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How To Go To College In Italy

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Apply to university in Italy |

American universities have excellent systems and support in place for their students. Academic advisors, counselors, and professors all work to help college students succeed and stay on track for graduation. If you have a problem with a class or are unsure what to take, you likely can get help within a day.

This situation is not the case in most colleges in Italy. You are unlikely to have an academic advisor assigned to you. And if you do connect with someone, they may or may not help you figure out what you need.

If youre eager to attend college in Italy, be sure you are a self-motivated problem solver. Or connect with another student who is and who is willing to help.

Apply For Grants & Scholarships

The first thing to think about before you go abroad is where all that money is going to come from. Applying for scholarships or grants is a huge resource pool that you can apply to before you leave.

Not everyone knows that there are actually a ton of grants and scholarships out there for students looking to study abroad. Scholarships range from those that are specific to your host country or ones for the subject matter youll be studying such as foreign language studies and more. Check with your university, a lot of times they have study abroad scholarships most people dont even think to apply to. The largest scholarship I got was actually from my school.

For those college students who receive the Pell Grant you can qualify for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. This is a hefty scholarship that is highly competitive but well worth it as they reward around $8k or more sometimes. Also see the Ashley Soulé Conroy Foundation which awards $4k each semester to recipients.

Do some research and apply to as many as you can, you never know which one youll get a bite from, by the time I left for Italy I had applied to about 15 different scholarships.

Get Ready For Lectures

US colleges tend to utilize discussion-style classes. Students and teachers have conversations and rely on plenty of question-and-answer time.

However, at an Italian university, you can expect your classes to be almost exclusively in lecture format. There is very little back-and-forth between professors and their students.

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Apply For Financial Aid In Italian Universities

Having the best scholarships at your disposal is the key to study free in Italy, and even earn more money. Many top-notch Italian universities offer full scholarships and tuition fee waivers within their scholarships. Make sure to enlist your target universities and find the most appropriate scholarships.

After choosing the perfect matches and appropriate universities to study at, you can aim at their requirements and fulfill them one by one. When youve met all the requirements, apply for the scholarships in order to get a free education in Italy as an international student. A mix of great background results and a shiny application will help you stand out among numerous others and grab the scholarship. This gives you an easy way to study in Italy for free, cut down expenses, and even earn great amounts of money while studying.

Schedule Your Visa Appointment

Benedictine College: Florence

To be eligible for a student visa, your school and program should be accredited by the government of the country they are located. In most cases, after you receive a letter of acceptance and get admitted at the school, it’s time to apply for the student visa. Depending on the countrys regulations and number of applicants, applying for the student visa can be a long and complicated process. Therefore, its better to apply for your student visa and schedule your appointment or interview as soon as possible. The documents youll need for the student visa application are usually a bank statement, the application form, the receipt of payment for your application and university tuition fee, your passport, medical and background information.

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Write A Motivation Letter

Applying for certain fields of study or schools requires a motivation letter. The motivation letter or cover letter should show your ability to perform well at the institution, and should include an evaluation of your skills, as well as your accomplishments. So express your interest in studying at the university in a clean and structured motivation letter, and remember to use clear English when writing the letter.

Application Requirements For Italy Universities

Application Requirements in Italy

There are general eligibility requirements for admission into a recognized institution in Italy and they include

  • Hold a foreign high-school diploma/bachelor degree that proves that you qualify for university education in Italy with a minimum of 59% in your last two years of study.
  • English or Italian language proficiency depending on the program you want to apply for. TOEFL and IELTS are the generally accepted English exams.
  • Specific programs require particular scores in specific subjects
  • Specific universities also have entrance exams for different programs.

Because admission requirements in the country vary from university to university, the aforementioned are the only general requirements, the rest is provided by the institution or the department of interest.

Documents required for Admission includes

  • Passport photographs
  • Travel passport showing data page.
  • Academic certificates
  • Academic Transcripts

Please note that these documents must be authenticated by the regulatory body of the country where they were obtained and translated to English, they are not already by a certified body before they will be considered.

RocApply is free of charge for students. We do not charge any application or agency fees. Everyone is free to apply throughout the year.

RocApply is committed to helping students maximize their time and options, you can apply with us to any of our partner institutions in Italy.

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Primary Or Elementary School

This school is attended by 6 to 11 years old students: thus the attending lasts 5 years. During those years, boys and girls learn to write and read and they apprehend the first notions of History, Geography, Mathematics, Italian Grammar, Science, Music and Physical Education and, for a few years now, also English and Computer Science while Religion classes are optional.

Learning Abroad In Italy

5 Best Universities in Italy for International Students

“Learning a new language implies learning about a new culture and expanding one’s perspective. As a former study abroad student, I know how precious this is.”Ombretta Frau

Learning abroad in Italy will provide unique study and/or research opportunities that will greatly expand a students understanding of the Italian language and culture. A stay in Italy can provide students with a unique perspective on culture, customs, traditions impossible to experience fully on our campus. Seniors with demonstrated achievement in language learning, cultural immersion, global perspective-taking, and cross-cultural learning may also qualify for the Global Competence Award.

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Subjects To Study In Italy

Colleges in Italy have many potential subjects that students might choose to study during their time in Italy. Some of the most popular areas of specialization for a bachelors degree in Italy include international business, art history, literature and fashion. Many people choose to learn about fashion design in the Milan area, where some of the most elite designers are at work. For students of Renaissance art, Florence is a perfect choice, where museums are at your doorstep as you write about Leonardo and Michelangelo. Music and history are also popular choices. Last but not least, theres no better place to major in the Italian language than at your choice of schools in Italy! Hands-on immersion may help you achieve a higher level of fluency and may offer potential advantages for pursuing a career that needs Italian language skills.

General Information About Public Education In Italy

The basis of the current schooling system were laid in 1946, when Italy became a parliamentary republic. Since then, statal education has formed the real backbone of the didactic system in the country. Compulsory school, which last from 6 to 16, is tax exented, which means you do not need to pay any registration fee. From 16 to 18, a minimal registration fee of about 20 euro has to be paid. Children who were not born in Italy, receive free public education, even after the end of compulsory school and even if they are regular Italian residents.

Third level education in Italy, just like primary and secondary, is mostly public. There is a number of private universities, some of them, such as Università del Sacro Cuore and Università Bocconi, both in Milan, are renowned a bit everywhere in the world. Many public university are prestigious, too: Pisa, Pavia, Padova, Bologna are only some of the best known athenea in the country. In public universities, fees are usually divided in a fixed tax to be paid to the State and tuition fees due to the university. The latter are usually calculated on the basis of the students income. Public universities fees are, however, usually never superior to 2500 euro per annum . Private universities may charge more, but never as much as an American University!

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Student Visa To Italy

Citizens of EU and EFTAIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland countries can enter Italy with a valid national identity card or passport. The only procedure they have to follow is registering at the local Ufficio Anagrafe upon arrival.

Other non-EU students are required to obtain a long-stay visa to study in Italy for a period of more than 90 days.

List of documents for a student visa to Italy:

  • Application for a visa
  • A travel document, valid for at least three months after the intended date of completion of the program
  • Passport photo
  • Proof of financial viability during your stay in the country
  • Proof of available housing in ItalyRental contract or a confirmation from a University that dorm accommodation was provided
  • Health insurance
  • Language certificateIELTS, TOEFL, CELI, CILS, PLIDA B1+
  • An invitation from the university or confirmation of admission.

The visa fees and the complete list of documents vary depending on the country of citizenship. You can check details here. Within 8 days upon arrival, non-EU students must apply for a permit to stay at the local post office and pay a fee of 100.52 USD.

Applying For A Visa To Study In Italy

Expats Working in Italy: Finding a Job

You will only be issued a visa to study in Italy if you can demonstrate that you:

  • Have suitable accommodation in Italy
  • Have sufficient funds to cover all costs you might incur while studying in Italy This is currently deemed to be 5,824,91
  • Have sufficient funds to be able to travel back to your country of origin at the end of your studies, or proof that you have already purchased a return ticket
  • Are entitled to medical care in Italy, either through private health insurance or an agreement between Italy and your native country
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    Minimum Grade Point Requirement

    Students may be ranked based on their grade point average from their previous studies. Therefore, always check with the university or college of your choice about the minimum grade point you need to obtain in order to qualify for the study program of your choice.

    You may use the European grades comparison chart to learn how you would score in Europe.

    School System In Italy

    Have you ever wondered how theItalian school system works? We in Italy tend to despise it and if there is a certain truth behind the critique, especially when it comes to the way people are hired and the rampant instability of education jobs in the country, it is also true that Italy still offers some of the most complete didactic curricula in Europe.

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    Milan: Milan: Duomo: Facebook

    A student visa for Italy is a legal document adhered to one of the inside pages of your passport that you must have before entering Italy. The visa serves as approval from the Italian government for you to legally remain in Italy for the duration of your study abroad program. The Italy student visa is called National Visa D and is a long-term visa, meaning you plan to be in Italy for more than 90 days.

    The University Of Florence:

    How to Apply to Italian University [Study in Italy 2021]

    One of Italys most iconic and historic universities, the University of Florence is an international students dream! Learn in the same classrooms where legends of the Renaissance like Dante and Boccaccio used to teach! However, at this university only those who know Italian may apply. Because of this, the University of Florence is the most difficult in the list for US students. Though this university is worth the effort as it delivers the most authentic experience.

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    University Of Milan Bicocca

    University of Milan, Bicocca was established quite recently in comparison to older Italian universities, in 1998. Since then they are working hard to produce top-notch doctors and offer many postgraduate education opportunities.

    This top Italian medical school closely cooperates with many other universities and hospitals, offering its students the best experience and education, with one big plus on their side and that is easier access or application than most other schools. Everything is done online and its super convenient for international students.

    The University Of Rome:

    Another great school for US students in Rome is the University of Rome, or La Sapienza . The school has a wide variety of clubs, sports, theater groups, and even career services for English speaking students. The fact that they even offer a Masters degree in English should speak volumes about how at home US students could feel here.

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    Different Types Of High School In Italy Programs

    When it comes to high school in Italy, there are a variety of different programs to consider. A good place to start is to decide how long you want to study abroad. Are you interested in a summer, a semester, or a full year? Another thing to consider is what you want to get out of the program. For example, if learning to speak Italian is your goal, then a language immersion program, where you live with a host family, may be a good option. If you want to visit as many areas as possible, a cultural tour program could work for you. Or if youre interested in what a typical experience at high schools in Italy is like, then you can focus on the specific school or geographic area that interests to you. And remember, some programs may even offer volunteer opportunities in addition to academic ones!

    Typical study abroad programs in Italy may focus on subjects like:

    • Food and cooking
    • General academics

    Things To Keep In Mind

    University of Catania it is the oldest university in ...

    Always check with the university to confirm the minimum grade you need to have and entry requirements you need to meet in order to study in Italy.

    For certain competitive study programs , higher education institutions may require specific admission exams.

    Once all youve confirmed that you meet the specific entry requirements for your program, its time to make your application! Read below to discover what application process you should follow to study at an Italian university.

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    Best University For The Foodie: University Of Bologna

    Bologna, Italy

    University of Bologna is the top-ranked university in Italy and top 50 in all of. Europe, according to US News. Additionally, it is the oldest university in existence, open since 1088! The University of Bologna is a leader in Europes push to make academic systems and qualifications more compatible across Europe. Most courses are taught in Italian, but some courses can be found in English. They also offer Italian language courses for non-native speakers.

    The University of Bologna has been ranked in the top 50 for the world’s best law schools, so students with a knack for the courtroom will be hard-pressed to find a better Italian university to extend their studies!

    Bologna is a city that is still etched by the Renaissance with stunning towers and porticoes. Bologna considers itself Italys culinary capital and has the largest student population in Northern Italy. Additionally, Bologna has a renowned cuisine culture, including as the birthplace of Bolognese sauce. Vegans and vegetarians will love Bologna as it was ranked as the top vegan-friendly Italian city in Italy by La Repubblica. In the year 2000, Bologna was named the cultural capital of all of Europe! There’s plenty to see and do there… affrettatevi!

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    Immerse Yourself In Italy’s Language And Culture In 2022 With One Of These Top Study Abroad Programs We’ve Collected 10 Amazing Programs And Categorized Them By What They’re Best For So It’s Easy For You To Get Started On Your Study Abroad Journey

    Whether its the cuisine, the history, the scenic vistas, or the culture that calls to you, there are many roads that can lead you to study abroad in Italy and not just Rome. From fashion to business to the arts, this diverse country offers students unique opportunities to engage with Italys ancient past as well as its modern present, encouraging them to experience firsthand a culture that embraces tradition and innovation every day.

    Going overseas to study is one of the most important decisions you can make as a student, and its important to find a program that fits your individual needs and interests. But with the sheer number of programs out there, choosing just one can be overwhelming. To help you get started, weve compiled a list of the top ten study abroad programs in Italy, ranked by the Go Overseas community.

    These programs have been chosen based on the special things they offer that make them stand out as the best of the best. That combined with verified reviews from happy past participants make these study abroad programs great options for students with dreams of studying in Italy in 2022.

    As varied as this fascinating country, these ten programs will show you that no matter what your interest or field of study food, finance, medicine, language studies, or performance there is a program for you in Italy!

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