bigger storage for all that school-related paperwork, essays, and presentations. If you dont want to pay for additional gigabytes on the Mac, consider buying an external disk or, to save even more money, extra cloud space. You can read more in our guide on how to check disk space on Mac.

    Is Macbook Good For College Or University Students

    It depends on what you are planning on studying at College or University. If youre not the typical gamer and you dont have to work related to Graphics design, then Id suggest you buy a Macbook . If you have a low budget then you should go with something other than Mac. Everything a Mac can do, Windows or Chromebook can also do for students.

    As youre looking for study purposes, youll want the majority of the programs your school or college asks you to have. Your basic required software are MS Word , MS PowerPoint , MS Excel Spreadsheet , and a browser . So, a Macbook is a good option for students along with a number of quality features.

    If youre a gamer and want to enjoy gaming on your laptop in your leisure time, gaming on a Mac is possible, but it will be better on a PC or Windows laptop like Acer Nitro 5. Furthermore, an Apple is not the best option if you are going to work on high-end graphics.

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    Macbook Macbook Pro Or Macbook Air

    Recommended: MacBook Pro, Minimum: MacBook Air

    Apple created three product lines for laptops. The MacBook and MacBook Air are suitable for users who are not heavy computer users, while the MacBook Pro is better for users who expect more computing power from their laptop. Even though MacBook and MacBook Air are similar for the user group, each product line still has its differences and advantages. It is important to check your degree program requirements before purchasing your computer.

    Best Portable Powerful Macbook: 14

    The Best Laptops for College in 2021

    This is the new welcome addition to the MacBook Pro line.

    When there was very little difference between MacBook Air and MBP 13, the 14 laptop is totally redesigned and its the best Apple laptop so far.

    It feels as Apple finally returned to its roots. They brought back a MagSafe charger, HDMI and SDXC slot, new 1080p camera and three USB-C ports. It even looks more like the old 2015 model, which was the best used Apple laptop of all time.

    It is however very expensive the base model starts at $2000, twice more expensive than the base MacBook Air.

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    First Off: Research Your College

    The first, and most important, thing to do is check with your school for specific system requirements. They may have hard-and-fast hardware recommendations.

    Some colleges and universities want their students equipped with Windows-based laptops, to cut down on software incompatibility issues or to keep technical support concentrated on one platform. Others don’t care which operating system you use, whether it’s Windows, macOS, or even Linux if you’re a hard-core type. Some institutions have onsite computer repair centers that service only laptops purchased from the university or an affiliated computer store on campus using one of these facilities, the turn-around time will be much quicker than if you were to send it overnight to the original manufacturer.

    What Software Do I Need

    Grand Canyon University provides its students with a lot of powerful free software that otherwise would be very expensive. For instance, you do not need to worry about buying Microsoft Office Suite or MS Access SQL Server, all development tools from JetBrains, including CLion for C/C++ language development and ReSharper for code editing. You will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat DC app for your Mac because you need that software to be able to view documents like your electronic textbook.

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    What Is Apples M1 Chips

    First, what is all the fuss about Apples M1 MacBooks?

    Apples recently launched in-house ARM-based SoC chip, also known as the Apple Silicon M1 chips , is proven to perform much better with less power consumption than previous Intel-based Mac devices.

    Apple optimized the M1 chips for the macOS, allowing every software application to run as smoothly as it should in a macOS environment.

    This is a considerable advantage, especially for laptop users, because this means an extended battery life without much sacrifice on computing performance.

    Why You Might Not Want A Macbook Air

    MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air – Which Is Best For College Students?

    Outdated CPU: A college freshman buying a new laptop should expect it to last at least through graduation. The MacBook Air is from early 2015 and uses an Intel 5th Generation Core Series processor, whereas, in 2017, the latest PC laptops are on a 7th-Generation Core.To be fair, if your main computer activities are surfing the web, editing documents, sending emails and updating social media, you’ll probably be able to get by with the old processor in the Air four or five years from now. But don’t expect great performance from 2022-era software.

    Some PCs Offer Better Value: If you don’t have your heart set on a MacBook, you can find a more powerful PC ultraportable for around the same price as the Air. For example, the 2.68-pound Asus UX330UA costs just $699, $100 less than the best sale price for a MacBook Air, but it comes with a 1080p screen, a 256GB SSD and the latest 7th Gen Core i5 processor. The HP Spectre x360 13-inch, our favorite 2-in-1, starts at just over $1,000, and can be found on sale for under $1,000 with the new Core i5 CPU, a 256GB SSD and a touch screen.

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    Best Convertible For Taking Notes With A Stylus


    • Modern design with thin bezels and larger display
    • Superior 1080p webcam
    • Two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support
    • Well-implemented kickstand
    • Perky performance in tested Core i7 configuration


    • Higher starting price diminishes entry-level appeal
    • Accessories and configuration upgrades are pricey
    • Keyboard base still sold separately
    • USB-C ports only

    It Will Actually Last You All Day

    The most powerful laptop in the world wont do you any good if its out of juice. Theres nothing worse than a laptop thats always dying on you. With the MacBook Airs 2021 refresh, Apple took the already legendary battery life of the Air to new heights.

    That powerful M1 chip in the MacBook Air? Its also super efficient. Apple claims the MacBook Air will get you up to 15 hours of web browsing, and up to a whopping 18 hours of video playback.

    Thats more than enough for your next all-night cram session or Netflix binge.

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    What Screen Size Should I Choose

    Recommended: 15 inches, Minimum: 13 inches

    As a computer science student, you will have multiple windows open, such as a window full of code, a window of the running program, a browser window and a notes window. Having a bigger screen is always a better choice. In fact, most professional developers have at least two computer monitors. If a larger screen or dual monitors is not in your budget, a 13-inch screen will suffice.

    Best Macbook For Students 2021

    Best Laptops for High School Students in 2021

    BestMacBook for studentsiMore2021

    Whether you’re still in high school or in the middle of college, a laptop is an essential piece of equipment for every student. Apple makes some of the best laptops in the world with its MacBook lineup. Whether it’s the powerful MacBook Pro or hyper-portable MacBook Air, Apple’s laptops will power you through any task you’ll meet. The MacBook Air is the best MacBook for students. It has enough power to face almost any academic challenge you come up against. Depending on your situation, there are other MacBooks to consider, as you can see below.

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