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Where Do College Students Go For Spring Break

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Holiday In Greece: Villas To Rent In Crete For Spring Break Vacations 2022

How to get college students on spring break to follow COVID safety protocols

If that doesnt whet your appetite and you are still wondering where to go for Spring Break 2022 trips, then check it out! Steeped in ancient history and Greek mythology, Crete, Greeces largest island, is famous for its fine sand beaches, rising mountain ranges, and captivating archaeological museums, so its no surprise its one of the best places to go for spring break vacations 2022.

With the astonishingly beautiful coastal areas of the Balos Lagoon, the iconic pink sand of Elafonisi Island, and the Neolithic city of Knossos dating back to 7000 B.C., its no surprise that this enthralling island is regarded as the birthplace of Zeus.

What could be better after a day spent walking in the footsteps of the Olympian gods than retiring to one of our villas to rent in Crete to watch the sun make its descent over the vast Aegean Sea? By the beard of Zeus, make Crete your next adventure and start planning your holiday in Greece!

Do Colleges Go On Trips

And you might be wondering, will colleges have field trips? Field trips are held through selective college courses or organizations. In fact, field trips through classes are heavily influenced by your major. So If you dont actively seek to get involved, your college experience might not include field trips.

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Fewer Students Varying Guidelines

Last year, many colleges did away with Spring Break altogether. Instead of having a vacation week mid-semester when students go away, contract the disease, and bring it back to campus, schools tacked on a week to the semester break, or chose to end the semester a week early.

Domestically, destinations are starting to lift restrictions, though their mask and vaccination requirements may differ by state, city, or even venue.

Looking for the latest information on countries that are open for American travelers? Check out the Centers For Disease Control’s destination-specific listings or visit the State Departments COVID-19 travel-information page.

Travel Bc: Spring Vacation Ideas On Vancouver Island

Wild college students on spring break descend upon South ...

Located off Canadas Pacific Coast, the mild temperatures of Vancouver Island make it an ideal spring destination for nature lovers, beach-goers, and food connoisseurs alike. One of our favorite spring break places, Port Hardy, found in the northern part of the island, is a haven for whale watching, salmon fishing, and kayaking, as it boasts a wild terrain of forests, lakes, and misty mountains. Travel BC!

After some exploration, get your taste buds tingling at one the boat-to-table food events held during Feast Tofino , where renowned chefs use local ingredients to make dishes that pay homage to the region and its famous fisheries.

At the end of your day out and about, retire to this Vancouver Island cottage for a cozy evening curled up around the fireplace, cold drink in hand.

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New York Hall Of Science

You cant drive through Corona and Flushing, Queens without seeing the landmark fixtures of the 1964-65 Worlds Fair. The New York Hall of Science, which was originally founded during that time, remains a key part of the science education community. It offers 450 exhibits, demonstrations, workshops and activities relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics . Also on display are the Mercury-Atlas D and Gemini Titan II rockets. Whether youve been there before or thinking about going, a spring break trip to visit the New York Hall of Science is a great idea! Its literally in your backyard.

If youre looking to travel for spring break, here are our top picks for individuals interested in science, engineering or aviation.

Understand How Mass Transit Works And Whether You Want To Use It

In Cairo you wont want to use mass transit in Montreal its the only way to go. Before you leave:

  • Research the safety of the mass-transit systems youll be using
  • Find out how to pay for it and
  • See and understand where it can take you.

To have this information literally at your fingertips, download the Transit app, or the app of the mass-transit providers where youre visiting.

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Things To Do In Gulf Shores Alabama

  • Escape to Gulf State Park- The more secluded two miles of beach and campground are ideal for swimming, hiking, biking, reading on the beach on Gulf State Park.
  • Join the Crowds at Gulf Shores Public Beach The more popular Gulf Shores Public Beach is the place to go to feel the party vibe this spot also has pavilions and picnic areas.
  • Slip and Slide at Waterville USA The 20 acre water and amusement park is an easily accessible 1/4 mile from the beach and will add a little adventure rush to your beach-lazing.
  • Zipline at the Gulf Adventure Center Soar above the water on a zipline, kayak, paddleboard, and even have a picnic at the Gulf Adventure Center.
  • Drink at Orange Beach A short taxi ride away to Orange Beach where you can let loose at the countrys most famous beach bar, the Flora-Bama Lounge that has five live music stages and multiple beach front bars to have a drink and watch the sunset.
  • Party at The Hangout- Enjoy the live music, oyster cook offs, fire pits, and tasty food and drinks at The Hangout.

Best Spring Break Destinations For Families

University students on spring break going to locations with COVID-19

The ideal family spring break destination has something for everyone. Exciting activities suitable for all ages, family-friendly restaurants, and beautiful sights for picture-taking. Make the most of your family trip at one of these top spring break destinations that both parents and kids will enjoy.

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Keep Reading To Find The Best Spring Break Locations 2022

Spring break for some may be a crazy party on the beach and for others, it may be a relaxing weekend in the woods. Whatever your idea of the best spring break locations is, with so many different spring break destinations around the world youre sure to find something. But there are so many different cheap places to go for spring break 2022 & ideas for families in amazingspring getaways, how do you start to choose where to go?

Grand Oasis Cancun In Mexico For Group Fun In The Sun

If you and your friends are planning a to fly out of the States for your spring break, consider Cancun.

Join hundreds of other college students at the number one spring break resort, the Grand Oasis.

This party resort has 1,500 rooms, 8 restaurants and 8 bars onsite so you never have to leave.

Expect basic rooms, huge pools which are quiet in the morning then filled with people parting by afternoon, and entertainment such as DJs and drinking competitions.

The Grand Oasis is not for spring breakers looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun so prepare your liver and remember your cool cup.

Enjoy temperatures from 72°F to 83°F.

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Gulf Coast State College Panama City Fl

Just 10 minutes from Panama City Beach, Gulf Coast State College is considered a military-friendly institution due to its array of on-campus military and veteran services. The college offers flexible class schedules across several campuses and online course options.

Students can choose from a variety of educational paths at GCSC, including associate degrees, technical career certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and professional development training.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

College Students Unsure of When They

Spring break trip ideas proved college students time to let loose after to challenging semester. Myrtle Beach is often considered one of the best spring break destinations for college students on a budget. Myrtle Beach is a city along the United States east coast that is the located halfway between the beginning and end of The Grand Strand a 60-mile of beachfront running along the northern coast of South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular spring break destinations for college students. Myrtle Beach is also home to the second quickest growing metro areas in the country, according to U.S, Census estimates. As a result, in addition to hosting the best of spring break trip ideas, Myrtle Beach is considered a major tourist destination year-round with an estimated 14 million visitor yearly. Spring breakers join the beautiful event offerings of a Myrtle Beach excursion. College students in need of a week of rest can enjoy The Coastal Uncorked a wine and food event to explore while in Myrtle Beach.

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Everyone Is Going To Daytona Beach And Cancun Will I Have Fomo

Whats the opposite of FOMO? Whatever it is, thats what youll have. Our trips take the typical college spring breaks and make them better by leaps and bounds. Youll travel to unique destinations with other college students and have a legit adventure thatll make all your friends and followers jealous.

Be Careful With The Sun

If youre traveling to the Caribbean and even Florida, chances are the sun is much stronger than what youre used to, Zable notes. Also, water reflects, so extended pool or beach time means a stronger sun.

To prevent sun-related issues:

  • Apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen every 30 minutes. Zable recommends you reapply sunscreen after swimming, and use spray sunscreen and sunscreen sticks with kids.
  • Put on insect repellent over sunscreen.
  • Avoid direct exposure from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the sun’s rays are strongest.
  • Keep babies under six months out of direct sunlight.
  • Wear sunglasses, hats, and protective clothing, like swim shirts for kids.
  • Avoid tanning salons pre-trip.

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Things To Do In Cumberland Island Georgia

  • Live Like a Carnegie- Tour the 22,000 square foot Plum Orchard Mansion, once owned by a Carnegie, for free to see what life was like in the Edwardian High Society of the early 20th century.
  • See the Dungeness Ruins- Once a 35,000 square foot mansion, the Dungeness Mansion caught fire in 1959 and is now viewable as ruins as remains a popular destination, especially due to the feral horses which people often see here.
  • Head for a hike The island has over 50 miles of hiking trails the 4.5 mile Southend Loop will take you through the forest, and into the beach is the most popular trail.
  • Enjoy the beach- This 17 mile beach is undisturbed by docks, houses, or amenities its a great chance to enjoy the calm and serene life of the island.
  • Get Spooky in Savannah- On this pub crawl & ghost tour in nearby Savannah, your group can crawl your way through the most haunted city in America, stopping off at various pubs along the way get your tickets here.

Best For Families: Vail Colorado

Colleges Bracing For Students’ Return From Spring Break

Grab the kids and your winter coats and head to Vail for an unforgettable spring break. Imagine crisp blue skies, 5,000 skiable acres, snow tubing and plenty of other family-friendly activities in one cool place. If you’re ready to trade in a bit of sand for snow, this is the place for your family getaway!

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Myrtle Beach South Carolina For Beach Life

Two hours north of Charleston and a half-hour south of the North Carolina border is one of Americas most beloved beaches with over 20 million annual visitors.

Known locally as The Beach, Myrtle is popular for its affordability, golf, shopping, entertainment, and gorgeous 60 miles of beach clearly, it is one of the top places to visit during spring break.

Spring Break In New York City

Recommended by Lyndsay from The Purposely Lost

If youre interested in the best spring break destinations for college students, look no further than New York City.

While the City has a reputation for being expensive, proper planning can make this trip easily affordable. Although your lodging might be the most expensive part of your trip, New York City has a number of hostels with cheap nightly rates , or look into if any hotel chains are offering deals. Instead of running your budget up with taxis, become a New Yorker and take the subway. A weekly unlimited MetroCard is $37, which means you can ride the subway as often as you want, for as far a distance as you need to go, for a full seven days from its first swipe. You can even spend a day on one of New York Citys many beaches for a swipe of your MetroCard, like the Rockaways, Brighton Beach, or Coney Island.

Also, many iconic locations are actually free activities in New York City. Walk around iconic NYC bucket list sites like Central Park, Times Square, the 9/11 Memorial, and any neighborhood without paying a penny, and plan trips to museums, like the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Whitney Museum among others, around their free admission hours. If the museum youre interested in doesnt have free hours, check and see if they have reduced admission pricing for students. Many of the Broadway shows have Student Rush ticket policies as well.

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Asheville North Carolina For Arts Beer Culture & Nature

Dont want to trade stunning outdoor scenery for some quirky and very cool artistic vibes?

Asheville is definitely one of the top places to go for spring break to get the best of both of those worlds.

The USs beer city is an obvious choice for students who love craft beer.

Asheville is two hours west of Charlotte, NC, and only an hour away from the Tennessee border, a great place to stop off if youre heading west to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Still, we recommend spending at least a long weekend here if not longer.

University Of Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas Nv

Wild college students on spring break descend upon South ...

Based in Las Vegas, the University of Nevada sits on a 332-acre campus just a mile and a half from the Strip. The school’s Rebels mascot is a symbol for a “community that dares to be different.”

UNLV is one of Nevada’s larger state schools, with over 30,000 students enrolled. As a research university, the institution emphasizes its STEM, law, and business programs. Its proximity to the heart of Las Vegas also makes the school an ideal place to study hospitality and entertainment management.

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University Of Miami Coral Gables Fl

Nearby University of Miami is a private institution known for its diverse student body, successful sports teams, and affordability.

You can choose from over 180 majors and academic programs, the most popular of which are science and business-related majors. Nearly 3 in 4 incoming students receive financial aid, according to UM. What’s more, UM met 100% of first-year students’ financial need in fall 2021.

What Is The Most Popular Destination For Spring Break In The Us 1

If you want to kick up your usual debauchery several notches, then a trip to the east coast of florida is the place to do it. Thereof, where do american students go for spring break? Make sure you visit the museums, especially the nantucket shipwreck and lifesaving museum, the nantucket whaling museum, and the museum of african american history.

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What Is The Most Popular Beach In Florida For Spring Break

Daytona Beach is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in Florida and also the original! If you are looking for some of the best party beaches and the best nightlife Daytona Beach should be your pick! There are plenty of events happening during spring break season like Daytona 500 and Bike week.

University Of Hawaii At Manoa Honolulu Hi

College students celebrating spring break despite pandemic| ABC7

Just a 10-minute drive from Waikiki Beach, UH Manoa specializes in niche subjects like tropical agriculture, volcanology, and tropical medicine. The university also offers programs in comparative religion and electrical engineering.

The oldest and largest UH campus, UH Manoa is known for its premier research in oceanography, astronomy, Pacific Islands and Asian studies, linguistics, and cancer.

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Things To Do In Baltimore Maryland

  • See the iconic Mount Vernon Place You cant miss the famous Washington Monument in the middle of downtown Baltimore while youre there, you can explore the popular area.
  • Check out Lexington Market The Lexington Market has been thriving for over 225 years and is now hosts nearly 100 independent eateries where you can find authentic Baltimore dishes and other tasty food.
  • Chow on a Crabcake Sandwich Inside of Lexington Market, youll find the family owned Faidley Seafood where you can get one of Baltimores favorite crabcake sandwiches be sure to add some Old Bay seasoning!
  • Watch a Baseball Game- Grab Baltimores favorite beer, National Bohemian and, see the Orioles play at Camden Yards.
  • See the Inner Harbor- The most popular sport in the city, the Inner Harbor posts scenic waterfronts, bars, museums, restaurants, and more find a spot with a view and a glass of wine to watch the sunset, catch a show, or try crab cake.
  • Learn the Maritime History The Historic Ships of Baltimore is a floating museum step about the U.S.S. Constellation from the Civil War to learn all about this long history in Baltimore.
  • Fells Point Walking Food and History Tour- Eat & drink your way through the neighborhood on this tour while you see the most well-known spots and some hidden ones too, get your tickets here.

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