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Where Can I Sell My College Textbooks

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How I Buy and Sell My College Textbooks

We have been on the internet for a couple decades now. Over the years we have continually worked on our software to make it faster and faster. We know your time is valuable so we have made a textbook price comparison site that you can get through in seconds while also saving you big money. Our searches usually take less than a second to complete and it usually takes less than a couple seconds to show you prices from all the textbook stores we search.

Not sure whether you should buy or rent a textbook? Good news, we have a tool to help you figure out which will be the best option for you. Its called the We Recommend tool and its completely customizable. You can enter in how long you need the textbook or whether or not you want to keep it. The software will do all the math to determine which option is best for your situation.

Its true that our focus appears to be on textbooks, but did you know we actually price compare any book? Thats right, you can run any book through our price comparison that has an ISBN. That means you can save money on millions of different books. In addition, if you download the app, you can easily scan the bar code of any book and get an instant price comparison.

Create Your Amazon Seller Account

  • The Individual selling plan is a pay-as-you-go plan that provides access to basic listing and order management tools. You can create listings one at a time by matching products to existing pages or creating new pages in the Amazon catalog. You don’t pay fees to Amazon unless an item sells, so its a good starting point for entrepreneurs new to online selling.
  • The Professional selling plan gives you access to advanced selling tools for a monthly subscription fee. Unlike the individual selling plan, you pay a monthly fee regardless of whether you list or sell anything . The Professional selling plan gives you access to inventory tools to upload batch files and manage your orders through feeds and reports. These tools are especially beneficial to medium- to large businesses.

Promote And Market Your Books

Take advantage of Amazon tools

Promote your online book business on social media

Pay attention to reviews

  • Be honest about item condition
  • Ship orders on time
  • Respond to customer inquiries quickly
  • If issues arise, solve them as soon as possible

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Should I Sell My Textbooks

< p> I’m not sure if I should sell my textbooks or not. Of course I want the money back, but what if for some bizarre reason I might need to look back at my Calculus textbook? Has anyone who has kept his or her textbooks used any of them after the class is over?< /p>

< p> I kept math and spanish books until I finished the requirements and was sure I wouldn’t need them anymore. I keep major related books if they are interesting. I sell everything else.< /p>

< p> I keep all of my major’s books as well as the ones tangentially related. I’m in engineering, and I’ve had to hit up my calc, physics, and chem books a number of times either for data tables or an easier way to find a complicated formula than hunting it down online.< /p>

< p> I used to work at the college bookstore- my job was buying back textbooks. Occasionally, I would have a customer who had graduated a while before who wanted to sell their textbooks and were shocked to hear their books were worthless. Many textbooks are revised often and become worthless pretty quickly. They would say, “I don’t know why I kept them, I never looked at them again”. < /p>

< p> If you want the money, then sell them quickly.< /p>

< p> You have to becareful when you resell your text books. You will most likely get ripped off by selling your physics 1a $180 book to the campus book store, I think there are sites where you can sell textbooks and get a decent amount for them. But yeah do it, if you need the money.< /p>

Sell Used Textbooks To The College Bookstore

Where can i sell my school books online ...

Most college bookstores will buy back used textbooks, especially if professors plan to use the same text next semester.

Pros: Bookstores will often pay you cash within minutes. Some people feel that convenience is worth more than money.

Cons: If you sell your books to a bookstore, don’t expect to turn a profit. College bookstores need to make money reselling the books they buy from you. That encourages them to pay you as little as possible.

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Why Sell Books On Amazon

  • Get started with just a few books
  • Choose from a wide variety of genre categories
  • Sell books for cash or credit
  • You choose how to fulfill orders
    • Merchant Fulfilled Network Is the DIY Route. List books on Amazon, then pack and ship orders to customers yourself.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon Is the Do It For Me Route. List books and have Amazon store, pack, and ship to customers for you
  • Sell books multiple waysby title, ISBN, weight, or by scanning the barcode

How To Save Money On College Books

Even if you can buy used books or rent your books, you may still need help covering the costs of textbooks. Here are a few easy ways to save money on your course materials:

  • Buy the electronic version: Most textbooks have a digital option that you can access through your computer or tablet. Digital copies are typically much cheaper than the physical book.
  • Try your schools library: If you need your textbook only for a specific lesson, check your schools library to see if the book is available to borrow. Keep in mind that you wont be able to mark or highlight your book, and you could have trouble getting a copy if other students in your class have the same idea as you.
  • Search for scholarships: Some scholarships allow students to use the aid money for books and supplies. Some scholarships, like the one offered by textbook marketplace BookScouter, are geared specifically toward textbooks.
  • Look into the Open Textbook Library: The Open Textbook Library is a website that offers over 800 textbooks that are openly licensed by the publishers and authors and free to use and distribute. Students can download, edit and read textbooks at no cost.

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Directly To Other Students

If you know of students who are going to take the same class you just took, you can sell your used textbooks to them at a lower price than the campus bookstore. In this case, its likely you can still earn more than what youd get by re-selling it to the bookstore, and the buyer will also save money.

But if you dont know any new students who are about to take that particular class, or you dont have a good way of getting the word out about your books for sale, you might need to look into other reselling options.

Advantages Of Selling College Books Online

10 Best Websites To Sell Your Used Textbooks

The online bookselling market can be highly competitive. But selling used books online has quickly become the preferred choice for most college students. That is because when you sell college books online, you offer the textbooks to numerous potential buyers.

You can search online to find similar books so that you can compare the price. The best way to proceed is to get your textbooks ISBN, search it on various bookselling sites, and compare the prices. If you do not know much about ISBNs, our guide, how to sell books by ISBN for profit, can give you the fundamentals needed.

Some students use this method to find an average price or their books value before selling online or to a colleague. It helps you to determine your price and target prospective students living close to you.

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How To Sell College Books In 2021

College students quickly spend over 1,000 dollars a year on textbooks. Sometimes they can spend that much in one year, depending on their school and major. Even though this can create a massive dent in your college budget, there are ways to decrease the expenses. You can sell college books to recoup a fair amount of the money.

If you look at the right places and make some critical decisions, you can save money on your college textbooks. Believe it or not, selling your books requires a strategy . Some of the common questions students ask are:

  • Where should I sell college books?
  • How much should I expect to get paid for?
  • What if I have some marks in the passages?
  • When is the best time to sell college books?

These are relevant questions to consider, which we will explain in this guide. After going through this guide, you will be more effective in selling college books. Lets go through the pointers to keep in mind.

Why Sell Used Textbooks

Students use an average of 40-60 books over the course of a four-year college program, so it’s not uncommon for a stack of used textbooks to pile up. Reduce the clutter and earn some cash for books you don’t need by selling college books to TextbookRush. We’ll pay you top dollar and cover shipping costs though our quick and easy textbook buyback program. Search by ISBN above to see your quote and sell books online today!

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Dont Sell Your Books Back To Your School

Speaking from experience, your school is the worst place to sell your textbooks. Chances are that youâll get the least amount of money from your campus’ book store, even if you bought the books brand new. There are a lot of reasons for this â quotas, revenue, incentives from publishers and professors â but typically, youâll get maybe half of what you paid for the book. And thatâs a big maybe.

Check Multiple Sources Before Selling Your Used Textbooks

Where can i sell my college books,

Comparing costs is an important life skill to learn, especially when it comes to managing your own money. Getting as much money back as possible for your books is a good place to start practicing this skill.

You may have to sell your books at different sites and stores to get the most cash possible. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you procrastinate. The longer you wait to sell your books, the more dated theyll be and the less money youll get for them. To maximize how much you get back, try selling them as soon as the semester is over.

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Take Good Care Of Your Books

Whether you decide to sell your books yourself or go through a third-party seller, do what you can throughout the semester to keep your books in good condition. While some pencil or pen marks on the inside of a book wont be a deal breaker, a buyer is likely to reject a text covered in colorful highlighter or with lengthy notes in the margins.

Resellers will most likely turn down books that dont meet specific criteria. For example, your books need to have their covers, and those covers need to be intact. The books need to have all their pages too. If the textbook came with a CD or other supplementary materials, include those materials when you sell it.

If you can, avoid getting your books wet or dirty. Dont bring them into the bathroom with you. If you dont have a waterproof backpack, wrap your books in plastic before tucking them into your backpack so that they dont get soaked on rainy days.

Also avoid eating over your books so you dont spill food or drink on them. If you snack while you study, get into the habit of holding your snacks away from the books.

How To Sell Textbooks Online

When it’s time to sell back textbooks, our three-step process makes it simple:

  • Request a Quote: Enter each ISBN into the search bar above, separated by a comma, space, or return.
  • Review and Accept: See how much your books are worth and choose how you want to be paid .
  • Ship Your Books: Select a shipping method, print your free label, and send the books our way.
  • That’s all there is to it! Once we receive and inspect your books, we’ll pay you via your choice of cash, PayPal, or store credit. It’s never been easier to sell college textbooks.

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    Why Sell Books Via Bookfindercom

    • Bookstores compete to buy your books
    • See every offer, and pick the best buyback price
    • Shipping costs included, no hidden fees
    • We’re the book comparison experts, since 1997

    What are ISBNs?ISBNs are 10 or 13 digit codes identifying specific editions of a book. They’re sometimes written with hyphens. Examples: 0321543254, 0-321-54325-4, 9780321543257.

    ISBN codes are usually listed on a book’s back cover, bar code, or copyright page.

    Searching by ISBN ensures that you find the exact edition you are looking for when buying textbooks or selling textbooks.

    Textbook buyback:Before you go to the college bookstore and get only a fraction of what you paid, check’s buyback price comparison to sell your textbooks for the most money.You can even sell novels, cookbooks and other types of books our partners buy up to 1 million titles.

    Free Shipping:Our textbook buyback partners provide free shipping labels so you don’t worry about shipping.

    Places To Sell Your Used Textbooks

    Where can I sell my Strayer textbooks?

    If youve ever attended college in person, you probably know that you can sell your books back to the university bookstore at the end of the semester. But did you know that you can sell your books online as well? You can, and often for a better return on investment than you can get at the physical bookstore. Ive rounded up 10 of the top companies you may wish to check with before selling your used textbooks offline.

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    How To Sell Back Your Textbooks

    Bring your textbooks back to the bookstore at the end of the term to get up to 50% cash back. Finals week is the best time to get the most cash back, so sell early!

    Books must include all original materials and a valid school ID is required at the time of buyback. Buyback is limited to one copy of a title per customer. Please check with the bookstore for more details.

    If you prefer to ship the books back, we have partnered with MBS to offer you the best prices for your used books. to learn more.

    Sell Textbooks To Bookstores

    Most college bookstores will buy back used books, mainly if instructors will use the same textbook next semester.


    Bookstores usually make payments to you within minutes. Some students prefer convenience to money, and that is why they choose this option.


    If you want to make a profit selling used textbooks, selling books to college bookstores is not the best option. They usually set up a quota where they pay a fair amount. But since they want to make money out of it, it encourages them to pay a small amount.

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    Choose The Right Shipping Method

    While resellers cover the books shipping for you, if youre going to sell directly to buyers, you must pack and ship each book one by one or per order. To cut down on shipping costs, especially if you plan to offer free shipping to buyers, send your books media mail.

    Media mail is one of the most cost-effective shipping methods. Its available from the U.S. Postal Service, and you can only use it to ship media materials such as books, DVDs, and CDs. The shipping method takes a bit longer than other options, usually between two and eight days.

    Tips For Preparing To Sell Your Used Textbooks

    Where can i sell my used college textbooks for cash ...

    If youre planning to sell your college textbooks, its important to keep them in good condition the state of your book determines how much youll be able to recoup when you sell it. Avoid marking the book, so dont highlight passages or write in the margins. Try to avoid eating or drinking while studying as well, and keep your book shelved when its not in use. Anything you can do to minimize wear and tear on the book as youre using it will help assure a maximum return once youre ready to sell it on.

    Another important tip for selling your old textbooks is to do it as soon as youre finished with the book. Dont wait prices can and will drop when a book becomes less popular or if a new edition is released. While you leave it on your bookshelf, you could be losing any chance of reclaiming the money you spent in the first place. Given how pricey textbooks often are, thats no small chunk of change!

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    Online Buy Back Programs

    There are dozens, maybe hundreds of sites that will let you enter your book ISBNs, answer a few questions about quality, and then they will give you a price quote for your book and a shipping label.

    Some of them have minimums, so you wont be able to cash out until youve sold X dollars worth of books with them. Use BookScouter to try to determine which of these sites will offer you the most money back.

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